a dear creatures giveaway

dear creatures giveaway

today i am so excited to announce my latest giveaway courtesy of one of my favorite designers, dear creatures! today we are offering you the chance to win a $75 gift certificate to the dear creatures online shop! if you aren’t already familiar with the collection, you might recognize a few of my outfits featuring their designs here and here, among many other outfits. i’m a huge fan, so i’ve collected quite a bit of their pieces over the years. which is why i’m especially excited to be offering you this opportunity today!

to enter, simply visit dear creatures and then leave a comment in the section below telling us which item in the shop is your absolute favorite!

this contest is open to readers within the united states. only one entry per person. the winner will be randomly selected on tuesday, november 29 and will be contacted via email. winner will receive a $75 e-card good for any purchase at dear creatures.

not interested in giveaways? get 15% off all new styles at dear creatures with code “givethanks15” now through november 30!

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  1. The Duel Blouse in Navy is a perfect classic piece that is versatile as it is elegant. Thank you for this opportunity!

  2. My favorite is definitely the Nolita Dress in navy! Seeing it on you the other day only strengthened my undying affection for that little number!

  3. i’ve always loved their dresses and interesting collars, and the nolita dress is no exception. thanks to you and dear creatures for hosting such a lovely giveaway!

  4. How can you just not love, love, love the Fleetwood dress in Pepper?! I have been looking for a NYE party dress and the Fleetwood is perfect and would make me the belle of the ball!

  5. I loove the Nolita Dress in Lilac, I’ve had my eye on it for awhile, and after seeing you in it the other day, love it even more!

  6. Yeesh, this giveaway is awesome. I am still in love with the Boat House dress, but since it’s not currently available, I’ll have to say the Duel blouse. Thanks for hosting!

  7. I’m from the UK, so sadly can’t enter.. but just want to say, wonderful giveaway!! I love Dear Creatures. I hope to order my first item from there soon, perhaps will get lucky at Christmas :P

    Good luck to everyone! :)

  8. Y’know, Dear Creatures was not per say my “cup of tea” or “regular old joe” but, their simple, yet unavoidably cute array of chambray apparel captivates me. Not only that, the Weller Blouses are absolutely to die for. Definitely my favorite!

  9. I am soooo torn with a fav… I saw the Portobello Coat when I was at ModCloth doing hair and makeup on a shoot and it is adorable, even cuter in person, and so perfect for the majority of the months in San Francisco. But I know me and that amazing Sally Dress would get so much wear. Looks so comfortable and a easy fit, super sweet. It is on my list!

  10. It’s hard to narrow down because I want every single dress and every single coat… but I would pick the Portobello Coat – Camel Wool! Sooooooo cute for the cold winters in MN!

  11. Dear Creatures’ clothes are all stunning. All of the dresses are beautiful.. really gorgeous. My favorite happens to be the Hannah Dress with Stripes.

  12. I saw the headline of your newest post but figured I’d come back to it later and instead of scrolling down and reading it then I clicked on your outfits. It wasn’t until I was looking for the brand of the lavender dress you are wearing in your most recent post that I immediately rushed back to your homepage to see the rules. While I love the Nolita Dress in lilac, the color sold it to me, my favorite would have to be the Ahoy Blouse w/ Navy Weave as it reminds me of a dress you traded with Jessica Quirk of What I Wore that I still covet to this day (http://whatiwore.tumblr.com/post/365326296/what-i-wore-sailor-swap). It was that post that originally led me to discover your site.

  13. Hello Cal vintage and Dear Creatures, thank for this wonderful opportunity, I really enjoy the Nolita Dress in both navy and lilac, by winning this brings me one step closer to buy my girlfriends Christmas gift.

  14. The Charlotte Coat in Camel Wool is beautiful. :) I’ve always loved the Dear Creatures pieces that you display in your outfits, so this is really exciting!


  15. My absolute favorite article of clothing in Dear Creatures’ shop is part of their Autumn 2011 collection. The Charlotte Coat — Camel Wool jacket is JUST SO BEAUTIFUL. I’ve been dying for a coat like this for awhile now, and I swear, I stare at it’s photograph at least once a day. ~star-crossed lover~ Anyway, it’s so perfect, and even though I’m a big navy/blue fan, the camel-color appeals so much to me, which is sort of surprising, considering my blue-obsession.


  16. oh my goodness! what a dream giveaway! i have been lusting over this season’s clothes since the lookbook came out. i have been looking for a dream coat for this winter, and nothing else seems to compare to the charlotte coat in camel wool. i am in love!

  17. I have been in a long term crush relationship with the avalon dress. The drop waist kills me and reminds me of the twenties. Love love love.


  18. I’m a huge fan of the Charlotte coat in camel! I’m so sad it’s sold out but there are several pieces I’d love to have, ok everything!

  19. The tough part was only picking one item to gush about! I love the Sally Dress Plum Ditzy….like swoon so much can’t stand it kind of love! Great giveaway! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  20. The Hansel navy dress is a beauty. Been a fan of Dear Creatures for quite some time now, but this dress is hands down one of my favorite pieces they’ve ever created.

  21. Wah, so many cute things! I think my favorite has to be the Hannah dress in stripes.. must see if I can snag one as an early Christmas present!

  22. I have to say that I absolutely love the Fleetwood dress, one reason being that it reminds me of my favourite band Fleetwood Mac :)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. the sailor blouse! in every color! but I think I’d probably go with the plum ditsy. it’s the kind of top that goes with everything

  24. I basically live in jumpers all fall and winter, so the Moffitt Jumper would be a great addition (especially in camel as I lack that colour in my wardrobe).

  25. i absolutely adore the men’s diggers cardigan in cream/navy! i know it’s men’s but it looks so comfy and chic! i only dream of a cardigan that cuddly!

  26. What a wonderful giveaway!
    I think the Skandia Dress – Navy Diamond is absolutely divine and would look great paired with some tights and boots :)
    Thanks for hosting this opportunity!

  27. Goodness, the Charlotte Coat is darling! It would be mighty fine to have it. Dear Creatures is definitely one of my favorites. Been a fan for awhile and I suspected that Zooey Deschanel probably had every piece they’ve ever made. Just sayin’.

  28. Dear Creatures is absolutely one of my favorites! Unfortunately I just haven’t had the money to own any of their pieces yet. This is the first time I have entered one of these things so wish me luck! I love the Nolita dress in lilac as well as the Blossom and Sally dresses but. . . My absolute favorite is the CHARLOTTE COAT! Ever since I laid eyes on this gorgeous coat of perfection I knew I NEEDED it but am doubtful I will ever be able to afford it. Thank you for your consideration. . . Please make my coat dreams come true!

  29. I didn’t even really to look at their web site because I’ve been stalking the moffitt jumper for months. I can’t decide between navy or camel though.

  30. Hi Erin!

    I am so madly in love with the Marina Dress in Pepper…Dear Creatures is a favorite brand of mine (especially as I am a big fan of American-made fashion!) Thank you for this awesome giveaway!


  31. I really adore the Avalon Dress in Navy Starburst, it has a sweet sea-esque style, but its not too ocean-y.

    I also love the Forager Cape – Olive Herringbone because it looks super cozy and I have been wanting a cape jacket for quite awhile.


  32. i love dear creatures! right now my favorite item is the corduroy scallop shorts (in both colors)! they’re perfect for fall/winter.

  33. I have always, always admired your dear creatures garments! I love the Nolita Dress in navy, reminds me of you, love :) thank you so much for the chance at this giveaway, and the great discount!!

  34. The Fleetwood Dress in Pepper is so perfect and quaint…with my red velvet blazer it would look absolutely perfect. The cut is extremely feminine and I love the colour; perfect for autumn.

  35. the chambray blossom dress! CHAMBRAYYYY. or any one of those AWESOME rompers. its like the middle of the winter and im drooling over rompers, hahaha :)

  36. Long time calvinvintage lurker, first time commenter :)

    I’d never heard of Dear Creatures, but they have so many very pretty things! I’m especially in love with the Charlotte coat in Navy. Such a sweet coat.

  37. i’ve been looking for a subtle and structured work top, and the “moth blouse” is just perfect!
    thank you erin for introducing us to a great brand, and thanks for the giveaway :)

  38. Oh man, I love the scallop corduroy shorts…but I sneaked a peak at the men’s section and I absolutely love the Digger’s cardigan. I’ve been looking for a great cardi and this one rules!

  39. I
    ve been stalking Dear Creatures’ collections on ModCloth for some time now. I could never afford it. I love their tailored style ESPECIALLY NAVY inspiried clothing! They had a sleeveless sailor-like dress that I drool over I think you have it too ;___;
    The Charlotte Navy Coat calls out to me. I love how the model looks like a doll. The style seems timeless and I could wear that coat every year!

  40. I just purchased the Duel Blouse and when I did it was a toss up between that and The Moffitt Jumper in Camel! I still adore that and would love to have it to wear on top of all my peter pan collar shirts and turtlenecks!

  41. Well, I cannot pick just one, so I will narrow it down to one handful: the nolita dress (lilac); the moffitt jumper (navy); the outpost blouse (plaid); the charlotte coat, the hampton coat…aye yie yie! xoxo

  42. I’ve been in love with the Avalon dress since I first laid eyes on it. Peter pan collar, pin tucks, dropped waist, long sleeves and pleats! It’s everything that I love!

  43. Ive been dying for the voyage romper ever since i saw spencer wear it on pretty little liars! would love to win this! then i would have something she wore on the show! aah! :)xoxo

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