enter to win a parker barker for lime ricki swimsuit!

today i’m excited to share with you my latest giveaway courtesy of parker barker for lime ricki! if you haven’t already seen the collection, it’s an adorable swimwear collaboration designed by fit graduate hayley parker-barker, inspired by the beverly hills hotel and vintage photos from the 60s and 70s. i wore my seberg suit while on my trip to hawaii, but there is a selection of several more suits to choose from.

to enter, simply visit lime ricki and tell use which parker barker swimsuit is your absolute favorite in the comment section below.

only one entry per person. this giveaway is open to international readers, so anyone can enter. winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email after monday, april 8.


and don’t forget our discount code!  limericki is also offering you 15% off any item from the parker barker collection with code “calivintage” now through april 10!



  1. really, you expect me to choose just one? i would LOVE either of the one-pieces or the seberg tankini top + the high waist brief. oh geeze, i dont know. maybe i would break down and choose the dunaway on-piece because its ultra chic.

  2. The best swimsuit (though it isn’t strictly) i have seen in ages: the seberg and the low rise pant. amazing on you and on the model on their site and i must say – probably on me too!

  3. I absolutely love the Hardy Tankini Top paired with the High-Waist Brief. The palm tree pattern is gorgeously unique and I’ve got the perfect straw hat to wear with it this summer!

  4. The Dunaway!!!

    Also because of this: “10% of proceeds from this suit go to bringing clean water to developing countries.” Cool company!

  5. The Dunaway one piece is my favourite, I one the retro feel of it. It needs to be worn in the south of France with big sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat! x

  6. I absolutely love the Bardot Tankini Top and the high-waist brief! Covers everything but still shows your curves. Just fabulous!

  7. I love the Seberg suit and I am so glad you were it on your blog since we are almost the same body shape I can see how it would look on me too. Love you blog and love your looks!!

  8. While I am obsessed with stripes and love the Seberg (just the name says it all) my 50s style body deserve a 50s style swimsuit so I’d choose the Bardot.

  9. The Dunaway is so wonderful (I love Faye too!), I would have to choose that one. I do agree with so many of the other comments, the whole collection is gorgeous and unique. Fabulous.

  10. I got the other day the Seberg with your -15% code! I would love the Dunaway for this giveaway. Thank you calivintage!

  11. I really fell in love with the Dunaway bathingsuit because my favorite color combination is white and blue. I love how the blue is at the waist giving it that vintage look of the 60’s. I also love how this style will make me feel confident at the beach showing off my curves

  12. I love the Bardot and the seberg. If I won one of then I would buy the other! I’m heading to Hawaii I June so this would be so exciting to win!

  13. Ohhh tricky choice. All the striped pieces are so pretty- but my favorite would have to be the seberg tankini top!

  14. I absolutely love the Seberg Tankini Top that you have featured here. It’d be so dreamy to swim in that!

    Thanks so much for having such a neat giveaway :’)


  15. I LOVE the Dunaway one-piece, but I wouldn’t kick the Birkin one-piece out of bed either ;)

    these are super cute! I cut all my hair off into a pixie and I’ve been enjoying the way that it looks in more retro-inspired swimsuits.

    yours looks adorable by the way!

  16. Oh ! Me me me me, pleeeeease !!! :-)
    I am soon going on a beach holiday and would love to wear the same Seberg Tankini Top and High Waist Brief.
    This collection is a dream come true. I am so shy wearing swimwear, but this kind of shape would give me the right confidence boost I need.
    I keep my fingers crossed !

  17. I really like the Seberg tanking top, as it offers the most modesty and superb cuteness for a long-torso such as mine! My boyfriend loves it too, and he has a high standard in regards to modest apparel. :)

  18. I hope its not toooooooo late, because I am obsessed with BIRKIN ONE-PIECE! I would dive into a pool of pink jello and dreams with that swimsuit!

  19. I love the Seberg Tankini – looks so stylish! Finding bathing suits that echo vintage aesthetics is so touch – so many miss the mark. These look just beautiful!

  20. Dunaway One-Piece – I absolutely love this swimwear and I think it looks good in every types of body what is an advantage!
    keep going with the nice work !

  21. I love the Seberg! It looks great on you, and I’m sold. I also really like the Dunaway, but I love the way the Seberg has the look of a one piece in two pieces.

  22. I’m smitten over the Birkin one piece!
    I’ve been in search for the perfect one piece for almost 2 years now and I think my search is finally over. :D

  23. I must say the Seberg Tankini Top is just fabulous. I love the vintage feel and the fact that it keeps you covered! Cheers!

  24. I absolutely adore the Seberg tankini top… and was crushed when I went to Limericki only to find that they were sold out of my size (small). I have been overdue for a new bathing suit for a few years and have spent the last few weeks looking for one that was both attractive and modest. I couldn’t find anything that really struck me… until this one. Unfortunately it appears I will be back on the hunt :(

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