maternity style: overalls


this time around, i’m having a lot more fun getting dressed than when i was pregnant with adam. i think that having gone through the experience before, has given me a lot more confidence going forward. i’m generally less plagued with worries and fears, and i’m a lot less concerned about changing my style or losing my identity. the first time around, i really didn’t want to let go of my style, so i resisted making any changes. it wasn’t a huge deal, but in retrospect, i would have been a lot more comfortable if i had opted to wear pants or longer hemlines at least some of the time. in fact, i distinctly remember being horrified by the idea of wearing overalls, even though they are super cute to wear while pregnant! i picked these up at the rose bowl flea market a few weeks ago, and i love them. they won’t make it until the very end of my pregnancy, but i’ll definitely pull them out again post-partum. denim overalls are your best friend when you’ve got a baby and a toddler to look after. and they’re surprisingly resilient against baby puke and dirty toddler hands.

three dots essential short sleeve crew tee
vintage overalls
apc trench coat
maryam nassir zadeh roberta heels
j.w. hulme legacy handbag
shinola runwell watch





james fox co.

with baby due in april, we’re pretty much in the home stretch over here. i’m in the dreaded third trimester, which means it will feel like an eternity, but the reality is that i have less than three months to get ready! the nursery is moving along well, but i also need to make sure i pack my hospital bag for the big day. as with a lot of births, my last experience did not go as expected. one thing that was surprisingly hard was to be stuck in a hospital bed wearing two threadbare hospital gowns as doctors, nurses, lactation consultants, and family members came in an out of the room at all hours of the day and night. nurses would pull open my shirt and poke my boobs to see if i was engorged, the doctor would lift up my gown to check on my healing cesarean scar, a very sweet woman came in with a warm squirt bottle and accompanied me to the bathroom to make sure that i peed…. it’s a tough experience to be in a hospital, so it’s really nice to be able to feel as normal as possible while it’s all happening.

perhaps because so much of my expression of self comes from the clothes i choose to wear, i feel best wearing something of my own. i begged them to let me wear my own nightgown, but they told me i couldn’t because they wouldn’t be able to juggle the iv or rush me to the icu if something were to go wrong. i totally get it. but this time, i’m so happy to know about james fox co. hospital gowns! they currently have a beautiful purple ikat or this minimalist crema gown in hand woven cotton. and one nice perk? a portion of the proceeds go towards providing maama kits to help women in uganda to deliver their babies safely.


outfit: only child


it’s been a minute since i’ve shared an outfit post, and partly because it has been extremely hard to find the motivation now that i’m just about 6 months pregnant! my wardrobe has been really simple, and most days i don’t feel much like myself, which isn’t exactly inspiring when it comes to mustering up the courage to pose for pictures. but i definitely made the exception for this beautiful silk dress by oakland-based designer only child. the one-size-fits-most style has been very accommodating to my growing waistline, and is the perfect base for layering on any number of different accessories. so if i want, i can totally get away with wearing it every day of the week, just swapping out for a different bag, a new pair of shoes, a swipe of lipstick, or an easy updo. it’s such a no-brainer that it really helps me to get on with my day, even when i’m not feeling 100 percent.

i also love that the brand is completely hand-made in small batches by self-taught designer haley tucker. you can tell that she really takes the time to come up with thoughtful designs, and that each piece has been made with a focus on solid craftsmanship. i also love that i know exactly where my money is going when i make a purchase from a small, local designer such as this.

dora silk blend dress courtesy of only child
vintage wool scarf
clare vivier messenger tote
clyde angora pinch hat
martiniano glove slipper


hatch collection pre-spring 2016


as you guys all know, i’m just about six months pregnant now, and maternity clothes are pretty much necessity at this point. or at least clothes that are comfortable and versatile enough to be worn with this growing belly of mine. and if there’s one company who’s got maternity figured out, it’s hatch collection. they know how to make clothes that will work conveniently before, during, and after pregnancy without screaming maternity-wear. no ruched side seams or high belts. just simple, comfortable clothes that can be mixed and matched with your current wardrobe and that will last long after your belly is gone.

during my first pregnancy, i was kind of adamant that i didn’t need maternity-specific clothes. but this time around, i totally accept that no matter what i buy for my pregnancy, it’s not like i’m going to continue wearing it for years down the line. it’s more about finding a few really versatile essentials that will be comfortable to wear, and help you to feel good during an otherwise pretty challenging nine months of your life! and don’t forget that sneaky fourth trimester! bonus if you keep wearing it beyond a year, which is exactly what’s so nice about hatch.



maternity style: holiday comforts with zappos


hard to believe it, but i’m already more than halfway through my pregnancy! it’s not my first time celebrating the holiday season while pregnant, but if there’s one thing i’ve learned from the past, it’s that you gotta dress comfortably! but of course, i still want to look nice for the few holiday parties and new years celebrations that i will be attending, glass of sparkling cider in hand. so this year, i partnered with zappos to shop my holiday looks using the style room. it’s basically a one-stop shop for all of your holiday outfit needs, and everything is listed in tidy categories based on your personal style preferences. for this simple holiday look, i went for a mix of classic and contemporary. but since my belly is just starting to emerge, i was a little bit unsure of what size to order. the nice thing is that they have free two-day shipping and free returns, so when the first dress turned out to be the wrong size, i was able to quickly make an exchange with plenty of time before christmas and new year’s.

now, i know this outfit isn’t your traditional holiday outfit, but i’m not exactly going to be hitting up the club. my christmas eve will be spent with family, most likely unwrapping a present or two and stuffing my face with tamales. christmas day is also a pretty casual affair around here, and new year’s eve will be similar. i’ve invited a few people over for the celebration, but we’ll probably be turning in a little early with a nearly two-year-old in tow. but that’s alright with me! there’s no right or wrong way to celebrate the holidays, and i’m totally ok with going super low-key this year.

vince camuto turtleneck sweater dress courtesy of zappos
sam edelman petty boots courtesy of zappos
vintage jacket
clyde mohair pinch hat
clinique lip pop in cola pop






maternity style: baby on the way


that’s right, we’re going in for round number two! today i am exactly 17 weeks along with my second little dude or dudette. i don’t really have much to share other than one of my typical outfit posts. at this stage in the pregnancy, i basically just look like i ate a really big burrito, though i’m sure that will change any day now. yesterday i discovered that i can no longer button my largest pair of jeans, so i’m scrambling to pull together my maternity wardrobe! it’s actually a funny coincidence that i even have this dress. kinwolfe reached out to me a few months ago and asked if i’d like to try one of their maternity nursing dresses since i’m still breastfeeding adam. little did i know that only a few weeks later, i would find out that i was pregnant! needless to say, it was a lifesaver to have it hanging in my closet when i started to burst out of all my normal clothes.

and this time around, when it comes to getting dressed, i’m a lot more focused on comfort and practicality than when i was pregnant with adam. now i kinda feel like this seasoned veteran, and in a way, it’s fun to be able to have this whole arsenal of learnings from the last time around. it’s really helped me to feel much more calm and positive about the whole process. and i am so excited to see what this next little human being is going to be like!

silk radiant maternity/nursing dress courtesy of kinwolfe
benah for karen walker handbag
hatch cashmere socks
swedish hasbeens pearl high


au lait

even though i’m no longer pregnant, i’ve still been having fun browsing the web on the hunt for good maternity clothes. they’re harder to come by than you would think, and there’s always someone in need of a few suggestions, so i’ve been collecting my favorites on pinterest. during one such browsing session late last night, i stumbled upon au lait, a new clothing line specifically designed for breastfeeding mothers. it obviously attracted my attention, since this is exactly the challenge i’ve been dressing for since adam was born, and it can be a lot harder than it seems. i mean, sure, it’s a no-brainer to wear tops and pants. but that’s not exacltly the most exciting option day after day. and pulling your shirt up or down (or unbuttoning your dress) to expose way more than you want can be pretty stressful when you’re out in public or with a large group of people around.

au lait has come up with an interesting solution, constructing tops and dresses with a double layer and internal vertical slit, and a few tops with princess seams that can be pulled to the side. it sounds like it could get tricky, but most of the designs are pretty cute and easily incorporated into any wardrobe. enough so that the whole thing has got me rather intrigued, and i really want to give them a try!

images courtesy of au lait.

hatch spring 2014

i may no longer be pregnant, but i still can’t keep my eyes off the new hatch spring 2014 collection. i think it’s my favorite to date! someone must have sent them the memo about how every pregnant woman looks awesome in stripes. i know i most frequently rotated between a striped pencil skirt and a breton stripe shirt during my pregnancy because they were soft and comfy, but still had an element of simple style. so of course, i really like these playful pieces for spring. in fact, i might actually buy a top or pair of pants to add to my wardrobe for spring!


i know after such a long hiatus that i should be posting baby pictures, but i’m holding off on sharing my story and all of that fun stuff until next week. i’ve mostly been laying on the couch and cuddling my new baby boy, but as soon as i finally found myself back on the internet, this magical little discovery fell on my lap. i really wish storq had been around during my pregnancy! this new san francisco-based online shop was created with the idea of simplifying maternity wear.  and after 9 months of pregnancy and a long recovery time, i can now say that i really appreciate this bare bones concept. dressing my belly was fun at first, but as the months wore on and i found myself in the third trimester, it sort of lost its luster. the last few weeks of pregnancy were spent mostly in pajamas indoors with quick outfit changes for short outings. i literally went on a target run and bought four pairs of leggings to wear around the house. and post-pregnancy, i’m still wearing really simple combos similar to the offerings at storq: plain t-shirts and breton stripe tees, a black jersey pencil skirt from asos, a black pullover dress i picked up at gap, and even leggings (but only around the house). so i got a little giddy when i saw the selection of products on the site! exactly the type of basics that you can layer with your own outerwear and accessories so that you can feel somewhat human (and a fashionable one at that!) as your body goes through the ringer.

gifts for the mama-to-be

today i got a request for a few gift ideas for the expectant mother. since i’m sitting here trying to patiently wait for the baby to come in the middle of the holiday season, i may have spent my fair share of time laying on the couch thinking about what kinds of little luxuries would help me get through to the end. so since you’ve asked, here are some suggestions off my very own little wish list. it’s by no means comprehensive, but at this stage in my pregnancy, i can tell you that these types of gifts are pretty much the only thing on my mind.

1. hatch-to-hospital box: i’ve had my eye on this gift box for my entire pregnancy. honestly, it’s the type of gift that would make anyone happy whether pregnant or not. a super soft and stretchy jersey nightgown and robe, cashmere socks, and comfy undies? i want to live in this set and i know it will come in super handy on the big day. trust me when i say that comfort is key. the woes of pregnancy are many, so simple things like this make a world of difference.

2. herbivore botanicals makes some pretty lovely products like this complete spa gift set. the calm sea salts are made with dead sea and himalayan pink salt, scented with ylang ylang and vanilla. and the rose lip balm sounds divine. it’s one of those perfectly superfluous luxuries that makes anyone feel pampered. and it’s easy to forget to pamper yourself when you’re busy nesting and trying to wrap things up at work before going on maternity leave. i’m telling you, it’s the little things!

3. in the same vein, i’m kind of obsessed with the idea of getting myself a luxurious little travel set for the hospital like this aesop jet set kit. no, i am not about to jet off to some glamorous locale, but i wouldn’t mind feeling pampered at the hospital. and i’ve been told that the first bath or shower after giving birth is one of the best experiences ever. might as well make it count!

4. fog linen work slippers. yes, this list is all about maxin’ and relaxin’. i’m gonna need a nice pair of slippers to shuffle around in pre- and post-baby. in fact, who doesn’t like a good pair of house slippers? i’m particularly picky about such things and just can’t see myself in big fuzzy mocs, so this minimalist pair in linen is right up my alley.

5. dyptique candles. ok, they don’t have to be by dyptique, but i am personally infatuated with the crisp, clean scent of these candles, and it has become a daily routine for me to light different scents in different rooms to change the mood around the house and get relaxed. before my pregnancy, i never thought so much about pleasant smells before, but now i am almost obsessed. i know this isn’t the case for everyone: i for one, couldn’t stand most smells for the first four months. but nowadays, i can’t get enough of these!

6. massage and body work. when i discovered my prenatal chiropractor, it changed my world. i go to a place where they specialize in mothers-to-be, and a chiropractic session starts with a massage and ends with an alignment. they are also able to apply the webster technique to move the baby within the womb so that he or she is in optimal birthing position. for me, it has been a godsend because this little dude likes to cram his entire butt underneath my rib cage causing me almost constant discomfort and pain. now my only regret is that i hadn’t been seeing someone sooner. while these services are often covered at least in part by insurance companies, not everyone is so lucky. a gift card to a good spot would certainly mean a lot to a very uncomfortable mama.

7. spa day. another fun option is to invite your bestie on a spa day at a place that is able to accommodate pregnant women. i for one, can’t even reach my feet anymore without a struggle, so having someone massage and pedicure my toes is pretty special. and again, any opportunity to try and relax is not only good for an expectant mom, but also for baby.