kitty pocket

calivintage: kitty pocket

counting the number of items in my closet featuring my favorite little feline friends, it looks as though i may have officially achieved crazy cat lady status. from my leah goren cat print dress to my new olivia mew persian kitty scarf, to my kitty iphone case, and a host of other cat-related accoutrements (from brooches and figurines to wall art and kitchen towels), is it really any surprise that i recently acquired this pretty little rachel antonoff dress? not only because it has the perfect silhouette with darling puff sleeves in a pretty plaid, but because it has a little kitty pocket! mew mew mew!

yes, it is possible that i am suffering from cute overload. but it really is in the best way possible. this dress is a new favorite and i can only imagine that it will go into heavy rotation in my fall wardrobe layered up with cozy sweaters, colored tights, and various coats, depending on the weather.

dress: rachel antonoff kitty pocket dress from modcloth
sweater: chloe sevigny for opening ceremony sweater
coat: modcloth from last year
tights: tabbisocks tights in wine
shoes: vintage salvatore ferragamo vera flats
bag: rebecca minkoff covet satchel

calivintage: kitty pocket
calivintage: kitty pocket
calivintage: kitty pocket
calivintage: kitty pocket
calivintage: kitty pocket
calivintage: kitty pocket

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  1. too adorable! I actually just finished sewing two little fox pockets onto a thrifted sweater…..ha, he internet really kills any feelings of originality doesn’t it? I love the shade of your tights with that dress:)

  2. This is too cute. The dress is perfect–it’s been on my list of things to buy if I ever manage to come across Curly’s gold–and you did a great job styling it. I love it with the sweater.

  3. Glad you got that cat scarf, I have the fennec fox one and LOVE it. They’re so comfy and such a great size, and I was hoping a blogger would get the kitty one! Love the dress.

  4. How is that every time I’m particularly coveting a special garment, you inevitably show up in it? It’s uncanny! I’ve been wanting this dress SO HARD since it first showed up on Modcloth; it looks great on you!

  5. It’s so sweet – love it! I’ve been visiting for a while but think it’s the first time I’ve commented :) Just thought I’d say hey, love your pics and your tumblr!

    Anna x

  6. Love that dress ! Does it runs true size ? I already own the red sailor dress from Rachel Antonoff which runs big. I’m right in between size 4 and 6… what do you recommend ?
    Thanks !

    1. hm. that’s a tough one. i also often waver between a 4 and 6, and i ended up with the size 6 in this particular dress. having said that, if there’s one place where it does run large, it’s the bust, similar to the way the sailor dress was kinda big in the armpits almost? i got the sailor dress in a size 4. hope that helps!

  7. Ok I have this dress bought it in a size 2 than got pregnant with number 3 and I’ve faced that fact that will never wear a 2 again..anyway it’s never been worn so I’m selling it on EBAY..I took photos of it with my iPhone but your photos show options details and frankly just are amazing….the dress is perfect never been worn but wanted to ask before I used your photo for my listing….

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