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As we continue decorating and renovating our little 1920s home, we’ve been incorporating more and more smart home features into our daily lives. We recently got a brand new smart TV, we have a wireless speaker for listening to our favorite playlists, a home air quality monitor, an app for checking-up on our solar panels, we even have a smart light bulb! Besides that, I split my time between taking care of the kids part-time and running my own business from our home office/studio. But all this technology can be a blessing and a curse. With internet-connected everything, it’s easy to fall into the trap of a 24 hour workday, there are more opportunities for frustrating connection problems, too much screen time, and even scary things like identity theft and malware. It’s a lot to manage when you’ve already got a lot on your plate.

Then we got eero. I recently partnered with the brand to try out their Home WiFi System, and it’s already made a huge difference around the house. It arrived beautifully packaged with the simplest of instructions for getting set up. You literally just connect it to your modem and plug the beacons into outlets around the house. From there, the real magic happens. We have a decent internet connection, but my phone was still getting temporarily knocked-off the network for no apparent reason, and you all know the struggle of watching that little spinning wheel on the Netflix screen when you just wanna chill and watch some TV after the kids have gone to bed. Not anymore. The beacons help extend your connection to parts of the house where the signal may not reach.

And did I mention that I recently started letting Adam use a tablet, and that’s it’s opened up a Pandora’s box of challenges? Well, eero allows parents to create profiles for their kid’s devices, and set schedules for when devices can access the WiFi, as well as pause the internet. It’s a lifesaver when it comes to limiting screen time and keeping Adam safe online. And it’s even been useful for my workaholic tendencies because I can literally turn off the internet at dinnertime or bedtime or even the entire weekend when I need some time to unplug.

Not only that, but the whole system incorporates seamlessly and attractively into the house so that your WiFi can just fade into the background, and you can get on to more important things in life.

Use promo code “CALIVINTAGE” for free overnight shipping (select the overnight shipping option at checkout) with purchase of any eero System!

Edie is confused why the screen is blank– it’s because the internet connection is on pause. Sorry Edie, no screen time for you just yet!

Good ol’ Instagram story filters.

Trying to get some work done with these two around…

This post was sponsored by eero.

In the house: Campaign Sofa in Almond White, coffee table, Coxwain Hand-Woven Rug with Eco Plush Felt Rug Pad, vintage rocking chair found on Apartment Therapy Marketplace, vintage and handmade throw pillows, Grimm’s Large Wooden Stacking Rainbow (here is a link the smaller 6-piece version), vintage lamp, painting by adam, vintage end table, Rock and Pebble Ele Villavase found on Fab no longer available (but here is one very similar). Feel free to ask me about anything you see in the room that I may not have mentioned here!


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