clyde spring 2014

i’ve always kind of considered myself a hat person. this is a bit ironic considering i don’t actually wear hats all that much lately. but i appreciate a good hat, and i always seem to be fawning over some new style. if you find just the right shape, and tilt it just so, it can elevate a look to levels of cool i only dream of being able to achieve. it takes a certain level of confidence and a very strong conviction in your own sense of style to wear one right. and that’s basically what i’m always striving for. so of course, when i came across clyde, i got all giddy flipping through the lookbook and dreaming of a new hat to help define my summer style.

photos courtesy of clyde.

reformation “i’m up here” collection

eco-conscious clothing company reformation hasn’t really been on my radar much. i’d heard of the brand before, but they really didn’t grab my attention until today when they launched their latest aptly (or amply?) titled collection, i’m up here, featuring summer styles made specifically with busty ladies in mind. the collection is designed so that you can conceal a bra, and has more generous proportions along the bust line to accommodate women who wear a c-cup or higher. while i have my doubts about a few of these pieces working for my well above a c-cup body, i do appreciate the concept behind the designs. i don’t know how many times i’ve tried on a dress only to discover that i need to size up just so that the bust will fit, leaving the waist, hips, and everything else just a little bit too big for my frame. i know it’s kind of a niche issue, but hey, unless you’re a fit model, you probably have fit issues of your own.

while not every style is quite up my alley and some of the pieces still require a strapless bra (which isn’t very easy if you’re over a dd), there are some promising looks in the bunch. now that i’m living in such a warm climate, i really do appreciate the odd strategic cut out if i can still conceal my bra. and i’m not always totally opposed to showing a bit of skin if it means i’m not revealing way more than i bargained for. and of course, i always appreciate a company that focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable practices. so bravo to reformation for capturing a new market! i’ll be keeping an eye out from now on.

see the complete collection here.

photos of ashley smith for reformation.

everlane denim & poplin

the latest selection from everlane could not have come at a better time. i’ve been obsessed with really sturdy fabrics like cotton and denim and have pretty much been wearing white, navy, and denim almost every day this spring. it’s a clean palette, it’s practical, and it feels very chic, especially when you’re a new mom trying to pull yourself together and look presentable. i already have the box shirt in white and navy, but these new sleeveless and short sleeve shirts are going to be perfect as the heat of the summer sets in. and i’m pretty sure i need the shirtdress in all three colors. it’s like they say, “every summer outfit you want is here.”

if you’re not already signed up, feel free to use my referral code if you’d like!

margaret howell spring 2014


oh to be the woman decked out in all margaret howell. i have long been a fan of the iconic designer, but somehow haven’t written much about her on my blog over the years. part of it has to do with the fact that even though i love the style, it hasn’t always been the way i dress myself. until more recently, when i want everything i wear to be this kind of classic, menswear-inspired, nautical-themed kind of style. times like this, i want to go through her entire archive of collections dating all the way back to 1980 and start fashioning my entire wardrobe after her clean and simple aesthetic. it’s because of her that i’ve always wished i could pull of a beret. and how does she make a simple fedora so decidedly cool? i always feel kinda like a tool when i wear one, but now i wanna try it again. with a necktie and a cool jacket and some leather sandals. yes, please!

photos courtesy of margaret howell.

mayflower supply spring 2014


the new mayflower supply co. spring 2014 lookbook and collection has just launched, and kinda just want to jump right in and live in it. the vintage pieces are all right up my alley these days with lots of natural fibers like denim, linen, and cotton in simple, minimalist designs and monochrome palettes. this season, shop owner liz hull has also introduced her first non-vintage items by winden jewelry and kertis leather goods set against a backdrop of the lush botanical garden at smith college.

photography by greg wasserstrom, styling by emily theobald, modeling by ali breslin, logo design by cade beaulieu, art direction by liz hull

SP14_look01 SP14_look02

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bon george

today i’m excited to share the lookbook for the newly launched label bon george. this los angeles-based collection was created with a simple philosophy: keep it conscious. all of the pieces are inspired by vintage in classic, wearable designs, always with sustainability in mind.

our american-handcrafted garments are designed, sourced, and assembled locally in los angeles and are brought to life using salvaged vintage textiles and trims.  all of our pieces are limited-edition which means you get your hands on a unique piece that you can get excited about.

the first round of limited-edition pieces are perfect for spring. they’re beautiful, wearable, and very affordably priced. all things that i can definitely get behind and a brand that i will be watching.

images courtesy of bon george.

soft rock

every once in a while, i wonder to myself, whatever happened to built by wendy? that iconic new york label by designer wendy mullin so popular in the ’90s and early 2000s. i was even perusing her site not long ago to see if she had released a new collection. so when a newsletter landed in my inbox this morning announcing her new line, soft rock, i got super excited! according to the mailer, the collection answers the question, “what would clothing look like if it were easy listening music?” chuckle chuckle. it sounds silly, but the concept is right down my alley these days. “a seasonless, stock collection with clean, modern pieces for a more simplified approach to dressing… an alternative to giving up and wearing sweatpants all day.” these words, they resonate with me, haha.

most of the pieces are constructed out of a breezy cotton gauze. a classic collection of easy dresses and separates in basic colors that could easily make up an entire, simplified wardrobe. a wardrobe that i would be very happy to wear all summer long!

photos courtesy of soft rock.

heinui spring 2014

i always get so excited when i discover a new independent designer. such was the case when i received a very lovely email from claire, the french designer behind heinui. her latest collection, titled “paper moon” is made up of exactly the types of clothes i want to be wearing right now. of the collection, the designer says:

this collection was inspired by vintage pinups pictures and old hollywood glamour. the looks are very feminine, simple and effortless, casual yet quietly sophisticated in a way.

sounds just about perfect, don’t you think? i especially love the way her designs are conscious of a woman’s body while still maintaining a relaxed ease about them; the types of clothes you know you can be comfortable in all day long. of course, i love her little rompers and casual shirt dresses, and even though i’ve never been huge on wrap dresses, that pretty number up top is making me completely rethink my stance! and can we talk about that amazing blue watercolor print? so good!

photos courtesy of heinui.

orla kiely fall 2014


i know i’m a little late, but better late than never when it comes to the orla kiely fall 2014 collection. seeing photos of the presentation popping up on blogs and social media really made me wish i could have been at london fashion week! i swear one day i’ll make it out there! but while i’m dreaming of making a trip abroad, at least i can satisfy myself just a little bit with this new lookbook. i love the ’90s does ’60s vibe, it makes me think of a very refined version of the way i wished i could have dressed back when i was in high school. the chunky t-straps and little kitties on sweaters and prints are so perfectly ’90s goth, while the big daisy prints and girly elements are a bit more cher horowitz. but the more structured dresses and coats pull it back into the more grown-up and refined femininity that you come to expect from orla kiely with just the right touch of playful nostalgia.

photos courtesy of orla kiely.

peter jensen fall 2014

each season, designer peter jensen chooses a new muse to inspire his latest collection. for fall 2014, he set his sights on the career of the iconic faye dunaway. each piece draws reference from her various roles in films like the thomas crown affair, network, and mommie dearest. if you’re a film buff, it’s a delight to pick up on all the meticulous references, but even if you haven’t seen her movies, the collection alone is a feast for the eyes. plenty of ’60s and ’70s styles with the usual jensen twist and pitch perfect styling.