lotfi spring 2017

calivintage - lotfi spring 2017

i’m on the hunt for a new handbag, so i thought i’d share one of my recent new favorites: lotfi. founded in san francisco in 2011, the brand was born from designer sharareh lotfi’s desire for a minimal, unfussy carry-all that was practical without being too boring. which is exactly what i’m looking for in a bag! i just love the casual vibe of the clean cotton canvas and corduroy textiles. and while you can never go wrong with something like the sierra bag in cocoa, you can also have a bit of fun with the bright lime green coro bag if you prefer to make a statement.

you can shop lofti directly. or find them at garmentory where you can get $20 off your first purchase using my referral link!

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calivintage - steller jay shop

The other day someone very kindly told me that I looked incredibly comfortable yet fashionable at the same time. It pretty much made my day because that’s exactly what I’m going for when I’m picking out new clothes to wear! I like fashion, but I live in the suburbs, so I’d feel a bit ridiculous stopping by the coffee shop or dropping off my kids at school looking like I’m walking down the street during NYFW or something. So I try really hard to find my middle ground. Clothes that look good and make me feel put together, but that are still 100% practical when my reality is that I work from home and spend about half of my day on the floor of the kid’s room getting covered in play-doh and mashed-up banana.

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hannah kristina metz spring 2017

calivintage - hannah kristina metz spring 2017

the new spring 2017 collection by hannah kristina metz has slowly been trickling in. so for those of you who have not yet feasted your eyes on the looks, here is a peek! the collection was inspired by “a room with a view” so there are lots of romantic, edwardian details like big puffy sleeves and sheer details, but it is not just some literal interpretation. hannah has such a wonderfully creative eye and she’s brought in so many special details. the embroidery, the fabric covered buttons, the sheer textiles. none of these things are easy to make, and yet, here is an entire collection with all of these fun details!

you can shop the collection here. or find her clothes at garmentory and get $20 off your first purchase with this link!

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oh vintage


sometimes i think i can hardly call this a fashion blog because my outfits aren’t exactly fashion. i follow the trends in the way that i see them while scrolling through my instagram feed. and those trends certainly creep their way into my outfits by way of what is available at my favorite shops and boutiques. but i don’t necessarily strive to be trendy because it’s awfully hard (and expensive) to keep up, and i literally don’t have the time or money to do so without completely exhausting myself and ending up with that terrible not-good-enough feeling. who needs it?

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enter to win $200 to rain people!


i am so excited to announce my latest giveaway with the canadian-based kidswear line, rain people! as i’m sure you’ve noticed by now, i’m a big fan of hats and bonnets for the kids to protect their precious little heads from the sweltering sun here in southern california. and you know how much i love a good linen textile. well, rain people has both! and they have just released their new spring/summer collection of linen clothes and bonnets, so we wanted to give you a chance to win some new clothes for your little ones!

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a dining room refresh with cb2 x framebridge

calivintage - cb2 x framebridge

this is not the first time i’m sharing a glimpse of our dining room, but it is the first time that i feel good about it haha! we’ve officially been living in our house for two years, but it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago that we finally pulled together the dining room. for the longest time, i had a pretty cool mid-century dining set that my mom found at the thrift store for $80. it served us well, but it was really rough around the edges. it was this very dark stain with a shiny almost plastic table top. the chairs started falling apart– while people were sitting in them. i replaced them with these vintage cesca chairs that i found on craigslist, but then we had this whole mismatched situation going on because i could not commit to a new table. no, it was not the end of the world, but it feels really good to finally put together this space in a way that i like. i toyed around with a lot of different ideas for how i wanted it to look, but ultimately decided to keep things really really simple because the table and chairs make a statement on their own. and all i really wanted was a big graphic print up on the wall to complete the look.

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only child x calivintage

calivintage x only child jumpsuit

you may remember right before the holidays, i released my very first design collaboration with only child! i’ve always wanted to design my own clothing, so this was a really fun and exciting opportunity. and this jumpsuit is what we came up with! though i can’t really take much credit because the design actually came about from the comments and feedback i received while sharing the whole process on instagram. if anything, it’s really more of a design collaboration with all of you! i was so uncertain on which direction to take that i put things up for a vote and the overwhelming response was for this jumpsuit design. picking the fabric was a tough choice, but we all agreed that denim would be a really great option because it’s durable and works for all seasons. case in point: i wore this layered over a turtleneck and paired with a wool jacket this winter. but now that it’s springtime and the temperatures are warming up, i’ve been wearing it on it’s own or layered under a lighter jacket.

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calivintage on apartment therapy

calivintage picks her apartment therapy marketplace favorites

i’ve written a few articles for apartment therapy before, but today is especially exciting because the tables have turned and they wrote an article about me! i’m sharing some of my top picks from the new apartment therapy marketplace, where i scored the cute rocking chair in the photo above. it’s a sort of curated classifieds section where trusted users can buy and sell furniture and decor. so a bit like craigslist, but without all the spam! i love vintage furniture, so it’s been a great resource for me to find cool new pieces to add to the house as we continue to spruce things up around here.


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brookes boswell kids giveaway!

calivintage - brookes boswell kids giveaway

springtime is here, which means it’s hat season. and i don’t think there is anything much cuter than kids in hats. brookes boswell has just released her very first children’s hat collection, and i am so excited! i’m a huge fan of her hats, and have been wanting a little mini version for adam for a while now, so this is perfect! she’s released is a well-rounded selection of wide-brimmed straw hats for summer days and wool felt toppers for cooler temperatures. and i’m basically dying over this lookbook because it is the cutest thing ever!

and in honor of the occasion, we’ve teamed up to offer you the opportunity to win one kids straw hat of your choice! the options are the nantes straw hat (my personal favorite), the packable optimo (which is ideal because it can be rolled up), and the kids boro (so you can twin because this one comes in adult sizes, too)!

to enter, simply visit my instagram and follow the directions!

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rachel pally

calivintage - rachel pally wrap dress

ah, the wrap dress! it’s a total classic, yet i don’t think i’ve ever worn one before! it’s a wardrobe basic that i’d just never considered, but now that i have one, i’m beginning to see the light. this particular spaghetti wrap dress is by rachel pally. it comes in a longer length with a raw hem that you can cut to your preferred length. i don’t tend to wear maxi dresses, so my first inclination was to trim it to midi length. but then i thought it might be nice to dress this up for a fancier occasion, so i left it at a maxi length and just tied the ends in a knot for more of a casual look. i was going for a weekend brunch with the in-laws type of look. but it’s also totally something you can wear alone to an outdoor wedding or even as a bridesmaids dress. you see what i mean about versatility?

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