redlands city guide: à la minute


after moving back to redlands last year, i’ve been wanting to start a city guide series to highlight some of my favorite spots in town. even though i grew up here, i was never fully able to appreciate just how charming this southern california town really is. at least not until moving back as an adult. unfortunately, this lofty project has been much harder to plan and execute than i thought, and the whole thing ended up on the backburner as a result. my series of photos from local ice cream shop à la minute were a casualty of this shuffling of priorities, and i feel really bad that i never posted them despite the fact that we shot them back in october! better late than never?

since à la minute opened shop on citrus ave. a three years ago, they have expanded their ice cream empire to include sister locations in historic downtown orange and the charming college town of claremont. they boast a delicious menu of ice cream flavors made with whole milk from straus organic creamery with many of their flavors being seasonally sourced from local businesses. each serving is made-to-order in a kitchen-aid mixer using liquid nitrogen to freeze all of the ingredients together right in front of your eyes. it’s quite novel to watch them flip on the machine and listen to the quick whir of the paddle as a billowing cloud of white smoke pours out, and your little cup of ice cream emerges. current flavors on the menu include orange honey made with locally sourced farquar farms citrus and soffel farms honey, and chocolate lavender made with chocolate from nearby shop parliament chocolate. this in addition to a rotating menu of seasonal delights.

so on one warm weekend morning, i met up with sisters and creative duo joy and promise newell to snap a few photos of this beloved local spot.




  1. Hi Erin, I stumbled upon your blog when you were having a giveaway and subscribed. We have very little in common other than our love of vintage, but I find myself reading your blog and it hasn’t gone the way of others I’ve unsubscribed. It was a delight to find out you live in Redlands. I went to the University of Redlands for two years before falling in love with an Englishman and the uni I went to for my ‘year’ abroad. I loved Redlands’ charm, old houses and tree-lined streets. I’m enjoying your blog, the fashion, recipes, vintage etc. ( and of course your son). Good luck finding your dream home. I have many happy memories of Redlands.

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