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i didn’t plan this. no, really, i didn’t! earlier this summer, i just so happened to post a picture of myself wearing this corey lynn calter dress on instagram when my pal katie (and co-founder of mother) spotted it and told me that her baby diego had the matching onesie designed as part of an exclusive corey + buru collaboration. clearly, it was a sign. so thanks to the internet, the wheels were set in motion, and it was only a matter of time before i found myself doing my very best lucille bluth impression in a matching mommy & me outfit with adam. and i’m not gonna lie, i kinda think it’s the cutest thing ever. #noregrets #sorrynotsorry

dress courtesy of corey lynn calter
handmade sandals by tuto
jasper sunglasses courtesy of warby parker

on adam:
baby jumpsuit courtesy of corey lynn calter + buru
handmade moccs courtesy of freshly picked
hand-dyed baseball cap


adam: 28 weeks


today i was talking with brendan about how happy i am that i decided to do this photo series of adam. it’s a good reminder for me to pick up the camera at least once a week to document just how quickly this little guy is growing up, even if some of the photos come out blurry because he won’t stop wiggling around, and even if i’ve missed a week or two here and there.

i love this picture because it’s showing off adam’s “muscles.” he has so many arm rolls that we always joke that he looks like popeye and we coo and say, “ooohhh adam, look at those muscles. so strong!” haha.



adam: 27 weeks


i can’t get over putting little hats on this boy. my mom picked up this straw fedora on sale at gap, and we’d been waiting months for it to finally fit his head! this picture makes me think of adam’s namesake and my great-grandfather, juan urzua roque. i always remember him in a straw hat similar to this one. and a simple button up shirt, as old men will wear. my great-grandpa had very strong mayan features, and we could actually see this very slight resemblance in adam when he was born. it’s hard to say who he’ll actually take after, but it’s fun to see little glimpses of similarities from different family members.

also, he is making the most ridiculous face, haha. i was actually snapping his photo on my iphone and got this cute shot before i decided i should probably memorialize it with a better camera. of course by then he wasn’t too interested in waiting around for me to get a good shot anymore.

wearing: gap hat, denim shirt from swapdom, koala baby leggings.



indigo diary

last week, my mom came into town and we embarked on a fun summer project: indigo dyeing! as i mentioned in my last post, my mom was an elementary school art teacher (among other things) for a long stretch of my childhood, and one of the benefits was that our summers were filled with arts and crafts projects. she would test out new projects on us, or give us the leftovers from previous classes. as a kid, i had a pretty large repertoire of crafty skills including fiber and basket weaving, paper making, crochet, rug hooking, cross-stitch, sewing, etc. so you’d better bet that it was a nostalgic event for us to set up shop with adam watching closely nearby.

it all started a couple of months ago, when i started hitting up the local thrift stores on the hunt for new pieces to fit into my wardrobe. i needed new clothes in easy, washable fabrics that would be practical enough to wear while taking care of adam. i didn’t want to spend too much money because i was experimenting with new styles, and i was still losing the baby weight. not exactly the time to be investing in super expensive pieces. and going to thrift stores turned out to be a pretty fun little outing for me with the baby in tow. i would wear him in a carrier and bounce him to sleep while i scoured the racks.

but old habits die hard. before i knew it, i was deep in the throes of my thrifting addiction.  i almost immediately began unearthing all sorts of pretty silks, cottons, linens. themes started to emerge, i started finding multiples, i could even divide my spoils into different colorways. and as usual, a lot of it wasn’t quite my size or wasn’t exactly what i was looking for, but i just couldn’t stop myself from picking them up. i told my mom that i probably already had enough pieces for a small vintage collection, and that perhaps it was time to open up my shop again (more on that later).

my mom, of course, is my enabler. she’s the woman who taught me about the joys of thrifting. telling her this information was all she needed to start her own thrifting frenzy. they clearly have some amazing thrift stores out in arizona, because after a month or so, she’d amassed a collection of her own. and, of course, it was her suggestion that we try indigo dyeing some of the stuff she’d found in odd colors like grass green or saturated pink. stuff that i wouldn’t have considered, but that would be pretty cute in a nice, deep shade of my favorite color.

so we pulled together our masses of thrifted goodies and embarked on our dyeing experiment. i mostly wanted to over-dye some lighter denim pieces, and to play around with how the dye would turn out on an array of different colored fabrics. but once we had all the dye in a tub, i figured i might as well try a few shibori techniques as well. i didn’t share any pictures, but my mom also had some fun dyeing vintage linens, doilies, and hand towels.

i won’t dare try to outline the directions for how to do all of this, mostly because you can easily google plenty of really detailed instructions on the subject. so instead, here are some photos of the process (which we did over the course of three days in the sweltering heat) along with some of our results. now that i’ve tried it out and seen how it all works, i’m already itching to try new techniques. i really want to try my hand at marbling next time!


adam: 26 weeks

i’m jumping ahead to 26 weeks today because i shared a picture of adam at 25 weeks in this post the week after we moved to redlands. thankfully, adam isn’t allergic because one of his favorite things to do is play in the grass. we didn’t really have a yard at our last place, so it’s been a fun activity to hang out in the shade if the heat isn’t too unbearable. and despite the fact that he seems to want to put everything in his mouth, he never tries to eat the grass, which i think is kinda cool.



adam: 24 weeks


and here’s the little man at 24 weeks. this was the only shot i took that week, but if memory serves correctly, this was around the time we moved from los angeles to our new home in redlands. this photo was taken in my grandmother’s kitchen after my brother and sister plopped him into the sink to entertain him on a hot day. he loves being in the water, taking a bath or splashing in the swimming pool, it’s the cutest thing!

and yes, that’s sophie the giraffe poking her little head into the frame. easily his favorite toy.



adam: 23 weeks


and here is my chubby little munchkin at 23 weeks. i found these ridiculously adorable vintage shorts at the flea market thinking that he’d grow into them at some point along the line. but when we got home, i discovered that they’re already his size! this baby is about as big as they come. everyone who comes up to us comments on how chunky he is, which is no surprise because he’s at the very tippy top of the weight scale. but what people often overlook is the fact that he’s completely off the charts in length. he’s already 29″ long at 6 months old. easily larger than some babies twice his age! it’s pretty cool because he’s so strong and healthy that i never have to worry about him, but boy does he break mommy’s back!



adam: 22 weeks

just when i got all caught up with my weekly photos of adam, i fell behind again with all this moving! i’m just glad i still managed to snap some photos of adam at 22 weeks! true story: i am obsessed with baby bonnets (you’ve seen his outfit photos on my instagram, right?), but was having a really hard time finding any that were summer appropriate in fabric or jersey that weren’t pink or frilly. and as fate would have it, i just so happened to connected with petite soul while browsing around instagram. they just launched their business earlier this year with the goal of bringing bonnets back when they discovered a serious lack of options in the marketplace. we got to chatting, and they very kindly sent me this adorable little bandit hat, hand-made right in nyc. it looks like the style has since sold out, but they’re constantly adding new, limited run styles to the shop for both boys and girls.

adam is wearing a petite soul bandit hat, h&m onesie, album di famigila album black romper  from ladida kids. and holding his beloved cloud b sleep giraffe!



making moves


it’s been a while since i’ve given a proper update about everything going on behind-the-scenes! i know i don’t tend to get too personal on here, but sometimes it’s nice to share something other than the clothes i’m wearing or the collections that are catching my eye.

as you know, the past year has been one of great change in my life. i got pregnant, relocated from the san francisco bay area to los angeles, and had a baby. adam is now getting close to 6 months old, and we’re fast approaching our one-year anniversary in southern california. but just when we were starting to feel settled in our new home in los feliz, we took a good look at our lives and decided to make a few more big changes. i’m sure you’ve noticed that since adam was born, we’ve been spending a lot of time in my hometown of redlands. we’ve easily spent most of our weekends and holidays with family there. so when my extended maternity leave came to an end earlier this month, i decided that it was time for me to part ways with modcloth so that we could relocate to redlands to be near family. it was bittersweet to say goodbye, but thanks in large part to this blog, i’m lucky enough to have the flexibility to stay at home with adam, and to go back to blogging full-time.

redlands 1
two shots of redlands: the historic a.k. smiley public library and a scene down the street from where i live.

so here we are. i’m sitting in our new apartment with boxes still unpacked, adam is asleep on my chest, and i’m recovering from an unfortunately-timed stomach bug. it’s a bit overwhelming at the moment, but once the dust settles, it’s actually going to be a really exciting time! we’ve already met with a real estate agent, and once we get a bit more settled, we’re going to begin going about the process of house hunting for a place to call home. i’m going to miss our old neighborhood in los angeles, but i’m happy about the decision we’ve made (and we’re still only an hour away from la). honestly, we’ve been through so many changes over the past couple of years that it’s going to feel really good to finally be able to put down our roots. and i can’t think of a better place than here in redlands with my family and support network so close by.

redlands 2
the pool at my dad’s place. i think we’ll be spending a lot of time here this summer!

and the really fun part is that i’ve got big plans to expand my content to include some of what i’ll be up to in other parts of my life. of course i’ll still be writing about all of the usual fashion-related content, but i think it’ll be nice to share a few more of my interests with you. my life has changed so dramatically over the last couple of years, i think it just makes sense that my blog would, too!



adam: 21 weeks

one of the best things about mornings is that adam always wakes up with a big smile on his face. he coos and smiles and laughs, and we chill out in bed while i sing him the good morning song. eventually, i put on some music and pull out his little baby activity gym so he can play for a bit before we start our day.

adam is wearing an american apparel baseball tee and leggings.