outfit: water color

calivintage: water color

one of the things i love about my neighborhood is the secret network of sneaky little pedestrian pathways. it’s a hilly area, so these hidden stairwells make it much more convenient for getting around. whenever i stumble upon another shortcut, i always feel like a little kid, having discovered some entryway into another world. and this time of year, they are particularly pleasant since the springtime flowers and vines and weeds are taking over. the light is usually quite harsh in this spot, but as we passed by early saturday morning on the way to the farmers market, the light was just right, so we stopped to take a few photos.

the weather was nice, so i took the opportunity to get dressed up in my most festive farmer’s market garb and pulled on my new lauren moffatt top and skirt. both are constructed of a lightweight linen, which kept me cool as a cucumber on a warm weekend day. after stocking up on summer squash at the farmer’s market, we headed to the greek festival with free tickets in our pockets (a gift from one of brendan’s clients). i’d never been to a greek festival, so it was quite the treat! we got to peek inside the stunning greek orthodox cathedral, and were treated to epic lamb sammiches and loukoumades. a little old lady even stopped to compliment me on my crochet top, which pretty much made my day!

top and skirt: lauren moffatt
shoes: kork-ease bette wedges
bag: vintage woven tote
lipstick: ysl fard a levres rouge pur in rosy coral

calivintage: water color
calivintage: water color
calivintage: water color
calivintage: water color
calivintage: water color


  1. What a cute little shortcut, I love it! You always look so darling! I actually just did a bicycle-outfit post on my blog, I was inspired by your cycle-chic posts! Take a look if you can!

  2. Such a cute outfit. Hidden pathways and stairs are the best! I totally know what you mean about feeling like a little kid. This weekend we discovered a tunnel filled with beautiful grafitti right near our place & we felt like we were somewhere completely different!

  3. Wow Erin, this is a perfect sunny day outfit! I love the bright hues in your skirt, and the vintage look of the top is wonderful too. Impeccably warm weather friendly :)

  4. I have a bag similar to that one that belonged to my mom when she was in high school. So cute! You are always so very stylish!


  5. I’m not surprised that the old lady stopped by to compliment on your top, it’s absolutely darling. We’ve been having a slow spring here in Italy with too many miserable-weather days in a row, so your colors really put a huge smile on my face, that skirt is wonderful! Thank you for looking always so bright and positive :)

  6. The perfect summer look! Amazing :) and your weekend sounds lovely! What will you do with the squash? I need more squash in my life!

  7. I love that skirt! It really is perfect for farmer’s markets! I also love when going to the Greek festival in my town. It gives me an excuse to eat 20 pounds of baklava in a day!

  8. Love this outfit! Where in cali do you live? I know there was a greek fest this past weekend in OC- where 2nd hand challenge is from! Do I sense a vintage buddy close by?!?!

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