adam: 22 weeks

just when i got all caught up with my weekly photos of adam, i fell behind again with all this moving! i’m just glad i still managed to snap some photos of adam at 22 weeks! true story: i am obsessed with baby bonnets (you’ve seen his outfit photos on my instagram, right?), but was having a really hard time finding any that were summer appropriate in fabric or jersey that weren’t pink or frilly. and as fate would have it, i just so happened to connected with petite soul while browsing around instagram. they just launched their business earlier this year with the goal of bringing bonnets back when they discovered a serious lack of options in the marketplace. we got to chatting, and they very kindly sent me this adorable little bandit hat, hand-made right in nyc. it looks like the style has since sold out, but they’re constantly adding new, limited run styles to the shop for both boys and girls.

adam is wearing a petite soul bandit hat, h&m onesie, album di famigila album black romper  from ladida kids. and holding his beloved cloud b sleep giraffe!



datter industries 2014

a couple of years back, before i got the watchful eye ring by datter industries, i don’t think i’d ever consistently worn a piece of jewelry. it was like my gateway drug into finally wearing jewelry. it went with everything, and just made me feel cool. soon after, i started stacking rings, and i even dabbled in bracelets and the occasional necklace. i think what i like the best about kaye blegvad’s designs is that they make a statement, but are still subtle enough to wear daily. and of course, i love the fact that they’re all handmade by the designer herself, who travels between studios in london and brooklyn. so of course, i was beyond delighted to see that she just released a new 2014 lookbook filled with pretty new pieces all expertly arranged.

photos courtesy of datter industries.



shop my vintage collection!

as you know, just last week i made another major move from los angeles to redlands. nothing like packing up all of your belongings and loading them onto a giant truck to make you reevaluate your hoarding habits… so i started the process of sorting through my racks and boxes filled with vintage goodies in an attempt to lighten the load before the move. unfortunately, despite my best efforts, i didn’t quite get it together in time. but i did manage to enlist the help of toni of fair season to help model some of my most prized vintage dresses before i left. so now that the dust is settling in my new place, i can finally open up my shop again!

and i’m not gonna lie, seeing them all neatly arranged in the shop makes me a little sad to see them go. but they were well-loved and cared for and now it’s finally time for me to ship them off to new homes. i had fun collecting them and wearing them over the years, and i’m sure someone else will enjoy them just as much.

shop calivintage!


au lait

i suppose we should probably start with the obvious today: yes, i am indeed wearing a fanny pack. technically speaking, it’s a vintage coach belt bag. which means that it’s a tiny purse with a detachable shoulder strap that has conveniently placed loops with which you can use to fasten to a belt. but who am i trying to kid? it’s a fanny pack and i know it. and i don’t care that the entire planet seems to have collectively decided that they are incredibly uncool, no matter how many “fashion” iterations have been designed over the years. in fact, i think that’s probably part of what makes me like it. you know, i was that annoying kid in high school who always had to be different. i dyed my hair pink and shopped in the little boy’s section at the thrift store. so yeah, fanny pack.

and for whatever reason, it just seemed like the absolute perfect accessory to go with my new dress by au lait. you might remember that i wrote about this cool new company several weeks back. all of the dresses and tops are designed to be worn before, during, and after pregnancy with particular attention to nursing moms. it looks like a simple jersey dress, but it’s made with a nifty double layer so that i can still easily breastfeed without having to completely remove my dress or risk stretching it out by attempting to pull it down. it was lovingly designed and made right here in the united states by a super talented and dedicated mom who definitely understands the art of dressing with baby in mind. and it certainly doesn’t hurt that it is also made with the most luxuriously soft and comfy jersey i have ever worn. so much so that it doubles as a nightgown on the days that i wear it.

x-back maxi dress courtesy of au lait
vintage coach belt bag (i found mine on ebay)
swedish hasbeens braided sky high in natural
san diego hat company oversized straw fedora (found at t.j. maxx)



making moves


it’s been a while since i’ve given a proper update about everything going on behind-the-scenes! i know i don’t tend to get too personal on here, but sometimes it’s nice to share something other than the clothes i’m wearing or the collections that are catching my eye.

as you know, the past year has been one of great change in my life. i got pregnant, relocated from the san francisco bay area to los angeles, and had a baby. adam is now getting close to 6 months old, and we’re fast approaching our one-year anniversary in southern california. but just when we were starting to feel settled in our new home in los feliz, we took a good look at our lives and decided to make a few more big changes. i’m sure you’ve noticed that since adam was born, we’ve been spending a lot of time in my hometown of redlands. we’ve easily spent most of our weekends and holidays with family there. so when my extended maternity leave came to an end earlier this month, i decided that it was time for me to part ways with modcloth so that we could relocate to redlands to be near family. it was bittersweet to say goodbye, but thanks in large part to this blog, i’m lucky enough to have the flexibility to stay at home with adam, and to go back to blogging full-time.

redlands 1
two shots of redlands: the historic a.k. smiley public library and a scene down the street from where i live.

so here we are. i’m sitting in our new apartment with boxes still unpacked, adam is asleep on my chest, and i’m recovering from an unfortunately-timed stomach bug. it’s a bit overwhelming at the moment, but once the dust settles, it’s actually going to be a really exciting time! we’ve already met with a real estate agent, and once we get a bit more settled, we’re going to begin going about the process of house hunting for a place to call home. i’m going to miss our old neighborhood in los angeles, but i’m happy about the decision we’ve made (and we’re still only an hour away from la). honestly, we’ve been through so many changes over the past couple of years that it’s going to feel really good to finally be able to put down our roots. and i can’t think of a better place than here in redlands with my family and support network so close by.

redlands 2
the pool at my dad’s place. i think we’ll be spending a lot of time here this summer!

and the really fun part is that i’ve got big plans to expand my content to include some of what i’ll be up to in other parts of my life. of course i’ll still be writing about all of the usual fashion-related content, but i think it’ll be nice to share a few more of my interests with you. my life has changed so dramatically over the last couple of years, i think it just makes sense that my blog would, too!



adam: 21 weeks

one of the best things about mornings is that adam always wakes up with a big smile on his face. he coos and smiles and laughs, and we chill out in bed while i sing him the good morning song. eventually, i put on some music and pull out his little baby activity gym so he can play for a bit before we start our day.

adam is wearing an american apparel baseball tee and leggings.



dear creatures summer love sample sale

one of the nice things about living in los angeles is that there seems to be an abundance of samples sales out here. one such event that i’m pretty excited about is the summer love sample sale featuring goods from dear creatures, zooey magazine, the loved one, and seychelles & bc footwear at up to 80% off. be there or be square!

saturday, june 28th, 11am – 6pm at 3650 eagle rock blvd., los angeles, ca 90065.



front row shop

i know i’m probably the last person on earth to have heard of them, but ever since i discovered online retailer frontrowshop, i’ve been having a bit of a love affair. i keep browsing through the new arrivals and scrolling through the archives, tempting myself with all of their cool clothes. my internal monologue turns into the voice of doge as i find myself thinking, “wow. so fashion.” and then add everything to my favorites list.

these are few of my current favorite items (i have the denim dress below and this pair of white wide leg jeans; and that dusty pink trench below is in two parts so you can wear it as a cropped jacket!!!), but my picks aren’t really representative of the entire scope of their selection. they have a lot more statement pieces and on-trend styles, i’m just a sucker for minimalist looks these days.


karen walker resort 2015

i rarely see a karen walker collection that i don’t like. so it’s no surprise that i want to wear her entire un-fussy resort 2015 collection, filled with chambrays and cottons and linens in various shades of blue and white. exactly what has been making up my summer wardrobe these days. i love me a nice smock or shift dress, especially when the proportions are done just right, something karen walker has mastered. and even though i thought i had overloaded on cat prints over the past several years, her latest interpretation is actually really cute! and i’m definitely going to be taking styling cues from that perfect shade of coral lipstick to match those awesome shades.

photos courtesy of karen walker.



denim days

things are a bit busy over here lately. i haven’t talked too much about what’s going on behind-the-scenes, but we decided to move out of our adorable little apartment in los feliz in favor of a little upgrade. now that we have adam, we’re beginning to see how nice it would be to have a house with a yard and just a little bit more space. unfortunately, nailing down the right place has been a bit more hectic than we had expected with everything else going on in life. so things might be a little quiet for a couple of weeks, but i’m sure once we get settled, things will be better than ever. 2014 is a year of change, that’s for sure.

so when it comes to my clothes, you’d better bet i’ve been adopting a pretty simple uniform between caring for the baby and running all around to view houses. i’ve been wearing a lot of denim. not jeans necessarily, but denim pinafores, chambray tees… i recently found a cool pair of white wide leg denim pants. it’s the summer denim!

everlane box cut tee
denim sleeveless dress courtesy of front row shop
clare vivier messenger tote
swedish hasbeens braided sky high