soor ploom spring 2016


with baby girl arriving in just about a month, i’m get super anxious about dressing her! i know that they are only tiny for a couple of months, so i’m trying my absolute best not to go crazy buying lots of clothes, but it’s really hard to resist with so many adorable spring collections coming out every week! i bought a little peter pan collar top by soor ploom from misha and puff last season, and now i’m hooked! their new spring 2016 collection is just hitting retailers, and you’ll be able to shop everything on their site at the beginning of april. the collection is designed and made in brooklyn, and i can personally attest to the quality! everything is made with super soft linens and cottons in classic styles, but each piece is unique and interesting with little details that you just don’t find everywhere. also, i cannot get over this adorable look book!




cleaning up with kleenex


i have to make a confession. as much as i talk about how important skincare has become for me, i have a very bad habit of going to bed without washing my face. i don’t wear a ton of makeup, but it’s enough that i know it’s a bad idea to hit the pillow without removing it! my excuse? it’s really easy to forget those bedtime routines when all of your energy is focused on getting a toddler to sleep on time. especially now that i’m in the last few weeks of my pregnancy and i have zero energy. sometimes i kinda just collapse in bed and forget to take care of the basics. so when kleenex asked if i’d be interested in teaming up to try their new facial cleansing products, you know i was on board. they’ve just released this new line of products, including facial cleansing wipes, exfoliating cushions, and eye makeup removers. it’s not a whole cleansing system, just a collection of products with a range of solutions to help you clean up. they’re particularly useful to keep by your bedside if you’re a sleep-deprived mamas like myself, but they’re also perfect to pack in your bag for a trip, or to keep in your gym tote for a quick refresh before or after a workout.

since my nightly routine of crashing in the bed after putting a toddler to sleep is a little less than glamorous, i decided to take some silly pictures instead. enjoy! and check out the new products available exclusively at kleenex!





and as always, thank you so much for supporting the sponsors that make this blog possible!




dôen spring 2016


perhaps it’s the impending birth of my new baby, or maybe it’s all of this california sun, but something has got me feeling the more relaxed and romantic vibes lately. i recently came across the new spring 2016 collection by dôen. i’d had them bookmarked on my computer when i ran into my friend katie of mother mag wearing the beautiful raw silk quintana dress. i’m so glad i got to see one of their pieces up close, because they really are beautiful and well-made!

the brand is a new collective of creative women based in los angeles, and the line is vintage-inspired with a focus on elevated basics in quality fabrics, all the while managing to keep prices quite affordable. the clothes are produced within the united states when possible, with beautiful handwoven textiles ethically sourced overseas. they’re exactly the types of clothes i want to be wearing right now! and i can’t wait to order my first piece. i’ve really got my eye on the raw silk fringed tate tunic!












esby apparel $300 giveaway!


you may remember a couple of weeks back, i shared a few images from the spring 2016 lookbook of austin-based designer esby apparel. well, today i am excited to announce that i’ve teamed up with the brand to offer you a chance to win $300 towards anything in their online shop! i’m particularly enamored with my new allison cropped jumpsuit, though i will admit that i’m more excited to wear it when i’m not 33 weeks pregnant! still, i love the fact that i’m able to wear it when most of the things in my closet don’t fit anymore! and i know that it’s going to get a ton of wear this spring and summer after baby is born. bonus points because you can wear it with the wrap in front or back, making it particularly appealing for those first few months of breastfeeding. but enough about me, let’s talk about esby! the brand was founded in 2014 by designer stephanie beard and is proudly made in the usa using high quality fabrics with an emphasis on comfort and wearability. this season features lots of beautiful linen and cotton dresses, jumpsuits, and separates that seamlessly fit into any wardrobe. you can enter the giveaway below!

win $300 to esby apparel!

esby apparel allison cropped jumpsuit
vintage denim jacket
maguba barcelona clogs in brown nubuck on a natural wedge sole
clare vivier kenya bag
brookes boswell wakefield hat in panama


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in the studio with sudo


crazy to think about it, but i think i’ve been blogging for eight years now. it’s actually been so long that i’ve started to lose track of the time! and between blogging, social media, selling vintage, and shopping online, it’s safe to say that i have a hard time managing it all! not only that, but for the past eight years, i’ve pretty much just used one email address for everything i do online. back when i started in 2008, i wasn’t thinking about internet security or business plans. i didn’t have some carefully crafted stage name, it was and still is, just me. and all these years later, as embarrassing as it is to admit, i’m still basically operating like it’s the early aughts.

fast forward nearly a decade, and i can’t tell you how many times i’ve found my inbox flooded with online newsletters, invoices, weekly social media updates, pr emails, personal family emails… the list goes on. or how many times i’ve missed a really awesome opportunity because i literally never saw the email amid all the junk. and i can’t tell you how many times i’ve had my credit card information stolen thanks to online security breaches. but i’m only one person! and i only have so much time to dedicate to everything i do online. especially when i’m also the primary caretaker of a very rambunctious toddler.

but despite all of that, i’m still very dedicated to my little “online empire” haha. in addition to recently finding a renewed sense of interest in filling this blog space with things about my life, i’ve also been moving full steam ahead with my vintage shop. i don’t mention it here much, but it’s been a really fun and rewarding outlet for me. and it helps pay the bills, so it’s a win-win. and for today’s post, i thought it would be fun to share a little sneak peek at my home office/studio space. i still have a loooong way to go in setting this space up, but a little corner of the room is starting to shape up!

and one thing that’s helping me along is my latest partnership with sudo. this brand new app allows you to automatically generate safe, secure, and private personas to use online to help you protect your online safety and privacy. each persona comes complete with email addresses, working phone numbers, and password managers so that you don’t have to worry about giving out too much personal information that might leave you vulnerable to data leaks, hackers, or just plain spam. and it helps you to compartmentalize all of the different things you do online, whether it’s blogging, social media, shopping, or selling. i’m especially excited because they’ll also soon be rolling out sudopay, a virtual credit card service that encrypts your personal information to protect you from credit card and identity theft. if you want to check it out for yourself, you can read more and download sudo here.










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guest pinning for krrb!


just wanted to let you guys know that i’m guest-pinning over on the krrb pinterest page for a bit! they’ve invited me to share some inspiration for their apparel & accessories and for the kids boards! over the years, i’ve become so completely obsessed with pinterest. honestly, if it weren’t for all the hours i spend on that site, i would have no clue how to decorate my home. it’s become a super important tool for me when i’m planning new projects or can’t figure out what to wear for the day.

oh, and if you’re not familiar with krrb, it’s a really nice online classifieds page where i’ve found some really awesome furniture for my house!

above: boligcious

smile and wave.


camomile london.



marais usa


i didn’t get proper outfit photos this weekend, but i did get a quick snap of one of my favorite pairs of shoes by marais usa. i really love the new direction that the brand has taken with all of their shoes now being made in la. and i want to own pretty much every new style coming out for spring! below are some photos i snagged from the marais instagram account, which are much more glamorous than my own!










oeuf spring 2016


i’ve got babies on my mind pretty much 24/7, so i hope you don’t mind me sharing some of my favorite collections! i first learned about oeuf nyc when adam was born. that season, they came out with all of these ridiculously adorable woodland animal-themed knits, and as much as i loved them i never did end up snagging one. but he did wear one of their iconic knit crowns on his first birthday! fast forward a few seasons, and i’m really excited to see their spring 2016 collection of gingham, florals, and nautical stripes! i’m definitely most interested in all of the teeny tiny baby clothes, but i like that they also make toddler and little kid sizes, especially since i probably won’t be able to resist dressing adam and his little sister in matching outfits! of the collection, they say:

the new collection, entitled “bug juice,” is an homage to nostalgic childhood summers, drawing inspiration from camping adventures, lake house trips, and the age of innocence. the collection includes whimsical pieces that are refined, yet understated with a retro feel. as always, oeuf wanted to create a playful and comfortable collection for kids to enjoy being kids. from terry cloth and jersey t-shirts and pants, to classic gingham swimwear and dresses, styles can endure summer adventures while keeping kids cool in the warm sun. illustrator marie assénat designed imaginative one-of-a-kind prints to pair with the effortless styles, perfect for the mischievous minds wearing them. the classic knit hoodies are offered with their signature playful ear accents in pink and white, along with knit jumpers, tops and shorts in iconic nautical stripes, reminiscent of new england summers.

besides having adorable designs, i love that everything by oeuf is eco-friendly and made with 100% organic certified pima cotton. it’s something i look for when shopping for my little ones and i really make it a priority to support businesses who champion sustainable use of environmental resources! you can see all of their offerings here.





clinique smart


it may not always seem like it as you scroll through the photos on my blog, but life with a toddler (and being 29 weeks pregnant!) is actually pretty hectic. after adam was born, i made a huge decision and quit my day job to stay at home full-time to be his primary caretaker. in addition to working full-time as a blogger and vintage seller! it was a major shift. i can still remember those early days when i was alone with him, tip-toeing to the bathroom and attempting to wash my face and put on a little bit of makeup before he woke up in the morning. and later, when he started crawling, i would have him “help” me get ready. only for him to wander just out of view so he could unravel an entire roll of toilet paper and tear it into tiny bits! these days, things are a bit more relaxed when it comes to the morning routine. he knows the drill, and often hangs out with me at my vanity while i get ready for the day. a big part of what makes it easier is to have a foolproof routine with as few steps as possible, while still reaping the benefits of smart ingredients like antioxidants and spf. taking care of my skin has meant that i can get away with wearing less makeup, which has made a huge difference in the amount of time it takes me to get ready every day. so when clinique asked me if i’d be interested in partnering-up to try the clinique smart system, i was definitely on board.

i’ve been a long time fan of clinique products, so i was excited to give their new 4-in-one system a try. the idea behind the product line is to visibly reduce wrinkles, even skin tone, firm, and brighten skin with formulations that will work for every different skin type. it’s a smart yet simple routine that makes getting ready stress-free. the less time you have to spend worrying about your skin, the more time you have to take care of everything else on your plate. speaking of which, i should probably get to work on the nursery!

if you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, i’ll be giving away a jar of the broad spectrum spf 15 custom-repair moisturizer and night custom-repair moisturizer on my instagram later today!

vintage dress, hand-overdyed with natural indigo
brookes boswell panama hat
birkenstock arizona sandals
j.w. hulme legacy handbag


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no. 6 spring 2016 clogs


i’m sure you guys know by now that i’m a serious clog fanatic. so of course i was excited to see the new spring 2016 clogs by no. 6. i have to admit that i’ve never actually owned a pair, but i have drooled over them for years. maybe this season i will finally break down and get a pair!

these are only a few photos of the collection. you can see the rest here.