cycle chic sunday: laplander bags

i said cycle chic sundays were coming back, and i’m sticking to my word. today i would like to share some pretty awesome bike bags by the philadelphia based company, laplander bags. they specialize in beautiful handmade cycling bags and panniers made of canvas and leather. i recently sold my vintage raleigh to make room for a fancy new mixte bike (which i will tell you more about later…), and i’ve been on the hunt for the perfect cycling accessories! i especially love the idea of having a nice, sturdy porteur bag to place on a front rack for carrying whatever spoils i find on a weekend ride about town.

seen above: special edition towpath seat duffel and journeyman porteur bag, seen below: standard city panniers and deluxe waxed city panniers. get into it.


  1. The first one has to be my favourite! I would love to own vintage bike with a wicker basket on the front (with fresh wild flowers in it). Pity I have a very sore knee, so cycling isn’t that good at the moment.


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