outfit: rinse and repeat

ok you guys, don’t judge me too much. but ever since getting this lauren moffatt jumper, i’ve been resisting the urge to wear it every single day. i know that the socially acceptable thing to do is to wear a new piece of clothing and then tuck it away for at least a week before showing up in it again. you know, so people understand that you have other clothes in your closet and, i dunno, a regular washing cycle. i guess for the same reason, i don’t tend to take pictures of repeat outfits (or super similar outfits) and post them on my blog. but this does not mean that i don’t wear some of the same things over and over. and sometimes said item isn’t a really an easy basic that you can sneakily get away with wearing all of the time (like, say, a good pair of dark wash jeans). i mean, what can i say? apparently a little pair of engineer striped overalls a crucial wardrobe element that i never knew i was missing from my repertoire. perhaps i need to get a few more so i have one for every day of the week?

wearing: lauren moffatt alley overalls, j.crew top, swedish hasbeens peep toe super high, karen walker von trapp sunglasses, dooney & bourke flower basket bag


    1. you shoulda seen me with this one. i wore it one day while i was working from home, so basically no one saw me except for my bf. so then the next day i figured i’d wear it to work since it was such a warm day out. then the next day, it was saturday and i had some errands to do and i figured i probably wouldn’t see any of my co-workers, so why not? i will not comment on whether or not i wore it a fourth day in a row… haha!

  1. actually, I think it’s healthy showing that you wear the same piece often! There’s enough pressure out there to continuously buy new stuff, it’s great to see some realistic behaviour every now and then… :)

  2. I love the jumper. In any combination.
    Especially because I love pants with wide legs this summer.
    And Swedish Hasbeens I love anyway.
    Best Wishes

  3. oh man, i’ve been lusting after that jumper for weeks now. unfortunately the budget doesn’t allow for it.

    looks amazing on you.

    also, i don’t see any shame in wearing something to death. i tend to do that all the time. the key, at least for me, is making it into a different outfit every time. :)

  4. Um I loves? I especially love that you wore these like huge bell bottom pants…but between you me and the tree, having to pee had to be a NIGHTMARE…it’s always SO AWKWARD having to undress every time you use a public bathroom, at home I don’t really care..

    Sorry for making things weird

  5. Im exactly the same, I get so excited when I purchase a new piece, I go home and try it on with basically everything in my wardrobe to create a verity of outfits and then just want to wear them one after the other. However owning and working in my own vintage boutique with regular customers, wearing the same thing over and over again is a big no no. So I will wear the said item on say the Monday then whack it out again on the saturday (my busiest day lol). So dont worry, there is no shame in you wearing your gorgeous jumper more than once in a row……we all do it ;) xxx

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