linen jumpsuits (and a $250 giveaway to nadinoo!)

shall we kick off the summer with a little giveaway? i think so. this week, i’m giving away a £200 (about $250 USD) shop credit to nadinoo on my instagram! if you’ve been around here for a long time, then you’ll know that i’ve been a die-hard nadinoo fan for years. she’s always been one of my favorite designers, and i feel so fortunate to have been able to wear her clothes for so many years running. and this season, i just couldn’t keep my eyes off this inky blue linen coverall. i have this sort of rule that anything in my wardrobe should be able to double as both workwear and loungewear. my days see me doing so many varied activities, from digging in the garden to chasing after two little kids to meetings over coffee or just sitting at my computer answering emails. you might even throw in a little furniture-building as i’ve been working on setting up my home-studio these days, too! i like to be able to wear clothes that move and breathe and that still look good if they get a little dirty, good enough to go out for coffee or to just crash on the sofa. and i think nadinoo really has that figured out. so without further adieu…

click here to enter the $250 giveaway! and get 10% off everything at nadinoo with code CALIVINTAGE through june 30!

nadinoo suteki coveralls in indigo linen
old basket backpack (this ollie ella soukie backpack is very similar)
zouxou eugenia flat in miel

super awesome springtime giveaway!

hello, hello! springtime is here, we’re all lifting ourselves out of the winter funk, and i’m back with a fresh giveaway in partnership with my pals at reifhaus. we’ve teamed up with an incredible group of talented designers to offer you the opportunity to win this super mega awesome springtime gift! what’s up for grabs? everything you see in the squares above:

luz ortiz daily hoops
seaworthy arium ring
vincetta studio silk cocoon caftan
rosebud cbd bath set
botanica workshop organic cotton undie set
megan huntz fine arts sweatshirt
reifhaus lani wrap pants

to enter, simply click here and fill out your name and email!

and follow all of the brands in this instagram post for additional entries!

outfit: win $150 to lindsay robinson!

calivintage + lindsay robinson

hope you guys are in the mood for a giveaway! this time, i’ve partnered with my friend lindsay robinson to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a $150 shop credit! i’ve been a fan of this san francisco-based brand for a few years now and i just love the new collection she’s released this summer, including the field blouse i’m wearing now (and a dress version that i want, too)! in addition to these gauzy pieces, she has a great selection of jumpsuits in beautiful colors. hard to resist getting one of each!

enter to win $150 to linsday robinson by visiting this post on instagram!

field blouse courtesy of lindsay robinson
ilana kohn boyd pants in denim
loq ara sandals
clare v. petit alistair

calivintage + lindsay robinson
calivintage + lindsay robinson
calivintage + lindsay robinson
calivintage + lindsay robinson

outfit: win $200 at tamarind boutique!

so excited to announce my latest giveaway in partnership with the beautiful northern california boutique, tamarind. they have shops in sebastopol, healdsberg, and online, of course. which really pulls at my heartstrings because i lived in the bay area for so many years and frequently spent weekends exploring up north. but more importantly, they carry some of my favorite designers like black crane, rachel comey, clare v, and ace & jig (including this dress i’m wearing)! and we’ve teamed up to offer you a chance to win a $200 store credit towards anything you find in the shop!

to enter, simply visit this post on my instagram!

outfit: win a leader bag co. backpack!

i have to admit it. have a love/hate relationship with diaper bags. to me, they’re a kind of necessary evil. if i try to leave the house without one, i usually end up regretting it. either because all of the baby things are scattered in the little storage bin under the stroller, or sliding around in the back seat of my car. or worse yet, i find myself stuck somewhere without extra diapers and wipes. so i know i need to bring one, but i am not super into the idea of carrying around a puffy shoulder bag with baby characters splashed across the front of it. and while i admit that the selection of diaper bags has already gotten so much better than when i had my first kid, there still aren’t many that i would hold up as very awesome. but leader bag co. is one such bag. in my very first guide to diaper bags, i held them up as the holy grail of diaper bags. and that still remains true today.

i finally got my hands on the julien leather set in ivory and tan, and it was love at first sight. the only catch is that, as some readers pointed out, the price point wasn’t super attainable. but here’s the thing: the brand really took the comments to heart and came back this year with not only a lower price point on their original leather bag, but a brand new bag: the julien canvas set, which comes in the black you see in my photos, along with a variety of other fun color combinations. i went simple with mine, but i already have my eye on the golden colorway. but enough talk, and onto the fun stuff….

we’re offering one lucky winner the chance to win any one of the leader bag co. julien canvas sets! to enter, simply visit this post on instagram!

outfit: win a jumpsuit from lindsay robinson!

calivintage x robinson jumpsuit

a couple of years ago, i found this really incredible pair of vintage coveralls. i loved them. i wore them a ton. and then, in some sort of kondo-induced blackout, i sold them. mistakes were made. i always regretted it.

fast forward a couple of years and i have finally found the perfect replacement: the beryl jumpsuit by san francisco-based designer lindsay robinson. she is a textile designer with a background in traditional dyeing and weaving, so you already know that i’m going to tell you that’s it’s made of an amazing 100% cotton washed japanese twill that you will love. these days, textiles are one of the first things i look at when picking out my clothes. i need something that is sturdy and washable, but still comfortable and easy to wear. this jumpsuit ticks all those boxes, in addition to being a great option for new moms because it’s a one piece that you can just literally throw on without another thought, and it’s got a button front so you can breastfeed on the sly. i went for the natural fabric, but it also comes in a blush pink and a stunning indigo blue. oh, and did i mention they’re made in california? interested?

we’re giving away a beryl jumpsuit to one lucky winner! simple head on over to this instagram post to enter!

linsday robinson beryl jumpsuit
clyde wide brim pinch hat in angora
maryam nassir zadeh roberta heels in navy suede
vintage handbag

enter to win $200 to rain people!


i am so excited to announce my latest giveaway with the canadian-based kidswear line, rain people! as i’m sure you’ve noticed by now, i’m a big fan of hats and bonnets for the kids to protect their precious little heads from the sweltering sun here in southern california. and you know how much i love a good linen textile. well, rain people has both! and they have just released their new spring/summer collection of linen clothes and bonnets, so we wanted to give you a chance to win some new clothes for your little ones!

simply visit this post on instagram and follow the directions to enter!

above, edie wears the linen ruffle harem pant and linen brimless bonnet in matching rose white.

adam is wearing the linen cap with ties.

edie wears the vintage floral cotton printed baby bonnet.


brookes boswell kids giveaway!

calivintage - brookes boswell kids giveaway

springtime is here, which means it’s hat season. and i don’t think there is anything much cuter than kids in hats. brookes boswell has just released her very first children’s hat collection, and i am so excited! i’m a huge fan of her hats, and have been wanting a little mini version for adam for a while now, so this is perfect! she’s released is a well-rounded selection of wide-brimmed straw hats for summer days and wool felt toppers for cooler temperatures. and i’m basically dying over this lookbook because it is the cutest thing ever!

and in honor of the occasion, we’ve teamed up to offer you the opportunity to win one kids straw hat of your choice! the options are the nantes straw hat (my personal favorite), the packable optimo (which is ideal because it can be rolled up), and the kids boro (so you can twin because this one comes in adult sizes, too)!

to enter, simply visit my instagram and follow the directions!

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outfit: garmentory giveaway!

calivintage + garmentory

as i’m sure you’ve noticed with a few of my latest posts, i’ve recently become obsessed with garmentory. if you aren’t familiar with the site, it’s a marketplace for emerging and contemporary independent boutiques and designers. they carry almost all of my favorite brands. case in point: you can shop practically everything i’m wearing in this outfit directly from the site. i like it because it’s basically a one-stop shop for pretty much anything i’m looking for, and i’m able to save things into a favorites list so i can easily find them later. i love shopping independent boutiques, but it’s hard to keep track of them all! garmentory makes it easy for me to shop ethical and to shop small.

enter to win $100 to garmentory here

so of course today i am very pleased to announce that i’ve teamed up with garmentory for a $100 giveaway! and if you’re new to the site, you can use my link to get $20 off your first purchase, too! win-win.

get $20 off your first purchase at garmentory here

lauren winter wraparound top
jesse kamm sailor pants in iron oxide
sylvain le hen xs barrette in gold
young frankk orb cuff

calivintage + garmentory
calivintage + garementory
calivintage + garmentory
calivintage + garmentory

outfit: found company giveaway!


calivintage + found company

we’re in the middle of a heat wave in the winter, and while i know i should concerned because global warming is real, it’s hard not to enjoy such pleasant weather after so many cold, rainy days this season! and spring really is right around the corner. when i first picked up this jumpsuit, it was still too cold to wear it. so of course i was so happy when i could finally throw it on with a pair of heels and run outside to soak up some some. it is so perfectly summery, and so easy to wear. definitely part of the “mom uniform” in terms of comfort and functionality. and the washed denim fabric is insanely soft. softer than i ever would have guessed just looking at the product photos.

oh, and for those of you who are afraid to wear white, there is no secret behind keeping it clean. i just think of my white clothes as a painters uniform or a utility coverall– i find a nice sturdy fabric and just wear it and let it get dirty and stained. to me, it adds character. much like a leather bag or a pair of worn-in sneakers– or a marble countertop.

but enough of my rambling and on to the good stuff: i’m hosting a giveaway with my friends at found company! you can enter here for a chance to win a $250 store credit towards anything in the shop! it’s a small, woman-run business stocking some of my favorite women’s wear and kids clothing brands, including vintage and men’s clothes, too!

enter to win $250 here.

calivintage + found company

calivintage + found company
calivintage + found company
calivintage + found company

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