language of the birds spring 2015

against my better judgement, i’m heading out to palm springs again this weekend (kinda hard to resist when you live about 50 minutes away)! so of course, i’ve got resort vibes on my mind. and i can’t think of anything better to wear than the new capsule collection by honolulu-based language of the birds. designer tsia carson was inspired by traditional hawaiian silhouettes like the holomu’u, mu’umu’u and kappogis and modernized them with beautiful custom textile designs by clothing designer and store owner of beklina, lina rennell, and textile designer and critic at risd, gina gregorio. the result is a beautiful collection filled with interesting details, fresh colors, and incredibly wearable designs. not only that, but they believe in ethical business practices and embrace transparency in the supply chain. of the collection, they state:

every item is made in the usa using small independently run factories and sustainable, eco-friendly production processes. the fabrics are silk screened by hand in rhode island using a traditional water based vat dye method. they are cut and sewn in nyc’s garment district in a small factory run by a lovely woman named theresa. the integrity of the craftsmanship creates a fabric with a beautiful hand, superior quality and long lasting construction that will endure for decades rather than years. language of the birds could be called old fashioned with their emphasis on supporting american manufacturing, but they believe you should buy something you love and be able to wear it forever.

photos courtesy of language of the birds.



what’s in adam’s bag?


this is a really simple post that i’ve been meaning to write for months! fashion bloggers always seem to be dumping out the contents of their bags to show off what sorts of goodies they have inside, so why not share what a baby carries in his bag?

back when adam was probably around six months, he became obsessed with my purse. he would sit there and pull everything out, then put it all back in again. and on and on for longer than he would concentrate on most things. since i wasn’t particularly keen on him playing with actual keys, or unwrapping bits of gum, i decided to give him his own purse to play with. i picked up this adorable kid’s survey backpack by hershel supply co. and filled it with the baby-friendly versions of th things you might find in my bag: toy keys, velcro wallet, lots of plastic cards, an altoids tin filled with cheerios, baby sunglasses, etc. it’s still a “toy,” but i’ve found that the things that least resemble actual toys are the things that are most interesting for babies. so there you have it, a glimpse at what’s inside adam’s bag!


whit spring 2015

i’ve skipped out on the last couple seasons of nyfw, so it was a nice little treat to head out to palm springs this weekend for a special presentation of the whit spring 2015 collection. coincidentally, all of the looks were giving off major resort vibes. the girls literally could have walked right off the runway and fit right in with our surroundings at the parker hotel. and even though i’ve toned down my own personal style quite a bit the last couple of years, i still really love a good print for vacation weekends, or fancy events. so the bold prints and patterns definitely caught my eye and got me thinking about how i’m long overdue for a little getaway myself!

photos courtesy of whit.



fifteen months


today is adam’s fifteen month birthday! so i thought i’d share a few photos we snapped last weekend on easter. apparently my grandpa got a little overexcited about the event and decided that he wanted to build a sandbox for adam. my grandma had to convince him to settle on something store bought, so they spent the entire week prior shipping around for the perfect sandbox. unfortunately, it’s more of a seasonal item, so they had to settle on the iconic plastic turtle. which, might i add, was perfect. i’m merely retelling the tale of their hunt!

so of course, it was a big event to watch him discover the contents of his bucket and eventually play in the sand. and adam was outfitted in this dandy little look for the day. the shirt, shorts, and sunhat were all a gift from egg by susan lazar, and the shoes are a classic pair of saltwater sandals.






my internet pal maia mcdonald has just launched a fundable campaign for her new venture, bitte! and of course, it’s right down my alley. she’s teamed up with her mother (and former vice president of product development and creative services at faber-castell usa, no big deal) to start a new baby boutique, and they’re asking friends, family, and the great big internet for help meeting their funding goals. the focus of their latest venture is “to create a unique and trusted marketplace of carefully curated products for young children.” each product is meticulously assessed based upon sustainability, form & function, so you can enjoy shopping knowing that each item has been carefully selected, and has earned the bitte stamp of approval.

and of course, maia is not without her own credentials. she’s a pinterest wizard, freelance graphic designer, art director at rue magazine, and a new mother. i am so excited about her latest venture, and can’t wait to see more! and if that’s not enough convincing, check out the sneak peek of fun items you can score with your pledge to back to the project.

now go fund bitte!




if there is one item of clothing that i can’t live without these days, it’s a jumpsuit. all of the convenience of a dress with the practicality of a pair of pants! it’s literally one piece. you just zip it up, add accessories, and you’re good to go. i can chase around after adam (or walk through a wind tunnel) and i never have to worry about my skirt flipping up. i picked up this cool handmade vintage jumpsuit a few weeks ago on my favorite new vintage shopping app, whurl. it’s brown gingham, it zips up the front, and it’s giving major disco granny vibes. can’t you just see some little old lady wearing this with orthopedic shoes? of course, i was actually thinking more along the lines of rachel comey when i bought it and paired it with my trusty d’orsay flats and this hat which i cannot stop wearing. it just goes with everything!

vintage jumpsuit scored on whurl
brookes boswell wakefield hat in panama stra
jenni kayne d’orsay flats
clare vivier messenger


adam’s nursery

it’s been a long time coming, but i’m finally sharing photos of adam’s nursery! i have no good excuse for why it’s taken so long for me to share this because the room has remained pretty much the same since he was born. as he’s grown, i’ve rearranged things to make the space more appropriate for his level of development, and added a few things here and there, most notably after christmas and his birthday in january, yikes! we originally had a big mid-century style shelf against one wall, but once he was actively reaching for things above his head, i decided that it might be wise to build a shelf up high so he wouldn’t be able pull something down on top of himself. and as he’s grown, i’ve also started to imagine it as more of a play area with little carts full of toys and a tiny wooden kitchen all safely within his reach.

as far as a theme, there really isn’t one. i had originally wanted to go with jungle animals and an aqua blue/mustard yellow color scheme with pops of red here and there. but as i started collecting things, i quickly realized that it would be almost impossible for me to maintain any sort of theme or color story. as soon as i let go of whatever preconceived notion i had about how i wanted the room to look, it just sorta fell together as i picked up the things i liked. in the end, i’d say it has bright and colorful, eclectic, slightly european vibe to it. if we’re going to put a label on it, haha.

above: adam’s beloved hape play kitchen, a classic red radio flyer push bike, lots of fisher price classics, babylit books, and plenty of other bright and colorful delights.

the vintage emmaljunga pram. we don’t use it nearly as often as i thought we would, but i am still so pleased that i found one! that cloub b gentle giraffe, on the other hand, was a lifesaver when adam was an infant!

the print above us is by marrimeko from a few seasons ago.

prints from fine little day and petit collage elephant mobile.

aqua blue velvet glider, the tassel pillow is now out of stock, mini boheme lion pillow, and lucy owl courtesy of hazel village.

the crib is part of the babyletto skip set, and the crib mattress is from naturepedics. the blanket is by blabla from a few seasons back.

i love this p’kolino elephant wall easel! sadly, it has been discontinued.

the babyletto skip dresser. the changing station on top is removable.



family affairs spring 2015

back in september, i posted a little preview, but now the full family affairs spring 2015 collection is available for purchase, and i am swooning over nina’s cute prints and fun silhouettes. i am especially in love with the lookbook, shot by one of my favorite photographers, amber byrne mahoney. the collection, titled ti amo, is inspired by “eating peaches in the hammock, falling in love like a teenager, huge agave plants in elba, white heat on the autostrada, being the first person at the bakery, and grandma’s white sheets in the mediterranean sun.” i think my favorite is the amazing river crystal jumpsuit, but i’m also pretty enamored with the  ti amo frenchie crop top!

head over to family affairs to shop the collection!

credit: photography by amber byrne mahoney, hair by rubi jones, makeup by allison perlstein, styling by nina egli, modeled by tara violet niami.



wrap happy


the flowers are blooming, the weather is hot, and i’ve been stuck inside for the past several days taking care of a baby with a really nasty cold. we normally spend a lot of time out of the house, so it’s rough being cooped-up inside, especially when the weather is so nice. we’ve been alternating between episodes of yo gabba gabba, taking quick baths to help him clear his chest, napping, and going on walks around the neighborhood for fresh air. all of which has been made much easer with my the help of my new tula woven wrap. when babies are sick, they just want to be held nonstop, and without a carrier of some sort, i think my arms might fall off! i definitely prefer this to propping him up on my hip because his weight is more evenly distributed across my back, and my hands are free so i can get things done around the house. bonus points: these wraps must be woven with some kind of magic, because when you put a baby in one of these, they usually pass out in 5 minutes flat!

i’ve worn adam in a soft sided carrier since he was a tiny baby because it was super convenient and easy to use, but i was always intrigued and intimidated by woven wraps. they come in all sorts of pretty patterns, and they look nice and comfy, but the wrapping techniques look really complicated. but now that i’ve given it a try (with the help of this video), i wish i had gotten one sooner! it’s really not hard to do, and they are super comfortable even with a large baby like adam!  i like the pretty mustard yellow pattern on this wrap, and i’ve been having fun figuring out how to coordinate it with my outfits. so far, i’ve discovered that simple jumpsuits like this are a really good option because they stay put when you’re pulling the wrap up and around you and baby.

in fact, i’m beginning to think i could write a whole book about what to wear while babywearing. or at least a comprehensive blog post! so stay tuned because i’ve got a few more suggestions on the way. and feel free to ask me any questions you might have about wraps or carriers or babywearing in general!

lauren moffatt romper (past season)
brookes boswell wakefield hat in panana straw
tuto sandals
migaloo woven wrap courtesy of tula
clare v. messenger
shinola runwell watch
gillian steinhardt right hand charm bracelet courtesy of aro




isabel wilson spring 2015



the new isabel wilson spring 2015 collection is all kinds of dreamy! i love the interesting color scheme: grass greens, bright red and coral, with little pops of light and navy blue all shot against a dreamy pastoral backdrop. it’s making me feel like riding my bike to the park for a picnic to enjoy these warm spring days. and with all of her pieces designed and sewn in new york, i don’t think i will be able to resist picking up a pair of those grass print pants!

photo credit: isabel wilson

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