calivintage: pin-up

it’s the middle of the summer, and i have to admit that when it comes to my clothes, i’ve been feeling a little ho-hum. i’ve been throwing on a lot of easy basics, and calling it a day. but even in the dog days of summer, sometimes it’s nice to change things up and play a little dress up. so when rockabilly clothing store stop staring! recently asked if i’d like to pick out a dress, i knew it would be the perfect opportunity to have some fun and try something new! the look may be retro, but somehow, in all my years of loving vintage, i’ve really never actually owned a proper pin-up dress!

and as you might guess, this darling little sailor-inspired number had my name written all over it. it’s definitely demure with a modest neckline and a longer hem, but the figure hugging silhouette is quite a bit racier than my usual duds. so of course, when i slipped into this bad boy, i had to indulge in some silly pin-up poses and play homage to my favorite racy vintage photographs and illustrations. i seriously think that wearing a dress like this makes you stand up just a little bit taller, and certainly commands a lot of attention. i even got a few compliments from passers-by on the street! so i’ve come to a conclusion: i think that every girl should have a fun pin-up dress in their wardrobe, even if it’s only for dress up! don’t you agree?

stop staring! dress
vintage candies from pretty penny vintage
vintage straw hat
tom ford nikita sunglasses

calivintage: pin-up
calivintage: pin-up
calivintage: pin-up
calivintage: pin-up
calivintage: pin-up
calivintage: pin-up
calivintage: pin-up


  1. This is the PERFECT dress for you! You look amazing and the hat is the perfect touch. Great, pretty, fabulous look for you–might be my favorite yet. Other than that red sailor dress. I like that one a lot too.

  2. PERFECT. I want everything from your head to your toe , love it all. Also agreed this dress really does fit your body perfectly!

  3. Hi Erin – You look so lovely in these pics! How does the sizing run for this dress? I am thinking about purchasing it since it is so adorable but some brands run small….. thanks!!!! :)

    1. well, i am happy to help! the sizing runs different between different styles from stop staring, but they have a really accurate size chart for the stretch fabrics vs. the non-stretch fabrics. this particular dress is made of a really stretchy fabric, so i ended up in a size small, though i would typically wear a medium. i could have gotten away with the medium, but the torso is longer on the medium, so i stuck with the small. hope that helps!

  4. You look asbolutely gorgeous. Like seriously, this should become your signature look because this dress (and the look itself) fits like you were born to wear it. So, so pretty.

  5. i think you are the hotest thing around. for real, that haircut works for you so well, with every outfit! i really dig the dresses by stop staring, i only recently came across them through vixen vintage. once i have a bit more dough, i need to invest!

  6. erin you look darling! that dress suits you to a T, and the hat and shoes are the perfect combination. the pics are gorgeous as well. i’ve always adored the pinup look and love dressing up in that style for car shows we go to. it’s so fun to be classic and retro and not always worried about today’s “hip” style, you know what I mean?

    gorgeous :)

    Beneath the Glass

    1. yes! since i first got this dress, i’ve already ordered two other pin-up style pieces! i got one of those elvgren-inspired dresses from bettie page and a little romper! it’s almost like a different persona, which is really fun!

  7. Love it! I absolutely love retro pin-up dresses. Stop Staring has the best selection too! I just wish I could afford them. Great look!

    Little Acorns

  8. you look really good! i would never know what size to order something like that in. im no good a gauging how tighter things will fit over my hips :(

  9. You look gorgeous! I totally agree with you, whenever I’m wearing something a little pin-up inspired, it makes me feel a bit sassy and I definitely notice standing up straighter and sashaying down the street! These photos are amazing and I am so in love with that dress!

  10. That dress looks so great on you! I love how you styled it too. Absolutely perfect!

    I have two Stop Staring! dresses in my closet. Their pieces are so versatile and well-made, and they never fail to get a girl a few compliments!

  11. This dress is beyond amazing! I would be thrilled to own a dress like this! I doubt I could pull it off as well as you though. The fit is perfect and the hat is a wonderful accessory. I love this so much!

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