adam: 27 weeks


i can’t get over putting little hats on this boy. my mom picked up this straw fedora on sale at gap, and we’d been waiting months for it to finally fit his head! this picture makes me think of adam’s namesake and my great-grandfather, juan urzua roque. i always remember him in a straw hat similar to this one. and a simple button up shirt, as old men will wear. my great-grandpa had very strong mayan features, and we could actually see this very slight resemblance in adam when he was born. it’s hard to say who he’ll actually take after, but it’s fun to see little glimpses of similarities from different family members.

also, he is making the most ridiculous face, haha. i was actually snapping his photo on my iphone and got this cute shot before i decided i should probably memorialize it with a better camera. of course by then he wasn’t too interested in waiting around for me to get a good shot anymore.

wearing: gap hat, denim shirt from swapdom, koala baby leggings.



clare v. fall 2014

after getting my first clare vivier bag earlier this year (the messenger tote, which i coveted for years before finally purchasing), i can’t seem to get enough of this l.a.-based designer. so it’s really no surprise that i went all gaga over the fall 2014 lookbook, which they’ve been uploading onto pinterest over the past couple of weeks. i love all of her stand-by classics in a wide array of colorways in addition to the fun printed clutches and totes. there’s an elegant ease to her designs, and i like that she doesn’t feel the need to go overboard with logos and hardware like many handbags companies do. that coupled with the very cool styling and beautiful photography, and i’m sold!

photography by stella berkofsky for clare v.



indigo diary

last week, my mom came into town and we embarked on a fun summer project: indigo dyeing! as i mentioned in my last post, my mom was an elementary school art teacher (among other things) for a long stretch of my childhood, and one of the benefits was that our summers were filled with arts and crafts projects. she would test out new projects on us, or give us the leftovers from previous classes. as a kid, i had a pretty large repertoire of crafty skills including fiber and basket weaving, paper making, crochet, rug hooking, cross-stitch, sewing, etc. so you’d better bet that it was a nostalgic event for us to set up shop with adam watching closely nearby.

it all started a couple of months ago, when i started hitting up the local thrift stores on the hunt for new pieces to fit into my wardrobe. i needed new clothes in easy, washable fabrics that would be practical enough to wear while taking care of adam. i didn’t want to spend too much money because i was experimenting with new styles, and i was still losing the baby weight. not exactly the time to be investing in super expensive pieces. and going to thrift stores turned out to be a pretty fun little outing for me with the baby in tow. i would wear him in a carrier and bounce him to sleep while i scoured the racks.

but old habits die hard. before i knew it, i was deep in the throes of my thrifting addiction.  i almost immediately began unearthing all sorts of pretty silks, cottons, linens. themes started to emerge, i started finding multiples, i could even divide my spoils into different colorways. and as usual, a lot of it wasn’t quite my size or wasn’t exactly what i was looking for, but i just couldn’t stop myself from picking them up. i told my mom that i probably already had enough pieces for a small vintage collection, and that perhaps it was time to open up my shop again (more on that later).

my mom, of course, is my enabler. she’s the woman who taught me about the joys of thrifting. telling her this information was all she needed to start her own thrifting frenzy. they clearly have some amazing thrift stores out in arizona, because after a month or so, she’d amassed a collection of her own. and, of course, it was her suggestion that we try indigo dyeing some of the stuff she’d found in odd colors like grass green or saturated pink. stuff that i wouldn’t have considered, but that would be pretty cute in a nice, deep shade of my favorite color.

so we pulled together our masses of thrifted goodies and embarked on our dyeing experiment. i mostly wanted to over-dye some lighter denim pieces, and to play around with how the dye would turn out on an array of different colored fabrics. but once we had all the dye in a tub, i figured i might as well try a few shibori techniques as well. i didn’t share any pictures, but my mom also had some fun dyeing vintage linens, doilies, and hand towels.

i won’t dare try to outline the directions for how to do all of this, mostly because you can easily google plenty of really detailed instructions on the subject. so instead, here are some photos of the process (which we did over the course of three days in the sweltering heat) along with some of our results. now that i’ve tried it out and seen how it all works, i’m already itching to try new techniques. i really want to try my hand at marbling next time!




since having my baby earlier this year, i’ve been jokingly referring to my style as momcore. i was laughing when i bought a pair of mom jeans because i was like, well duh, i’m a mom now. and it’s pretty convenient that your mom in the ’90s is now serving as fashion inspiration because, well frankly, that’s a pretty convenient point of reference for my current lifestyle. but all joking aside, i am totally wearing a “mom outfit” today. the dress is by loyal hana, a clothing line designed for nursing mothers. and my art teacher-chic necklace is by mama and little, made with silicone beads for the sole purpose of being chewed on by a teething baby.

i’m generally of the set that doesn’t believe you need to specifically buy “maternity” or “nursing” clothes, but i have found myself drawn to some of the new designers out there who are tackling some of the challenges for dressing as a new mom. the dress is designed like any other dress, it just so happens to have two hidden zippers conveniently placed at either side so that i can still wear a little shift dress without having to run off to hide while i hike up my entire dress in an attempt to nurse my baby. the design is kinda perfect. until i got this dress (and another design by au lait), i was stuck with wearing either separates, or dresses with a button front. buttons are ok, but when you’re holding a wiggly baby in your arms all day, those buttons have a tendency to come undone. just picture yourself walking around the grocery store entirely unaware that half your dress is open. it’s happened.

so here i am, channeling my own mom in the ’90s, who also happened to be an elementary school art teacher, and totally would have worn something like this while teaching her students how to basket weave.

cybelle nursing dress courtesy of loyal hana
mama and little teresa silicone teething necklace
asos bag
swedish hasbeens braided clogs
jasper sunglasses courtesy of warby parker


adam: 26 weeks

i’m jumping ahead to 26 weeks today because i shared a picture of adam at 25 weeks in this post the week after we moved to redlands. thankfully, adam isn’t allergic because one of his favorite things to do is play in the grass. we didn’t really have a yard at our last place, so it’s been a fun activity to hang out in the shade if the heat isn’t too unbearable. and despite the fact that he seems to want to put everything in his mouth, he never tries to eat the grass, which i think is kinda cool.



kira kids fall 2014

way back when adam was a wee little thing, i was lucky enough to receive a few onesies from the super cute children’s brand kira kids. they were some of the first clothes that adam wore (see evidence here, here, and here), so when he grew out of them after about a month of wear, i couldn’t help but shed a few tears. i’ll always remember those silly little outfits from those early days. oh how i wish they would stay tiny forever!

so of course, i was pretty excited to see that kira kids has just released their new fall 2014 collection filled with silly little logo tees and onesies for kids and babies. the little hot dog wearing a top hat (monsier hot dog!) is kinda killing me.

photos courtesy of kira kids.



first rite spring 2014


first rite launched it’s inaugural collection just a couple of years ago (i was particularly smitten with the fall 2012 look book), but i’m not sure why i hadn’t shared her work until now! i learned about designer nikki garcia’s work through mutual acquaintances some years back, and i’ve been quietly following her ever since. i always get excited about new designers, and really enjoy waiting for each new collection. her latest round of indigo dyed linen for spring 2014 has really got me itching to finally add one of her pieces to my wardrobe!

i love that even though it’s a spring collection, everything can easily transition from spring to fall, which probably has to do with the fact that all of the clothes are designed and sewn in san francisco. the city with no seasons and every season all at once.

photos courtesy of first rite.

FirstRiteWeb-119 copy

FirstRiteWeb-62 copy

FRWeb3-001 copy

FRWeb3-023 copyFirstRiteWeb-152 copy

FirstRiteWeb2-047 copyFirstRiteWeb-183 copy



this summer, i’ve really been wanting a pair of cream (or white) overalls. i was browsing around online for some when i realized that i already had these cutoffs from last spring! i’d still love to find a pair with legs, but these actually turn out to be a much better option in this sweltering summer heat. last year, i wore them with a striped t-shirt, but lately i’ve been having fun with more minimalist, monochrome dressing. so this time around, i paired them with my new favorite top from ayr. it’s made with this super soft japanese seeded cotton, and i want to wear it with everything, all the time.

i also hereby declare this to be the summer of the clog. i mean, i’ve always been a fan of clogs, but lately they seem to be the only type of shoe i wear. i own several different pairs by swedish hasbeens, so i almost felt like i was cheating when i thrifted these by sven a couple of months back. since then, i’ve been stalking the sven site because you can custom order their clogs with your choice of wood, leather type, and color. they have a particular pair with criss cross straps that i can’t seem to get out of my mind.

the everywhere shirt in seeded cotton courtesy of ayr
ganni overalls from last spring
thrifted sven clogs
clare vivier messenger tote in navy
jasper sunglasses courtesy of warby parker 


adam: 24 weeks


and here’s the little man at 24 weeks. this was the only shot i took that week, but if memory serves correctly, this was around the time we moved from los angeles to our new home in redlands. this photo was taken in my grandmother’s kitchen after my brother and sister plopped him into the sink to entertain him on a hot day. he loves being in the water, taking a bath or splashing in the swimming pool, it’s the cutest thing!

and yes, that’s sophie the giraffe poking her little head into the frame. easily his favorite toy.



young frankk fall 2014


even though i’m still clinging to the summer, the fall collections from some of my favorite designers are starting to pour in. i was trying to wait until august, but i just couldn’t resist sharing the new young frankk fall 2014 collection. designer christine young launched the jewelry line in 2012 out of richmond, virginia and i have been watching her ever since. all of the pieces are hand made by the designer herself so that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

photography and styling by christine young, modeled by gabriella cetrulo.

 aw14_7 aw14_9 aw14_11  IMG_0142_lo IMG_0184_lo IMG_0292_lo  IMG_0353_lo IMG_0782_lo