outfit: adventure time

calivintage - ace & jig fall 2017

i can hardly believe it, but today was edie’s first day of school! she’s 20 months, so it’s not some rigorous academic thing, but it is a really lovely toddler program at the montessori school where adam has been going since he was about the same age. i’m so excited for her because she’s such an independent kid and i know she’s going to love it! but let me tell you, after being at home most of the day with two kids for the last four years, it’s such a strange feeling to have both of them out of the house. it’s just so… quiet. and now i’m sitting here in a bit of a daze, trying to figure out what to do with myself!

but as much as i miss all of the activity and excitement of having both kids running around the house, i have to admit i’m pretty excited about having more time to work. when i decided to go independent after adam was born, i had no idea how much i would miss working full time. i know that probably sounds crazy to some, but i really loved the sense of purpose i got from my 9-5. i’ve still always worked on my blog and updated my vintage shop, but over time, i really slowed down online. it got to the point where i wasn’t able to update things for weeks at a time, and i wasn’t even sure if i could even keep up with it anymore. but things change quickly! and suddenly i have all of these hours in the day again! and it may take me a little while to get back into the swing of things, but i’m so excited for the new adventures ahead of me!

wearing: patti dress in captain courtesy of ace & jig (currently on sale!), karen walker x benah bag (this is a past season item, but baggu makes a really similar style!), maryam nassir zadeh andrea mules, suncrest hat in panama straw courtesy of brookes boswell

calivintage - ace & jig fall 2017
calivintage - ace & jig fall 2017
calivintage - ace & jig fall 2017
calivintage - ace & jig fall 2017
calivintage - ace & jig fall 2017

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outfit: happy new year!

calivintage - moorea seal slip dress

see ya later, 2017! and don’t let the door hit you on the way out! the last few months of the year totally kicked my ass, so i’m definitely ready for the new year. in october, i got my wisdom teeth pulled and then ended up with the dreaded dry socket. i couldn’t eat for like two weeks and it was so miserable! then november hit and i somehow managed to end up with pneumonia for the entire month. and just when i thought i was in the clear, i got a kidney infection and ended up having to take two separate rounds of antibiotics to clear it up. yikes.

so my resolution for the new year is to stop being so sick all the time. can i wish that upon myself? but in all seriousness, i do have some pretty big plans for 2018! i have a ton of projects around the house that i’m working on that i can’t wait to share. and most notably, edith starts school full-time on wednesday, which marks the end of my time as the primary caregiver in our household and the beginnings of some really great things for me and my blog! so it’s onwards and upwards over here!

and i’m ringing in the new year in my most casual dressy look. this little slip dress is made from post-industrial cotton jersey, meaning the brand salvaged the fabric from factory room floors where it would normally end up in a landfill. the result is an eco-friendly dress that is so perfectly versatile and a piece that should own a spot in every wardrobe. add some heels to dress it up a bit and you’re good to go if your planning a simple get-together like i am. we’re doing champagne and hors d’oeuvres and an early countdown with the kids and then probably staying up late to watch netflix.

wearing: cami midi dress courtesy of moorea seal, self-made blouse, maryam nassir zadeh andrea mules, clare v. petit henry

calivintage - moorea seal slip dress
calivintage - moorea seal slip dress
calivintage - moorea seal slip dress
calivintage - moorea seal slip dress
calivintage - moorea seal slip dress

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kids: play osmo

with adam turning 4-years-old in a little over a week, i’ve been thinking a lot about what toys and games we can get him to keep on track with his development. and one thing that i’ve pretty much avoided until now, is technology. we did have a period of time where we were letting him watch netflix on the ipad, but i decided to pull back and re-evaluate whether he really needed to be using a device so young. but the reality is that he’s obviously not getting any younger over here, and technology is a fact of life. and if i take the time to actually think about it, i think the important thing is to strike a balance. i want my kids to be familiar with tech and to have a positive relationship with it. there are so many amazing things we can do and learn as long as we know how to use it the right way.

and that’s when i got a message from osmo. i had never heard of them before because i am living under a rock over here, but i was so delighted when i started checking out all of their educational games. they sent us the creative set and an iphone and ipad base so that adam could try it out. as soon as the package arrived and he saw the monster game with all of the dry erase markers, he got the biggest smile on his face. we set it up, and he was over the moon. the monster game is seriously the cutest thing ever. “mo” appears on the screen and guides your child on an interactive adventure where they draw pictures of objects and watch them come to life on the screen. seriously, technology has come such a long way. it was super easy to set up and we haven’t had any problems with frustrating glitches. just pure childhood joy.

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giveaway: win a campaign sofa!

it’s that most wonderful time of year, and i’ve teamed up with campaign furniture for a very special holiday treat! i’m taking over their instagram feed to share some photos of some of our holiday traditions, which you should definitely check out. but more importantly…

we’re giving away a campaign sofa to one lucky winner! head on over to my instagram for details on how to enter.

we’ve had our campaign sofa for several months now, and i love it. the first thing that stood out to me was that it’s built with a steel frame, meaning it’s virtually indestructible. and true to it’s name, it’s perfect for travel. i remember how annoying it was to move large pieces of furniture when i seemed to be hopping from apartment to apartment every couple of years, but this sofa can be easily disassembled so you can fit it in the back of your car. and with that, you can actually remove all of the upholstery to throw into the hand wash cycle whenever you need to clean it– or completely replace it if you want a different color. in fact, we started out with almond white and decided to switch things up with this harvest yellow color just for a change. it truly is a great piece of furniture and i look forward to enjoying it for years to come.

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outfit: sugar candy mountain

over the summer, i got the best pair of linen pants from los angeles-based designer, sugar candy mountain (which you can see here). and i’d have to say that today’s outfit is definitely the winter version of that look. this beautiful wide wale corduroy monique dress is so insanely comfortable that i want to wear it every day. which is a welcome change because during this time of year, i wear so many sweaters with jeans that i start to get bored! so this velvety corduroy is a really nice alternative to the usual, and i’ve been having fun wearing it a lot of different ways. it’s great paired with jeans for a more casual every day type of look, but you can even dress it up with some sparkly socks and kitten heels for a holiday party. and if you’re not familiar with the brand:

Sugar Candy Mountain is an ethical and sustainable clothing brand created out of a desire for a confluence of comfort, beauty, and community. It is a reference Orwell made to Heaven, but in our sense, a Heaven of nature and community that can be lived-in and brought from Big Sur to Manhattan. It is generated from the ideals of radical creativity, revolutionary beauty, and a future that is self-sustaining.

needless to say, they are dedicated to creating garments that will last a lifetime, reducing waste and leaving the smallest footprint possible. and everything is sustainably made right in los angeles. not only that, but:

sugar candy mountain would like to offer you 20% off the entire fall 2017 collection with code “SCMCV20” through january 31st!

wearing: monique dress courtesy of sugar candy mountain, ilana kohn boyd jeans, martiniano high glove in saffron suede, clare v. henri petit

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gift guide: for a very curious 20-month-old

just like my previous gift guide for the brainy not-quite-4-year-old, today i’m sharing a very specific gift guide. it’s my christmas list for edith. she’ll be close to 20 months on christmas day. but if you could ask her, she’d tell you she’s as big as her brother and that she can do anything he can. edie is on a mission to get into everything: inside the cabinets, on top of the dining room table, up the christmas tree, into adam’s toys and clothes… there isn’t really anything she isn’t into. she’s a super curious kid, and she’s still really young, so she’d probably like just about anything we gave her. but she is forming some pretty strong interests, too! she is obsessed with babies and dolls and tiny figurines. she loves to hold them and kiss them and brush their hair. she enjoys playing in the dirt more than any kid i’ve ever seen. and would you be surprised if i told you that my own daughter is obsessed with dressing up? oh yeah. so below are some of the things that i’ve added to her list this year.

alphabet blocks – since edie is singing her alphabet (and just about every nursery rhyme she hears), i figured it’s the perfect time to get familiar with the letters. plus all of the blocks by uncle goose are adorable!

bambi hoodie hat – did i mention that my daughter loves to play dress up? she has a little collection of hats and shoes, and she’s made a little game of trying them all on. she’ll demand that i change her clothes at least once a day. i see a future with a very large collection of dress-up clothes and i think she’ll really get a kick out of this bambi hat!

the holdie house – i know she’s still a bit young for doll houses, but on a recent trip to the local toy shop, we could hardly pull her away from the display of calico critters. so while we aren’t quite ready to go all out with teeny tiny pieces, we picked up a few of the figurines and this adorable little house to go with them!

big sister mouse in a box – adam has one of these little matchbook mice and ed has all but claimed it for herself. it’s on the same tip as her early obsession with calico critters. the little boxes with their tiny pillows and blankets are hours of entertainment for this little one.

farmer’s market playtime kit – edie spends a good amount of time playing with adam’s play kitchen, so i think this little activity set would be a fun addition to our collection. and i think the little matching game with be a great primer for her because she’s about to start a toddler program in january!

animo 4-piece sand play set – digging in the dirt is a serious pleasure for my daughter. her current set of garden tools was yet another hand-me-down from adam that has seen better days. i think she’ll really enjoy these pretty colors and shapes. but really, it’s all about the dirt!


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gift guide: the hdh x nisolo bundle (spend $35 for $250 in gift cards!)

we’re in the final stretch before the holidays and i’ve got a really awesome deal to share! whether you’re looking to treat yourself to something special, or you have a few people to check off your list, then you should definitely check out the hdh x nisolo holiday bundle this year! here’s how it works:

• you pay $35 to get $250 in gift cards
• that’s five $50 gift cards to the participating retailers (more details below)
• nisolo will donate $10 from every bundle purchase to help build a school in kenya
• treat yourself or gift to someone special
• gift card bundle offer ends 12/25/17, while supplies last. and these are going to sell out fast!

shop the women’s bundle and the men’s bundle.

and what i love about this is that not only will your dollars be going towards a good cause, but all of these brands are ethical and eco-friendly. you can buy a couple of bundles and give out the gift cards as stocking stuffers or thank yous to whoever still needs a gift. or you know, just get one for yourself and enjoy the savings. check it out below!

shop the women’s bundle! spend $35 for $250 worth of gift cards from the brands above!


shop the men’s bundle. $35 for $250 worth of gift cards from the brands above!

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gift guide: for a brainy almost 4-year-old

i’m gonna cut to the chase: this is my christmas list for adam. i know that gift guides are usually a bit more broad and general, but i know my own kids better than any others, so i thought i’d get really specific and just show you what we are literally buying for adam. he’ll be 4-years-old in january, so he’s already got a pretty good collection of classic toys like legos, magnatiles, thomas the tank engine, and about a million hot wheels. we’ve got art supplies up to our armpits. he’s still really into those things, so when i ask him what he wants, he basically just asks for more of the same. so i had to get a little more creative in thinking about what might spark his imagination.

and what i know about adam, is that he loves school. he’s in a primary program at an associate montessori internationale school. and while my primary concern at this age isn’t academics, i know that the curriculum there has really captured his interest. every day after school, he tells me about his lessons on the solar system and geography. he loves drawing maps of the world and identifying the planets. they start broad, and then focus in on tiny details like the lifecycle of a butterfly or the cross-section of a pumpkin. he gets to dig into the earth and plant flowers, fruits, and veggies to watch them grow. it’s such a beautiful, fascinating world. so i decided to compliment what he’s learning with some fun toys. no pressure to be academic at home, just free play with a focus on the subjects that i know he really loves.

1. areaware blockitecture parkland and areaware blockitecture deco – when i asked adam what he wanted for christmas this year, the only thing he asked for that he didn’t already have was “a city.” it took me a while to figure out what he meant, but after doing some sleuthing, we settled on this set of blocks. he already has one set of buildings by the same brand, and he plays with magnatiles and legos almost every day. these fun geographical features like pastures, rivers, trees, and bushes will help to round out his collection quite well.

2. all kinds of cars – since day one, adam has been obsessed with vehicles. i know it’s a phase that will eventually pass, but he’s still on that kick. this illustrated guide is a dream come true for a child that loves reference books like adam. oftentimes, when he sees something remarkable, he asks if we can “look it up” in a book so he can read about it or draw comparisons. i’m not kidding. but what’s fun about this book is that it has a sense of humor. i just know that adam will be cracking up at the carrot car and the igloo car.

3. atlas of adventures – i don’t know anyone who loves maps quite as much as adam does. he loves when we pull out regular city maps, but i know that what he really wants is an atlas of his own. he likes being able to point out the different continents and countries, so this illustrated guide is going to be hours of enjoyment for this kid.

4. tegu magnetic building blocks – with the cars again, i know. adam already has more hot wheels than i can count, so i think these tegu magnetic blocks will be great fuel for his imaginaion. he can dream up some new cars of his own!

5. seedling galaxy rocket adventure cape set – what’s really great about this set is that it will make for hours of imaginative play, but it starts out as an activity so that you can customize it however you’d like. double duty!

6. professor astro cat – i know this book is recommended for kid’s a little bit older, but i think it’s fun to start exploring things a bit out of reach with the help of mom and dad. some of the picture books can get monotonous, reading them over and over again. a reference book like this is fun because we can be a bit more open ended about the subject matter and spark conversations instead of just reciting words from a book. we have the first book from this series and adam loves it, so this will be fun to add to our rotation.

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holiday traditions

ever since having kids, each holiday season has been getting more and more exciting! this is the first year that adam has pulled together a christmas list: he asked for a “city,” so i did some sleuthing and found some fun blocks that i hope will fit the bill. and while edie is still young, she’s old enough that we know exactly what she likes and we get to enjoy watching her unwrap a dollhouse complete with tiny dolls to play with. and not only are the kids getting more into the spirit, but our holiday traditions are starting to take shape. my mom was always a huuuge fan of christmas, so i have very fond memories of pulling all the decorations from storage, and very carefully placing her nutcrackers on the shelves to display, and thoughtfully arranging the intricate ornaments on the tree. it’s been really fun to enjoy that same tradition with my own kids.

so when we received these darling christmas baubles from our friends at Cath Kidston, adam and edie were jumping up and down in excitement. they literally claimed a few ornaments for themselves and sat entertaining themselves for a good 30 minutes, which was a success all on it’s own. ed didn’t have the patience to decorate with us, but it gave me an opportunity to do something special with adam. he snuggled up in his dragon printed pajamas and we got to work. it was a special time for us to enjoy those tiny pleasures that really are the most dear during this otherwise hectic time of year. with a special thanks to Cath Kidson for adding just the right touch of nostalgia and whimsy to our holiday season, from morning walks to disney surprises to our very own christmas celebration. and if you’re looking for some special pieces to gift during the holiday, they have the perfect collection.

courtesy of cath kidston: twinkle jumperflower jacuard skirtboys jersey pj set in dragonsset of 4 crochet christmas baubles

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outfit: fair season x lucy michel

if you’re looking for a piece of jewelry for the discriminating person in your life, look no further because this beautiful sterling silver collar necklace by fair season x lucy michel is exactly what you need. i’ve long been a fan of fair season vintage and her painfully good selection of vintage denim and minimalist basics. and this collaboration between her and ceramicist and jewelry designer lucy michel is the perfect compliment to all of her amazing vintage. it’s handmade in los angeles, and it’s simple, elegant, and understated in exactly the way i want all of my jewelry to be. i love that you could wear it with a little slip dress to a fancy party, but that it is also adds just the right amount of interest to your jeans and t-shirt while running errands on the weekend, which is exactly what i’m about to do in this easy getup.

and in the spirit of the season, fair season would like to offer you 15% off the sterling silver collar necklace using code ‘calivintage15’ now through monday, december 11.

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