the frame

you may remember a few weeks back, we started the process of redecorating our living room. the whole space got a fresh coat of paint and i started simple with a fireplace makeover. but one thing i forgot to mention is that we completely removed our old television from above the mantle because we just couldn’t figure out a way to make it work in our tiny living room. don’t get me wrong, i like to watch tv as much as the next person, but i don’t really like the way it takes up so much space and has a tendency to become this dominating presence in the room. add in the fact that we don’t have a ton of wall space– and tastefully decorating a functional living room for the family has become a really tricky endeavor.

enter samsung’s latest collaboration with designer yves béhar– the frame. we received this innovative new tv in collaboration with samsung, and i didn’t even know what i was missing before it arrived! you may remember that previously, this wall served as a sort of makeshift foyer (see here and here). our current patio/mudroom is out of commission due to renovations (which is an entirely different story that i’ll have to save for another day!), so we’ve been sacrificing a big part of our living room as a place to store our shoes and drop off the mail. it was cutting the room in half and was creating a lot of wasted space in an already cramped area of the house. after changing things up, i can honestly say that without the frame, there is literally no other way we could have made a television work in here so gracefully.

true to it’s slogan, it is literally the most beautiful tv you’ve never seen. if i hadn’t taken these photos myself, at first glance, i don’t even think i would have known it was a television. the beauty is in the super sleek design coupled with the no gap wall mount so that it hangs flush with the wall alongside all of your favorite framed photos or artwork. the invisible connection is virtually undetectable and eliminates the usual mess of cables so that it truly looks like framed art on display. when you’re not watching your favorite shows, you can leave it in ‘art mode,’ allowing you to select your favorite art from a gallery of 100 professionally curated pieces of art. or you can upload your favorite family photos, it’s up to you. if the black frame isn’t your thing, you can also customize it with three additional bezel options in light wood, walnut, or white metal.

the design is really what sold me because it’s allowed me to ‘hide’ the television in plain view and put it in a place that helps to keep the living room cohesive and functional at the same time, which has totally opened up the possibilities when it comes to the rest of the decor as we continue working on the space. but if you’re more into the technical specs, then you’ll be impressed to know that it is a 4k hdpro tv with four times more pixels than full hd. and it’s no small thing coming in both 55″ and 65″ sizes. it’s like having an art gallery and a secret home theater all wrapped up into one tiny living room. who knew a tv could do so much?

go check out the frame for yourself!

other details: framebridge frames, vintage rocking chair found on apartment therapy marketplace, cb2 stax shelf, monroe workshop toy elephant, vintage baskets, good thing mini container in forest, manhattan toy skwish, areaware balancing blocks, vintage throw pillows, kosas home indoor/outdoor rug (sold out, but this one is similar)

this post was created in collaboration with samsung.






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mom and me

calivintage - mom and me

ok so i know this is a polarizing topic. love it or hate it, but cue your best zoolander impression because according to pinterest, the “mom and me” trend is so hot right now. and while it may sometimes be cringe-inducing, i challenge you to resist the urge! back when adam was a teeny tiny thing, we often ended up in matching outfits by accident, but even i couldn’t help but get dressed up in our very best motherboy ensemble. he’s grown quite a bit since then, so while you may not find us matching quite so literally any more, we still occasionally step out in tastefully coordinated outfits like these.

i’ve also included some of the very top “mom and me” pins trending on pinterest right now, along with plenty more of my favorite mom style pins in the board below!

calivintage - mom and me

calivintage - mom and me
calivintage - mom and me style
calivintage - mom and me

i’m wearing:
curator theo dress
steven alan bryce sunglasses in peach crystal
saltwater classic slides
lo & sons bag

adam is wearing:
misha & puff boardwalk t-shirt
soor ploom scout shorts
saltwater sun-san sailor sandals
fairends waxed canvas camp cap

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a fireplace before & after with true value

calivintage - a fireplace before & after with true value

another little space in our house is coming together! i never say a project is “finished” because there are always improvements to be made, but i’m feeling pretty good about this transformation. if you take a quick scroll past the text, you’ll see what i mean. that photo down there is what it looked like the day we moved in. dirty brown carpet, heavy drapes, cheesy sconces, hotel room artwork. the fireplace was boarded up with a really hideous screen leaning up against it. when it was on the market, i’m sure some people took one look at this living room and turned right around, but i knew that it was just a matter of cosmetics. all it really took was a couple of days work. we peeled away that dirty carpet to reveal the original 1920s hardwood floors, we switched out the light fixtures, added our own decor, and slapped on a fresh coat of paint.

and today i’ve teamed up with true value to share my experience choosing the perfect shades of white for your home. but before i go too far on the subject, i do need to preface this by saying that it is nearly impossible to photograph white and get an accurate depiction. i tried to get as close of an approximation as possible with these photos, but the only way for you to truly see what these colors look like is to get some samples and paint your walls! it even took me a few different tries mixing different shades of white to land on something that i really loved. so if you’re on the hunt, i’ve done a little bit of the legwork for you.

the walls are my absolute favorite shade of white. it is the true value easy care ultra premium flat interior in swiss coffee. the color was actually first recommended to me by my house painter and it is a standard shade that it available though many different brands. but it is still a standout choice and my personal favorite for my home. it’s a really great neutral white that isn’t too stark and clinical or too dark and yellow. it gives you that perfect scandinavian vibe– a nice soft white that serves as a clean backdrop for your decor. if you’ve ever had trouble with whites looking too blue or too dingy, then this color will be like a breath of fresh air.

it’s not as noticeable in the photos, but for the trim, i went with a slightly warmer shade of white– true value easy care ultra premium satin interior in sand dollar. i was going for more of a traditional look with this choice because i think it goes well with my 1920s home. i like it because it’s a nice creamy vanilla shade that helps to give just a little bit of dimension and depth without jumping out at you or competing with the decor. it just looks like it belongs. i actually had to go through quite a few different shades to land on this one, so i’ll share what i learned: look at the undertones of the shade you’re using! i was just plucking colors from the samples that i thought looked nice. but when i got home, they were either too pink or too yellow. i finally figured out that you can actually look at the undertones of the color formula as a guide to help you find a complimentary color. i took a look at the neutral undertones of swiss coffee and it helped steer me in the direction of the right shade to warm things up just a tad.

then it was just a matter of painting! this was the first time i’ve tried true value paints and i was really impressed with how viscous the formulas are. the ultra premium line just came out, and it is a paint and primer in one, so you can literally just slap on a coat or two and you’re done.

details: true value easy care ultra premium flat interior in swiss coffee on the walls and satin interior in sand dollar on the trim, visual comfort right angle sconces in hand rubbed antique brass, rock & pebble ele villa, areawear balancing blocks, vintage rocking chair and throw pillows, kosas home cosuma indoor outdoor kilim rug

calivintage - a fireplace before & after with true value
calivintage - a fireplace before & after with true value
calivintage - a fireplace before & after with true value
calivintage - a fireplace before & after with true value
calivintage - a fireplace before & after with true value
calivintage - a fireplace before & after with true value

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of True Value. The opinions and text are all mine.

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enter to win $200 to rain people!


i am so excited to announce my latest giveaway with the canadian-based kidswear line, rain people! as i’m sure you’ve noticed by now, i’m a big fan of hats and bonnets for the kids to protect their precious little heads from the sweltering sun here in southern california. and you know how much i love a good linen textile. well, rain people has both! and they have just released their new spring/summer collection of linen clothes and bonnets, so we wanted to give you a chance to win some new clothes for your little ones!

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a dining room refresh with cb2 x framebridge

calivintage - cb2 x framebridge

this is not the first time i’m sharing a glimpse of our dining room, but it is the first time that i feel good about it haha! we’ve officially been living in our house for two years, but it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that we finally pulled together the dining room. for the longest time, i had a pretty cool mid-century dining set that my mom found at the thrift store for $80. it served us well, but it was really rough around the edges. it was this very dark stain with a shiny almost plastic table top. the chairs started falling apart– while people were sitting in them. i replaced them with these vintage cesca chairs that i found on craigslist, but then we had this whole mismatched situation going on because i could not commit to a new table. no, it was not the end of the world, but it feels really good to finally put together this space in a way that i like. i toyed around with a lot of different ideas for how i wanted it to look, but ultimately decided to keep things really really simple because the table and chairs make a statement on their own. and all i really wanted was a big graphic print up on the wall to complete the look.

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calivintage on apartment therapy

calivintage picks her apartment therapy marketplace favorites

i’ve written a few articles for apartment therapy before, but today is especially exciting because the tables have turned and they wrote an article about me! i’m sharing some of my top picks from the new apartment therapy marketplace, where i scored the cute rocking chair in the photo above. it’s a sort of curated classifieds section where trusted users can buy and sell furniture and decor. so a bit like craigslist, but without all the spam! i love vintage furniture, so it’s been a great resource for me to find cool new pieces to add to the house as we continue to spruce things up around here.


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brookes boswell kids giveaway!

calivintage - brookes boswell kids giveaway

springtime is here, which means it’s hat season. and i don’t think there is anything much cuter than kids in hats. brookes boswell has just released her very first children’s hat collection, and i am so excited! i’m a huge fan of her hats, and have been wanting a little mini version for adam for a while now, so this is perfect! she’s released is a well-rounded selection of wide-brimmed straw hats for summer days and wool felt toppers for cooler temperatures. and i’m basically dying over this lookbook because it is the cutest thing ever!

and in honor of the occasion, we’ve teamed up to offer you the opportunity to win one kids straw hat of your choice! the options are the nantes straw hat (my personal favorite), the packable optimo (which is ideal because it can be rolled up), and the kids boro (so you can twin because this one comes in adult sizes, too)!

to enter, simply visit my instagram and follow the directions!

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noble carriage ig takeover + a giveaway!

calivintage + noble carriage

i wanted to stop in to share that i took over the noble carriage instagram feed yesterday! if you aren’t familiar with the shop, it is a woman-owned small business based in san diego with a beautiful selection of organic and sustainably-made baby clothes and toys. they stock some of my favorites, including winter water factory, misha & puff, and hazel village.

they asked me if i would be interested in sharing a few photos and talking more about how we do our bet to raise happy, healthy kids. we aren’t perfect by any means, but i did have a lot of fun talking about how we’ve adopted some of the montessori method for our home. other than that, it’s just a lot of patience and plenty of free play around here!

as part of the takeover, we’re also hosting a giveaway, so follow the links below to enter:

enter to win $100 to noble carriage

shop my noble carriage favorites

check out my noble carriage instagram takeover


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winter water factory, part two

calivintage + winter water factory

as fun as it was to wear matching outfits with edith last week, this is the real fun right here: matching siblings! since edie was born, i haven’t been able to resist getting them at least one or two matching outfits every season. i know i won’t be able to do it forever, so i’m trying to soak it up now.

adam is wearing the winter water factory t-shirt and micaela greg pants. edith is wearing the summer romper with a petite soul x winter water factory bonnet.

calivintage + winter water factory
calivintage + winter water factory
calivintage + winter water factory
calivintage + winter water factory

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misha & puff spring 2017


forever a fan of misha & puff, i had to share the photos of their new spring 2017 collection. i have loved their vintage-inspired knits since before i even thought i wanted to have kids. and now i have two of my own that i get dress up, and i always pick at least one thing from every new collection. after they grow out of their clothes, i donate most of them, but i always keep our misha & puff pieces in a little box as keepsakes because they are so special to us.

MP-SS17_lookbook-3 MP-SS17_lookbook-4 MP-SS17_lookbook-5
MP-SS17_lookbook-30MP-SS17_lookbook-6 MP-SS17_lookbook-8
MP-SS17_lookbook-2MP-SS17_lookbook-11 MP-SS17_lookbook-12  MP-SS17_lookbook-15

MP-SS17_lookbook-18 MP-SS17_lookbook-22



MP-SS17_lookbook-43MP-SS17_lookbook-23    MP-SS17_lookbook-31 MP-SS17_lookbook-32

MP-SS17_lookbook-25MP-SS17_lookbook-37 MP-SS17_lookbook-38

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