morning & night

i know most of your feeds are probably overtaken by halloween costumes and party pictures, but i’m just over here enjoying these first few days of real fall weather here in southern california. it was 107 degrees one day last week, so this sudden turn to foggy skies and chilly mornings has got me in the mood for the coming holiday season.

having said that, i’m a realist. i’ve decided to do all of my holiday shopping super early this year in an effort to keep the stress from getting too overwhelming, but first, i had to treat myself to a few new things from my newest partner, moorea seal. they make great gifts for yourself, but are also perfect as small gifts for friends or family. a cup of coffee in the morning is exponentially better in the pour over ii. and you can’t forget to unwind at night with the coconut┬ámilk bath soak and a host over other luxurious bath goods by herbivore.

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