calivintage: backyard

this weekend kept me pretty close to home cleaning the apartment and doing loads and loads of laundry that have been piling up for who knows how long! so instead of heading out of town to go swimming in lakes or camping in the woods, i kept my adventures close to home. on sunday, brendan and i drove out to “house sit” for his parents with a car full of laundry and not much else to do. so we laid out in the back yard on a quilt in the grass between cycles, and i played dress up in my new lauren moffatt dress. nothing like laundry day as an excuse to put on something fancy in order to clean every last machine washable item in your wardrobe.

laying out on a blanket in their very well-manicured yard with the setting sun filtering in through the trees felt like such a treat. it made me start to feel a little itch to someday have my own yard, or for that matter, even my own house! apartment living is pretty swell, but sometimes i dream about how nice it would be to have a little place with a yard and a dog and a washing machine and all of those silly conveniences.

dress: lauren moffatt car song dress from modcloth
shoes: vintage salvatore ferragamo vara flats
sunglasses: karen walker number six
lipstick: make up for ever rouge artist intense in bright orange
nail polish: essie orange, it’s obvious

calivintage: backyard
calivintage: backyard
calivintage: backyard
calivintage: backyard
calivintage: backyard

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  1. I’m in love with that Lauren Moffat dress! It reminds me of the Rachel Antonoff one that you wore with the musical instruments on it. Perfection! I’m currently trying to find a dress to wear to a wedding, and while I love this one I think I might get in trouble with that much white! If you could help me choose, that’d be amazing!!

  2. Love this dress, reminds me of the Rachel Antonoff one that you wore with the instruments all over it. Perfection! I’m trying to pick out a dress to wear to my first ever wedding (I know, how have I never been, haha) but I think the bride would murder me if I wore this much white.

  3. I grew up in a one-bedroom apartment with my mum, where we kept lots of strawberry plants on our little square patio, and whenever we wanted to lie on some grass we trekked over to our local park. After living in a small space for so long I wanted to experience all of those things. Once I got older I had the opportunity to, and it’s great at times, but with a yard and a dog and all those appliances comes lots of upkeep, so there are certainly pros and cons either way.

    For me, having a garden and just enough room for a dog is my long-term goal. I’ll always need canine companions and horticulture in my life.

    1. oh yes, you are so right! i really want to have a bigger space, but i am a bit terrified at the thought of taking on such a huge responsibility. so many pros and cons to weigh that it can be overwhelming at times, and i’m definitely still in the process of figuring it all out. having a spot for plants and puppies certainly sounds like a nice goal!!!

  4. Love the close-up with the lipstick! Brendan is such a good photographer – if only my boyfriend was as good of a photographer as yours!

    1. ah, thank you! i will definitely tell him you said so. it’s also kinda funny you should say this because yesterday when we were shooting these photos, i was feeling especially frustrated while working with brendan. we often don’t see eye-to-eye on the creative vision for the photos and tend usually focus on completely different details. and i won’t lie, i can be quite picky when it comes to what i want… working together on blog photos with him for the past several years has definitely had it’s ups and downs and i haven’t always felt like i had the world’s best photographer (and he certainly hasn’t always felt like i was the best subject), but it has been fun working together and creating something together. always a work in progress!

    1. it’s just the way the light was that day. it was coming in filtered through tall trees. a lot of the photos came out dark, but if you got it from just the right spot, it was just brilliant!

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