outfit: a new year

calivintage: a new year

this is my first outfit of 2012 and my last set out outfit photos taken while on my visit to redlands. as you read this, i’m probably somewhere along interstate 5 on the seven hour drive back up to oakland getting ready to transition back into the working world. i have to admit, i’m pretty sad to be leaving and in some way, i almost wish i never had to leave sunny southern california. as much as i love oakland and san francisco, something about the view of the san bernardino mountains to the north and the big stretches of desert to the east just call to me… i lived here for the first 18 years of my life, and can’t help but be hit with intense waves of nostalgia when i’m here. it seems like i’ll always feel homesick when i leave this place, even if i have been calling the bay area my home for over 10 years now.

but as hard as it is to say goodbye to family, i have to get back to work! and i certainly won’t mind arriving home to my little apartment with a pretty view of the hillside and of downtown oakland with my little kitty friend waiting to greet me. and it will be nice to be able to walk into my closet to get dressed in the morning instead of living out of a suitcase. and i can cook a healthy meal in my new le creuset pot (thanks, brendan!) and sleep in a comfy bed with the one that i love. and hopefully 2012 will be as kind to me as 2011 was, and i can’t wait for all of the exciting things i already have planned in just the first week of the year alone!

top: j.crew silk crepe blouse
sweater: j.crew mockneck sweater
skirt: j.crew mini felted wool skirt
coat: boutique by jaeger knot sleeve mac
shoes: vintage salvatore ferragamo vara flats
bag: j.w. hulme mini legacy bag
lipstick: make up for ever rouge artist intense #20

calivintage: a new year
calivintage: a new year
calivintage: a new year
calivintage: a new year
calivintage: a new year
calivintage: a new year


  1. I love this color palette! It all meshes perfectly together… and I am insanely jealous of your bare legs; it is getting way too cold for that in Pennsylvania! Bundled up with tights and layers for months to come…

  2. this is exactly how i felt this week! i was in the IE for Christmas and then went to Palm Springs for New Years. As we were driving, I realized how CLOSE the desert is — just moment away, it seemed. I guess I never realized or just took it for granted. Plus, the mountains never feel closer than when I’m in Colton. I live in the foothills of LA now and even then, the mountains seems larger and closer in Colton. Maybe because there’s nothing else to overshadow them…

    …but it’s always nice to come back to where you call home.

  3. Yah, I love the colors of this outfit, especially the peach shirt. It’s really versatile and looks fairly lightweight. Don’t you just hate living out of a suitcase??? My friends think I’m a freak because, whenever I get home from a trip, I have to unpack right away!


  4. You look so pretty in these colors. Nice to see you in beautiful shoes that look comfortable and practical to walk in (for me at least). Your makeup is lovely too.

    I really liked your post. I often feel the same way when I go back “home” to see my family iand friends n the L.A. area, although the Bay Area has been home since 1995. I love it here too. You never know where a gal can end up in another 10 years.

  5. Yes! I totally know what you mean about dressing more simply when around family. Even if my family was extremely fashionable (which they kind of aren’t… ^_^ ) I would dress a lot more simply around them just out of comfort! Your childhood home sounds so beautiful.

    Also I love how you resisted the temptation to tuck in your shirt and sweater – I definitely have got to try that!

    Happy New year lady!

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