cream puff

as my body has been rapidly changing, it’s pushed me right out of my comfort zone and challenged me to try dramatically different things. normally, i would see a silly romper like this hanging on the racks at a vintage shop and i wouldn’t even consider trying it on. it’s got no shape. not only that, but it’s just one giant ruffle after the next, exactly the type of volume that most girls have been conditioned to avoid for fear of adding bulk where we don’t particularly want it. but now that i basically have no discernible waistline, it’s not like i’m concerned about trying to achieve the coveted hourglass shape. so when i came across this cream puff of a romper, i decided, “what the hell? why not try it on?” and yep, that pretty much sealed the deal. it’s just about the most fun thing to wear ever. and i couldn’t care less that i basically look like a giant dessert.

in other news, i believe i am now somewhere between 21 and 22 weeks (he’s measuring large, so we suspect that i’m a week farther along that we had first calculated). i kinda can’t believe that the little mister in there is now measuring 10.5″ inches long from head to rump. or about the length of a large banana. haha, rump. and banana. pregnancy books use the silliest analogies and terminology to talk about babies. it’s kind of hilarious how each week you can track your baby’s growth by comparing him to a fruit or vegetable… and i am currently comparing myself to a cream puff.

wearing: vintage romper from playclothes vintage in glendale, heart shaped sunglasses courtesy of paulette magazinepalette red vegan crossbody bag courtesy of angela & roi, vintage sandals, nars heat wave

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  1. You look adorable! Although I’m nowhere near ready to be with child, it is interesting the kind of ways you can dress your shape and I can imagine myself embracing the things that don’t suit me right now (shapeless things, extreme smocks). You are going to have one well dressed baby!

  2. Beautiful outfit and you don’t even look pregnant in it, honestly. Love those glasses on you too with it. Crazy that I only found out last week that you were pregnant and you are already more than halfway through!!! That is wonderful though! It is good that you have a good feeling about your pregnant body. I know I didn’t have that feeling, at least not the first time around (probably because I gained 60 pounds), I was much better the second time (only 30 pounds weight gain).

    1. hehe, i only just announced last week! i wasn’t showing for a long time and then i got so busy with the move that i didn’t get around to telling anyone! it’s still crazy hard adjusting to how quickly my body is changing and having all this extra weight is pretty tough in the hot weather here in los angeles. but i’m on track to gain the expected 25 – 35 lbs of weight, so i’m reminding myself not to freak out too much. even though i swear i dream about gorging myself on cakes and candy on a daily basis!

      1. hahahaha. I totally screwed it all up by eating cookies DAILY my first pregnancy. Definitely push the sweets aside! hehe. My brothers used to say my baby boy was made of chocolate.
        You are a beautiful pregnant woman!!! You go girl. Work it in that weather!

  3. Yep, it’s all about food! We nicknamed the little one each week based on what fruit size she was, Dragon fruit was by far the best. We still call her little dragon :)

    1. i agree! i always find myself shying away from pieces like this, but you’re right, just because they don’t have a traditional nipped-in waist does not mean it will be “unflattering.” even though i know this, i was still shocked when i tried it on and discovered that it was actually pretty darn cute and definitely something i could see myself wearing!

  4. What a wicked little romper – love it! If I look half as good as this when I’m pregnant I’ll be one happy lady. So pleased I discovered that Angela&Roi brand too… their vegan satchels are the nicest I’ve seen.

    1. oh yes! i am totally impressed by the quality. i tend to avoid faux leather because of quality concerns, but this one is totally soft and supple and not all squeaky and plastic, if that makes sense. a very good price point for the quality for sure.

  5. so perfect! i honestly cant wait to wear babydoll dresses and empire line type things when im pregnant. I have sewing patterns that ive picket up over the years that i fully intend to sew when that period of my life comes around.

    My bestie is due in like 1 and 1/2 weeks and every few weeks she would take a photo of herself with said fruit or veggie that she was up to. she is now up to watermelon!!!!

  6. Eek! It’s completely adorable. With my growing bump I’ve actually been more inspired to wear things a bit more body conscious. It’s kind of fun showing off the fruit in my belly. haha. My married last name is Rice now, so we’ve taken to calling it “Rice Cake”. :D

  7. Congratulations!!! That’s such great news! I think the romper looks awesome, and I can’t wait to see more of your maternity outfits; I already love your style, and I’m thirteen weeks and I don’t know what I’m going to wear soon – currently wearing my husband’s tshirts and the one pair of jeans I can do up. Please keep the maternity outfit posts coming! xo

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