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nadinoo play by numbers

today we’re celebrating labor day here in the united states, but meanwhile in south africa, the talented nadia of nadinoo has just released her much-anticipated new collection, play by numbers! she’s back with a stunning collection of dresses and separates all hand sewn using seasonal liberty prints in 100% cotton. her clothes are just so pretty and easy to wear, exactly what i need more of in my life now that i’m living in such a hot clime. i am seriously swooning over the oopsy daisy dress, set to release with the rest of the collection this october!

photography by jenny & lee, modeled by hannah keussner, hair & make up by natsumi watanabe, and styling by nadia izruna.



birds and bees

calivintage: into the woods

do you ever get a new piece of clothing only to hoard it away waiting for that very special moment to wear it for the first time? i got this pretty outfit from the nadinoo fall 2011 collection months ago, and while the shirt made an appearance back in november, i just kept waiting for a frolic in the woods to wear them together as a pair! i’ve been a bit obsessed with the idea of sets. a shirt with a matching pinafore, much in the same vein as the uniforms i wore in school, or a printed top and skirt constructed of the same fabric that you can wear together or mix and match. these pretty pairings remind me of vintage patterns that my mom or grandma might have sewn when they were young. it seems so perfectly practical, but i regret that it’s something of a lost art these days.

top: nadinoo pixie’s a bird a day shirt
dress: nadinoo pixie’s trusty pinafore
bag: j.w. hulme mini legacy bag
shoes: marc by marc jacobs brogue pump

calivintage: into the woods
calivintage: into the woods
calivintage: into the woods
calivintage: into the woods
calivintage: into the woods

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