#loveyourhair with dove


over the years, i’ve worn my hair a lot of different ways, but one look that will always define my style is a short, blunt bob. and today, i am excited to have partnered with dove hair to share my own hair story. my mom still recalls the first time i requested the cut at the tender age of 7. i was the type of kid who danced to the beat of my own drum, and apparently, i very confidently picked out the style from the selection of books at the hair salon. the hair stylist asked me one last time if i was really sure, before snipping off my long brown locks into a short little bob. of course i loved the look because i felt so very daring for chopping off my locks. but when i got to school, the other kids were less impressed. i didn’t get teased, but i definitely recall that none of the other girls in class wore their hair short. and while i definitely opted to embrace my look, it still made me feel “different” in a way that was hard for me to understand at that age.

over the years, i mostly kept that same short cut. and as i got older, i decided to experiment even more. in 8th grade, i cut my hair even shorter. and by freshman year, i was rocking a pixie cut in every shade of the rainbow. i tried pink, turquoise, purple, and orange. it got to the point where i didn’t even know what color my hair was underneath all of those bottles of bleach and punky colors. but of course, there was alway someone nearby to judge my looks. i can still remember boys telling me i would be “prettier” if i let my hair grow long. my teachers would roll their eyes at my rebellious phase and inform me that my looks would never be acceptable in a professional setting. even my mom, who was definitely very supportive of my choices, occasionally suggested that perhaps i should wear earrings or makeup to look a bit more feminine. but all of the commentary only made me more determined to prove them all wrong. i knew in my heart that there was no one way to be beautiful, and i didn’t want anyone to define what that was for me.

fast forward more years than i care to count, and i still have that same resolve. i may have gotten over my rainbow-headed punk days, but i’ve still remained true to myself. sure, i’ve tried longer locks. but i’ve also tried bowl cuts and more pixies. and i have always, always come back to that same blunt bob. something about it just seems to suit me. when i wear my hair short, i feel light and liberated. it gives me a sense of strength and confidence. and isn’t that what beauty is really all about?

dove hair is committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, and not anxiety for women. celebrate how you #LoveYourHair by sharing photos of your own unique, beautiful hair on instagram, twitter, and facebook. visit dove hair on pinterest for more inspiration, and watch the dove love your hair film.


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