summer picnic vibes with janie & jack

calivintage - janie and jack

stopping in on a hot summer day to share a few photos of my littles. edie is already three months old, and adam turned two and a half earlier this month! seeing them together like this, i can’t believe what a big boy adam has become! it’s almost more than my heart can bear. they’re both dressed up for summer in head-to-toe janie and jack, but adam is kinda stealing the show with his too-cool-for-school attitude. if i had to choose one photo to commemorate summer, this would definitely be it. these two kids are my whole entire world.

if you’re looking for some cool summer clothes, janie and jack has tons of timeless classic styles to choose from. adam has a slightly nautical vibe with his chambray, linen, and boat shoes while edith is working on her tomboy vibes in a classic baby boy outfit that works just as well on little girls. shop their looks below:

edie’s look:
gingham one piece | saddle crib shoe | bucket hat | plush giraffe rattle

adam’s look:
chambray shirt | linen blend pant | classic boat shoe | tortoise sunglasses

calivintage - janie and jack
calivintage - janie and jack

this post was created in partnership with janie and jack.

adam and edith

calivintage - tortoise and the hare

it’s been a little while since i’ve shared some photos of my little ones, so i thought it was time for a quick update! edith is two-months-old now, and adam will be 2-and-a-half in july! adam is still completely infatuated with his little sister, asking to kiss her or to hold her about 100 times a day. she doesn’t particularly love being handled by a toddler, but they actually do pretty well together. now that she’s growing out of the newborn phase, she seems to be pretty fascinated by him. and thankfully, he enjoys singing her songs or shushing when she cries. and he get better about being gentle with her every day. edie is still pretty new, so she doesn’t do too much besides the usual. she smiles a lot and coos, which is darling. and she’s discovered her hands and toes, even reaching out and grabbing just a little bit.

and when i look at these photos, pretty much any of the stress or exhaustion of having two little ones just melts right away. these moments are so brief that i just want to do my best to soak them all up!

adam and edith are both wearing the most adorable rabbit caps by tortoise and the hare. edith is also wearing a kimono top by imps and elfs and the softest little organic wool diaper cover by lana care. and adam is in his petite soul tee, which happens to be on sale!

calivintage - tortoise and the harecalivintage - tortoise and the hare
calivintage - tortoise and the hare

two years


my little baby is two years old! we celebrated the big day at home with family, nothing too big this year. having a birthday so shortly after the holidays can be a little overwhelming, so i think i’m gonna have to learn how to better incorporate the planning in with everything else that goes on during the end of the year. and what’s even more, my own birthday is merely nine days away! thankfully, i’m a grown-up that doesn’t want or need much of a celebration. but i hope that as adam grows older, he’ll have fond memories of his birthday parties. he’s to young to remember this one, but i will certainly never forget just how much he enjoyed the day. he was cool and calm all day long, he oohed and aahed for every single gift, and at the end of the day, he asked if he could eat cake in bed and requested to bring a balloon into the bedroom. and he fell asleep singing happy birthday to adam, haha. it was really sweet to watch, and even though i’m not a very sappy person, i couldn’t help but get a little sentimental thinking about his life and how much joy he’s brought into our home in a matter of just two short years. here’s to many more!

ooh, and if you’re curious, we got the happy birthday plates, harlequin pattern napkins, and happy birthday garland from meri meri. i ordered some party hats that inexplicably didn’t arrive in the package, but the rest of the decorations were delightful. i got the cakes from a local bakery, martha green’s, and requested for them without piping or decorations so that i could add rainbow sprinkles at home. oh, and yes, that is a photo of me holding a giant burrito. we got them from a local favorite, rosa maria’s. i’ve always wanted to get one of their giant party-sized burritos, although i will admit that there are logistical challenges to eating said burrito once it’s been cut into slices!


summer snapshots


i’ve been a little scarce around these parts lately. sort of a forced “vacation” thanks to a pretty nasty bug that found me spending most of last week stuck in bed! but of course, life has still been moving along as usual. adam has been keeping me thoroughly entertained. he may be hard to keep up with (especially when i’m sick), but it’s fun to watch him grow and learn and play. just about every day he says a new word that i’ve never heard him say, and we have little conversations about trucks or trains or owls or the moon. we picked up a pumpkin at the grocery store and a book about pumpkins at the library and he now incessantly talks about pumpkins. i have a feeling that halloween is going to be especially fun this year.

and now i’m off for a mini 10-year-anniversary celebration with brendan. we basically just took the day off to spend together while adam hangs out at his grandma’s house. it’s a pretty modest celebration for such a big milestone, but we have plans to make up for it soon!



he occasionally lays himself down on the ground like this. it’s also become a really great strategy for passive resistance when he doesn’t want to do something!


here adam decided to draw on me with sidewalk chalk, thanks dude!


contemplating his it’s it ice cream sandwich. they have a new online shop, so they sent this toddler tee to adam as a gift.


the wild one


the other day, i opened the door and adam took off running down the sidewalk. i did the trick that most parents do and told him, “ok, bye bye, adam!” and turned my back. he usually comes running right back after me, but not this time! he’s only very recently mustered up the courage to step more than a few feet away from me, so it’s pretty fun for me to watch him go off “on his own.” i know a lot of parents say it’s hard to let their babies go, both figuratively and literally. but i really do enjoy seeing his independent spirit beginning to crop up. it makes me proud to see him learn and explore and grow. and i really don’t mind having a little space to myself now and then. although as you can see, now i spend a lot more time running after him!


and omg his curly little ducktail! he still doesn’t have much hair, but what he does have is super curly! it came as a surprise to me because my hair is so stick straight, and brendan only has a little wave. the jury is still out on whether or not he’ll be a brunette. only time will tell!

his top is from american apparel, the cycling cap was handmade by niko’s naptime, and the romper was handmade by skadoodlee.

run free with bugaboo


hard to believe it, but my little adam is already 18-months-old! no longer a baby, he’s now a rather rambunctious toddler, and these days i have to get pretty creative to complete even the simplest of tasks. i put on my makeup in the bathroom while adam takes a quick bath in the morning. i answer emails with one free hand while i nurse him in the afternoon. i even practice my lunges while dancing him to sleep in my arms. because let’s face it, i’m not about to get a break. which is why i was especially excited when bugaboo asked me if i’d be interested in teaming up with them to try out their new bugaboo runner. before this shiny new beacon of light arrived at my doorstep, i was struggling to find time for even a quick jog a couple of times a week!

so when the package arrived, it was basically like christmas day. adam was squealing in delight over the big cardboard box, and i was already pulling on my jogging shorts while i ripped apart the wrapping and snapped everything into place. we’ve never tried a bugaboo before, so the first thing i noticed was the seat. adam is a particularly picky customer when it comes to strollers, so if the seat is too deep, or the harness is too clunky, he kinda freaks out because he’s basically feels ‘stuck.’ so it was pretty cool when i sat him down without the slightest protest, and he was able to sit comfortably upright with a really nice vantage point while we rolled around town. not only that, but you actually have the ability to position the seat facing you or facing the world, a unique feature among running strollers. but of course, if you already have a different bugaboo seat (like the bee3, chameleon, buffalo, or donkey), you can easily snap it into the runner chassis.

but the real test is once you get moving. the three-wheeled suspension is so smooth that it practically begs you to run. in fact, it almost feels like it glides along more smoothly the faster you go. and if you’re lucky like me, your child will also act as an exceptionally motivating personal trainer. adam particularly likes it when i run very fast for short spurts and then abruptly slow down for a bit before picking up the pace again. yep, apparently he is already versed in interval training. and if he were to have a preference for speed, it would definitely be very fast. hey, i’m not gonna argue with the kid. he clearly knows what’s good for me!

but joking aside, it’s really is huge relief to have found such an amazing stroller. it’s enabled me to get out into the world and to get more exercise while still being able to bond with my little guy. and it’s just as useful while walking around town or through the park. sure, it’s a running stroller, but it’s just as practical even when i’m not trying to fit in a workout. we’ve been taking it out for walks around town or through the park, and people even stop to complement me and ask where i got it. it’s not big or clunky or garish, just a really good tool that fits right in with our lifestyle.


quiet time with latch


with adam hitting the 18-month mark just the other day, quiet time around the house has become more precious than ever. developmentally, this little guy has a lot going on, so it’s only natural that we’ve started to see the very first of his terrible tantrums. like pretty much every kid his age, he’s super adorable and awfully cheerful most of the time, but we’ve definitely reached the point where we’ve gotta have an arsenal of tools to help keep him calm when he gets worked up. this, my friends, is no easy task. it actually makes the entire previous 18 months of his life look like a walk in the park. in fact, some days it takes all of my effort to simply convince him to go on a walk in the park with me! so today i’ve teamed up with munkchin to share a few of my tips and tricks for helping toddlers (and babies!) get the quiet time they need. because a happy baby means a happy mama.

create a calm and peaceful environment. there are certain areas of the house that we use as “chill out zones.” they’re places we go to be calm and quiet, rather than play. adam’s doesn’t have a playroom, so we simply used a large shelf to divide his bedroom into two spaces: a play area and a sleep area. we have a rocking chair set up with comfy pillows and a white noise machine, cues that help him understand that it’s time to wind down. we don’t play with toys in that area of the room, and if he wanders over when it isn’t nap time, we lay our heads on the bed and pretend to sleep (fake snoring and all!), so that adam knows what the space is for. this is really helpful for those moments when baby is wound up and overtired and just needs a break. in fact, now that he’s a little older, he even sometimes takes me by the hand and guides me to the chill out zone to let me know he’s feeling tired.


the munchkin latch pacifier. munkchin developed their latest pacifier with the help of pediatric dentists and the experience of real moms. it’s a one-piece, lightweight silicone made in a variety of different shapes to help your baby comfortable latch on no matter what their stage of development, from 0 to 3 to 6 months and up. i actually wish these were around when adam was younger, because he had a terrible time trying to keep a latch on his pacifiers! and even if he could, sometimes they had such an odd shape that it didn’t fit well on his tiny face. the latch has a nice, ergonomic heart shape that fits perfectly beneath baby’s little nose. and having something soothing to suck on is really helpful when your little one needs to calm down and chill out, especially because there are times when mom can’t always breastfeed on demand.

p.s. i made the pacifier clip above using cotton string and wooden beads! it was super easy to make, i really should share a how-to!


aromatherapy. it’s true! back during my pregnancy with adam, i had a seriously rough case of morning sickness that lasted well after the first 12 weeks. my mom is super into holistic medicine, so she gave me a tiny bottle of grapefruit essential oil to help. the first time i took a little whiff of that stuff, i was sold. aromatherapy really works and i’ve totally turned into one of those crunchy granola moms with an arsenal of different essential oils and herbs to cure what ails you. this includes infusing a bit of lavender or chamomile in an evening bath (assuming baby doesn’t have allergies!), and placing fragrant herbs around the house to help calm the senses.


you can find the munchkin latch pacifier in-store or online at target.

down time


i don’t think there is anything more precious in the world than a sleeping babe. especially as adam has gotten bigger, he’s constantly on the go. running around from room to room, crashing little toy cars, pulling out crayons to fill pages and pages of artwork, digging holes in the backyard. so it really does feel like a special treat each time i get to see him so still and calm and relaxed.  i could not resist snapping a few photos of him during an especially long nap time last week. he was all wrapped up in this beautiful elephant zoo blanket that we received from sture & folke. it was handmade in switzerland by designer and mother of two, karin stenmarck. and as soon as we received it in the mail, adam was so excited to examine each tiny animal and to learn their names. you can’t see it in these photos, but the opposite side is made with velvet and linen with a little row of ribbons for tiny fingers to play with. i remember when adam was smaller than he is now, he was obsessed with ribbons and tags, so of course i really appreciate such a thoughtful little design element on an already excellent blanket. it’s a little pricier than some of our nursery items, but i would put this high on the list of gifts to give if you happen to know anyone who is expecting!


enter to win $100 to egg baby!


today i am pleased to announce my latest giveaway courtesy of egg baby! this new york city brand was launched in 2003 by designer susan lazar with the goal of creating an affordable luxury brand for babies and children. my little guy doesn’t always walk around in fancy designer clothes, but we definitely like to splurge when it’s time for portraits or family events. adam wore a few of their pieces for easter, and i love that they’re soft and comfy enough that we’ve been able to get extra mileage out of them even after all of our photos were snapped.

another thing i really love about the brand is that in addition to making adorable designs, they also focus on using environmentally friendly materials. so of course, i am very happy to be able to offer you a chance to win $100 to shop for yourself (or for gifts)!


enter to win $100 to egg baby!

a few of our favorites: chambray hat, shortsleeve striped crewneck teeneru tab shirt, and twill trouser shorts.



they say that memorial day marks the first unofficial day of summer. we’ve had a couple weeks of unseasonably gloomy weather so far, but the sun has finally decided to come out and play. so of course, we’re celebrating with a tiny kiddie pool in the backyard. i haven’t had a backyard since i was a kid living at home, so it’s been a fun realization that i can just step out into my own little area when the weather is nice. adam is obsessed with his pool and usually makes a beeline for the hose every time we go out, requesting, “awa awa awa.” (we taught him agua instead of water.) i foresee a lot of this in our future.

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