houses of redlands

i know i’ve mentioned this a few times before, but i am absolutely charmed by the vintage architecture here in redlands. so much so, that i find myself snapping quick pictures of my favorite houses while i wander around on walks in the historic district where i live. there are a number of buildings listed in the national register of historic places, or designated as california historical landmarks. i’ve been posting enough pictures to instagram, that i decided to start filing them all under the rather predictable hashtag #housesofredlands.

it’s just a fun little hobby for me, but it’s really been gaining steam now that i’m in the market for a house of my own. i find myself more intrigued with little details like walkways and landscaping, paint colors and porch covers. here’s a little selection of some of the photos i’ve taken. and of course, you can see more on my instagram.


  1. amazing! I love those houses with the round tower looking things – minarets? i cant remember the name… And the vines and 40’s styling. Around my area we have lots of “California Bungalows” but the Australian name is “Federation house” and they are so lovely and they have wrap around verandahs and a little sun room at the back which people used to sleep in in the days before air con and when the temperature was very hot that was supposed to be the coolest room in the house. There is also a row of post WW1 housing for return servicemen which are all identical but you can see how each family modified their little cottages with paint, stucco or great big gardens over the years :)

  2. These are BEAUTIFUL! How amazing is that house with the overgrown ivy?! And the smaller one with like thirty pointy trees in the back. This is where I want to live when I buy a house, it’s so charming.

    xo marlen

  3. great photos… that first one– gasp!!! I have often thought about going around my neighborhood and documenting all the little details of the Spanish architecture.

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