adam: week 8

this is one of my favorite shots of adam, captured on a rare rainy day in los angeles  (which, of course, meant we took the opportunity to dress him up in his teeny tiny rain slicker). around 7-8 weeks is when he became much more expressive, with lots of social smiling and other silly faces. i just couldn’t get over that little wrinkled nose!

also, if you aren’t already following me on instagram, i post a ton of photos of adam that i don’t share anywhere else. i try to post his outfits once or twice a week. here’s a better look at this outfit, complete with baby old skool vans!



fair season vintage

i tend to go through phases. sometimes i can’t be bothered with vintage, sometimes all i wanna do is rummage through thrift stores on the hunt for hidden treasures, and sometimes i fall down the etsy rabbit hole. last week, i embarked on an etsy hunt for the perfect vintage coveralls and came across fair season vintage. it was love at first sight. for me, it’s the exact aesthetic that i’ve found myself so inexplicably drawn to since i moved to los angeles. unfussy basics with very minimal styling. in fact, i just bought the pair of cream coveralls down below!

what’s more, i discovered that the shop is based here in la, and that they set up shop at the silverlake farmer’s market every saturday. such a good idea! i still haven’t stopped by, but now i’m pretty excited to check them out while i’m picking up fresh fruits and veggies.

photos courtesy of fair season.


heinui spring 2014

i always get so excited when i discover a new independent designer. such was the case when i received a very lovely email from claire, the french designer behind heinui. her latest collection, titled “paper moon” is made up of exactly the types of clothes i want to be wearing right now. of the collection, the designer says:

this collection was inspired by vintage pinups pictures and old hollywood glamour. the looks are very feminine, simple and effortless, casual yet quietly sophisticated in a way.

sounds just about perfect, don’t you think? i especially love the way her designs are conscious of a woman’s body while still maintaining a relaxed ease about them; the types of clothes you know you can be comfortable in all day long. of course, i love her little rompers and casual shirt dresses, and even though i’ve never been huge on wrap dresses, that pretty number up top is making me completely rethink my stance! and can we talk about that amazing blue watercolor print? so good!

photos courtesy of heinui.



outfit: simple pleasures


i almost didn’t share this look because after i uploaded the photos, i noticed that my bangs were looking kinda crazy after a quick home trim, and my shirt wasn’t properly tucked in and i was making funny faces and… well, i was picking myself apart as is easy to do when you’re staring at pictures of yourself on a very high-resolution computer screen. and then i was like, fuck it! this is what i looked like that day and even if it’s not the most exciting, i still felt pretty good in it.

anyway, this is my uniform as of late. jeans and a button-up shirt. i have a several different pairs of jeans and shirts in varying colors that i switch out with different shoes and bags. sometimes i swipe on some lipstick when i’m feeling a little plain, or i throw my hair up in braids or a top-knot if my hair is dirty. you’ll usually find me in a look like this with my sleeping baby strapped to my front, strolling around los feliz, possibly with an iced coffee in one hand and my cell phone in the other. it makes me feel so stereotypically l.a., but it’s just part of my routine nowadays. daily chats with my mom are good therapy when i’m at home all day caring for a the babe, and getting coffee is a nice little indulgence and a good excuse to get out of the house.

asos denim shirt in dark wash
asos farleigh high waist slim mom jeans in deep blue
swedish hasbeens woven super high in natural
clare vivier messenger tote
nars lipstick in heat wave



the best nursing bra

dark-chocolate-bra (1)

before i began breastfeeding, i was pretty anxious about finding a good nursing bra because i already had so many challenges finding regular bras that would not only fit, but also lift, separate, and shape properly. prior to pregnancy, i was wearing around a size 32 ddd, give or take a cup size. by the end of my pregnancy, i was wearing a 36g with an extender in the back. and now that i have adam, i’m wearing a 34i, give or take a cup size. i knew that it would be a multiple step process and that i’d probably have to shell out a lot of money for the many  specialty-size bras i’d have to buy as my cup and band size fluctuated in the first few months post-pregnancy. but fear not, if you find yourself in a similar situation, i’ve outlined my experience and recommendations to hopefully help you along.

as i approached my due date, i headed to target and bought an inexpensive nursing “sleep” bra. it’s essentially a really soft and stretchy sports bra that you can easily lift up or pull down, and that just very gently holds you in place. i wore it for the first two weeks post-partum when i was basically just laying around the house in my pajamas recovering from the c-section and feeding the baby. it’s recommended to wear a soft bra like this during the very uncomfortable engorgement period.

once i was feeling a bit more comfortable and a little less full, i transitioned to a slightly more supportive soft cup nursing bra by elle machpherson. this bra is probably all you need if you fit into regular sizes and don’t need additional support, but since it doesn’t do much in the way of shaping, it does tend to create the dreaded ‘uni-boob.’ it lasted me a couple more weeks before the band size became too large and i was really aching for something with a bit more lift and separation.

my next bra was the highly-rated elomi molded nursing bra. mostly because it was one of the few nursing bras that actually came in my size! putting on an underwire when your breasts are as large and heavy as they are after baby is a really wonderful feeling. suddenly my boobs were lifted and separated, and i felt firmly held in place. but after wearing my trusty elomi for another several weeks, i started to get frustrated by it’s lack of shape. sure, it lifted, but lift does not a good bra make. my main issue is that the seamless cup does nothing to help pull your breasts forward, so you basically end up with your boobs in your armpits. not such a good look when you’re trying to fit into a button-up shirt. i was reaching the point of crisis. i was on the hunt for a nursing bra that could most closely stand-up next to my regular list of standbys (my current favorites are the chantelle intimates rive gauche full support underwire bra and the panache andorra full cup underwire bra, but the list is always changing).

enter cake lingerie. i browsed through the options on the site, and after a bit of deliberation, i settled on the dark chocolate bra. it comes in a balcony style with a three-paneled cup and a soft underwire, very similar in construction to some of my favorite styles. the top panel is made of stretch lace to accommodate any fluctuations in size you might experience, and it’s constructed with an inner a-frame to hold the cup in place while nursing. not only that, but it’s actually pretty! the  exact same style comes in a range of different colors and fabrications from gold nude to bright fuchsia. hands down the closest thing to a regular bra out there, and easily my favorite nursing bra.



outfit: daytime date

i know i’m just getting back into the habit of sharing my outfits again, but i can assure you, this is the first time i’ve worn a dress in quite a while! a lot of the dresses i own are a little too precious to wear while toting around a newborn, but this dusen dusen dress is actually quite practical. it’s made of a sturdy washable cotton and it has a button-front, two considerations that now dominate my post-maternity wardrobe. the issue of fit is still a bit of a challenge. not because of the dress, but because even though my body is pretty much back to it’s pre-pregnancy size, my bust line is now clocking in at an impossible 34i ( i mean, c’mon, is that even a size?!). but i’ve been told that i will most likely lose an inch or two in the coming months, so i’m ok if some of my clothes are a tiny bit snug for the time being. i’ve pretty much gotten used to the fact that my body has been constantly changing for the past year and will continue to do so for many more months.

i actually wore this look for an afternoon movie date. i figured i’d get a little fancy in my dress and heels to hang out in a mostly empty matinee which appeared to be reserved for elderly couples, families with small children, and new parents experimenting with how long they can leave their baby before getting an urgent text to get back home because he’s become inconsolable… ha! we actually made it through the entire movie and adam was fine. and it was fun to sneak away for just a little bit before resuming duty as the doting parents that we are. seriously, i am so obsessed with that little dude, it’s actually hard for me to leave him for even a couple of hours!

dusen dusen black formica dress courtesy of emerging thoughts
swedish hasbeens braided high in natural
clare vivier messenger tote
double hoop necklace courtesy of giantlion
cuff bracelet courtesy of academy


adam: week 7

from a visit with his great-grandparents. now that we live in los angeles, i’m only an hour away from my family for the first time in thirteen years. we’re pretty tight knit, so it has always been hard for me to be away. and it’s a huge part of why i moved back to southern california when i found out i was expecting. i’m so happy that we can just drive out whenever we feel like it and hang around with family for a day or two. and they’re all so excited about adam, it usually feels like a big party when we go over, and everyone takes turns passing him around. he’s one lucky little dude!



giveaway: win $100 to everything golden!

Everything Golden 1

today i am pleased to announce my latest giveaway courtesy of everything golden. this lovely montana-based shop offers a beautiful selection of handmade and vintage wares, from hand-crafted jewels and accessories to one-of-a-kind vintage finds, perfect for the outdoor woman. i love that they stock montana-made goods alongside cool independent designers like erin considine, shelter, and farrell & co. and today, we’re offering you the chance to win $100 to the shop!

to enter: visit everything golden and tell us which item in the shop is your favorite!

the fine print: this giveaway is open to readers within the us. only one entry per person. winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email after tuesday, april 15.

bonus: everything golden would also like to offer you 15% off your order with code “calivintage” now through april 15!



outfit: it’s been a while

can you believe it? an outfit post! it’s been a long time coming. i don’t really have much of a reason other than to say it’s amazing how having a baby can completely change your priorities. i mean, i think about sharing my outfits sometimes, but i just never seem to get around to actually snapping photos. but the seasons are changing and i’m starting to build out my new spring wardrobe, and when my new jumpsuit arrived from family affairs, i got pretty darn excited. i pulled it on right out of the package and wore it for the rest of the day just hanging out at home with little baby adam. and when brendan got home from work, he complimented my bright blue jumpsuit, and we proceeded to think of silly references for the look. i suggested april o’neil, he said blue luigi. it’s just such a fun piece, but it’s also totally practical. and there’s no way you can wear a bright blue mechanics jumpsuit and not have just a little more fun.

wearing: swanlake overall courtesy of family affairs, white arizona birkenstocks, clare vivier messenger tote