the caftan


it’s officially caftan season, and this new caftan by storq is so perfect that it almost makes me miss being pregnant. fortunately for me, i still have a postpartum belly to contend with and an 8-week-old baby nursing on demand. oh, and i’m human. so yeah, this caftan is awesome. it was designed to be worn before, during, and after pregnancy, so i’m basically gonna be wearing it every single day. the fabric is super soft and sturdy, while the cut is generous and forgiving while still having some interest. i really love the subtle shape of the collar and sleeves, and i appreciate that there’s a button front, which is pretty much necessary for breastfeeding.

speaking of clothes to wear during the “4th trimester,” i was thinking about creating a guide on what to wear during recovery, breastfeeding, and babywearing. but instead of holding out on you guys for one big lookbook, i thought i’d just start sharing some of my favorite looks as outfit posts and then rounding them all up into one post at the end. i’ve definitely learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t after having two babies, but i’m sure there are tons of great brands out there that i haven’t even heard of, or styling tips that i haven’t considered, so please let me know if you have any tips or recommendations while i go along!

and in the meantime, you really should check out storq if you haven’t already. lots of really great basics for maternity and beyond!

brookes boswell cortland straw hat
storq caftan
marais usa jardin heels


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pansy co

pansy co - calivintage

i don’t know if it’s just me, but it feels like i am forever on the hunt for the perfect pair of undies. i’ve always preferred a high rise style, and i particularly like wearing them under breezy dresses. but they’re not always easy to find, especially if you’re looking for something made in the usa out of organic cotton. enter pansy co. this bay area-based brand makes all of their undies in san leandro out of organic cotton that has been grown and milled in south carolina. from there, the underwear is dyed in novato, ca. before it makes it’s way to your doorstep. they have a simple selection of underwear, from a classic high rise to a low rise and a cute little bralette. but it’s the colors that really get get me! they have the most beautiful shades of apricot and pale pink and rust. not colors you can ordinarily find when you head to the department store.

shop pansy co.

pansy co - calivintage
pansy co - calivintage



#loveyourhair with dove


over the years, i’ve worn my hair a lot of different ways, but one look that will always define my style is a short, blunt bob. and today, i am excited to have partnered with dove hair to share my own hair story. my mom still recalls the first time i requested the cut at the tender age of 7. i was the type of kid who danced to the beat of my own drum, and apparently, i very confidently picked out the style from the selection of books at the hair salon. the hair stylist asked me one last time if i was really sure, before snipping off my long brown locks into a short little bob. of course i loved the look because i felt so very daring for chopping off my locks. but when i got to school, the other kids were less impressed. i didn’t get teased, but i definitely recall that none of the other girls in class wore their hair short. and while i definitely opted to embrace my look, it still made me feel “different” in a way that was hard for me to understand at that age.

over the years, i mostly kept that same short cut. and as i got older, i decided to experiment even more. in 8th grade, i cut my hair even shorter. and by freshman year, i was rocking a pixie cut in every shade of the rainbow. i tried pink, turquoise, purple, and orange. it got to the point where i didn’t even know what color my hair was underneath all of those bottles of bleach and punky colors. but of course, there was alway someone nearby to judge my looks. i can still remember boys telling me i would be “prettier” if i let my hair grow long. my teachers would roll their eyes at my rebellious phase and inform me that my looks would never be acceptable in a professional setting. even my mom, who was definitely very supportive of my choices, occasionally suggested that perhaps i should wear earrings or makeup to look a bit more feminine. but all of the commentary only made me more determined to prove them all wrong. i knew in my heart that there was no one way to be beautiful, and i didn’t want anyone to define what that was for me.

fast forward more years than i care to count, and i still have that same resolve. i may have gotten over my rainbow-headed punk days, but i’ve still remained true to myself. sure, i’ve tried longer locks. but i’ve also tried bowl cuts and more pixies. and i have always, always come back to that same blunt bob. something about it just seems to suit me. when i wear my hair short, i feel light and liberated. it gives me a sense of strength and confidence. and isn’t that what beauty is really all about?

dove hair is committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, and not anxiety for women. celebrate how you #LoveYourHair by sharing photos of your own unique, beautiful hair on instagram, twitter, and facebook. visit dove hair on pinterest for more inspiration, and watch the dove love your hair film.


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elizabeth suzann spring 2016

ESSS16 -NYC_041

the new elizabeth suzann spring 2016 lookbook is out and it is so good. if you’re looking to build a versatile wardrobe with clothes that can be worn during any season and mixed and matched in countless ways, then look no further than elizabeth suzann. she has figured out the art of dressing with easy pieces in quality textiles like silk, linen, and cotton. in addition to a signature collection filled with the best basics, she has been hitting it out of the park with her seasonal collections. on spring, she says:

“I’ve never been a warm weather person. I’ve written before about how I prefer fall and winter – I’m uncomfortable with my skin exposed, I am much more at home swathed and wrapped in protective layers. And yet, despite all that, my most fond memories are of times spent in the sun and heat. It seems, in my mind, that there is simply more real living to be done in the bright, warm, light of day. How can I make myself, and other women like me, feel at home in their own skin and able to freely enjoy the incredible experiences these warm seasons have to offer? What are we lacking, what have I longed to dress in on those days I remember so fondly?”

she was heavily inspired by shapes for the season. from the triangular shape of the elodie work belt to the rectangular shape of the caftan to the spherical form of the olina jumpsuit. i own some of her clothes and i can attest to the fact that each piece drapes perfectly on the body giving off the air of such minimal effort that it feels more like a second skin.

shop elizabeth suzann.

ESSS16 -NYC_057
ESSS16 -NYC_055
ESSS16 -NYC_048
ESSS16 -NYC_046
ESSS16 -NYC_044
ESSS16 -NYC_039
ESSS16 -NYC_038
ESSS16 -NYC_037
ESSS16 -NYC_035
ESSS16 -NYC_033
ESSS16 -NYC_031
ESSS16 -NYC_029
ESSS16 -NYC_024
ESSS16 -NYC_022
ESSS16 -NYC_019
ESSS16 -NYC_018
ESSS16 -NYC_017
ESSS16 -NYC_010
ESSS16 -NYC_008
ESSS16 -NYC_003





it’s been a pretty busy week, so i didn’t get the opportunity to take any proper outfit photos, but if you follow me on instagram, then maybe you’ve seen a few peeks at what i’ve been wearing. and speaking of wearing, i’ve been doing a lot of babywearing. edith just turned seven weeks, so she’s right in the middle of her “fussy stage.” i’ve read that it starts at around 2-3 weeks, peaks at 6 weeks, and subsides by 3-4 months. which is pretty much in line with our experience when adam was a newborn as well. she’s generally pretty easy going and sleeps most of the time, but i find that she’ll have a fussy time of day either right in the middle of the afternoon, but usually in the evening before bedtime. it’s completely normal, so i try not to let it worry me or stress me out, but i do hate to hear her cry. one of the easiest ways that we’ve dealt with it is to alternate between nursing and carrying her in a wrap or sling until she chills out and falls asleep.

in fact, that’s pretty much where you’ll find her if she isn’t napping, having tummy time, or engaged in stimulating activities like listening to us read or sing, or hanging out in her baby play gym. just as important as it is to fill their little brains with information, it’s important to avoid getting them overstimulated or overtired. holding her close to my chest in a wrap is kinda like having her swaddled, but we both get to bond and share those feel good hormones.

so yes, i’ve been inducted into the cult of babywearing. i wrote this post about it last year when adam was still small enough for me to carry in a wrap. and this time around, i’m having even more fun collecting a little stash. so far, i’m using a very lightweight happy baby wrap in ivory, which is really nice for the super hot weather where we live. and i have two beautiful linen sakura bloom ring slings. i have the classic sling in maple, which is a heavyweight linen. and the chambray sling in twig, which is a slightly softer, lightweight linen. and now i’m on the hunt for a really nice ivory woven wrap. i like woven wraps a lot because there are a million different ways that you can wear them, many of which are able to evenly distribute weight across your back, which makes a huge difference when baby starts to get bigger. and of course i have a lot of fun coordinating them with my outfits, haha!

anyone out there as obsessed as i am? do you have any favorite wraps or slings?



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caitlin she fall 2016


i have to admit that after blogging for all of these years (eight, to be exact), i don’t always get that pure, unadulterated excitement about collections as i once did… but when i got an email from caitlin shearer announcing her new fall 2016 (southern hemisphere) collection, it really brought me back! i have been a fan of hers since my very early blogging days, but at some point in the last couple of years, i kinda lost track of what she was up to. i have always loved her illustrations, and still occasionally regret that i never bought one of the first beautiful dresses she made with her signature hand-illustrated prints! so yes, i basically died and went to heaven when i saw this collection titled, “the caitlin she school of arts & crafts.” my style has veered into all of these very simple basics as of late, but looking through these images i am suddenly questioning everything in my wardrobe and asking myself why i don’t have a pink pottery printed jacket or an epic wide leg jumpsuit covered in naked ladies! not even remotely kidding. everything is just so so good that i can’t get over it. if you aren’t familiar with her work, caitlin shearer is a melbourne-based illustrator, seamstress, curator, and clothing and textile designer. and this latest body of work is definitely my favorite to date! i’m sharing some of my favorites, but you really need to head over to the site to see everything, including a selection of awesome printed t-shirts and prints.

shop caitlin she!

photographed by georgia blackie and modeled by kim glaser




reif haus spring 2016


as we move into the warmer summer months, i’m really finding myself drawn to the light colors and breezy silhouettes in the reifhaus spring 2016 collection.  this minimalist, modern womenswear brand is based in Portland, OR, and spring collection was inspired by “the female artists of the bauhaus movement. a nod to the talented women designers such as anni albers, gunta stölzl, and alma buscher, who made a substantial and often overlooked impact to the bauhaus movement and design as we know it today. their simplistic approach to design and color, and texture influenced the latest collection of versatile, modern womenswear.” all of the designs are made in cotton and linen blends with interesting and unexpected details, while still maintaining a very easy, laid back quality that is anything but fussy. i really like the subtle tan and white stripes, and the unexpected berry blue. and i really like the layering possibilities that come with long slits and cut-out panels. i’ve shared a few of my favorite photos, but you really have to head over to the site to see the full collection!

shop reifhaus.






photographed in los angeles by carissa gallo, modeled by ballerina katherine cowgill of m model management.




taco time


this post was sponsored by ALDI as part of influencer activation for influence central.

you may remember a couple of weeks ago, i shared my ALDI grocery haul. so today i thought i’d follow-up and show you what i made! i went shopping ahead of memorial day weekend, but i wasn’t in the mood to celebrate with the typical bbq fare. instead, i opted for something a bit lighter: organic ground beef tacos with chips and guacamole, and a white wine sangria filled with fresh fruit. as i mentioned in my previous post, ALDI has just opened 25 new locations across southern california, and this was my first visit to one of their locations. i had a vague idea that they sold products at an affordable price, so i wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. but as i started to browse through the aisles, i was really surprised to see that they had lots of fresh produce, and a really great selection of organic products. one of the ways that they’re able to offer such affordable prices is with their own ALDI-exclusive brands like SimplyNature®, which includes usda certified organic and non-gmo verified items, liveGfree® gluten-free products, and NeverAny! products that are free from added antibiotics, hormones and animal by-products.

i was able to cook this entire spread in about 15 minutes and the cost was probably 50% less than what i normally spend at the grocery store. what’s even better, is that i didn’t have to compromise on the quality of any of the ingredients and was able to cook a fresh, healthy meal.


traditional tacos.

16 oz. SimplyNature® Organic 100% Grass Fed Ground Beef
1/2 cup diced yellow onion
salt and cumin to taste
corn tortillas
1/2 cup chopped cilantro

start by cooking 1/4 cup of the onion in oil for 1 minute or until translucent. add the ground beef with salt and cumin to taste until it is cooked through. warm the tortillas, top them with beef, and garnish with cilantro and the remaining diced onion. serve with lime slices.



4 avocados
1 tomato, diced
1/2 a red onion, diced
1 jalapeno, diced
1/4 cup cilantro, diced
salt and cumin to taste

mix together all of the diced ingredients, then scoop the avocado into the mix and mash to desired consistency. add salt and cilantro to taste. serve with SimplyNature® Seedy Rolled Tortilla Chips.



white wine sangria.

Earth’s Harvest Chardonnay made with organic grapes
2 oranges
4 limes
1 apple
3 nectarines
16 oz. club soda or ginger ale

pour the wine into a large jar or pitcher, slice the fruit to bite size and squeeze the citrus juices into the wine before adding the sliced fruit to the mixture. before serving, pour in the club soda. if you prefer something a bit more sweet, add ginger ale instead.

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summer style with teva


as someone who lives halfway between los angeles and palm springs, the only season i truly know how to dress for is the summer. the temperatures around here have already spiked to 100 degrees, and all of my sweaters and jackets have been tucked away in storage for the next several months. school is out next week, which means that the kids will be out en masse, celebrating their fleeting three months of freedom, wandering about with reckless abandon. and while my school days are well behind me, there’s something about the warm nights and the hot breeze outside that makes my heart swell with the same excitement as it did when i was a kid.

it’s also officially festival season. coachella is already past, bonnaroo is coming up this june, outside lands will round out the end of the season. and maybe it’s because i’m too old to understand, but if we could put it to a vote, i’d cast my ballot for a slightly more subdued festival look than most of what we’ve been seeing for the past several years. if i were headed to a festival this season, i’d keep it super simple and functional. a cool linen top (literally, it will keep you cool because it’s a breathable fabric), a classic pair of jeans, a straw hat to shade your eyes, and a pair of tevas because they’re totally functional while still offering up a wink and a nod to their ’90s counterculture origins. updated in natural leather because it’s 2016 after all. then you can avoid looking like you’re trying too hard (because you really aren’t), but you’ll also be conjuring up a bit of an ironic touristy vibe so the kids will still think you’re cool. except you might give yourself away when you decide to leave before the end of the night because your feet are tired and there’s a bar at the hotel calling your name.

wearing: elizabeth suzann georgia tee in linen, vintage levi’s, brookes boswell cortland straw hat, universal slide in tan leather courtesy of teva


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a fab entryway upgrade


slowly but surely, over the past year, i’ve been pulling together this little house of mine. and while things have been shaping up in many parts of the house, there are still a few spaces that could use an upgrade. and despite the fact that the entryway is obviously a pretty important focal point in my living room, it’s mostly remained sad and empty. i have a big round mirror and a nelson-style bench, but other than that, we just throw off our shoes under the bench and let piles of mail collect there. so when fab asked if i’d like to upgrade my everyday with some new decor from their site, i jumped at the chance to spruce-up this sorely neglected space. if you’re not familiar with fab, they offer a massive selection of unique and stylishly functional objects from home decor and women’s accessories to tech gadgets and kid’s toys.

i was obviously focused on finding some bright and interesting objects to transform this barren space to something more warm and inviting. i really love that they have such an expansive selection of items, including a lot of handmade goods by independent designers. i decided to go for a mix of mid century and ‘bohemian’ to match the decor in my house, and was able to choose items from a non-profit organization that donates 100% of their profits to the economic empowerment of women in rwanda, in addition to some really cool mid century inspired, nelson-style pottery. the packages arrived in a few days and i was able to turn this lonely little corner into a proper, inviting entryway. in fact, after everything was set up, adam was so intrigued by what i was up to, that he asked if he could pose for a picture with me in our newly decorated space.

i’ve also learned that fab is hosting a massive giveaway, so make sure you head over and enter to win a $1,000 fab shopping spree!

a very bare “before.”

a little peek at the mini eyelash catchall by indego africa. the perfect tiny basket for keys or change or little trinkets.

fueling my basket addiction. the two in the back are vintage. the pom palm tote bag by indego africa and mini eyelash catchall by indego africa.

the perfect large and medium nelson planters by shiraleah and the basant block print pillow by shiraleah hanging out with some vintage throw pillows.

the nelson gourd vase by shiraleah sitting pretty.

don’t be fooled by that face, this little guy insisted that i let him pose for a picture with me in front of our newly decorated space. he’s such a sweetheart!

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