the one that got away


if you’ve been following me on instagram, then you may already know that my little family recently started the process of hunting for a house. for nearly 10 years now, brendan and i have always lived in relatively small apartments in urban areas, and never even dreamed of owning a home. but since having a baby, moving to redlands, and falling in love with the community here, we’ve gotten more serious about finding a place to call our own. we currently live in a cute little rental, but we don’t have much of a yard, and it was never our intention to stay here for very long. we live in the historic district, surrounded by darling craftsman-style bungalows, cookie cutter victorians, and charming spanish-style villas. it is just about impossible to keep myself from daydreaming about living in some cute little vintage house as i go on walks with adam around the neighborhood. (i even started posting to instagram with the hashtag #housesofredlands.)

so after casually looking at the real estate listings for several months, i finally laid my eyes on this charming 1920s beauty. the house is on a ridiculously idyllic tree-lined street only a short walk from the historic downtown. when i saw the listing, my heart began to pitter-patter and i did my best not to get my hopes up too high. but if you’ve ever been on the hunt for a house, then you know how quickly you begin to imagine yourself living there forever. it was the perfect house. tons of vintage charm with the original bathroom mostly intact. the kitchen was redone in the ’70s, but it was nothing that a few coats of paint and a new countertop couldn’t fix. and beneath all of that dirty old carpeting was the original hardwood flooring, just waiting to be revealed. just the type of fixer-upper that can easily be restored to it’s original charm by someone with the vision to do it!

but alas, it really was too good to be true. we were outbid without a chance to counteroffer and the house is now pending. i can’t help but find myself hoping that the sale will somehow fall through and we’ll get that call. but i know that it’s been long enough that i need to let go and continue searching for “the one.” but the whole process is much more emotionally draining that i ever thought possible. there are so many factors out of our control. we need to be patient since those barely untouched gems don’t pop up often, and even then, there may always be someone willing to put in a higher bid.

do any of you have tales to tell about your search for the perfect home?

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lauren winter spring 2015


the new lauren winter spring 2015 collection is out, and i want it all! i’ve followed lauren winter since her blogging days many years ago, so i really don’t know how i hadn’t written about her excellent designs until now. she really has a wonderful talent, and has been releasing beautiful handmade collections for quite a few seasons now. and i have to say, this latest is my favorite yet! i was first drawn in by the cool, handprinted shapes top and shorts, and immediately started counting my pennies. then, of course, i laid my eyes on the easy hourglass caftan. but of course she had to go and make the perfect jumpsuit ever. so basically, i’ll be emptying out my rainy day fund so i can walk around all summer in this dreamy collection. am i laying it on too thick? i can’t help myself! i am so ready for hot weather and cool linen clothes. you can shop the collection now.

photography: lydia bittner-baird
model: megan scott

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recipe: the greeña colada


back when i was living in los feliz, i couldn’t resist stopping by the punchbowl a few times a week for their delicious greeña coladas. needless to say, i was pretty sad when we moved away because i no longer had quick access to my smoothie fix. their menu says it’s made with coconut meat, kale, pineapple, avocado, coconut water,  and coconut nectar. so i went about my way sourcing the ingredients in an attempt to recreate it. i had a bit of a rough time finding the coconut meat, but finally found it in the freezer section of my local health food store. i don’t even know what coconut nectar is, and i still haven’t been able to find it, so i had to skip out on that one! then it was just a matter of tweaking the ratio of ingredients to taste. there’s really no right or wrong when it comes to this, but here’s the way i’ve been preparing it.

greeña colada

8 – 10 chunks of frozen pineapple
half an avocado
2 – 3 frozen kale leaves
1 large piece of coconut meat
coconut water varies, usually around 1.5 cups

simply toss all of the ingredients into a commercial blender or food processor and add coconut water to desired consistency. because i like my smoothies to be icy cold, i usually put the pineapple and kale into the freezer before blending, but you can also just throw them in fresh. i’ve also noticed that i prefer the drink to be heavy on pineapple so i can taste the tartness through the creamy avocado and bitter kale. then just grab a nice big straw and enjoy!



need supply co. spring 2015


the new need supply spring 2015 lookbook has got me dreaming of a complete wardrobe overhaul. for spring, they took “a crisp, clean, and natural approach to dressing for the new season. with a focus on balancing volume and shape, each piece is allowed to stand on its own. the look is brought alive by the wearer, rather than defining them.” i love the classic styles and interesting silhouettes punctuated by statement jewelry. and i have been lusting after that current/elliot quilted denim coat since last year. i thought it had gotten away from me, but seeing it pop up this spring is making me think that perhaps it’s meant to be! you can shop the entire collection here.

photo credit: need supply








heinui spring 2015

the new heinui spring 2015 look book is out, and i’m falling all over myself over here. last season, i was lucky enough to get my hands on one of her wrap dresses, and it quickly became a favorite. i was so impressed by the quality and workmanship, and the fit was just perfect. it is not every day that you find such a combination, so you’d better believe that i took note!

this season, i’m especially loving the whimsical blue prints and playful tropical motif! a perfect resort feel, but in practical and elegant designs that can be worn day to day. i think my favorite piece is that stunning kimono-style wrap dress up top with the all over water babe print. i want to wear it right now with a straw hat and sandals!

photo credit: heinui



giveaway: win a pair of ray-bans from sunglasses shop!

today i am pleased to announce that i’ve partnered up with sunglasses shop to offer you the opportunity to win a pair of ray-ban sunglasses! being vintage-obsessed as i am, i’m a total sucker for their classic stylings, and have gotten my last several pairs from sunglasses shop. they offer a huge selection of designer sunglasses at really great pricing, including this impressive array of ray-bans. i’m wearing the round wayfarer, meteor, clubmaster, and the round metal, which all come in a variety of different colors.

to enter, simply visit sunglasses shop and tell us which pair of ray-bans are your favorite in the comment section below!

this giveaway is open to international readers, so anyone can enter. only one entry per person. winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email after tuesday, march 3.



riding around town

since having adam and moving to a new home, i’m embarrassed to admit that it’s been quite a while since i’ve gone on a bike ride around town! riding a bike has been a big part of my lifestyle up until now, and it’s certainly not something that i want to give up. so when brooklyn bike co. got in touch and asked if i’d like to try out one of their bikes, it was just the kick in the butt that i needed to hop back on a bike. after a bit of consideration around my needs, i picked out the willow 3-speed in a sleek gloss black frame. it’s a nice lightweight, but sturdy chromoly frame that weighs in at about 28lbs. it’s got three speeds– nothing crazy– but just enough to help me get around town. it’s relatively flat in all of the places where i would be doing casual riding, so i don’t need a fancy road bike with a million different gears. and i like the classic black frame because it’s simple and chic and won’t clash with any of my outfits. of course i love that the step-through frame has a vintage vibe, but since it’s brand new, it’s much more comfortable to ride. i have a vintage raleigh which i love, but i swear to you, it’s like 50 pounds. super cute, but not always the most practical.

so here’s what i wore on my first day back in the saddle! it was a sunny day, but just cool enough that i opted to wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt. but the nice thing about an upright bike like this is that you can get away with wearing pretty much anything you’d like. i went for a but of a tomboy look, but once the weather is a little bit warmer, i’m sure i’ll be hopping on in a little sun dress.

willow three speed courtesy of brooklyn bicycle co.
lake merced shirt courtesy of tradlands
mih halsy straight leg jeans
marais usa cowboy mules
jasper sunglasses courtesy of warby parker
the runwell courtesy of shinola
horseshoe ring courtesy of erica weiner





yesterday, i was going through my photos when i came across a few snapshots that never made it onto the blog! it was just a super casual day and my outfit was pretty simply, but why not share? yellow just so happens to be my favorite color, yet it’s the color i probably wear the least! i have yellow/light olive undertones to my skin, so i tend to worry that it washes me out a little, but one easy trick to get away with wearing something that “isn’t your color” is to add a swipe of lipstick. for years, i’d just banished certain shades of tan, khaki, and pea green because i didn’t realize how something as simply as a little makeup would help balance it out. so i offer it up to anyone who may find themselves in a similar conundrum. and a reminder to myself that i should enjoy wearing my favorite color a little bit more often!

karen walker sweater
mih halsy jeans
trixie iridescent courtesy of miista shoes
nars semi matte lipstick in heatwave

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ymc spring 2015


oh man, i am having a bit of a love affair with the new ymc spring 2015 collection. it’s simple and sophisticated with nautical vibes, some dressier pieces mixed in with comfy loungewear. it’s the kind of wearable clothes that are realistic in just about any wardrobe. the types of pieces you wear to death. and i certainly wouldn’t expect anything less from this super cool british brand.

photo credit: ymc


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four days, four outfits


one thing i’ve noticed is that life has changed so dramatically over the past couple of years, that it’s really hard for me to get into the routine of photographing my daily outfits like i used to. i’m just so distracted by whatever i’m doing that i never seem to stop and think about taking a picture. i certainly haven’t lost interest in my personal style. in fact, getting “dressed up” every day has been an important part of my routine. it just makes me feel good about myself, and more prepared to tackle the day. but i haven’t exactly been documenting it!

so last week, i decided to bend the rules and do things a little differently. i partnered up with HP and Megan Trainor to feature the four ways you can use the HP x360, and i saw it as the perfect opportunity to take it along with me while i documented four days in my life, outfits included! instead of trying to make a big production out of getting the usual head-to-toe outfit shots, i just kept my camera by my side so that i could snap a few quick pictures of whatever i was up to.



the weather has been so ridiculously nice lately, that we’ve been taking every opportunity to head out and explore the parks and nature areas around town. my brother has been really into photography lately, so we’ve been getting together a lot to visit new places and snap a few photos. when i lived in northern california, it felt like we did this kind of thing just about every weekend, so it’s been fun to finally get into the routine here in our new home. i certainly never knew we had this cool little spot hidden in our own back yard!

wearing: gaia black shift dress from earth & beauty, elizabeth suzann raw silk tie, rachel comey mars boots, claire v. messenger tote, warby parker jasper sunglasses



my sister usually has one day off during the weekday, so we’ve made a routine out of getting together once a week to cook a meal or two. we’d been doing it so often, that it’s actually what motivated us to try our hand at food blogging. i just never thought to take a picture of myself in the kitchen!

of course, i spend an embarrassing amount of time on pinterest, which is where most of our new recipes are born. the HP x360 was a nice new companion because we could convert it to tablet or display mode while we browsed around the web looking for new ideas.

wearing: cardigan new york marc sweatshirt dress





i tend to get my work done in very brief intervals throughout the day, usually for a couple of hours while adam is napping. we got this really cool coffee table that converts to a desk so that i can set up my laptop to answer emails and work on blog posts whenever the opportunity arises. it was a ridiculously sunny day, so i was actually quite happy to perch myself at the couch with my new HP x360 in tablet mode to get some work done. i am terrible at typing on a tablet or phone, so it’s nice that the 360 has a keyboard so i can get through emails more quickly. later on, i may or may not have cheated a little and switched it to tent mode to catch up on new episodes of broad city

wearing: apiece apart crop top, lauren moffatt jumpsuit, swedish hasbeens braided high in natural




i don’t get out as nearly much as i used to, but luck had it that i was able to get away for a quick daytime date with brendan. so of course, i used it as an opportunity to throw on this silly vintage dress i picked up at the antique mall downtown. it’s a little different than what i normally wear, but it was fun to try out for afternoon drinks.

wearing: vintage dress, warby parker jasper sunglasses, swedish hasbeens peep toe high in black


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