april foolin’

a couple of weeks back, i had the pleasure of filming a silly april fool’s video for modcloth. while part of my job description does include instagram strategy, i promise you, my days are not spent wandering around the office looking for cute photos. but i did think it would be fun to create a little mockumentary about my job at modcloth, and i have to admit i did kind of enjoy terrorizing my co-workers and poking fun at my silly fashion + tech industry world for a day.

alas, my salary is not dedicated to the sole purpose of finding the best instagram photos, though now that i think of it, i did get approval to run around with our videographer (shout out to jon brown) all day shooting this video…

calivintage on modcloth


  1. how cute is this spoof? i love the way you arrange your coffee & sunglasses- so many people instagram their drinks, which are hardly even that tasty! ha!


  2. Heheheh Erin that was completely awesome. LOVED It!
    “if you didn’t instagram it did it really happen?!” truer scarier words have never been spoken :)
    Just the best honey – awesome work :)

  3. This got me for a second…I was like, wow she takes her job very seriously – good for her! Then I realized it was a prank. Ha! Love that part where you tell that poor little dog that you can’t work with him (or her?). :D

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