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i must say, i am long overdue for a trim to my pixie cut! one thing about having a very short cut is that it requires a lot of maintenance to keep it at the perfect length, since only a small amount of growth will make a big difference. but the daily care is quite simple since it usually requires very minimal styling, if any, and you’ll be sure to have a healthy head of hair since there are only a few inches of it!

so since i’m thinking of just exactly how i should trim my hair, i thought i would post some lovely inspiration of the classic pixie cut. i think it’s easy to think that all pixie cuts were created equal, but as you can see, there are plenty of interesting variations on the look. now i just have to decide which direction to take!

above: i can no longer remember the source on the top two images, but i believe they’re both by the sartorialist, michelle williams, audrey tautou, cecilia mendez, and a bumble & bumble cut.

below: audrey hepburn, jean seberg, and mia farrow sporting their iconic pixie cuts.


  1. i have yet to trim my hair…i can't decide if i want it trimmed or grow it out. meanwhile…i'm in that awkward inbetween look and it's been driving me nuts. i can't wait to see how you trim your hair. :)

  2. Ahh whats the name of the girl from An Education? She is awfully cute in her pixie cut! I admire beautiful girls who can pull off this look. I unforuntately am not one of them.


  3. I love love love pixie cuts and have had one three different times in my life. I would have one now if my hair wasn't too thick and crazy for the look.

    Lulu Letty

  4. the pixie cut is the one that i always go back to (and am sporting now) and think all the variations make it just the cutest. style. ever.


  5. I have a pixie and I love it. The past couple trims have left me with the conclusion that I love sporting the shaggy version.

    Oh how I wish my face had the structure for the shorter versions. They are so lovely!

    Can't wait to see your trim!

  6. Do it! When I first watched Breathless with Jean Seberg I cut off all my hair with a razor and LOVED having a pixie cut. It was a little wild but I could pull it off back then in college! Jean Seberg killed herself, so sad. She was beautiful.

  7. It's been almost exactly one year since I got my hair cut into a faux hawk ala Pink, and believe me, not touching it for the long made for some epic awkwardness! I made the mistake of thinking a super short cut would require less work than a longer one, but as you pointed out that's merely on a daily styling basis. Lesson learnt.

    But I still consider chopping all my hair off yet again…

  8. I'm kind of intruiged by that Michelle Williams pixie, although we all know that whichever one you go for will look fantastic.

  9. Mia Farrow's pixie is so classic in my mind – she's such a badass. Also, I love Audrey's curly mess, and Michelle Williams is one of those women who looks soooooo much better with short hair.

  10. I love pixies! I've kind of been craving one for a while, but the high-maintenance part is a big turn off. I love Jean's hair… sigh.

  11. I had a pixie for about five years on and off, but I don't get dates with short hair! I'm serious!
    I had to grow long hair out of necessity. I dream of the day I can go back to short hair though.

  12. This is one of my favorite hairstyles on women, although I don't think everyone can pull it off. I like it on you and I can't wait to see how you alter it! Also, I think Audrey Hepburn is the most beautiful woman who ever lived, mainly and especially because of Roman Holiday and Sabrina–not B.A.T.

  13. I used to have Audrey Tautou's pixie cut! I saw it in a 2007 issue of Style magazine and absolutely fell in love with the cut.

  14. I've been wanting one of these do's for awhile now, but don't have the guts to chop it all off. I can't wait to see what you decide on!!

  15. i used to have this do when i was younger. right now, i dont know how it would look on me, but i find the style really adorable!! i think it really suits your face, style and lifestyle! :D

    Animated Confessions

  16. I love pixie cuts, and really short hair! I've yet to experiment with a pixie cut though. I've gone an inch or so above chin length. It definitely works for people with delicate, soft features and small faces! So very cute.

  17. I think some of the most beautiful women ever to exist had short, cropped hairstyles. To me, it exudes confidence and femininity.
    Haha, look at Natalie Portman, she looked fantastic with even a bald head!

  18. I am very much a fan of the pixie-cut. I keep mine short and totally understand how a quarter inch can really ruin a haircut. haha

  19. I love Audrey Tatou! She has the best haircut. Love how her li'l pixie cut makes her ears stick out a bit. It gives her more character. Such a beauty.

  20. Just as I was thinking about growing out my hair, you post all these amazing cuts! It's gonna be a tough decision.

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