win $150 to summerland boutique!

today i’m excited to announce my latest giveaway courtesy of summerland boutique. this super cute online shop is based out of portland, oregon, and has a seriously awesome selection of pieces like this silk eskell dress i’m wearing today, pretty accessories, and unique vintage finds.

to enter, simply visit summerland and leave a comment in the section below telling us which item in the shop is your absolute favorite!

this giveaway is open to international readers, so anyone can enter. only one entry per person. winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email after monday, january 21.

see something you like? summerland would also like to offer you 15% off your purchases with code “calivintage” now through january 21!

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  1. even though ive been one of the lucky gals to meet megan and model for summerland, i would be thrilled to win this! i think i would finally buy the vintage janis jeans that ive been considering ever since i tried them on, or i would get the dainty dress + some new perfumes ^_^

  2. Blixen Boots by Wolverine x Samantha Pleet! I’ve been having dreams about that whole collection since Fall.

    P.S. look at your dream shoes! yolo is right, girl.

  3. Have had my eye on those Number One Karen Walker sunglasses in vanilla wood 4eva!! Also, any and all candles cause you can never have enough. <3

  4. I *love* the Twenty-Seven Names Ledbetter dress!

    Summerland is one of my favorite shops. Such pretty photography and such pretty things for me to covettttttt.

    Also, I, too, have the Charlotte Olympia kitty flats and they are basically life-altering.

  5. Oh my gosh this is a beautiful store! Thank you for introducing me to it!

    I think my favourite item is the Beauchamp Lace Dress by Twenty-Seven Names! It’s lovely!!
    I would probably pair it with my cropped vintage denim jacket, wine red or black tights and heeled loafers! :-)

  6. I have had my eye on the Madeline dress for months and finally purchased it and it is my favorite piece in my wardrobe right now. So whimsical!

  7. Three reasons why I am in love with the “Vivid Blouse,” designed by Samantha Pleet:

    1. The pattern reminds me of the posters in the greengrocery where my parents live which showed different varieties of mushrooms. I used to stare at them for hours while my dad was shopping and try to draw them when I got home.
    2. Tops with a ‘natural waist,’ are impossible to find these days. I DON’T ALWAYS WANT TO TUCK IN!
    3. I love yellow, and as a redhead, have always shied away from wearing it. The model has inspired me to get brave and get some sunny colours in my wardrobe/life.

  8. You are the cutest!

    Ahhhh I love Summerland! I’d own everything if I could, but my favorite is the “if I only had a heart dress” by alexandra grecco.
    Crossing my fingers!!!

  9. My favorite thing on summerland right now is your APC Plaid Dress in the vintage section, I’ve been eyeing it for a week or so actually. It’s almost identical to one I used to wear when I was in kindergarten except mine had a white collar. It was my favorite dress to wear to school and my mom tried to bribe me out of that worn out, stained garment by buying me other dresses but I refused until it was finally too small (even then I think I tried to jam myself into. I think I loved it so much because one of my favorite books at the time was Madeline and while it’s a little different than her uniform, I called it my Madeline dress.
    I’ve also been obsessed with the Twenty-Seven Names Nine Lives collection since they released their lookbook in May.
    To whoever wins, good luck! I don’t know if I could pick what I would get if given this giftcard.

    Style By Eye

  10. I really love the Lily dress as well as all the interestingly printed stockings like the peach fizz and midnight garden stockings.

  11. I am in love with the present tense dress, I got stars in my eyes when I saw it! I’ve never heard of this website until now and it features so many designers I like from Karen Walker to TBA to Dear Creatures and now Twenty- Seven Names!

  12. Absolutely obsessed with the Rapunzel Ring – so intricate and pretty, though deceptively simple! And I can’t stop eyeing the Patchett jacket- perfect for fall/winter to wear with absolutely everything. casual, cool, classy- all my favorite C’s in one wonderful piece!

    Thanks for pointing out this shop- what great pieces!

  13. Ah I can’t choose a favorite, there are too many. But I especially love the Beauchamp Lace Dress, the Low Relief Shirt and the Olivetti Jacket!

  14. Great stuff! Hard to choose favoriite, but I love the LOL Cat Blazer. I am obsessed with novelty animal prints, and I love all the items from this designer.

  15. I can’t decide between the the Dear Creatures Penny dress and the vintage Marianne dress! They’re both elegant yet simple enough that I would ear them anywhere!

  16. I absolutely love the Astral Crowns by Giant Dwarf. They look so ethereal and pretty and somehow extremely versatile! I’m kind of lusting over it. c:

  17. I adore the Nina coat by To Be Adorned! The shearling cuffs add a super cool 70’s vibe to the classic shape of the coat.

  18. CAT SHOES!

    I too love the Esme Dress… and also the Clover Shorts!! Can’t decide. The cat calendar is pretty amazing, too. JUST SAYING! Thanks for showing me this sweet shop.

  19. This is a great contest! Thanks for this oppertunity!
    My favorite is the adorable Dear Creatures dress–Penny! I’ve been eyeing this for a while.

  20. I love the ‘Desert bloom stockings’, well all the stockings actually! Also I adore the astral crowns and the ‘four hundred twenty bag’ and the ‘lol cat blazer’. Subtle, lovely stuff!

  21. Love that this is open to international readers! I think I would go for the Lily Dress, and pair it with some of their amazing print stockings.

  22. Thank you for another fabulous giveaway! I’m in love with the Vintage Marianne Dress, but since it’s not in my size, I would go for the adorable Penny Dress.

  23. Oh my heart! I think that I’d definitely choose to put the voucher towards either the Nina Coat or the Chelsea Coat, but it would be hard to decide! ^^

  24. The Ledbetter Dress Designer: twenty-seven names dress! I can be dressed down with black tights and brown brogues or with heels and faux fur for the evening! <3

  25. I would have an oh-so hard time choosing between the Boutique by Jaeger Seaside Dress and the Feather Skirt! Might consider the Nina Coat so I would own a coat named after me :)

  26. The Beauchamp Lace Dress by Twenty-Seven Names is my pick! I’m from NZ so it would be awesome to actually get my hands on something by Twenty-Seven Names as I could never afford to buy it outright :)

  27. Been a fun of Summerland for quiet some time. I adore their campaigns!
    Anyway, hard to choose there, but… I’d go for the Runaway Tuxedo Shirt by K. Walker.

  28. I absolutely adore the Penny Dress by Dear Creatures. I have always admired Dear Creatures clothing but have not had a chance to own one of their pieces yet, really love this dress!

  29. Oh my! I adore that outfit. I’d love to win, Summerland has such pretty things! I really like the Miia Dress and the Penny Dress. So cute! Love their Vintage section also. Thanks! :)

  30. Been drooling over one of the cat items by Twenty Seven Names since they came out! the blazer might be a bit too much for the office but I don’t care.

  31. Yes! Megan curates such an awesome shop over at Summerland. I am in awe of the Feral Childe silk top ever since I laid eyes on it!

  32. Nice Giveaway!!! I’m loving the Ledbetter Dress by Twenty-Seven Names. It would make an elegant and fun addition to my closet :)

  33. I’m in love with the Nesbit boots. I feel like I could wear them everyday. They would look great with skirts and tights, but I could also see them with cuffed jeans and with shorts in the summer. Great giveaway!

  34. Love this giveaway! I especially love the Jones Dress from’s the perfect silhouette for flirty & feminine day out on the town. So fab!

  35. Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful giveaway. My favorites are the Predicate Dress and Article Top by Feral Childe.

  36. Since I’ve been lusting over too many items on the summerland webstore for months now, it almost seems impossible to narrow it down to one, beautiful–yet solitary–pick. And yet, when forced to choose, my heart goes to the Samantha Pleet Vivid Blouse. It is absolutely gorgeous and seems a perfect choice for all seasons!

  37. I’ve been coveting the Jacinta dress by Eskell. It’s be worth braving the 30 degree portland weather to wear it!

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