desert days

it’s really hard for me to believe that we’ve spent most of the summer out here in the desert, so far removed from our typical routines, our favorite local spots, our home! to be completely honest, i was pretty nervous about the idea of staying with my mom for 8 weeks. not because i don’t get along with her– we have a pretty solid relationship. but because it’s hard to be away from home, especially when you have two little kids. and she lives out in the desert where the stores are just far enough that you better hope you didn’t forget a crucial ingredient for dinner or you’ll be gone for at least 30 minutes to grab what you need. yes, i’m a city mouse, and moving away from big cities like oakland and los angeles was hard enough for me!

but as time passed by and i got used to our new normal, i can actually say that i’m gonna miss it. these photos were literally shot in my mom’s back yard. she lives nestled up against a beautiful wilderness area on one side and pretty fields of horses and cows on the other side. and being away has actually made me miss our home in a way that feels good. absence makes the heart grow fonder? i’m excited to hit up all of my favorite coffee shops, and to go on easy walks downtown with the kids. and to see our house! i haven’t talked much about what’s been going on with our house, but if all goes according to plan, it’s gonna be good. and the reveal will be coming soon!

delia jumpsuit in midnight denim courtesy of jean franklin
vintage blouse
clare v. pot de miel
veggies are friends cotton/silk bandana courtesy of centinelle
maryam nassir zadeh sophie sandals


heat wave

it’s that time of year. when the entire fashion world is collectively gearing-up for fall and promoting sweaters, while i’m sweating it out in 100+ degree weather. the high today is literally 107 degrees. so i’m really just hitting peak summer wardrobe. in fact, it’s almost like a different season. there’s regular summer and then there’s hell-on-earth summer. and the heat keeps on going well into october where i live, so there’s really no end in sight.

fortunately for me, i recently got my perfect pair of dream shorts from san francisco-based muumuu. i came across her feed on instagram and there they were in all of their high-rise, pleated glory. it was a match made in heaven, even if the weather does indeed feel like hell. and they’re definitely going to be in heavy rotation for the next couple of months.

ilana kohn roxey tank in denim 
muumuu pleated paper-bag shorts
maryam nassir zadeh mules
bamboo clutch courtesy of moorea seal


giveaway: win $150 to lindsay robinson!

calivintage + lindsay robinson

hope you guys are in the mood for a giveaway! this time, i’ve partnered with my friend lindsay robinson to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a $150 shop credit! i’ve been a fan of this san francisco-based brand for a few years now and i just love the new collection she’s released this summer, including the field blouse i’m wearing now (and a dress version that i want, too)! in addition to these gauzy pieces, she has a great selection of jumpsuits in beautiful colors. hard to resist getting one of each!

enter to win $150 to linsday robinson by visiting this post on instagram!

field blouse courtesy of lindsay robinson
ilana kohn boyd pants in denim
loq ara sandals
clare v. petit alistair

calivintage + lindsay robinson
calivintage + lindsay robinson
calivintage + lindsay robinson
calivintage + lindsay robinson


something about this old railway station is just so romantic. i often try to imagine what it was like when it was built in 1910. who were the passengers, where did they come from, where were they headed, what did their clothes look like? even though it’s been closed since the 1970s, the whole place has such a cinematic feeling to it. and i was certainly going for the drama with this outfit. i’ve been pushing the boundaries of what i normally wear, leaning into some of the details that i really like, and experimenting with my style a bit.

there’s definitely a lot going on with this look. but sometimes it’s fun to go a little over the top. it keeps things interesting, and that’s just what i need right now.

vintage blouse courtesy of rawson
mara pant in olive denim courtesy of reifhaus
woven tote bag courtesy of moorea seal
women’s isla slide sandal in black courtesy of nisolo
espanola hat from avenue boutique

picnic plaid

what i wore for a little date night with brendan. since we’re much further from civilization for the summer, we have fewer options for going out, but it’s still fun to steal away for a little bit, even if it’s just for margaritas at a local dive. in fact, all the better!

in terms of my sartorial choices, i’m sure you may have noticed that i’ve decided to wear all of the colors this summer. and i’m wearing dresses again, too. so what better than a bright pink plaid with fluttery sleeves? i mean, really, who needs a picnic when you’re already dressed like one? just toss some cheese and crackers in my bag and i’m good to go haha!

get $44 off the family affairs paris madras dress with code FILMNOIR

paris madras dress courtesy of family affairs
maryam nassir zadeh sophie mules
bamboo clutch courtesy of moorea seal

swim wear

calivintage + deta swimwear

i can’t remember the last time i loved a swimsuit quite as much as this beautiful mustard one piece from deta knits. for starters, it doubles as day wear. and in my case, lounge wear as well. yes, i’ve literally just pulled it on to wear in bed while reading a book or lounging on the sofa when no one is around. it’s made of a fine knit so it’s a perfect cross between a bodysuit and a more traditional swimsuit. and you can’t go wrong with the color! i’m also particularly fussy about the way swimsuits can kinda cut into your skin, but because it’s a knit, you don’t get any of that! so you’ll be hearing me sing praises about this for the rest of the season, for sure.

oh, and it’s ethically produced in new york city by anna berger, a communication designer who recently moved from berlin to nyc. what’s even more interesting is that her line is not just experimenting with knitwear design, but also co-developing and producing designs with local seniors. of the work, berger says:

We’ve heard from a lot of our senior collaborators that it’s been a good use of their time as well as an outlet for their passion for handcraft. It’s proven to be a mutually beneficial relationship: the seniors help the label with their skills, and the label provides them with additional income. It’s been rewarding working together with a cross-generational team on a product that normally would not be expected to unite different age groups.

so wonderful! i really love the way she’s thinking outside of box and i’m so excited to see what else she comes up with! not only that, but today we have a deal for you:

use code “calivintage” for 20% of deta knits through july 25!

one piece mustard swimsuit courtesy of deta
ilana kohn cielo skirt courtesy of mada
maryam nassir zadeh mules
thrifted vintage belt

calivintage + deta swimwear
calivintage + deta swimwear
calivintage + deta swimwear
calivintage + deta swimwear
calivintage + deta swimwear

the mada summer sale (and a $100 giveaway!)

i can’t believe how long it’s been since i’ve hosted a giveaway! they’re one of my favorite things to do, so today is a very sweet welcome back. i’ve partnered with seattle-based mada boutique to celebrate the launch of her mega summer sale, and we’re kicking things off by offering one lucky reader the chance to win a $100 gift code to shop.

and get 20% off at mada (including sale items) using code “madavip” through july 27!

now onto these photos! i had so much fun shooting this mini lookbook for the shop. this desert backdrop is literally our back yard while we’re staying at my mom’s house for the summer, and it was the perfect place to showplace these fun summer looks that i’ve been wearing nonstop. all available at mada right now. so don’t forget to enter the giveaway!!

visit this post on instagram and enter for a chance to win $100 to mada!

espanola hat from avenue boutique
first right tank top
ilana kohn cielo skirt courtesy of mada
maryam nassir zadeh sandals

whit esme dress courtesy of mada
loq sandals

espanola hat from avenue boutique
ace & jig heights jumper in nymph courtesy of mada
maryam nassir zadeh sandals

custom t-shirt courtesy of silvae
re-done ultra high rise jeans
maryam nassir zadeh pumps


gretchen jones’ altruism by design la workshop!

Exciting news! I’ve teamed up with Gretchen Jones on her inaugural ALTRUISM BY DESIGN tour as a co-host for the Los Angeles workshop! We’ll be gathering at the beautiful Light Lab studio on August 4 from 10am to 6pm. The workshop will cover the following topics:

1. Pattern Break – Activate & Engage Your Consumer Audience: Building a strong audience through activating and engaging qualitative and quantitative information within your business and creativity.

2. Killing it w/ Kindness – Learning Your Leadership Style: Empowering yourself, your staff, and your business through honing your mode of operating, both inside AND outside the studio.

3. Altruism in Design & Business – Build More Purposeful Processes: Aligning your creative and business practices– and your values– with a holistic approach to sustainability.


Saturday, August 4
10am – 6pm

Register here!


There is no time like the present to invest in building your bigger picture– with integrity. I am so excited to get activated and engaged with Gretchen Jones, and to grow alongside the wonderful community here in Los Angeles.

Images from the Seattle workshop photographed by Jordan Carlson

Gretchen Jones is an award-winning fashion director, recent MBA (fashion) graduate from the London College of Fashion and a noted speaker on sustainability, creativity and design.

Gretchen’s vision has grown beyond collection design—she wants to change the way creative business is done. By inspiring and coaching  entrepreneurs and business leaders of all kinds, Gretchen is pulling together the threads of every aspect of her career. In partnership with creatives around the world, she’s helping designers double down on their real values, making things better for our environment, our communities, and ourselves—simultaneously and with purpose.

The Business of FashionWWDThe New York TimesStyle.comRefinery29ElleLuckyMarie ClaireNylonGlamourNew York Magazine, and many more have published Gretchen’s thinking and work. She’s spoken recently at SxSW in both the fashion and social impact tracks, as well as lecturing on fashion, design and business at Princeton and Columbia Universities, among others.

suburban summer

i may have forgotten to mention this… but a couple of weeks ago, we quietly packed up all of our belongings and temporarily moved out of our house for the summer. we’re in the middle of a big house project that has forced us to leave while work is being done, so we’re staying with my mom out in the desert for the next several weeks. it’s a pretty big change for all of us, and it’s definitely taken some adjustment. but it actually turns out to be kinda like a mini vacation. if for nothing more than just the change of scenery. that and the fact that my mom is around, spoiling us with home cooked meals, and even letting me sneak in some much needed naps.

she lives on a nice big property with a vegetable garden and a swimming pool! so we’ve been enjoying that quiet, suburban life. and wouldn’t you know? it seems to be affecting my style, too. someone mentioned that this outfit was a bit of a “calivintage throwback,” and i have to agree. it definitely feels like i’m stepping into a new chapter in life these days, too. my kids are kids now! the baby phase is over, we’re all getting more sleep, and dresses don’t seem quite as ridiculously impractical anymore!

vintage crop top courtesy of rawson
rachel antonoff barbie dress (i got mine from myrtleit’s currently sold out, but you can pre-order it in ivory denim!)
everlane modern buckle sandals in dark green suede
clare v. petit alistair in veg tan


and just like that, summer has arrived. i’m hanging out with my little buddy (who makes an appearance in the very last photo in this post) and trying my best to “be present” as they say. we have a running list of fun activities we want to do: build a fort out of cardboard boxes, get a kid-friendly camera to shoot photos (his request), melt crayons, go swimming, make play dough, etc, etc. so we’ve been keeping ourselves occupied. and i’m appropriately wearing this beautiful new jumpsuit from my friends at fauxgerty because it truly is the perfect “mom uniform.” something you can throw on to look pulled together, but that you can still totally wear on an impromptu trip to the park with the kids. not only that, but everything from fauxgerty is made where they’re based in st. louis, so they can ensure that their garments are sewn with attention to detail while abiding by their ethical standards. their seamstresses are paid 36% over the regional average, but their clothes won’t break the bank. this jumpsuit is made in the usa with an upcycled linen cotton blend, and clocks in at totally reasonable $155.

and if you’re on the hunt for a new pair of summer clogs, now is the time to snag a pair from sandgrens. i’m wearing the classic rio grande sandal, which is on sale for 50% through sunday. get to those links below!

sandgrens is having their midsummer sale right now. get 25 – 50% off through sunday, july 1st or while supplies last!

the amber jumpsuit courtesy of fauxgerty
espanola hat from avenue boutique
rio grande high clogs courtesy of sandgrens, currently 50% off!

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