our 1927 bathroom restoration with true value

Since our one really big renovation last year, I haven’t had a whole lot to share about the house. We’ve mostly just been enjoying the space and keeping things mellow. But the one space we haven’t been enjoying? THE BATHROOM. It was the one really big, glaring project that didn’t get done last year despite the fact that our little vanity was literally falling apart, our bathtub was pitted beyond belief, and the window was… well, nonexistent. Our house was built in 1927 and even though it may be small, it’s always been big on charm. Except for the bathroom. And we only have one bathroom in the house! It had one unfortunate remodel somewhere around 1967 in which almost all of the original vintage features were removed and all that was left was a very hideous faux marble (?) sink and the persistent smell of old people. Literally. No matter how many times we cleaned, you’d always get the strongest waft of powdery perfume and mildew when you opened the cabinet door or the medicine cabinet. No, we weren’t living in squalor, but it was definitely creepy. A gross. And time for a change.

It’s always been my dream to restore this little house to it’s former 1920s glory. And I’ve always had some pretty strong ideas about what I’d like to do with the bathroom. I did a ton of research on vintage bathrooms from the time period and really wanted to go as historically accurate as possible while still, of course, acknowledging that we do live in modern times. I could write an entire post dedicated purely to all of the little details (and I probably will), but it’s not nearly as much fun as talking about (drumroll, please…) PAINT. I’m not kidding! It’s so funny, but of all the decisions that I had to make about this little bathroom, the paint color was definitely the most debated topic. For those of you who followed along on my Instagram stories, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

The bathroom itself is fairly simple. I went with an antique white subway tile and black accent details with just a little splash of green in the daisy pattern mosaic tiles on the floor, so we started with a nearly neutral base. I really enjoy designing this way because it means you really can’t go wrong with just about any color palette you choose for decorating. And even though changing the paint color is a lot easier than pulling out all of your tiles, it still manages to become one of the hardest decisions to make! Perhaps because it’s one of those final decisions. The color that finishes off the design and really pulls the room together. After comparing various brands, I decided to work with True Value’s EasyCare Ultra Premium Paint, which is known for their long lasting and superior products! I was quickly able to narrow it down to three options: a bold mustard (EasyCare Paint SUNBATH), a unique green (EasyCare Paint PARSLEY ROOT), and a soft pink (EasyCare Paint ROSE QUARTZ). Despite being my favorite color of the bunch, I could tell as soon as I swatched the mustard that it wasn’t going to work for the tiny space. Still, you always have to try something really out-of-the box because you never know until you get it up on the walls. But then it came down to team green vs. team pink. Do I echo the color of the floor tiles on the walls? Or do a bit of complimentary pink to balance it out?

In the end, I went with my gut. The kids were both taking a bath and singing and playing. I sat there watching them with three little swatches painted on the wall above them and just chose what jumped out at me in that very moment. Something about the pink just felt so fun and cheerful for a period bathroom. Using the EasyCare Paint Color Gallery, I explored the pink options and in the end, I landed on THE COLOR:  EasyCare Paint GLEE, in the Interior Satin finish. (Also available in flat, eggshell, semi-gloss, and gloss sheens for both interior and exterior applications, btw.)

I’ve been a fan of EasyCare Paint since I worked with the brand to find the perfect neutral yet complex white for our living room and fireplace. It’s become my go-to paint around the house, so I was really excited about this project because I knew I wanted to have some fun playing with COLOR. And it’s super easy to use because it’s a paint-and-primer in one that offers durability, smooth application, impeccable finish, and rich color. It has superior stain resistance and delivers long lasting color and performance which is especially important for a bathroom that has to endure tons of moisture and plenty of wear and tear, particularly when you’ve got two little kids! And most importantly for them, it’s low-odor, low-VOC, and certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. It minimizes irritants and pollutants in the air, creating a healthier indoor environment for your whole family in a range of colors to suit literally everyone. Picking a color is literally the hardest part, and they even make that easy.

Available at True Value stores nationwide and many independent paint and hardware retailers. Visit the Store Locator on EasyCarePaint.com to find a retailer near you.

I used the fan deck to get an idea of what colors to swatch, comparing against some of the tile and decor

Ready to sample swatches!

Are you team mustard, team green, or team pink?

Drumroll, please…

Just doing the final touch-ups to the room with the winning shade: EasyCare Paint GLEE



This post was sponsored by True Value and EasyCare Paint. 

christy dawn x madewell

earlier this week, i had the pleasure of photographing and sharing one of the new dresses from the latest christy dawn x madewell collaboration. i am a huge fan of christy dawn because all of their garments are made in los angeles utilizing up-cycled deadstock fabrics, so seeing a more ethical, sustainable brand model getting this type of visibility is a great step in the right direction for the fashion industry. so i headed out to one of my favorite parks on the edge of town to snap some dreamy photos, and was actually really surprised by how comfortable i felt wearing it in 95 degree heat! i don’t tend to go for more lightweight, semi-sheer fabrics, but it just felt so good! i’m wearing the dawn midi dress in floral garden, but you can shop the entire collection here.

let’s start with the basics

i remember when i first started wearing everlane. it was right after adam was born, so getting close to 5 years ago. i think it was the first time that i purchased a basic t-shirt for a $15, which seemed like a lot at the time. it’s funny how so much can change in such a short amount of time. back then, i had already been pretty focused on smaller, independent fashion brands. and i had a job at a large online fashion company that was working towards more transparency in the supply chain. so i was definitely becoming more aware of some of the ethical issues around production. but i was still having trouble justifying a higher price point for an item of clothing that i knew i could grab at a big box store or fast fashion retailer for a fraction of the price.

i got three box cut tees in white, black, and navy. and i picked up a chambray shirt, all the foundation of my new “mom wardrobe” as i called it. i had a newborn at the time, so i was creating what i later came to learn was my own little capsule collection. i had dramatically shifted focus towards really good basics that i could wash and wear comfortably while still feeling pulled together. and from that point on, i never looked back.

since then, my budget really hasn’t changed dramatically, but i’ve learned how to shift my focus from quantity to quality. today, my wardrobe is much smaller than it ever has been. people are often shocked when they see my closet because they assume that, as a fashion blogger, i would have way more clothes. but the reality is that if you focus on the basics, you can build a really practical wardrobe that will last from season-to-season, so you don’t have the need to constantly add more and more. and whenever a friend asks me for fashion advice, i usually point them in the direction of everlane. it’s kinda like the gateway drug for ethical fashion. and they have really good basics. so of course, i was more than happy to partner with the brand to highlight two simple outfits that serve as a great foundation for an easy wardrobe that’s focused on quality over quantity, while still being totally affordable. scroll for all of the details!

look one:
everlane bikini in pale pink (not pictured, but trust me)
everlane cotton box cut tee in white
everlane cheeky straight ankle jeans in sky blue
everlane day heel in cognac

my first look is a really great primer. the basics include a bikini, a simple box cut tee, a fun pair of high rise jeans, and a pair of heels that you can wear all day. i can tell you now that the underwear are a dream and i’ve already ordered several pairs of the high rise. they are really think and stretchy so that you don’t see any lines under your clothes, which is surprisingly hard to find! and if you’re looking for a good pair of mom jeans, then these are it. you can wear your usual size for a slightly more relaxed fit (which i personally prefer) or size down if you prefer a fitted look. and i was really skeptical about the day heel, but the product design team knows what they’re doing. they look good, they feel good, and you really can wear them #alldamnday, as the hashtag suggests.

look two:
everlane square mockneck tee in olive
everlane straight leg crop in bone 
everlane v heel in light blue suede

my second look features some new additions to the everlane lineup. it’s a transitional look since we’ve still got one foot in summer over here, but i think everyone is ready for cooler temperatures. the mockneck tee is one of my favorite silhouettes to wear in the fall. and don’t get me started on the pants. i had been eyeing the original wide leg crop for ages, but just never took the plunge. and i have to say, i was really impressed with the quality. the cotton is a substantial, but it has just the right amount of stretch so that they are comfortable even after a big meal haha. and the v heels are so much fun. i’ve been wanting to play around with some different colors and who can resist a pair of powder blue suede shoes?

this post was created in partnership with everlane.

outfit: fauxgerty

little known fact: i became a vegetarian at the age of 12, and vegan at the age of 15. in high school, i was the president of the animal rights club. i would mostly bake vegan cookies and pass them out at lunch in an attempt to convince people that you could give up dairy and still have delicious treats. yet i was still somehow labeled as “the girl who hates cows” because i did a presentation about factory farming and suggested that cows were damaging the environment. obviously, i didn’t get the message across. i was a real-life lisa simpson.

fast forward more years than i’d care to count, and i’m no longer as militant in my beliefs as i once was. i’m not a self-identified vegan or even vegetarian, but the number of years i spent focusing on a plant-based (and cruelty-free) diet has really shaped my lifestyle choices today. obviously i don’t talk much about food because this is a fashion blog. but i can say that i’ve pretty dramatically shifted my focus towards a more ethical garment industry over the past several years.

and while i’ve seen a lot of talk about sustainability in fashion in recent years, it doesn’t typically delve into leather. i know i’m guilty of it! i tend to wear leather because i see it as a “natural” option that can last a lifetime. but the reality is that the production of cow leather leaves a massive footprint on the environment. i know a lot of us tend to shy away from “synthetic” materials, but fauxgerty is really leading the way in sourcing alternative materials with less impact on the environment, and on animals. founded in 2013 by chrissy fogerty,

“[their] garments are made of pre-loved vintage, innovative faux-leathers and suedes, and sustainable fabrics like hemp and fair-trade, organic cotton. [they] repurpose vintage fabrics for [their] dresses, skirts, jumpsuits and liners (beginning in 2017) to upcycle textiles that otherwise would have been disposed of in a landfill. [their] faux-leather is now pvc-free and [their] faux-suede uses post-consumer materials in it’s construction.”

if you’re leather-free, or interested in going leather-free, they truly have the best faux-leather jackets! two of my current favorites are the delicious olive suede biker jacket, the swazey, and the cute, rust suede bomber jacket, the ebaughmer. and of course, they also focus on other sustainable textiles, my favorite (photographed in this post) is the frannie dress, constructed in the usa with upcycled vintage 100% linen fabric. you already know how much i love linen, so this one was a no-brainer for me. and once this hot summer weather cools off a bit, i’m seriously looking into getting one of their amazing jackets! in the meantime, look out for a few more outfits featuring this awesome brand. and…

use code “calivintage” for 15% off at fauxgerty now through june 2!

the frannie dress courtesy of fauxgerty
maryam nassir zadeh mules
bannet bag courtesy of ollie ella

around town with metromile

calivintage x metromile

i’ve never been much of a driver. in fact, i didn’t even get my first driver’s license until i was 25. this was despite the fact that i grew up in suburbia, but definitely because i moved to san francisco at 18, where bikes and buses were the easy way to get around. i lived in oakland for years before i finally decided i should learn to drive, and even then, i was still mostly riding my bike to work and around town, with only occasional weekend trips.

a lot of time has passed since those days, but even now that i live in the ‘burbs, i think i’ve carried that same city mentality with me. we chose our first home because it was one of the most walkable neighborhoods in town, only a few blocks from grocery stores, restaurants, our favorite coffee shop, the bank. our family did finally graduate from a tiny two door yaris to a family wagon last year, which was an awesome upgrade, but my driving habits are admittedly similar to that of a granny! i work from home, so i really only drive the kids to school and back, or on short trips to the grocery store. if you think about it, the car mostly sits in the driveway.

but you certainly wouldn’t know if it you looked at our car insurance bill! the way traditional car insurance works, you pay the exact same rate no matter how much you actually drive. if you don’t drive a lot, you’re basically subsidizing high-mileage drivers with your insurance bill. we knew we were paying too much, but we couldn’t find an insurance company with fair rates. until we found metromile’s pay-per-mile insurance, designed for people driving less than 10,000 miles per year like us.  i partnered with the brand to see just how well it works. and the proof is in the pudding: we’re now paying a low base-rate plus pennies per mile. before making the switch, we were paying about $105 per month. and as you can see from the shot of the incredibly nifty app, we’re now paying under $70 on our first bill. each month will be different based on how much we drive, putting us in control of our bill, and resulting in a much fairer price for insurance.

i can now pull up the app whenever i want to see exactly how many miles i’ve driven, and how much i can expect to pay at that point in the billing cycle. and if you’re worried about paying too much for a weekend road trip, you won’t. metromile doesn’t charge above 250 miles per day, so if you drive more than that, you’re actually saving money. and you get the same type of coverage as most big insurance companies, from collision to comprehensive. the obd-II device only measures how many miles you drive, not your driving habits. and it comes in handy in the event of theft– gps tracking! plus a host of other app features like a street sweeping reminder, and an engine health decoder.

it feels so good to finally be paying a fair price for insurance after being gouged by other insurance companies for so many years. especially now that we have kids! i can think of a lot of better ways to spend that money than on a car sitting in the driveway, can’t you?

calivintage x metromile
calivintage x metromile
calivintage x metromile
calivintage x metromile

this post was created in partnership with metromile. we pay our own insurance bill and all opinions are my own, as always. thank you for supporting the sponsors that make this blog possible!

and if you’re curious: our car is a toyota prius v. i’m wearing the l’envers gaby cardigan in mustard with redone ultra high rise jeans, and kate young for tura lita sunglasses in amber, carrying a clare v pot de miel handbag and a mesh baby baggu in rust. adam is wearing a soor ploom rosie coverall in moss with a fairends black waxed canvas cap. edie is wearing a misha & puff popcorn sweater in confetti cake with vintage jeans and a noble carriage exclusive petite soul organic bandit bonnet in blush. in the trunk of the car, you can see a leader bag co. julien leather set in ivory & tan, ollie ella luggy basket in natural, brookes boswell suncrest hat in natural panama straw, and hamabi amets patchwork quilt.

holiday traditions with cath kidston

ever since having kids, each holiday season has been getting more and more exciting! this is the first year that adam has pulled together a christmas list: he asked for a “city,” so i did some sleuthing and found some fun blocks that i hope will fit the bill. and while edie is still young, she’s old enough that we know exactly what she likes and we get to enjoy watching her unwrap a dollhouse complete with tiny dolls to play with. and not only are the kids getting more into the spirit, but our holiday traditions are starting to take shape. my mom was always a huuuge fan of christmas, so i have very fond memories of pulling all the decorations from storage, and very carefully placing her nutcrackers on the shelves to display, and thoughtfully arranging the intricate ornaments on the tree. it’s been really fun to enjoy that same tradition with my own kids.

so when we received these darling christmas baubles from our friends at Cath Kidston, adam and edie were jumping up and down in excitement. they literally claimed a few ornaments for themselves and sat entertaining themselves for a good 30 minutes, which was a success all on it’s own. ed didn’t have the patience to decorate with us, but it gave me an opportunity to do something special with adam. he snuggled up in his dragon printed pajamas and we got to work. it was a special time for us to enjoy those tiny pleasures that really are the most dear during this otherwise hectic time of year. with a special thanks to Cath Kidson for adding just the right touch of nostalgia and whimsy to our holiday season, from morning walks to disney surprises to our very own christmas celebration. and if you’re looking for some special pieces to gift during the holiday, they have the perfect collection.

courtesy of cath kidston: twinkle jumperflower jacuard skirtboys jersey pj set in dragonsset of 4 crochet christmas baubles

outfit: the joy is in the details with cath kidston

calivintage + cath kidston

The holidays are upon us, and while I’ve resolved to hit the ground running in preparation for the season, I know it won’t do me any good if I can’t also remember to slow down and take the time to enjoy the little things. One such detail that has really been helping me to be more mindful and to stay in the present are my morning walks with Adam. Our tradition began when he was just a baby. I would wake up the in the morning, get us both dressed up for the day, and head out on a stroll to the neighborhood coffee shop. Even if there was nothing else to do for the day, it was this little routine that really helped me to feel alive and ready to tackle my day.

Fast forward a few years and my little guy is nearly 4-years-old! What was just a simple morning routine has now grown and blossomed into something even more special than I could have imagined. Adam is no longer nestled in his baby carrier, but walking right beside me. When we get to the coffee shop, he holds the door open for me, and picks out a carton of milk from the refrigerator all by himself. We walk at his pace, stopping to pick dandelions or splash in puddles. And in those moments, he teaches me so much about slowing down and looking at the world through those wide eyes of a child. All with just a simple morning walk through the neighborhood.

And this season, we’ve partnered with the iconic brand, Cath Kidston, to share all of the joy in those precious details. I was so excited when they first contacted me because I still remember the brand from when I was a kid in the ’90s! They first launched in 1993 with a small shop in West London, selling car boot finds and vintage fabrics before Cath began designing and producing her own prints and products. They have since grown into a renowned brand available across the globe. I can still remember going with my mom to the local fabric shop and falling in love with those playful, vintage-inspired prints on oil cloth and cotton. So of course, I’ve been hit with a wave of nostalgia picking out matching outfits for me and Adam, with their cheerful details and modern vintage design. And I’m so excited to continue to share even more of our favorite details from The Home of Modern Vintage throughout the holiday season!


Adam is wearing: Marching Band Breton Stripe Boy Long Sleeve T-shirt, Mono Guards Boys Jeans, Guards Kids Watch

I’m wearing: Oil Painted Posy Dress, Tweed Coat, Medium Leather Duo Cross Body Bag (with a vintage beret and vintage boots)


calivintage + cath kidston
calivintage + cath kidston

calivintage + cath kidston
calivintage + cath kidston

home: staying connected with eero

As we continue decorating and renovating our little 1920s home, we’ve been incorporating more and more smart home features into our daily lives. We recently got a brand new smart TV, we have a wireless speaker for listening to our favorite playlists, a home air quality monitor, an app for checking-up on our solar panels, we even have a smart light bulb! Besides that, I split my time between taking care of the kids part-time and running my own business from our home office/studio. But all this technology can be a blessing and a curse. With internet-connected everything, it’s easy to fall into the trap of a 24 hour workday, there are more opportunities for frustrating connection problems, too much screen time, and even scary things like identity theft and malware. It’s a lot to manage when you’ve already got a lot on your plate.

Then we got eero. I recently partnered with the brand to try out their Home WiFi System, and it’s already made a huge difference around the house. It arrived beautifully packaged with the simplest of instructions for getting set up. You literally just connect it to your modem and plug the beacons into outlets around the house. From there, the real magic happens. We have a decent internet connection, but my phone was still getting temporarily knocked-off the network for no apparent reason, and you all know the struggle of watching that little spinning wheel on the Netflix screen when you just wanna chill and watch some TV after the kids have gone to bed. Not anymore. The beacons help extend your connection to parts of the house where the signal may not reach.

And did I mention that I recently started letting Adam use a tablet, and that’s it’s opened up a Pandora’s box of challenges? Well, eero allows parents to create profiles for their kid’s devices, and set schedules for when devices can access the WiFi, as well as pause the internet. It’s a lifesaver when it comes to limiting screen time and keeping Adam safe online. And it’s even been useful for my workaholic tendencies because I can literally turn off the internet at dinnertime or bedtime or even the entire weekend when I need some time to unplug.

Not only that, but the whole system incorporates seamlessly and attractively into the house so that your WiFi can just fade into the background, and you can get on to more important things in life.

Use promo code “CALIVINTAGE” for free overnight shipping (select the overnight shipping option at checkout) with purchase of any eero System!

Edie is confused why the screen is blank– it’s because the internet connection is on pause. Sorry Edie, no screen time for you just yet!

Good ol’ Instagram story filters.

Trying to get some work done with these two around…

This post was sponsored by eero.

In the house: Campaign Sofa in Almond White, coffee table, Coxwain Hand-Woven Rug with Eco Plush Felt Rug Pad, vintage rocking chair found on Apartment Therapy Marketplace, vintage and handmade throw pillows, Grimm’s Large Wooden Stacking Rainbow (here is a link the smaller 6-piece version), vintage lamp, painting by adam, vintage end table, Rock and Pebble Ele Villavase found on Fab no longer available (but here is one very similar). Feel free to ask me about anything you see in the room that I may not have mentioned here!

the frame

you may remember a few weeks back, we started the process of redecorating our living room. the whole space got a fresh coat of paint and i started simple with a fireplace makeover. but one thing i forgot to mention is that we completely removed our old television from above the mantle because we just couldn’t figure out a way to make it work in our tiny living room. don’t get me wrong, i like to watch tv as much as the next person, but i don’t really like the way it takes up so much space and has a tendency to become this dominating presence in the room. add in the fact that we don’t have a ton of wall space– and tastefully decorating a functional living room for the family has become a really tricky endeavor.

enter samsung’s latest collaboration with designer yves béhar– the frame. we received this innovative new tv in collaboration with samsung, and i didn’t even know what i was missing before it arrived! you may remember that previously, this wall served as a sort of makeshift foyer (see here and here). our current patio/mudroom is out of commission due to renovations (which is an entirely different story that i’ll have to save for another day!), so we’ve been sacrificing a big part of our living room as a place to store our shoes and drop off the mail. it was cutting the room in half and was creating a lot of wasted space in an already cramped area of the house. after changing things up, i can honestly say that without the frame, there is literally no other way we could have made a television work in here so gracefully.

true to it’s slogan, it is literally the most beautiful tv you’ve never seen. if i hadn’t taken these photos myself, at first glance, i don’t even think i would have known it was a television. the beauty is in the super sleek design coupled with the no gap wall mount so that it hangs flush with the wall alongside all of your favorite framed photos or artwork. the invisible connection is virtually undetectable and eliminates the usual mess of cables so that it truly looks like framed art on display. when you’re not watching your favorite shows, you can leave it in ‘art mode,’ allowing you to select your favorite art from a gallery of 100 professionally curated pieces of art. or you can upload your favorite family photos, it’s up to you. if the black frame isn’t your thing, you can also customize it with three additional bezel options in light wood, walnut, or white metal.

the design is really what sold me because it’s allowed me to ‘hide’ the television in plain view and put it in a place that helps to keep the living room cohesive and functional at the same time, which has totally opened up the possibilities when it comes to the rest of the decor as we continue working on the space. but if you’re more into the technical specs, then you’ll be impressed to know that it is a 4k hdpro tv with four times more pixels than full hd. and it’s no small thing coming in both 55″ and 65″ sizes. it’s like having an art gallery and a secret home theater all wrapped up into one tiny living room. who knew a tv could do so much?

go check out the frame for yourself!

other details: framebridge frames, vintage rocking chair found on apartment therapy marketplace, cb2 stax shelf, monroe workshop toy elephant, vintage baskets, good thing mini container in forest, manhattan toy skwish, areaware balancing blocks, vintage throw pillows, kosas home indoor/outdoor rug (sold out, but this one is similar)

this post was created in collaboration with samsung.






a fireplace before & after with true value

calivintage - a fireplace before & after with true value

another little space in our house is coming together! i never say a project is “finished” because there are always improvements to be made, but i’m feeling pretty good about this transformation. if you take a quick scroll past the text, you’ll see what i mean. that photo down there is what it looked like the day we moved in. dirty brown carpet, heavy drapes, cheesy sconces, hotel room artwork. the fireplace was boarded up with a really hideous screen leaning up against it. when it was on the market, i’m sure some people took one look at this living room and turned right around, but i knew that it was just a matter of cosmetics. all it really took was a couple of days work. we peeled away that dirty carpet to reveal the original 1920s hardwood floors, we switched out the light fixtures, added our own decor, and slapped on a fresh coat of paint.

and today i’ve teamed up with true value to share my experience choosing the perfect shades of white for your home. but before i go too far on the subject, i do need to preface this by saying that it is nearly impossible to photograph white and get an accurate depiction. i tried to get as close of an approximation as possible with these photos, but the only way for you to truly see what these colors look like is to get some samples and paint your walls! it even took me a few different tries mixing different shades of white to land on something that i really loved. so if you’re on the hunt, i’ve done a little bit of the legwork for you.

the walls are my absolute favorite shade of white. it is the true value easy care ultra premium flat interior in swiss coffee. the color was actually first recommended to me by my house painter and it is a standard shade that it available though many different brands. but it is still a standout choice and my personal favorite for my home. it’s a really great neutral white that isn’t too stark and clinical or too dark and yellow. it gives you that perfect scandinavian vibe– a nice soft white that serves as a clean backdrop for your decor. if you’ve ever had trouble with whites looking too blue or too dingy, then this color will be like a breath of fresh air.

it’s not as noticeable in the photos, but for the trim, i went with a slightly warmer shade of white– true value easy care ultra premium satin interior in sand dollar. i was going for more of a traditional look with this choice because i think it goes well with my 1920s home. i like it because it’s a nice creamy vanilla shade that helps to give just a little bit of dimension and depth without jumping out at you or competing with the decor. it just looks like it belongs. i actually had to go through quite a few different shades to land on this one, so i’ll share what i learned: look at the undertones of the shade you’re using! i was just plucking colors from the samples that i thought looked nice. but when i got home, they were either too pink or too yellow. i finally figured out that you can actually look at the undertones of the color formula as a guide to help you find a complimentary color. i took a look at the neutral undertones of swiss coffee and it helped steer me in the direction of the right shade to warm things up just a tad.

then it was just a matter of painting! this was the first time i’ve tried true value paints and i was really impressed with how viscous the formulas are. the ultra premium line just came out, and it is a paint and primer in one, so you can literally just slap on a coat or two and you’re done.

details: true value easy care ultra premium flat interior in swiss coffee on the walls and satin interior in sand dollar on the trim, visual comfort right angle sconces in hand rubbed antique brass, rock & pebble ele villa, areawear balancing blocks, vintage rocking chair and throw pillows, kosas home cosuma indoor outdoor kilim rug

calivintage - a fireplace before & after with true value
calivintage - a fireplace before & after with true value
calivintage - a fireplace before & after with true value
calivintage - a fireplace before & after with true value
calivintage - a fireplace before & after with true value
calivintage - a fireplace before & after with true value

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of True Value. The opinions and text are all mine.

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