gift guide: the hdh x nisolo bundle (spend $35 for $250 in gift cards!)

we’re in the final stretch before the holidays and i’ve got a really awesome deal to share! whether you’re looking to treat yourself to something special, or you have a few people to check off your list, then you should definitely check out the hdh x nisolo holiday bundle this year! here’s how it works:

• you pay $35 to get $250 in gift cards
• that’s five $50 gift cards to the participating retailers (more details below)
• nisolo will donate $10 from every bundle purchase to help build a school in kenya
• treat yourself or gift to someone special
• gift card bundle offer ends 12/25/17, while supplies last. and these are going to sell out fast!

shop the women’s bundle and the men’s bundle.

and what i love about this is that not only will your dollars be going towards a good cause, but all of these brands are ethical and eco-friendly. you can buy a couple of bundles and give out the gift cards as stocking stuffers or thank yous to whoever still needs a gift. or you know, just get one for yourself and enjoy the savings. check it out below!

shop the women’s bundle! spend $35 for $250 worth of gift cards from the brands above!


shop the men’s bundle. $35 for $250 worth of gift cards from the brands above!

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gift guide: for a brainy almost 4-year-old

i’m gonna cut to the chase: this is my christmas list for adam. i know that gift guides are usually a bit more broad and general, but i know my own kids better than any others, so i thought i’d get really specific and just show you what we are literally buying for adam. he’ll be 4-years-old in january, so he’s already got a pretty good collection of classic toys like legos, magnatiles, thomas the tank engine, and about a million hot wheels. we’ve got art supplies up to our armpits. he’s still really into those things, so when i ask him what he wants, he basically just asks for more of the same. so i had to get a little more creative in thinking about what might spark his imagination.

and what i know about adam, is that he loves school. he’s in a primary program at an associate montessori internationale school. and while my primary concern at this age isn’t academics, i know that the curriculum there has really captured his interest. every day after school, he tells me about his lessons on the solar system and geography. he loves drawing maps of the world and identifying the planets. they start broad, and then focus in on tiny details like the lifecycle of a butterfly or the cross-section of a pumpkin. he gets to dig into the earth and plant flowers, fruits, and veggies to watch them grow. it’s such a beautiful, fascinating world. so i decided to compliment what he’s learning with some fun toys. no pressure to be academic at home, just free play with a focus on the subjects that i know he really loves.

1. areaware blockitecture parkland and areaware blockitecture deco – when i asked adam what he wanted for christmas this year, the only thing he asked for that he didn’t already have was “a city.” it took me a while to figure out what he meant, but after doing some sleuthing, we settled on this set of blocks. he already has one set of buildings by the same brand, and he plays with magnatiles and legos almost every day. these fun geographical features like pastures, rivers, trees, and bushes will help to round out his collection quite well.

2. all kinds of cars – since day one, adam has been obsessed with vehicles. i know it’s a phase that will eventually pass, but he’s still on that kick. this illustrated guide is a dream come true for a child that loves reference books like adam. oftentimes, when he sees something remarkable, he asks if we can “look it up” in a book so he can read about it or draw comparisons. i’m not kidding. but what’s fun about this book is that it has a sense of humor. i just know that adam will be cracking up at the carrot car and the igloo car.

3. atlas of adventures – i don’t know anyone who loves maps quite as much as adam does. he loves when we pull out regular city maps, but i know that what he really wants is an atlas of his own. he likes being able to point out the different continents and countries, so this illustrated guide is going to be hours of enjoyment for this kid.

4. tegu magnetic building blocks – with the cars again, i know. adam already has more hot wheels than i can count, so i think these tegu magnetic blocks will be great fuel for his imaginaion. he can dream up some new cars of his own!

5. seedling galaxy rocket adventure cape set – what’s really great about this set is that it will make for hours of imaginative play, but it starts out as an activity so that you can customize it however you’d like. double duty!

6. professor astro cat – i know this book is recommended for kid’s a little bit older, but i think it’s fun to start exploring things a bit out of reach with the help of mom and dad. some of the picture books can get monotonous, reading them over and over again. a reference book like this is fun because we can be a bit more open ended about the subject matter and spark conversations instead of just reciting words from a book. we have the first book from this series and adam loves it, so this will be fun to add to our rotation.

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holiday traditions

ever since having kids, each holiday season has been getting more and more exciting! this is the first year that adam has pulled together a christmas list: he asked for a “city,” so i did some sleuthing and found some fun blocks that i hope will fit the bill. and while edie is still young, she’s old enough that we know exactly what she likes and we get to enjoy watching her unwrap a dollhouse complete with tiny dolls to play with. and not only are the kids getting more into the spirit, but our holiday traditions are starting to take shape. my mom was always a huuuge fan of christmas, so i have very fond memories of pulling all the decorations from storage, and very carefully placing her nutcrackers on the shelves to display, and thoughtfully arranging the intricate ornaments on the tree. it’s been really fun to enjoy that same tradition with my own kids.

so when we received these darling christmas baubles from our friends at Cath Kidston, adam and edie were jumping up and down in excitement. they literally claimed a few ornaments for themselves and sat entertaining themselves for a good 30 minutes, which was a success all on it’s own. ed didn’t have the patience to decorate with us, but it gave me an opportunity to do something special with adam. he snuggled up in his dragon printed pajamas and we got to work. it was a special time for us to enjoy those tiny pleasures that really are the most dear during this otherwise hectic time of year. with a special thanks to Cath Kidson for adding just the right touch of nostalgia and whimsy to our holiday season, from morning walks to disney surprises to our very own christmas celebration. and if you’re looking for some special pieces to gift during the holiday, they have the perfect collection.

courtesy of cath kidston: twinkle jumperflower jacuard skirtboys jersey pj set in dragonsset of 4 crochet christmas baubles

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outfit: fair season x lucy michel

if you’re looking for a piece of jewelry for the discriminating person in your life, look no further because this beautiful sterling silver collar necklace by fair season x lucy michel is exactly what you need. i’ve long been a fan of fair season vintage and her painfully good selection of vintage denim and minimalist basics. and this collaboration between her and ceramicist and jewelry designer lucy michel is the perfect compliment to all of her amazing vintage. it’s handmade in los angeles, and it’s simple, elegant, and understated in exactly the way i want all of my jewelry to be. i love that you could wear it with a little slip dress to a fancy party, but that it is also adds just the right amount of interest to your jeans and t-shirt while running errands on the weekend, which is exactly what i’m about to do in this easy getup.

and in the spirit of the season, fair season would like to offer you 15% off the sterling silver collar necklace using code ‘calivintage15’ now through monday, december 11.

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book tour: make yourself at home bts

calivintage in make yourself at home by moorea seal

i know i already told you that our little house would be making an appearance in moorea seal’s latest book, make yourself at home. but up until now, i’ve really only shown you a few tiny little glimpses of what you would find within its pages. so today i thought i’d lay it all out and share not only some of the images that were published, but many of these images didn’t make the cut! but the photography by marissa maharaj was so beautiful, i couldn’t keep it to myself! and it’s so fun for me to have a document of that particular moment in time. when edie was still a baby and couldn’t even walk. when she still had a crib and we hadn’t made the full transition into a montessori toddler room like we have now. it’s amazing how time flies and how quickly things change when you have two little ones growing up right before your eyes. and the space around us seems to change just as rapidly.

which is really at the heart of make yourself at home. sure, it’s got tons of beautiful and inspirational images, but it’s much more than just a coffee table book. it contains a series of vignettes, really getting up close and personal with the entire process and meaning behind making your house a home. but  of course, you can read more about it here. and get your copy of make yourself at home wherever books are sold!

calivintage in make yourself at home by moorea seal
the floor bed was a diy project with bedding from camomile london, the crib and matching dresser are by babyletto, but they’re hand-me-downs from when adam was a baby, so i don’t believe they’re still in production. the rocking chair you see in the back is the nurseryworks sleepytime rocker.

calivintage in make yourself at home by moorea seal
we purchased the shelf from ikea, but it turned out to be a seasonal offering, so it’s no longer available! so bummed because i wanted to buy another one for edie’s toys now that she’s a bit older! the print is from fine little daythe baskets were mostly purchased at joann’s or found at thrift stores.

calivintage in make yourself at home by moorea seal
the robot monkey is by monroe workshop. we got the balancing blocks from bitte, and the little tools are mostly melissa and doug.

calivintage in make yourself at home by moorea seal
the little clothing rack was another simple diy project that we made without plans. just a few pieces of wood from the hardware store! the print on the left is from marrimekko, but is no longer available and the print on the right is from fine little day.

calivintage in make yourself at home by moorea seal
we love those little city blocks by areaware. and adam listens to revolver by the beatles on repeat with our little crosley portable record player.

calivintage in make yourself at home by moorea seal
a small thing to note, but we got the solid brass switchplates from rejuvenation. our house was built in the 1920s, so we decided to bring back some of the charm with those little details. 

calivintage in make yourself at home by moorea seal
a better look at the diy house frame and the beautiful bedding from camomile london

calivintage in make yourself at home by moorea seal
adam has had that little lucy owl since he was a baby!

calivintage in make yourself at home by moorea seal
the kids and their hats. adam’s is the black waxed camp cap by fairends and edie is wearing the ladybug pixie bonnet from petite soul.

calivintage in make yourself at home by moorea seal
the plant is just a giant bird of paradise that we found at the local nursery. it makes for a nice indoor plant if it’s in a spot with lots of light. and the little baby play gym was yet another diy project.

calivintage in make yourself at home by moorea seal
so many wooden toys: holztiger safari animals, uncle goose blocks, bajo truck, plan toys sheep lacing game, hazel village jeremy owl, bajo toys wooden duck, baby basics soft book, manhattan toys skwish.

calivintage in make yourself at home by moorea seal

calivintage in make yourself at home by moorea seal
in my bedroom: the it’s ok banner is by secret holiday co. and i found that little side table at a thrift store for 5 bucks! the mirror is ikea.

calivintage in make yourself at home by moorea seal
my vanity is swedish mid century modern found on craigslist!

calivintage in make yourself at home by moorea seal
i loved this setup. the moses basket is by tadpoles with a naturepedic mattress pad and the wooden stand is from dada baby boutique. and how beautiful is that monstera deliciousa brass mobile by natalie joy jewels? oh, and that little baby blanket peeking out is from camomile london.

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gift guide: earthtiles (and a giveaway!)

christmas came a little early for adam this year… we let him open up one extra special present the other day because we couldn’t wait to share what was inside: earthtiles. as a parent, i’m always looking for ways to reduce our use of plastic, particularly when it comes to toys. i’m not a purist about these things, adam has tons of duplo, he’s moving onto legos as we speak, he owns about a million hot wheels, the list goes on. but whenever we can find a more eco-friendly alternative, we definitely look into it. and it really has paid off because all of the wooden toys that adam played with when he was little have been lovingly handed down to edith as she gets old enough to play with them, and will still have plenty of life left to pack up and store for their own kids one day.

but back to the point here! magnetic tiles are one of those special toys that have provided hours of entertainment for adam, so we were so excited when big future toys met their kickstarter goal earlier this year and started putting this awesome toy into production. and the timing is perfect because they are now available just in time for christmas! these were on the top of my list for adam, so you can imagine my excitement when the brand got in touch and asked us if we’d like to give them a try ahead of the big release! and judging by adam’s reaction, i think our only complaint is that now we need more of them!

and we’re giving away a set of earthtiles to one lucky winner. to enter, simply visit this post on my instagram!

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outfit: the holiday dress

it’s that time of year for holiday celebrations of all kinds. even though my holiday season is pretty mellow this year, that hasn’t stopped me from searching for the perfect holiday dress. so when i saw this beautiful larkspur dress by san francisco-based curator, i knew i had to have it. i love it because it ticks all the boxes. it’s made in san francisco, it’s 100% cotton, and while it does have a dressy vibe, it’s still totally casual and comfortable enough to wear while lounging on the sofa after inviting a few people over for a cheese platter, haha.

not only that, but it comes in multiple colors. i personally can never get enough indigo, but it also comes in black, oxblood, and olive green. it’s already super affordable at $194, but were sweetening the deal!

curator would like to offer you 25% all orders with code “calivintage25” through saturday, december 9!

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book tour: make yourself at home

you guys, i’m in a book! earlier this year, i had the privilege of inviting moorea seal into my home to shoot some very special photos for her latest book project, make yourself at home. and it’s now available at fine book sellers across the nation!

if you aren’t familiar with moorea seal, she is the owner of her very own namesake seattle-based and online shop, in addition to being the best-selling author of the 52 lists project and 52 lists for happiness. both of which have become personal favorites for gift-giving, especially around this time of year. not sure if i can get away with gifting a book that features my own home, but you should because it’s such a special book and there are many other people featured among the pages. though if you are interested in what role our little house plays in the book, you’ll find us in the bedroom section where i talk about my daily life and share a few ideas for decorating your own room, or your kid’s room!

Organized room by room, each chapter of Make Yourself at Home: Design Your Space to Discover Your True Self, delves into what individual rooms represent in our lives, and how we can feel at home in our spaces and at home in ourselves. You don’t have to have the perfect life or perfect home in order to infuse your space with your unique perspective and cultivate a truly you home.

Each chapter includes:
–  A personal essay from Moorea Seal about the meaning and purpose that defines each space in her home, with guidance on how to discover yourself in your own spaces.
–  Exclusive looks into her home and work spaces with tips for inspired, mindful living.
–  Modern, affordable, and beginner-friendly DIY projects to personalize and decorate your home.
–   Looks into the unique homes and inspiring lives of a diverse set of creative women, with their best tips and tricks for comfortable, imaginative decor: Erin Perez Hagstrom of Calivintage, Diana LaCounte of Our City Lights, Brandy Brown of Marabou Design, Laura Gummerman of A Beautiful Mess, Brooke Eide of Fonchie and Flint Made, and Kim Kogane of Fresh Tangerine.
–   Lessons on how to use colors, stylistic choices, different eras of vintage and antique decor, and more to reflect your unique personality and perspective in your home.
–   Questions to guide you through what each room in your home represents to you, your well-being, and how you can best decorate to reflect your modes of being.
– All beautifully photographed by Marissa Maharaj.

get your copy of make yourself at home wherever books are sold!

in these photos, i’m wearing: mock neck sweater and recycled cotton + tencel apron dress courtesy of moorea seal

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giveaway: win a leader bag co. backpack!

i have to admit it. have a love/hate relationship with diaper bags. to me, they’re a kind of necessary evil. if i try to leave the house without one, i usually end up regretting it. either because all of the baby things are scattered in the little storage bin under the stroller, or sliding around in the back seat of my car. or worse yet, i find myself stuck somewhere without extra diapers and wipes. so i know i need to bring one, but i am not super into the idea of carrying around a puffy shoulder bag with baby characters splashed across the front of it. and while i admit that the selection of diaper bags has already gotten so much better than when i had my first kid, there still aren’t many that i would hold up as very awesome. but leader bag co. is one such bag. in my very first guide to diaper bags, i held them up as the holy grail of diaper bags. and that still remains true today.

i finally got my hands on the julien leather set in ivory and tan, and it was love at first sight. the only catch is that, as some readers pointed out, the price point wasn’t super attainable. but here’s the thing: the brand really took the comments to heart and came back this year with not only a lower price point on their original leather bag, but a brand new bag: the julien canvas set, which comes in the black you see in my photos, along with a variety of other fun color combinations. i went simple with mine, but i already have my eye on the golden colorway. but enough talk, and onto the fun stuff….

we’re offering one lucky winner the chance to win any one of the leader bag co. julien canvas sets! to enter, simply visit this post on instagram!

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small business saturday deals

thought i’d share this as a resource if you’re looking to score some deals from your favorite independent boutiques and designers! although i suppose i should preface this by saying that my support goes to ethical businesses whether small or large, so you’ll have to forgive me for a a somewhat loose interpretation of “small business.” i guess i’m using it more as an umbrella term to capture not just small, but local, ethical, green, slow. my main goal is to consume less, to consume thoughtfully, reduce my carbon footprint, and support the businesses that do those things. this is by no means a definitive list, but rather, a collection of some of my favorites who are offering great deals that i’ll be shopping today, in addition to the local mom & pop shops where i do a lot of my gift shopping for the holidays.

i’ll also continue to update this list throughout the day. and feel free to include links in the comments if i’m missing anything!

garmentory – this is one of my favorite shopping destinations for independent boutiques and designers. everything you could want all rolled up into one convenient shopping experience. they’ll be having all of the usual sale items at up to 70% off, but if you’ve not yet signed up, then now’s the time to double-up and use my referral link to get $20 off your first purchase. that includes sale items! garmentory carries most of the items you’ll see listed below, so i highly recommend checking it out first!

lykke wullf – get 40% off with code lykkewullfholiday! i just got my first pair of overalls from this made in los angeles brand, and now i’m hooked. they serve up a really fun assortment of clothes that will add life to your wardrobe.

moorea seal – get 20% off everything! and in some cases, up to 70% off. no code needed. in addition to her namesake shop, moorea seal is the author of the best-selling book, the 52 lists project, which was featured on oprah and has become a go-to gifting item for me.

re/done – they’re currently having a huge sale with items discounted as much as 70% off! no code needed. and if you’ve never shopped there before, then now’s the time to double-up because you can use my referral code for 10% off your first order, including sale items! these are hands down my favorite jeans lately, and i love that they are sustainably made out of used levi’s.

lisa says gah – get 25% off with code VIP25! if you’re feeling bored with your wardrobe, then look no further. nothing dull about the selection at this san francisco-based, cult-favorite boutique.

mr. larkin – get 25% off with code TURKEY25! this is another favorite boutique. i literally just scroll through the inventory for styling inspiration because it is just so good. and they carry many of my favorite indie designers in addition to their own in-house line.

clare v. spend $300 and get a $50 gift card. no code necessary. the perfect deal because you can totally justify getting a new made-in-la handbag for yourself so that you can use that gift card on a gift for someone else!

good night, day – get 10% off with code SUSTAINABLEGOALS! if you’re looking for knits, then you’ve found your shop. everything in this canadian shop is handknit by designer tara-lynn morrison. if you’re interested in slow fashion, then this is the best place to start.

samantha pleet – take an extra 30% off sale and fall 2017 collection items with code saleaway! she also just released her resort 2018 collection. it’s not on sale, but it’s so good!

han starnes – get 20% off everything! no code needed. definitely the right time to snag the perfect sweater from this nashville-based brand.

pretty penny vintage – get 30% off in store and online with code loveyou. this is forever my favorite vintage shop based in oakland, ca. thankfully, they have an online shop and you can always call to order things you caught a glimpse of on their instagram feed.

fair season vintage – get 30% off with code THANKS30! this online vintage shop has the best selection of vintage denim, coveralls, and basics. and they just did a really beautiful collar necklace collaboration with lucy michel, so now’s the time to get one!

glossier – get 20% off plus free shipping! if you’ve been curious about this cult-favorite, then now’s the time to try some new products! i’m a huge fan of their boy brow, cloud paint, and generation g. they use really good ingredients and never test on animals.

herbivore botanicals – get 20% off plus a free mini brighten pineapple + gemstone instant glow mask with code GLOW2017! this shop has been a go-to for gift items for years. their bath soaks are the perfect luxurious gift for anyone who could use a little tlc.

storq – get 20% off with code GIVETHANKS! and they’re donating 20% of all proceeds to the homeless prenatal program. i lived in these clothes during and after my pregnancy. they’re thoughtfully designed and ethically produced with really wonderful fabrics.

misha & puff – get 20% off with code THANKS17! definitely my favorite knits for kids. and now that i think of it, they just came out with a women’s collection, so now’s the time to snag something because their prices aren’t cheap!

soor ploom 30% off current collection and 15% off essentials and collaborations. no code necessary! their simple smocks and rompers are the perfect compliment to your misha & puff knits.

bitte shop – get 20% off with code BLACKFRIDAY2017! they have such an amazing selection of toys, clothes, and books. and if you were ever curious, it’s where a lot of the edie and adam’s toys are from.

maisonette – this online shop is like garmentory for kids clothes and toys. they’re currently offering up to 30% off, and if this is your first time shopping, you can double-up and use my referral link for $25 off your first purchase! simply follow the link to create an account and claim your reward.

noble carriage – 10% off everything with code THANKS10 and 20% off orders over $100 with code THANKS20. another one of my favorite shops for kids. great gift options and organic clothes for babies!

merci milo – get 15% off with code Supportsmallbiz! this is one of my new favorite toy shops. they’re based out of highland park in los angeles and their shop is filled to the brim with adorable toys.

camomile london – get 20%, 30%, and 50% off select items! no code necessary. this is where all of the kids bedding comes from. and they make the cutest little pillows, too!

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