thirteen months

well, it finally happened. after thirteen months of carrying around this extremely large baby, i finally injured my back. it’s just a strain, but if you’ve ever hurt your back, you’ll know how much it still totally sucks! much like when me and adam both came down with a nasty cold at the same time last month, being sick or injured is a million times more challenging when you’ve got a little one to care for. he’s at a very clingy stage, which is totally normal, but i can’t exactly bend over and lift him up! i know i need to stay down for at least a couple of days if i want to heal, and thankfully i’ve got family members taking shifts to help me take a break. so of course, i’m propped up at the computer editing photos! i shot these a couple of weeks ago at the elementary school near our house. brendan usually takes adam there on weekends to explore the playground. i’m actually surprised how often we have the whole place to ourselves! adam gets to roam free in the big grass field, or else we help him maneuver his way around the play structure.

and can we talk about his vintage sweater set? i’ve recently fallen down the vintage baby clothing rabbit hole. there are a ton of sellers on instagram who post new items daily. i’m actually lucky that it’s so much harder to find cool vintage baby boy clothes or i might be out of control. the girl stuff is crazy good. it’s taking all of my strength not to start collecting darling little ’60s baby dresses for a girl that i don’t even have haha!

wearing: japanese vintage sweater and hat set from vintagenthings, levi’s knit leggings, hansel from basel mini puff dot crew socks, handmade leather moccs that i picked up from kissui, our favorite local baby boutique!



california winter

if you’ve been following my instagram, then you know i’ve been basking in a ridiculous amount of sunshine lately. which is kinda crazy when i see all of my east coast friends coated in a thick layer of snow. so i know it’s kind of sacrilege to say that i really wouldn’t mind a few more weeks of chillier weather so i can finish going through all of my winter clothes! one of the color schemes i really wanted to try this season was black and red. ooh, getting real crazy over here, haha. but if you’re familiar with my wardrobe, then you know that practically everything i own is blue! so much so, that it’s taken me this long to get it together to try something different. i’ve slowly been picking up pieces in black over the past couple of months, which is a no-brainer for most people, but it turns out that hardly own anything black. it’s weird! so here i am, finally trying it out on the very tail end of our ridiculous california winter.

and if i could get away with it, i’d wear this jane sews jumpsuit every. single. day. in fact, i almost can because it wraps in a number of different ways. on this particular day, i wore it with a little cropped jacket and tied it around my waist. the very next day, i layered it over a crisp white blouse and tied it in the back, as you can see here.

linen willow wrap jumpsuit courtesy of jane sews
short kimono jacket courtesy of eileen fisher
marais usa haircalf mules


shop my closet at twice!


my pop up shop at twice just launched! go go go!

the collection features a huge selection of gently used items from my personal wardrobe including designer, boutique, and high street brands. it was a little hard to let them go, but it was a relief to free up some space in my closets. and i’m happy to be passing them along to someone who might appreciate them more than i did. clothes are meant to be worn, not hoarded away! i’m sharing a quick screengrab, but there’s tons more in the shop with more going up throughout the week, so you really should head on over and take a look! 

if you’re not familiar with the twice, it’s like a hybrid between traditional online retailers like amazon and peer-to-peer marketplaces like ebay. if you’re cleaning out your closet, simply request a free selling kit or label, fill it up, and ship it to twice. they make you an offer as soon as they get your package, and you can get paid instantly. from there, they list your items for sale. or you can just skip to the fun part and shop the calivintage pop-up filled with gently used boutique, designer, and high street pieces from my personal wardrobe, including all of the clothing and accessories you see in this post!

get 25% off your first order at twice with code “calivintage25″ now through feb 13!




young frankk spring 2015

the new young frankk spring 2015 lookbook is out, and it’s better than ever! christine young is easily one of my favorite jewelry designers, offering unique designs that make a statement while still easily incorporating into an everyday wardrobe. all of her jewelery is created by hand in her richmond, va. studio, and her latest collection of minimalist designs hits all the right notes.

everything will be available for purchase in her shop next week, or you can head over now to snag a deal on some of her past season collections!

photography: alejandro poveda
styling: mia flanagan
model: modelogic [mid-atlantic]
select clothing provided by: need supply co.



bon george spring 2015

you may remember last season, i wrote about the new la-based brand, bon george. well, they’ve just released their second collection and, dare i say, it’s even better than the first! besides the cool, mimimal designs, what really stands out about this brand is that all of the clothes are created with sustainability in mind. bon george believes in fair wages and ethical sourcing, and each piece is designed, sourced, and assembled in los angeles using salvaged vintage textiles and trims. that’s a pretty big deal in this world of fast fashion that we live in! that combined with thoughtful design and a focus on timeless classics means that you will be able to continue wearing each piece season after season. all of their designs are limited edition, so you better head over to pre-order your favorite styles before they’re gone forever!

get free shipping at bon george on all pre-orders using code ‘calivintage’ now through monday, february 9!



sneak peek: shop my closet

get ready, because my calivintage pop-up shop is launching this week at twice! if you’re not familiar with the site, it’s like a hybrid between traditional online retailers like amazon and peer-to-peer marketplaces like ebay. if you’re cleaning out your closet, simply request a free selling kit or label, fill it up, and ship it to twice. they make you an offer as soon as they get your package, and you can get paid instantly. from there, they list your items for sale. or you can just skip to the fun part and shop the calivintage pop-up filled with gently used boutique, designer, and high street pieces from my personal wardrobe, including all of the clothing and accessories you see in this post!

if you want to be the first to know when the pop-up goes live, you can sign up for the newsletter to get a notification. and if you want an insiders tip: you’ll get a coupon code for 40% off your first order when you sign up!

i’ll also be posting an announcement here on the blog when it goes live, or you can follow me on  instagram so you don’t miss out!


keep it simple


i know it probably doesn’t seem obvious from looking at my blog, but i’m actually really shy in front of the camera! i can be totally comfortable and feeling really good about my outfit or my makeup, but the moment the camera comes out, i suddenly slouch and my face gets stiff and i totally forget how to just act natural. it’s like that scene in 30 rock when jack donaghy has to film a promo video… my hands just start floating upward and into the frame, ha! so a big thanks to bareMinerals for asking me if i’d be interested in trying out their latest product, without which i might not be gracing you all with a bunch of silly pictures of my mug!

as part of my new year’s purging ritual, i recently went through my cabinets and got rid of a ton of stuff. i really like to try new beauty products, but sometimes i forget to be mindful of what ingredients i’m using on my acne-prone and slightly oily skin. if i really want a quick and easy beauty routine, i have to remember to start with ingredients that won’t irritate my skin or clog my pores. so of course, i was pretty excited to get my hands on the new bareMinerals Complexion Rescue, especially since i’ve really been paring down my beauty routine to only the essentials, which includes getting more comfortable with a little less coverage. the new formula is a gel cream which aims to combine the best of a bb, a cc, and a tinted moisturizer with sheer coverage and a very natural finish.  i find that it goes much better with my current makeup routine that my usual full-coverage foundation, which was starting to feel a bit too heavy when paired with just a swipe of blush and some mascara. my skin feels comfortable and natural, and i just have to use a dab of concealer here and there to cover up blemishes and dark spots.

as illustrated below, you can either smooth it on with your hands like you would a moisturizer, or use the Smoothing Face Brush for more even application. for this look, i added just a touch of blush on my cheeks, mascara, and a very minimal application of liquid liner.




“be original. be natural. be good.” thank you for supporting the sponsors that make this blog possible!



royal caballito spring 2015

it’s still taking me a bit of time to get back into the swing of things after two very busy months, but now that we’ve come out the other end, i’m pretty excited about all of the fun new collections we have to look forward to this spring! the new royal caballito spring 2015 collection is the perfect breath of fresh air, and exactly the type of thing that i would love to be wearing right now. designer diana saldaña has created a beautiful collection of fun and playful patterned knits with plenty of cozy, oversized scarves, easy sweater dresses, and the cutest little matching sets! they’re bright and cheerful without being overly saccharine, and they make a statement without being overpowering.

photos courtesy of royal caballito.



giveaway: win $150 to micaela greg!

i’m happy to say that adam and i are finally recovering from that nasty cold we caught last week. and it couldn’t have come at a better time because today just so happens to be my birthday. i ended up postponing my own party plans until next week, but in the meantime, i decided to celebrate with a giveaway! i’ve partnered up with san francisco-based knitwear designer micaela greg to offer you the chance to win $150 to the shop!

i’d been familiar with design duo marie and karen potesta’s line of womenswear knits for a couple of years now, but was especially excited when they recently launched their first kid’s line this fall. i think i’ve said this before, but as much as i love dressing myself, i have even more fun dressing adam! so when they sent me these little sweatpants, i knew i wanted to bundle him up in all his best knits (including a misha & puff sweater and hand knit goodnight, day toque). meanwhile, i’ve been lounging around in this ridiculously comfy knit jumpsuit, usually paired with an oversized jacket and mules.

so now’s your chance to win something for yourself! you can enter by using the widget below:

Micaela Greg Giveaway!

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life lately

if you haven’t noticed, january is officially the month of adam around here. as soon as the holidays ended, i hit the ground running when i realized that i only had a week to plan his first birthday party! we pulled it off, and i couldn’t have been happier, but all of the stress and anticipation and ups and downs must have left me susceptible because both adam and i have been sick all week with a nasty bug. at first i thought it was the flu because adam had a bit of a fever, but now i’m thinking it was just a bad cold. either way, we’ve been resting all week on our “mandatory staycation” and are finally starting to get back to normal.

so 2015 is off to a bit of a rocky start. i’m not feeling glum at all, but i am feeling pretty overloaded. i’ve hardly had any time to keep up with work and emails, and i’m not anywhere near back to my normal blogging schedule. and it’s my birthday in only a few days! we have a little getaway planned for this weekend, but i almost don’t feel like i’m ready for it! i still have a million and one things to do this month, including a nursery makeover for adam’s room, which i was kinda hoping to complete and photograph before he turned a year old. i guess the universe is trying to tell me to chill out and take a breather, but i’m fighting it like mad. i just want to go go go, and i have so many ideas and plans that it makes it hard to take a step back and just chill out!

above is a shot of adam wearing the cutest little hansel from basel socks. he’s not quite walking on his own yet, but he’s just about the age where i get to put him in fun shoe and sock combinations like this.