a nursery sneak peek with munchkin!

back when adam was just a tiny babe, i half-jokingly declared that i would consider it an accomplishment if i managed to photograph the nursery before he was a year old. and here we are. adam is 14 months old, and i’m finally getting around to it! besides the fact that i have never photographed or shared any of my interiors on the blog before, i think my biggest hurdle was that i kept expecting the room to be “finished” one day. but then, as i rearranged the room for the millionth time since he was born, i realized that there would never be an end point. a home is this living, breathing thing that grows and changes right along with us. adam’s needs are ever-changing, and so is his room. (and with any luck, we’ll be moving out of this place very soon, so i really need to document it before we leave. more on that later!)

so in the spirit of building things up, i partnered with munchkin to give you a little tease before the big reveal. most of the room has remained pretty much the same since adam was born, but i’ve been making important additions to the room here and there. one such essential came in the form of our new arm & hammer diaper pail that we received courtesy of munchkin. i had originally picked up a little stainless steel step can because i thought it looked nice, and i honestly never even considered using a diaper pail. and i got away without one for quite a few months before i started to notice a particularly offensive funk wafting from the nursery. unless you plan to make multiple trips to the dumpster throughout the day, a regular can just isn’t gonna cut it. needless to say, i was pretty relieved to finally make the upgrade, especially after having to explain the stink to guests a few too many times…

and with that final odor-free addition, i can finally say that i’m ready to share the nursery! hope you enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for the full reveal coming soon!


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houses of redlands

i know i’ve mentioned this a few times before, but i am absolutely charmed by the vintage architecture here in redlands. so much so, that i find myself snapping quick pictures of my favorite houses while i wander around on walks in the historic district where i live. there are a number of buildings listed in the national register of historic places, or designated as california historical landmarks. i’ve been posting enough pictures to instagram, that i decided to start filing them all under the rather predictable hashtag #housesofredlands.

it’s just a fun little hobby for me, but it’s really been gaining steam now that i’m in the market for a house of my own. i find myself more intrigued with little details like walkways and landscaping, paint colors and porch covers. here’s a little selection of some of the photos i’ve taken. and of course, you can see more on my instagram.

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outfit: the denim dress


with the temperatures warming up, i can already tell that simple shift dresses like this one will be overtaking my wardrobe in the coming months. i wore this easy dress while painting a wall in adam’s nursery this weekend, and literally snapped these photos between drying coats of paint. i finally got his nursery “photo shoot ready” so i could share pictures on the blog, and i wore this dress while painting thinking that it might add some character if a bit of paint were to land on it. unfortunately, i wasn’t messy enough for it to happen organically, and not quite ballsy enough to just go at it with a paint brush. either way, it was the perfect thing to wear because it felt just as appropriate while going to a morning walk, painting a bedroom, or grabbing a late lunch downtown. definitely the types of clothes i love the most.

monki raw hem denim dress courtesy of asos
brookes boswell wakefield in panama straw
vintage ankle boots
clare v. messenger tote in navy
thrifted brass cuff bracelet
gillian steinhardt right hand charm bracelet courtesy of aro
shinola runwell watch



crescioni spring 2015

the weather is already warm here in my little corner of southern califonia, so i’ve been scramblng to get a handle on my summer style. and the lookbook for los angeles-based designer crescioni is a pretty darn good start. made using traditional craft techniques inspired by the spirit of the American west, these cool leather and brass statement jewels and accessories are perfect for pairing with breezy linen dresses andbig straw hats.

photo credit: andrew lee





redlands city guide: à la minute


after moving back to redlands last year, i’ve been wanting to start a city guide series to highlight some of my favorite spots in town. even though i grew up here, i was never fully able to appreciate just how charming this southern california town really is. at least not until moving back as an adult. unfortunately, this lofty project has been much harder to plan and execute than i thought, and the whole thing ended up on the backburner as a result. my series of photos from local ice cream shop à la minute were a casualty of this shuffling of priorities, and i feel really bad that i never posted them despite the fact that we shot them back in october! better late than never?

since à la minute opened shop on citrus ave. a three years ago, they have expanded their ice cream empire to include sister locations in historic downtown orange and the charming college town of claremont. they boast a delicious menu of ice cream flavors made with whole milk from straus organic creamery with many of their flavors being seasonally sourced from local businesses. each serving is made-to-order in a kitchen-aid mixer using liquid nitrogen to freeze all of the ingredients together right in front of your eyes. it’s quite novel to watch them flip on the machine and listen to the quick whir of the paddle as a billowing cloud of white smoke pours out, and your little cup of ice cream emerges. current flavors on the menu include orange honey made with locally sourced farquar farms citrus and soffel farms honey, and chocolate lavender made with chocolate from nearby shop parliament chocolate. this in addition to a rotating menu of seasonal delights.

so on one warm weekend morning, i met up with sisters and creative duo joy and promise newell to snap a few photos of this beloved local spot.





clare v. fall 2015 lookbook

i know i’m jumping ahead a little bit here, but i came across the new clare v. fall 2015 lookbook while browsing pinterest last night, and i couldn’t wait to share. i’m pretty excited about the new spring collection, especially this tennis print fannypack, but the fall collection is hitting all the right notes for me. fortunately, their bags really are timeless, and seasonless, for that matter. meaning that you really can’t go wrong.

photo credit: clare v.



giveaway: natalie joy jewelry


today i am excited to announce my latest giveaway courtesy of natalie joy jewelry. i actually connected with this portland-based jewelry designer through the magic of instagram. i caught sight of a pair of earrings and it was love at first sight. so i am especially pleased to be able to offer you the chance to win any one in-stock item of your choice. today i’m showing off the dreamcatcher necklace, but there are so many more lovely pieces on her site to choose from.

natalie joy jewelry giveaway!




olive early spring 2015


one of my favorite shops, the austin-based olive boutique has just released their early spring 2015 lookbook in collaboration with photographer arden wray.  ah yes, there is nothing that i love more than seeing my favorite talented people teaming up to make great things. shop owner laura uhlir has impeccable taste, so of course i want to wear all of the clothes. that blue gingham jumpsuit by atelier delphine is very high on my springtime wishlist, as is a trip to the desert to check out all of these cool southwestern shops that i’ve been falling in love with lately!

photography: arden wray
styling: laura uhlir
model: avalon mckenzie

spring15lookbook_1024x1024  spring15lookbook3_1024x1024 spring15lookbook4_1024x1024 spring15lookbook5_1024x1024 spring15lookbook7_1024x1024 spring15lookbook8_1024x1024 spring15lookbook9_1024x1024 spring15lookbook10_1024x1024 spring15lookbook11_1024x1024 spring15lookbook12_1024x1024 spring15lookbook13_1024x1024 spring15lookbook14_1024x1024 spring15lookbook15_1024x1024 spring15lookbook16_1024x1024 spring15lookbook17_1024x1024 spring15lookbook18_1024x1024 sprng15lookbook6_1024x1024



heat wave


we’re currently experiencing a bit of a heatwave out here in southern california. i like the heat, but it’s hard to enjoy it knowing that we’re in the midst of a pretty terrifying drought. so for once, i’m gonna have to say i wish were were experiencing some rainy days. but since that doesn’t appear to be in the cards for us at the moment, i’ve been playing with some warm weather outfits. i got this cotton and linen pinafore dress in the mail the other day, and decided to try a completely monochrome look. it was so very tempting to add that “pop of color” that fashion magazines and blogs are always raving about, but i’m glad i held back. even though i suppose i do look a bit like i’m getting ready to drink the kool aid….

pleat pinafore courtesy of the whitepepper
vintage raw silk shirt
elizabeth suzann scarf
vintage boots
fieldguided tote




desert vintage


i am currently having a bit of a love affair with tuscon-based shop desert vintage. i first came across them a couple of months ago when they released this cool lookbook in collaboration with bon boutique. their entire aesthetic is exactly the style that i would love to wear this summer. i’ve been getting a lot more into vintage lately, and these images remind me of some of the dreamy vintage photographs in my own family archives. pictures of great aunts and grandmothers wearing beautiful vintage dresses and big sombreros.

my mom actually lives in tucson, so when i told her about my newfound love, she laughed and said she’s been a customer for years. i suppose i really should make a trip out in her direction to check out all of the vintage goods.

photo credit: krysta jabczenski for bon boutique x desert vintage