outfit: puff sleeve summer

wearing my summer uniform today courtesy of one of my favorite online vintage shops, rawson. or if you’re lucky enough to be in chicago, you can visit their brick & mortar. they have a ton of vintage blouses just like this one and i kinda want one for every day of the week? i remember back when i was in high school and early college, my friends and i would do “sleeveless summers.” meaning we’d cut the sleeves off all of our t-shirts. well, now i’m declaring it a “puff sleeve summer.” and rawson is providing the goods.

in other news, i seriously need a haircut. i feel like i’ve been even more camera shy than usual because i’ve been growing out a botched cut i got earlier this year. and i just know it’s the universe punishing me for cheating on my hairdresser for the first time in 10 years! so it’s just been one long agonizing awkward growing-out phase. i’ve been using bobby pins to hide it, or else pulling it back into a tiny ponytail and wearing a hat. if you live in the los angeles area, go see shannon at refuge salon in highland park. he won’t do you wrong.

vintage blouse courtesy of rawson
jesse kamm sailor pants in american denim
mari giudicelli leblon mules
bamboo clutch courtesy of moorea seal


outfit: fauxgerty

little known fact: i became a vegetarian at the age of 12, and vegan at the age of 15. in high school, i was the president of the animal rights club. i would mostly bake vegan cookies and pass them out at lunch in an attempt to convince people that you could give up dairy and still have delicious treats. yet i was still somehow labeled as “the girl who hates cows” because i did a presentation about factory farming and suggested that cows were damaging the environment. obviously, i didn’t get the message across. i was a real-life lisa simpson.

fast forward more years than i’d care to count, and i’m no longer as militant in my beliefs as i once was. i’m not a self-identified vegan or even vegetarian, but the number of years i spent focusing on a plant-based (and cruelty-free) diet has really shaped my lifestyle choices today. obviously i don’t talk much about food because this is a fashion blog. but i can say that i’ve pretty dramatically shifted my focus towards a more ethical garment industry over the past several years.

and while i’ve seen a lot of talk about sustainability in fashion in recent years, it doesn’t typically delve into leather. i know i’m guilty of it! i tend to wear leather because i see it as a “natural” option that can last a lifetime. but the reality is that the production of cow leather leaves a massive footprint on the environment. i know a lot of us tend to shy away from “synthetic” materials, but fauxgerty is really leading the way in sourcing alternative materials with less impact on the environment, and on animals. founded in 2013 by chrissy fogerty,

“[their] garments are made of pre-loved vintage, innovative faux-leathers and suedes, and sustainable fabrics like hemp and fair-trade, organic cotton. [they] repurpose vintage fabrics for [their] dresses, skirts, jumpsuits and liners (beginning in 2017) to upcycle textiles that otherwise would have been disposed of in a landfill. [their] faux-leather is now pvc-free and [their] faux-suede uses post-consumer materials in it’s construction.”

if you’re leather-free, or interested in going leather-free, they truly have the best faux-leather jackets! two of my current favorites are the delicious olive suede biker jacket, the swazey, and the cute, rust suede bomber jacket, the ebaughmer. and of course, they also focus on other sustainable textiles, my favorite (photographed in this post) is the frannie dress, constructed in the usa with upcycled vintage 100% linen fabric. you already know how much i love linen, so this one was a no-brainer for me. and once this hot summer weather cools off a bit, i’m seriously looking into getting one of their amazing jackets! in the meantime, look out for a few more outfits featuring this awesome brand. and…

use code “calivintage” for 15% off at fauxgerty now through june 2!

the frannie dress courtesy of fauxgerty
maryam nassir zadeh mules
bannet bag courtesy of ollie ella

day space night

i’ve been following day space night for a few seasons now, and finally realized that i’d never shared them with you! i was initially drawn to them for their easy matching sets and fun color palettes. but it’s funny, as much as i love color, i always shy away from the bold prints that catch my eye. luckily for me, they’ve just released a collection of neutrals in oatmeal and black linen. the kinds of clothes that lay the foundation for a practical wardrobe without being boring. because as much as i love “the basics,” i need a little bit of style, too. and that’s exactly what you’ll find with these beautiful linen wares. i could easily see myself snapping up every single piece from this collection in both colors and wearing them again and again. the sam crop is such a perfect take on a classic men’s shirt. and was so bummed what i saw that the a-ok overalls were already sold out because i could easily see myself wearing them as part of my summer uniform. but thankfully, it looks like they’ve be restocking soon!

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you can tell i’ve been bracing myself for some seriously hot weather by how much i’ve been posting about linen lately. but can you really resist when collections like this exist to keep you looking fancy as hell even in the heat of the summer? i first came across stil while browsing through the offerings at one of my favorite shops, avenue boutique. the first thing that jumped out at me was the perfectly retro loren playsuit, which is what my summer vacation dreams are made of. but then of course, i wandered over to their site to learn more about the brand:

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outfit: wild country

just like with my last outfit, sometimes you just gotta go with it. as soon as i laid my eyes on this gauzy dream dress by little tienda, i knew i had to have it. never mind that i rarely ever wear dresses anymore, or that it makes me look like a member of the rajneeshpuram. the heart wants what it wants. and maybe what i want is to float around on some remote oregonian commune wearing this dress. but also it’s just a complete ’80s dream, and i fully plan to be living that dream all spring and summer long. i wasn’t kidding when i said i was going to be fully embracing “the summer of the statement sleeve.” i kinda hope that the end of this season culminates with me walking down the aisle looking like a cream-puff princess diana. i am so ready to go over-the-top.

but in all seriousness, that wasn’t a wedding announcement, but this dress is just great. it’s a lightweight cotton gauze that i literally just washed (in the gentle cycle) and tossed into the dryer (on low), so it would take on a slightly crumpled, and totally casual texture. it’s exactly what you need to be wearing when the weather gets hot. and i’m bracing myself for it because i know it’s coming.

little tienda freya dress
circulo handwoven palm bag in small courtesy of artisan & fox
maryam nassir zadeh slides

outfit: play date

kicking around town on a monday morning in the best alternative to a mini dress i’ve ever laid eyes on. this little number has it all: you’ve got the qualities of a pinafore and a mini dress with the functionality of a jumpsuit. i also think it would be a good option for a beach cover-up, the type of thing you could wear around the resort if you were lucky enough to be out on holiday right now. i’ve got no plans for a vacation anytime soon, but this is the next best thing. i’m taking that whole “dress for the job you want” philosophy a step further. why not dress for the weather you want? or the vacation you wish you were on?

and if you’re in the mood for some avant guarde vibes to transport you to that sweet spot, you should definitely check out 323 clothing. everything is handmade-to-order in echo park, california. and nothing is boring about it.

you can shop 323 clothing right here.

323 play date overalls
hackwith design house balloon sleeve top
martiniano glove shoes in wood
vintage woven handbag

town clothes spring 2018

i first learned about town clothes a few seasons ago, when my internet pal (and sometimes model) emily rose theobald, popped up in my instagram feed modeling one of their collections. she is an incredibly stylish woman, so i always stop to see what she’s wearing. and immediately i knew this brand would be one to watch. their latest spring 2018 collection is just so good! in addition lots of statement sleeves, which you know i’m all about these days, the color palette is filled with all of the perfect shades of cream and green in fun silhouettes using beautiful, natural materials like linen and cotton.

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rachael harrah

calivintage - rachael harrah

today i am so excited to introduce you to a brand new collection. rachael harrah has just launched her first round of perfect linen tops, and you are going to want one in every color! she’s introduced a classic long-sleeved linen blouse in addition to a breezy split neck short-sleeve, both in beautifully garment dyed shades of all natural linen. everything is produced in los angeles with a focus on functionality and durability. the type of clothing that you can wash and wear all day, every day. foundational pieces for your wardrobe to last a lifetime. i picked out the short sleeve in rust linen for myself, but i wouldn’t mind having on of everything!

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little tienda fall 2018

calivintage - little tienda fall 2018

it seems lately that i’ve been connecting with a lot of really amazing australian brands. one such brand is little tienda. i wrote about them a few weeks back in this post, wearing the martina blouse, which has become a stand-by this spring. but i can’t stop at just one piece! i’ve been thinking a lot about my spring/summer wardrobe, and i keep coming back to so many of my favorite pieces from this collection. currently on the top of my wishlist? the breezy cotton freya dress and the sweetest linen edith dress (i mean, c’mon? edith? it’s meant to be)! the color palette is divine, and the details are spot on. from the ruffled collars layered beneath easy jumpsuits to floaty gauze dresses, perfect for traipsing around on weekend adventures. i want it all!

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a toddler room sneak peek with framebridge x penguin books

i know i’ve shared the kids’ room a couple of times before, but the fun part about their room is that it’s constantly growing and changing right alongside them. the last time you saw this space, edie still had a crib and a changing table. but can you believe that she’s about to be two years old? and that adam has a big boy bed now? it happens so fast ugh!

so as you can imagine, we’ve made a lot of changes over the past many months, and i’m gearing up to do a big reveal of how their shared space has changed. but today, i wanted to give you a little sneak peek courtesy of our friends at framebridge. they recently launched the penguin print house collection featuring a selection of limited edition prints from some of their most beloved books. we picked this beautiful last stop on market street print, illustrated by matt de la peña. it’s one of only 200 prints made, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. but of course, if this print isn’t your cup of tea, they have a ton more to choose from, so you should really check it out. and stay tuned because i’ll be sharing photos of the rest of the room so soon. and i’ll be talking about the ways that i was inspired by the montessori method, too!