#foreverforward with zappos + hudson


you guys, it’s finally fall. as in, it was cold and rainy yesterday and it was actually necessary for me to wear jeans and a sweater. when i woke up this morning, it was 39 degrees outside. it’s downright chilly. so yes, i am quietly rejoicing while pulling all of my knits out of boxes and planning what outfits to wear while the weather is cool. and luckily for me, i recently joined forces with zappos to pick a few pairs of hudson jeans for the season. i was instantly drawn to their ’70s-inspired fall collection, and placed my order for this pair of insanely soft mia jeans. they arrived in two days with free shipping, just in time for me to pull together this comfy look on the first chilly day of the season.

and they totally satisfy my desire to swath myself in warm and cozy clothes while still looking pulled-together and vintage-inspired. i’ve talked about this before, but for me, even if i’m just wearing jeans and a t-shirt, i still always try to add an element of interest to my look. i tend to be a bit of a minimalist, so instead of piling on lots of accessories, i usually like to play with interesting shapes and silhouettes instead. the slim fit of the jeans keep the boxy sweater from being too overwhelming, the heels add height (and another little nod to the past), while the hat balances out the shape of the flares. it’s an easy outfit formula that i’m definitely going to be revisiting a lot this fall.

hudson mia five-pocket mid rise flare jeans in oracle courtesy of zappos
vintage sweater
brookes boswell boro in black straw
swedish hasbeens peep toe high
vintage coach bucket bag


this post was created in partnership with zappos + hudson.

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little owl


i know, i know, it’s kind of sacrilege to be posting these three whole days after halloween, but i couldn’t resist sharing a few snapshots of adam’s owl costume. if i had been a good blogger, i would have had the whole thing completed and photographed at least a week before halloween, but the reality is that i barely finished it the night before! i had even originally planned to buy the costume from an etsy seller called tree +vine, but unfortunately, i failed to place my order the requisite three weeks in advance. so without many other options, i set out to make it myself! unfortunately, i am not the world’s craftiest person, and quickly after i began cutting the felt, i realized that the whole operation was going to require a lot more geometry and precision than i had initially anticipated. i literally ended up making a very complicated paper pattern using a giant compass as my guide. don’t ask me how i had a giant compass on hand…

but a lot of math, a lot of cutting, and a bit of sewing later, his costume was complete! and at this point, i was getting concerned about whether or not my 21-month-old would want anything to do with said costume! but after convincing him to try it on, he got super excited and started running and jumping around and hoo hoo-ing about the house. in fact, he’s still wearing the mask on top of his head today, so i’m going to count it as a success… and i have the pictures to prove it! ;)

self-made costume fashioned after a design by tree + vine, leveret brown shirt and leggings, zuzii loafers in cocoa brown






#yourbesthair with living proof


when it comes to doing my hair, i don’t tend to do a whole lot. call me a creature of habit, but i don’t really stray from my usual routine or the same old products that i’ve used for years. in fact, i’d say the bulk of my routine is really about getting frequent haircuts and then hoping that’s enough, haha. it’s not that i don’t want to try new things, i’ve just never been one to spend more than a few minutes getting ready in the morning, and i wouldn’t even know where to start when it comes to conditioners or serums or treatment masks.

but over the past several months (has it already been over a year?), i’ve started to get increasingly frustrated with this messy mop of hair. it always used to be predictable. my whole life, it’s been super thick and super straight, and as long as i went in for a cut now and then, i was good to go with my very minimal routine. but after adam was born, something changed. my typically pin straight hair started to bend. not a curl, not a wave, just a bend. this annoying bend that doesn’t seem to want to go here nor there. no, it’s not some major crisis, but it’s definitely been a challenge dealing with this new post-pregnancy texture. i don’t want to fight it, but i do think i’m long overdue for an update on how to manage this hair.

so when living proof asked if i’d be interested in partnering-up to try out their line, it was the perfect opportunity for me to break-free from my usual routine, and try some new products for my “new” hair. i used the product selector to choose a routine, and ended up with the perfect hair day shampoo and conditioner, as my base. some days, i coax it to go straight using the no frizz nourishing styling cream, but i’ve also been having a lot of fun adding more texture and wave.


to get the look:

  1. start with the prime style extender cream on damp hair to prep for any look you want to achieve.
  2. i wanted to play up the texture in my hair, so after partly drying it with a blow dryer, i sprayed it with the instant texture mist to scrunch and twist it into place. it looks really cute like that, but you can also encourage a few loose waves with the help of a curling iron.
  3. my hair is still on the straight side, so i finished up with the flex shaping hairspray to keep it in place for the rest of the day.

the finished result definitely helps to make the “bend” in my hair look more textured and intentionally messy, as opposed to literally looking like i just rolled out of bed. it’s a fine line, people!



this post was created in partnership with living proof.

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halloween candy for grown-ups


i’ll be the first to admit that i’m not actually a very big fan of halloween. i mean, demons and ghosts are cool and all, but i just don’t get into all of the goofy plastic decorations lining the shelves in every store, or worse, the flood of sexist and/or racist costumes that clog my social media feed every year. but i digress…

if there’s one thing i do like about halloween, it’s the candy. so i decided to round-up some grown-up versions of my favorite halloween confections… not to be confused with those big plastic bags of snickers we’ll be handing out to the neighborhood kids!

above: homemade twix by a sue chef

homemade almond butter cups and dark chocolate almond joy that i made last year!

diy sour patch kids by autumn makes & does

homemade tootsie rolls by sprinkle bakes

homemade mallow cups by how sweet it is




fall classics with zappos + clarks


you guys, it’s finally starting to feel like fall! i know my friends in the eastern states have already had a chance to breathe in the crisp autumn air while sipping on pumpkin spice lattes wearing cable knit cardigans, but those of us living in sunny southern california have been experiencing the unique torture of enduring 100 degree weather… in october! so yes, i was a little bit more than excited when i was actually able to step outdoors in closed toe shoes and layers without breaking into a sweat.

and thanks to my latest partnership with zappos + clarks, i was dutifully prepared for the occasion. i was really excited to team up with clarks because i’ve been a fan of the brand since as far back as i can remember. when i was a little girl, i would go with my dad to the local shoe shop where he would buy a new pair of clarks whenever his trusty pair wore out. and later, when i was in my early 20s, i became totally obsessed with the clark’s originals, and still own my favorite remakes of their classic styles from the ’60s and ’70s. the brand has a history spanning all the way back to england is 1825, and i’m pretty much a sucker for anything that has stood the test of time. so i was especially happy to find this cute pair of chelsea boots, the clarks pita sedona, from their new fall collection. i placed my order and they arrived in the mail in exactly two days with free shipping. i am so excited to continue wearing these throughout the season, and for years to come.




glad to give


we may be in the middle of yet another heat wave, but the seasons are changing and it’s officially fall. i’ve been slowly getting into the mood with a few decorations here and there, but more importantly, i’ve been doing a lot of cleaning up and clearing out. hard to believe it, but adam is 21 months now, and he’s just about grown out of all his summer clothes. i’ve even had to say goodbye to many of the baby toys he once loved so much! he’s still occasionally entertained by a rattle or little wooden clutch toy, but i have to face it, my little baby isn’t so little anymore! but having to cycle through new things so frequently while he grows and changes has been a good exercise. it helps me to realize how fleeting these moments truly are, and it reminds me not to get too attached to stuff. our collection of stuff is not what defines us, and once it’s served its purpose, it’s time to move on.

but of course, most of the things that adam has outgrown have barely been used, and still have lots of life left to them! so it was perfect timing when glad asked me if i’d be interested in teaming up for this post, in hopes of inspiring others to donate their gently used goods to those in need. you can visit glad to give to schedule a free donation pickup from a local charity of your choice.




new attitude


remember when we wrote about the new hdh plus collection? well, erica got her hands on the new cole jumper for her very first outfit post, and we are both super excited. but i don’t want to do her talking for her, so here is what erica has to say about her look:

“when i first heard about the collection i was basically counting the days till i could get my hands on a piece. the plus size market is still something that is emerging and it is really exciting to see what designers are starting to offer. hackwith’s mission of creating timeless and special clothes made almost specifically for you is a rare find in a market saturated with the latest trends. when i saw the cole jumper, i knew that it was something i had to try. my sister’s jumper obsession had me intrigued. they offer such versatility and ease of wear.  i had seen a few on the market, but none that called to me or seemed like something approachable.

it was a little intimidating slipping into the jumper for the first time. my mid-section is always a place i tend to cover up with multiple layers – there was no hiding in this garment.  as the moment of truth approached, those tiny little butterflies in my tummy started flapping, the tension was building…. all for me to be over-joyed at the wearability! the fabric draped nicely. i didn’t feel the need to constantly cover my major trouble area. the belt gave me the flexibility to highlight my waist for a more feminine feel. i felt really pulled together with my hair down and a little lipstick. and once i rolled up the sleeves a little and tied up my hair, it felt like one of those great pieces i could throw on to run errands or grab lunch.

overall, i know this piece will become a wardrobe staple.  and i learned a few things along the way. one, no matter what you may think your trouble area is, it’s worth it to take a chance and try something new. if it doesn’t work, hey, at least you tried and you just might be pleasantly surprised. two, for a long time being plus-sized really held me back. i shied away from photos, and limited my time spent in a mall or looking for clothes. shrinking from style instead of embracing it. but doing something out of your norm is always good. life is short, too short for anything to hold you back from living it!”

erica is wearing:
navy cole jumper courtesy of hackwith design house
clare v. kenya bag
sandals found at marshalls



a slightly more casual version of the look. a top knot and rolled sleeves because we shot these pictures in 100 degree weather!





elizabeth suzann fall 2015


oh man you guys, i’m still not back in the swing of things over here, but i had to pop in to belatedly share the elizabeth suzann fall 2015 collection. it’s been out for a little bit now, but we’re just barely getting some cooler days in these parts, so i have only been slowly getting used to the idea of fall clothes. and if i could swathe myself in only one collection this fall, it would probably be this one. i’ve been following elizabeth suzann since her first collection a few years ago (i have her classic vera slip dress that i wear on fancy occasions), and her designs really truly get better and better every season. for fall, there are lots of luxurious textures and interesting silhouettes, which were inspired by louise bourgeois and eva hesse. of the collection, she says,

Some of my favorite artists influenced the Fall/Winter 2015 collection. Texture fascinated these women, who adeptly created tactile sensation through visual art alone. I have always been selective about what fabrics we use, but texture and fiber were driving forces this season. We wanted to use fabrics that are not only incredibly warm and rich, but that intrigue before you even touch them – sheer wool gauze, chunky rib knit, fuzzy woven wools.

The collection was not only shaped by the works of great artists, but also by their lives and the lives of all creatives. I find that an artist’s wardrobe can be so informative. They are aesthetic and visual individuals that also require practicality and function. Deep pockets, easy layering pieces, heavy-weight wools that can stand up to dead-of-winter cold – this collection is our most versatile yet. Structured and architectural pieces can be dressed down and layered, or worn alone for striking simplicity.

my current favorite is the holland pant. apparently they were a popular style because they are already out of stock with more coming soon. i really love the way her variety textures and textiles elevate these simple, yet elegant and very wearable clothes.

shop the full collection here.




summer snapshots


i’ve been a little scarce around these parts lately. sort of a forced “vacation” thanks to a pretty nasty bug that found me spending most of last week stuck in bed! but of course, life has still been moving along as usual. adam has been keeping me thoroughly entertained. he may be hard to keep up with (especially when i’m sick), but it’s fun to watch him grow and learn and play. just about every day he says a new word that i’ve never heard him say, and we have little conversations about trucks or trains or owls or the moon. we picked up a pumpkin at the grocery store and a book about pumpkins at the library and he now incessantly talks about pumpkins. i have a feeling that halloween is going to be especially fun this year.

and now i’m off for a mini 10-year-anniversary celebration with brendan. we basically just took the day off to spend together while adam hangs out at his grandma’s house. it’s a pretty modest celebration for such a big milestone, but we have plans to make up for it soon!



he occasionally lays himself down on the ground like this. it’s also become a really great strategy for passive resistance when he doesn’t want to do something!


here adam decided to draw on me with sidewalk chalk, thanks dude!


contemplating his it’s it ice cream sandwich. they have a new online shop, so they sent this toddler tee to adam as a gift.




late summer


i recently realized something about this blog. i usually only take outfit photos one day of the week, maybe two, which means that i’m actually only sharing 1/7th of what i normally wear on a daily basis. so if i’m not really paying attention, you could end up getting a pretty inaccurate view of what my wardrobe really looks like. case in point? i haven’t shared a single outfit centered around a jumpsuit in months, yet i actually own one for every day of the week. i’m not even kidding! jumpsuits, overalls, rompers, coveralls. they’ve been the foundation of my wardrobe this entire past spring and summer, yet i never seem to pull one on when the camera is around. i have no idea why.

but over the weekend, i did get a few photos of my newest acquisition: this amazing denim jumpsuit, handmade in los angeles by 323. it was one of those perfectly serendipitous finds. seven sisters boutique posted it on their instagram feed, so i reached out to the shop owner jillian to find out more about it. while it isn’t currently available on the site, they do stock it in their brick & mortar shop, or you can reach out by phone or email to place an order. it’s one of those really perfect summer transitional pieces. easy to pair with a t-shirt now, or to layer over a sweater when the temperatures get chilly. i decided to go with some “explorer vibes” for this look. i’ve been accessorizing everything with my ranger hat and bandana lately. makes me feel a bit like indiana jones, haha!

vintage raw silk top
denim jumpsuit courtesy of 323, also available at seven sisters in portland
maryam nassir zadeh roberta heels in navy
brookes boswell ranger hat
self-made indigo dyed bandana





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