outfit: midsummer

and just like that, summer has arrived. i’m hanging out with my little buddy (who makes an appearance in the very last photo in this post) and trying my best to “be present” as they say. we have a running list of fun activities we want to do: build a fort out of cardboard boxes, get a kid-friendly camera to shoot photos (his request), melt crayons, go swimming, make play dough, etc, etc. so we’ve been keeping ourselves occupied. and i’m appropriately wearing this beautiful new jumpsuit from my friends at fauxgerty because it truly is the perfect “mom uniform.” something you can throw on to look pulled together, but that you can still totally wear on an impromptu trip to the park with the kids. not only that, but everything from fauxgerty is made where they’re based in st. louis, so they can ensure that their garments are sewn with attention to detail while abiding by their ethical standards. their seamstresses are paid 36% over the regional average, but their clothes won’t break the bank. this jumpsuit is made in the usa with an upcycled linen cotton blend, and clocks in at totally reasonable $155.

and if you’re on the hunt for a new pair of summer clogs, now is the time to snag a pair from sandgrens. i’m wearing the classic rio grande sandal, which is on sale for 50% through sunday. get to those links below!

sandgrens is having their midsummer sale right now. get 25 – 50% off through sunday, july 1st or while supplies last!

the amber jumpsuit courtesy of fauxgerty
espanola hat from avenue boutique
rio grande high clogs courtesy of sandgrens, currently 50% off!

outfit: transparent

as much as i’ve been working on perfecting my summer uniform, i’ve also been experimenting with clothes completely outside of my comfort zone. case in point? this ultraviolet dress by ajaie alaie. not only is it a color i have literally never worn in my life, but it’s also a slip dress. something that i rarely ever wear because i have to wear a strapless bra underneath, and i get all weirdly uncomfortable about my arms because they’re not michelle obama perfect. but you know what? it’s exhausting to be so self-conscious all of the time! if i wait until i’ve lost those few pounds i gained from stress eating hot cheetos, or until my arms are perfectly tanned and toned, then time is just going to pass me right by. so i say, life is too short! wear the damn dress!

oh and i haven’t even talked about this tote! it’s from one of my favorites, golden ponies, and it comes in a bunch of different colors: pink, clear, holographic, black, and the tortoiseshell pattern i’m wearing now. i’ve been thinking a lot about alternatives to leather, and i think this tote really fits the bill because it’s fun and affordable and, well, not leather. and if you’re not familiar with the brand, they also have a ton of cute shoes, all handmade in mexico.

get 20% off your purchase at golden ponies using code ‘calivintage’ through june 22!

ajaie alaie full moon dress from brookes boswell
loq ara sandal in nude
clear plastic tote bag courtesy of golden ponies

photography by melissa sonico.

outfit: puff sleeve summer

wearing my summer uniform today courtesy of one of my favorite online vintage shops, rawson. or if you’re lucky enough to be in chicago, you can visit their brick & mortar. they have a ton of vintage blouses just like this one and i kinda want one for every day of the week? i remember back when i was in high school and early college, my friends and i would do “sleeveless summers.” meaning we’d cut the sleeves off all of our t-shirts. well, now i’m declaring it a “puff sleeve summer.” and rawson is providing the goods.

in other news, i seriously need a haircut. i feel like i’ve been even more camera shy than usual because i’ve been growing out a botched cut i got earlier this year. and i just know it’s the universe punishing me for cheating on my hairdresser for the first time in 10 years! so it’s just been one long agonizing awkward growing-out phase. i’ve been using bobby pins to hide it, or else pulling it back into a tiny ponytail and wearing a hat. if you live in the los angeles area, go see shannon at refuge salon in highland park. he won’t do you wrong.

vintage blouse courtesy of rawson
jesse kamm sailor pants in american denim
mari giudicelli leblon mules
bamboo clutch courtesy of moorea seal


outfit: fauxgerty

little known fact: i became a vegetarian at the age of 12, and vegan at the age of 15. in high school, i was the president of the animal rights club. i would mostly bake vegan cookies and pass them out at lunch in an attempt to convince people that you could give up dairy and still have delicious treats. yet i was still somehow labeled as “the girl who hates cows” because i did a presentation about factory farming and suggested that cows were damaging the environment. obviously, i didn’t get the message across. i was a real-life lisa simpson.

fast forward more years than i’d care to count, and i’m no longer as militant in my beliefs as i once was. i’m not a self-identified vegan or even vegetarian, but the number of years i spent focusing on a plant-based (and cruelty-free) diet has really shaped my lifestyle choices today. obviously i don’t talk much about food because this is a fashion blog. but i can say that i’ve pretty dramatically shifted my focus towards a more ethical garment industry over the past several years.

and while i’ve seen a lot of talk about sustainability in fashion in recent years, it doesn’t typically delve into leather. i know i’m guilty of it! i tend to wear leather because i see it as a “natural” option that can last a lifetime. but the reality is that the production of cow leather leaves a massive footprint on the environment. i know a lot of us tend to shy away from “synthetic” materials, but fauxgerty is really leading the way in sourcing alternative materials with less impact on the environment, and on animals. founded in 2013 by chrissy fogerty,

“[their] garments are made of pre-loved vintage, innovative faux-leathers and suedes, and sustainable fabrics like hemp and fair-trade, organic cotton. [they] repurpose vintage fabrics for [their] dresses, skirts, jumpsuits and liners (beginning in 2017) to upcycle textiles that otherwise would have been disposed of in a landfill. [their] faux-leather is now pvc-free and [their] faux-suede uses post-consumer materials in it’s construction.”

if you’re leather-free, or interested in going leather-free, they truly have the best faux-leather jackets! two of my current favorites are the delicious olive suede biker jacket, the swazey, and the cute, rust suede bomber jacket, the ebaughmer. and of course, they also focus on other sustainable textiles, my favorite (photographed in this post) is the frannie dress, constructed in the usa with upcycled vintage 100% linen fabric. you already know how much i love linen, so this one was a no-brainer for me. and once this hot summer weather cools off a bit, i’m seriously looking into getting one of their amazing jackets! in the meantime, look out for a few more outfits featuring this awesome brand. and…

use code “calivintage” for 15% off at fauxgerty now through june 2!

the frannie dress courtesy of fauxgerty
maryam nassir zadeh mules
bannet bag courtesy of ollie ella

outfit: wild country

just like with my last outfit, sometimes you just gotta go with it. as soon as i laid my eyes on this gauzy dream dress by little tienda, i knew i had to have it. never mind that i rarely ever wear dresses anymore, or that it makes me look like a member of the rajneeshpuram. the heart wants what it wants. and maybe what i want is to float around on some remote oregonian commune wearing this dress. but also it’s just a complete ’80s dream, and i fully plan to be living that dream all spring and summer long. i wasn’t kidding when i said i was going to be fully embracing “the summer of the statement sleeve.” i kinda hope that the end of this season culminates with me walking down the aisle looking like a cream-puff princess diana. i am so ready to go over-the-top.

but in all seriousness, that wasn’t a wedding announcement, but this dress is just great. it’s a lightweight cotton gauze that i literally just washed (in the gentle cycle) and tossed into the dryer (on low), so it would take on a slightly crumpled, and totally casual texture. it’s exactly what you need to be wearing when the weather gets hot. and i’m bracing myself for it because i know it’s coming.

little tienda freya dress
circulo handwoven palm bag in small courtesy of artisan & fox
maryam nassir zadeh slides

outfit: play date

kicking around town on a monday morning in the best alternative to a mini dress i’ve ever laid eyes on. this little number has it all: you’ve got the qualities of a pinafore and a mini dress with the functionality of a jumpsuit. i also think it would be a good option for a beach cover-up, the type of thing you could wear around the resort if you were lucky enough to be out on holiday right now. i’ve got no plans for a vacation anytime soon, but this is the next best thing. i’m taking that whole “dress for the job you want” philosophy a step further. why not dress for the weather you want? or the vacation you wish you were on?

and if you’re in the mood for some avant guarde vibes to transport you to that sweet spot, you should definitely check out 323 clothing. everything is handmade-to-order in echo park, california. and nothing is boring about it.

you can shop 323 clothing right here.

323 play date overalls
hackwith design house balloon sleeve top
martiniano glove shoes in wood
vintage woven handbag

outfit: recently

i recently had the pleasure of working with honest on a social media campaign. i only needed to get a couple of photos, but i guess i was feeling a little sentimental shooting with my baby who is about to be two, because we ended up doing three different shoots over the course of two days! sure, we were shooting diapers, but the photos mean so much more to me than just that!

when adam was little, i felt this intense need to document every single moment in photos. i had the luxury of being able to pull out my professional camera whenever the mood struck, so i have a ridiculous archive of pictures. but when edie was born, let’s just say that things got a little more chaotic. each moment was still just as special, but i realized that i didn’t need to document every single milestone for me to enjoy it– or even remember it. and honestly, it just isn’t as easy to pull out a camera as it used to be. i still find myself pulling out my iphone to grab quick snapshots to share in group texts with family members, but i don’t do all of those elaborate shoots i did with adam. so i think i had a lot of fun with this project because it gave me a chance to get some photos with edie all on her own.

this blog post isn’t sponsored, but the photos were shot in partnership with honest for sponsored content on some of my social media channels. if you’re interested, here is a link to the new limited-edition spring prints.

outfit: win $200 at tamarind boutique!

so excited to announce my latest giveaway in partnership with the beautiful northern california boutique, tamarind. they have shops in sebastopol, healdsberg, and online, of course. which really pulls at my heartstrings because i lived in the bay area for so many years and frequently spent weekends exploring up north. but more importantly, they carry some of my favorite designers like black crane, rachel comey, clare v, and ace & jig (including this dress i’m wearing)! and we’ve teamed up to offer you a chance to win a $200 store credit towards anything you find in the shop!

to enter, simply visit this post on my instagram!

the sleep shirt (for a good cause)

it’s funny, i spend a lot of time on my personal style, but you wouldn’t know it if you ever caught me off guard at home! i recently realized that i was pretty much just slipping into the same pair of old, worn out sweats every evening after dinner. they’re soft and comfy, and i don’t have to worry about the kids getting them dirty. but when a girl scout troupe knocks on your door at 6pm and you open the door holding a beer in a ripped t-shirt, you start thinking it might be time for an upgrade.

so i’ve been doing some shopping around, looking for ethical brands that make practical garments to wear at home. a friend of mine introduced me to canadian-based brand the sleep shirt a while back and i had been admiring their sleepwear from afar when they got in touch and asked if i’d be interested in spreading the word about their latest campaign.

in honor of international women’s day, they will be donating 20% of the proceeds of all short and long sleep shirts in blue oxford stripe to the howe sound women’s centre society, an organization dedicated to the prevention of violence against women and support for women, children and youth impacted by violence or abuse.

the campaign runs from today, march 8 through march 31. so if you’re in the market for sleepwear, now is a great time to use your purchasing power to support an incredible women-owned small business that is not only donating profits to great causes, but ethically producing their garments in canada using quality materials.

outfit: little tienda

calivintage x little tienda

i’m gonna go ahead and say that this is my spring look. super high rise pants because, yes, i’ll be wearing this style to the grave. i don’t care if low rise comes back. i’m old now so it’s mom jeans 4 lyfe. and this blouse is basically the standard by which all other blouses will be compared. puff sleeves? ruffles? ’80s vibes? check, check, and check!

and actually, i should talk more about this blouse because i’ve got a whole lot of things to say about it. for starters, it’s pure nostalgia because it looks exactly like the blouses that my mom wore around the time i was born in the ’80s. i can also expand on that and say that basically every woman had this blouse, including the most iconic princess diana. there was this whole young edwardian/laura ingalls wilder/prairie girl thing going on at that time, which is making a huge comeback, and i couldn’t be happier about it.

if you’re interested in more of the same, keep an eye out over at little tienda. their southern hemisphere fall 2018 collection is out any day now, and a little birdy told me they’ll be serving up even more ruffles and puff sleeves like this!

little tienda blouse coming soon
jesse kamm sailor pants in light blue denim
kate young for tura ally sunglasses in black
sylvain le hen barrette 022
clare v. pot de miel bag
maryam nassir zadeh sophie sandals

calivintage x little tienda
calivintage x little tienda
calivintage x little tienda
calivintage x little tienda

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