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adam: 23 weeks


and here is my chubby little munchkin at 23 weeks. i found these ridiculously adorable vintage shorts at the flea market thinking that he’d grow into them at some point along the line. but when we got home, i discovered that they’re already his size! this baby is about as big as they come. everyone who comes up to us comments on how chunky he is, which is no surprise because he’s at the very tippy top of the weight scale. but what people often overlook is the fact that he’s completely off the charts in length. he’s already 29″ long at 6 months old. easily larger than some babies twice his age! it’s pretty cool because he’s so strong and healthy that i never have to worry about him, but boy does he break mommy’s back!



adam: 22 weeks

just when i got all caught up with my weekly photos of adam, i fell behind again with all this moving! i’m just glad i still managed to snap some photos of adam at 22 weeks! true story: i am obsessed with baby bonnets (you’ve seen his outfit photos on my instagram, right?), but was having a really hard time finding any that were summer appropriate in fabric or jersey that weren’t pink or frilly. and as fate would have it, i just so happened to connected with petite soul while browsing around instagram. they just launched their business earlier this year with the goal of bringing bonnets back when they discovered a serious lack of options in the marketplace. we got to chatting, and they very kindly sent me this adorable little bandit hat, hand-made right in nyc. it looks like the style has since sold out, but they’re constantly adding new, limited run styles to the shop for both boys and girls.

adam is wearing a petite soul bandit hat, h&m onesie, album di famigila album black romper  from ladida kids. and holding his beloved cloud b sleep giraffe!



making moves


it’s been a while since i’ve given a proper update about everything going on behind-the-scenes! i know i don’t tend to get too personal on here, but sometimes it’s nice to share something other than the clothes i’m wearing or the collections that are catching my eye.

as you know, the past year has been one of great change in my life. i got pregnant, relocated from the san francisco bay area to los angeles, and had a baby. adam is now getting close to 6 months old, and we’re fast approaching our one-year anniversary in southern california. but just when we were starting to feel settled in our new home in los feliz, we took a good look at our lives and decided to make a few more big changes. i’m sure you’ve noticed that since adam was born, we’ve been spending a lot of time in my hometown of redlands. we’ve easily spent most of our weekends and holidays with family there. so when my extended maternity leave came to an end earlier this month, i decided that it was time for me to part ways with modcloth so that we could relocate to redlands to be near family. it was bittersweet to say goodbye, but thanks in large part to this blog, i’m lucky enough to have the flexibility to stay at home with adam, and to go back to blogging full-time.

redlands 1
two shots of redlands: the historic a.k. smiley public library and a scene down the street from where i live.

so here we are. i’m sitting in our new apartment with boxes still unpacked, adam is asleep on my chest, and i’m recovering from an unfortunately-timed stomach bug. it’s a bit overwhelming at the moment, but once the dust settles, it’s actually going to be a really exciting time! we’ve already met with a real estate agent, and once we get a bit more settled, we’re going to begin going about the process of house hunting for a place to call home. i’m going to miss our old neighborhood in los angeles, but i’m happy about the decision we’ve made (and we’re still only an hour away from la). honestly, we’ve been through so many changes over the past couple of years that it’s going to feel really good to finally be able to put down our roots. and i can’t think of a better place than here in redlands with my family and support network so close by.

redlands 2
the pool at my dad’s place. i think we’ll be spending a lot of time here this summer!

and the really fun part is that i’ve got big plans to expand my content to include some of what i’ll be up to in other parts of my life. of course i’ll still be writing about all of the usual fashion-related content, but i think it’ll be nice to share a few more of my interests with you. my life has changed so dramatically over the last couple of years, i think it just makes sense that my blog would, too!



adam: 21 weeks

one of the best things about mornings is that adam always wakes up with a big smile on his face. he coos and smiles and laughs, and we chill out in bed while i sing him the good morning song. eventually, i put on some music and pull out his little baby activity gym so he can play for a bit before we start our day.

adam is wearing an american apparel baseball tee and leggings.



adam: 20 weeks


if you don’t pay attention, some weeks truly fly by. i almost didn’t even get a photo of adam this past week, but thankfully i pulled out my camera and got a couple of shots over the weekend while we were barbecuing at my grandparent’s house. we spend way more time there than we ever expected to. a lot of our weekends are spent at their house, just hanging out all day with family. we’ve always been really close-knit, but now that i have a baby of my own, i’m really beginning to understand how important it is to have a community of people around to raise a child.

that long-haired gentleman is my brother. it’s so fun to watch adam build relationships, he has a special affinity for my brother and he always stares and smiles at him when he enters the room. my brother has this very calm presence, and somehow he has this incredible ability to put adam to sleep when no one else can.

adam is wearing: boden breton stripe onesie, american apparel leggings, paddington bear x gap bucket hat




adam: 19 weeks


it’s been harder to get pictures of adam lately. he’s always wiggling around like a little salamander, trying his best to crawl around. as you can see in these photos, he wasn’t particularly interested in my efforts to photograph him in this silly pixie hoodie that i found at the thrift store. every time i tried to sit him down, he kinda rolled forward and onto his belly and started kicking around. this boy wants to be mobile!

wearing: vintage sweater, hansel from basel yachtsy stripe leggings





since having adam, i’ve spent a lot of time at home. i’m on an extended leave from work so i can take care of him, and it’s the first time that i’ve spent so much time in the house in the past three-and-a-half years since starting my day job. the first couple of months were spent recovering and just soaking up all of that wonderful newborn magic. i didn’t really get bored or anxious because i was so wrapped up in baby world. i still am for the most part, but lately i’ve gotten a serious crafting itch.

growing up, i was constantly surrounded by arts and crafts projects. my mom was always working on various projects and setting me up with things to do of my own. cross-stitch, crochet, sewing, painting, weaving, rug hooking, you name it. i learned to be patient, sitting at the kitchen table or on the couch with a tedious little project in hand. my mom always nearby to help me if i got stuck. so perhaps having a baby has awoken some long dormant nostalgia for those days spent with my mom. i scroll through pinterest and find myself interested in picking up all of those old hobbies, something to do with my hands between baby naps and walks around the neighborhood.

i already finished my first sewing project last week, and i’ve been hankering to make a trip downtown to the garment district to pick up some fancy new fabrics like raw silk and linen to make a few simple tops and things. now i just have to reign it in or else i’m going to end up with an explosion of unfinished projects piling up around me!

above: photo by jennifer causey

the purl bee.

susan jameson.


the purl bee. can i get away with sewing a baby bonnet for adam? i’m thinking chambray could work.

a pair & a spare.

the etsy blog.


adam: week 18


i know, i know. you’ve seen this hat three times already… we’re just getting good mileage out of it! that and it’s just a matter of what ends up getting photographed more. i swear, he wears other stuff (see also: my instagram)! i guess he was just more willing to sit still whenever i put him in that hat. maybe it’s like when you put a harness on a cat and they suddenly just lay there motionless? i kid, i kid.

anyway, i’m pretty much caught up on these weekly posts, which means i won’t be doubling up on them any more! and i promise that next week he won’t be wearing a sailor hat.



adam: week 17

i went back through my photos for my weekly adam post, and it looks like somewhere along the line i skipped ahead by a week! i can’t figure out when it was or how i did the math wrong, so i’m just going to continue along with the timeline from week 17. if i ever figure it out, i’ll have to go back and fill in the missing week.

anyway, this is adam with that ridiculous dancing bunny that my grandparents got him for easter. it sings a song to the tune of the macarena. isn’t it funny how they always like the most annoying things? i find myself with that little jingle stuck in my head sometimes, “heeeey, jellybeana!”



adam: 16 weeks

so far, in adam’s short life, we have not yet stepped into a photo studio for a professional portrait. i do intend to do it at some point (maybe at six months? once a year?), but i was so in love with this little fancy lad outfit, that i decided to set him up on the living room sofa for a little portrait session of my own. the very generous rebecca from ladida boutique sent us this amazing little bubble romper and beautiful mustard cardigan fit for a special occasion. i topped it off with his little handmade sailor hat and a pair of white saltwater sandals. it’s just so perfect, i love to see babies wearing less traditional colors like black, and i love the contrast with the white and mustard. it’s the exact type of outfit that makes for a stellar portrait. in fact, i think i want to get one of these printed in a nice big size to share with family.

wearing: neige baby cognac cardigan and album di famiglia black romper from ladida boutique, handmade sailor hat, saltwater sandals