want: jesse kamm field dress

i was recently going through some of my old pinterest favorites when i came across this street style snap of jesse kamm wearing one of her own designs and became just a little bit obsessed with this dress. i don’t even know if i’d like how it would look on me, but i just can’t seem to get it out of my mind!

the jesse kamm field dressimage via refinery29.


adam: week 5

watching adam talk to his giraffe melted my heart into a big old sappy puddle. so glad i wasn’t too bleary-eyed to document this moment.

and if you’re curious, the onesie is by j.crew, the socks are mini boden, and the giraffe is by cloud-b and it makes white noise, which is so helpful when you have a newborn!



feltman brothers baby clothes (and a giveaway!)

being a fan of vintage clothing, i’ve spent my fair share of time scouring thrift and vintage shops on the hunt for cool vintage baby clothes. i’ve found some good stuff, but vintage duds for little ones aren’t always super easy to come by. so when i discovered feltman brothers, i almost fell out of my chair in excitement. everything about this nearly 100-year-old brand looks as though it has been untouched by time. every little detail looks like it came right out of a vintage catalog, from the hangers and packaging to the little tags inside the collars! and of course, every delicate little piece has lovely smocking or pleating with lace or embroidered details. i’m sharing only a few favorites, but they have a massive selection including knitwear and all sorts of cute accessories as well.

i’m particularly excited about up their upcoming spring 2014 collection which you can preview on their facebook page. the selection isn’t available yet, but you will die when you see the cute little sailor sets and teeny tanks tops with diaper covers. i can’t even.

feltman brothers has also let me know that they’re currently hosting a giveaway! enter to win a $100 gift card, a feltman brothers plush toy, and one accessory of your choice using the widget below:



peter jensen fall 2014

each season, designer peter jensen chooses a new muse to inspire his latest collection. for fall 2014, he set his sights on the career of the iconic faye dunaway. each piece draws reference from her various roles in films like the thomas crown affair, network, and mommie dearest. if you’re a film buff, it’s a delight to pick up on all the meticulous references, but even if you haven’t seen her movies, the collection alone is a feast for the eyes. plenty of ’60s and ’70s styles with the usual jensen twist and pitch perfect styling.



GIVEAWAY ENDED: win $100 to milk teeths vintage

today i’m excited to share my latest giveaway courtesy of milk teeths vintage. i’ve long been a fan of ashley’s blog and etsy shop (and have bought a few of her beautiful vintage pieces), so i’m especially pleased to be teaming up with her for this giveaway. her shop is filled with amazing vintage finds spanning across the decades, all at very reasonable prices. and today she is offering you the chance to win $100 to her shop!

to enter: simply visit milk teeths and tell us which item in the shop is your absolute favorite!

bonus: follow milk teeths on facebook and you may leave an additional comment to receive one extra entry!

the fine print: this giveaway is open to international readers, so anyone can enter. only one entry per person. winner will be randomly selected and contacted via email after tuesday, april 1.

see something you like? milk teeths would also like to offer you 15% off your orders with code “calivintage” now through april 1st!


rachel antonoff fall 2014

rachel antonoff has just released her fall 2014 looks along with another charming short film, and as always, i’m quite smitten with her collection. this season, she drew inspiration from shockproof sydney skate, a 1970s a coming-of-age  novel written by marijane meaker, often credited as the creator of  the genre “lesbian pulp fiction.” antonoff’s no smoking motifs and are a reference to one of the main characters who was often found with matchbooks filling her pockets and purses. i particularly love the embroidered collars and a white silk novelty print on a cute cocktail dress and a fun pair of palazzo pants.

images courtesy of rachel antonoff.



adam: week 4

my sleeping babe. for several weeks, i kinda forgot to photograph him while he was awake! it just seemed like when he was sleeping was the only time i wasn’t fretting over him and could take a moment to just admire his squishy little face.



mona spring 2014

if you’re craving something sweet and whimsical, then you’ll be happy to know that tel aviv-based designer mona has just released her spring 2014 collection, aptly titled tutti frutti. designer moriah hemed described:

this collection was inspired by summer desserts, especially fruit salad and ice cream. summer to me is about going to the beach with a box full of fruit pieces that are still chilly from the fridge. buying an ice cream from the “ice cream man” and racing to eat it all before the sun makes it drip down my arm like a little girl.

this season she also collaborated with illustrator, yifat petraro who helped to create the fruit fabric that you see incorporated into some of the details in the collection. the result is a bright and crisp collection so perfect for wearing on those hot summer days.

photos by yifat vercik, styling by anna karpunov, hair and make up by hen zarum, modeled by chen sherer at mc2.



want: selima edouard frames

i can’t tell you how long it’ s been since i’ve wanted a proper pair of round glasses. not a tiny john lennon/harry potter pair, but a slightly oversized pair to fit my slightly oversized face. i think it started at least a few years back when i got my first pair of round sunglasses by karen walker. but unfortunately, the optical style is not as easy to come by as your would think. and even though it’s now been long enough that i’ve almost lost interest, i still find myself coming back to this pair of selima edouard frames. they seem to be the perfect simple style in just the right size. and they just so happen to have a selima optique nearby in santa monica. i should really go try them on!


gravel & gold spring 2014

today i thought i’d continue the trend and share another cool bay area-based brand, gravel & gold. they’re set to release their spring 2014 collection in their san francisco shop this friday and have shared some images from the new lookbook. this season, they’re featuring new prints by los angeles-based artist sara bright and their own lisa foti-straus, which will be found on their selection of clothing, accessories, and furnishings.

photograped by katie davis + luiza sá for gravel & gold.