the decorating party


over the weekend, we had the pleasure of celebrating adam’s very first birthday party. it was such an exciting milestone for us that we decided we might as well turn it into a weekend affair, which included a little pre-birthday decorating party! i really wanted to create an uplifting atmosphere for our guests, and thanks to pinterest, i had about a million different diy decorating ideas i wanted to try. and as luck would have it, glade just so happened to reach out to ask if i’d be interested in trying out some of their candles and wax melts to help create the right mood for my next party! so we partnered up to share a few of the fun things i created for the occasion.

i really wanted to add my own personal touch to such an important event, so instead of buying a bunch of pre-fab decorations, i opted to personalize the decor with a series of very easy diy projects. with that in mind, i set out to create a bright and cheerful atmosphere using white, gold, and silver as my “neutral” backdrop, and incorporated plenty of bright pops of color using rainbow confetti, sprinkles, and pom poms. it was super easy to make, and the bright colors mixed with the uplifting scent of lavender & peach blossom created such a delightful feeling for me and my guests.

confetti cakes

instead of making the cakes, i simply ordered them from a local bakery and asked for them to be undecorated so i could add my own rainbow sprinkles for a personal touch.

calivintage_com_0678 calivintage_com_0687 calivintage_com_0729

confetti balloons – for these, i purchased confetti and added a little handful to clear latex balloons. make sure you use paper confetti, the metallic variety will pop your balloons!





pom pom garland - i wanted to add pops of bright color throughout the room, so i created a simple rainbow-colored garland by stringing together various sized pom poms with a needle and thread.calivintage_com_0625  calivintage_com_0639


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need supply co. pre-spring 2015


i’m gonna tell you right now, i’m not anywhere near being ready for spring. just looking at these photos is making me feel pretty anxious about all of the fall clothes hanging in my wardrobe that i have yet to wear. i have to be patient because we’re not even through the coldest months yet, but i can already tell the spring lookbooks are gonna be tempting me. case in point: the need supply co. pre-spring  2015 lookbook has got be feeling all sorts of feelings. clean white against that perfect shade of indigo blue that i can’t get enough of, the splashes of cool peachy nudes, and the simple styling. doesn’t it just make all of your fall clothes feel so blah?

needsupplyco_pre-spring_2015_01 needsupplyco_pre-spring_2015_02 needsupplyco_pre-spring_2015_03  needsupplyco_pre-spring_2015_05 needsupplyco_pre-spring_2015_06  needsupplyco_pre-spring_2015_11 needsupplyco_pre-spring_2015_12  needsupplyco_pre-spring_2015_14 needsupplyco_pre-spring_2015_15   needsupplyco_pre-spring_2015_19



#passthebag: donate clothes to benefit schools!

and just like that, it’s 2015! we had a nice few days off to enjoy with our little family, but now it’s back to the grind. we’ve been cleaning the house and clearing out all of our christmas decorations to embrace the new year with a clean slate. adam has gone through yet another growth spurt, so we’ve been sorting through his clothes and saying goodbye to the last of his little onesies. he’ll be one year in just a week, but he’s already wearing toddler sizes! i was getting ready to drop them off at the local thrift store when schoola contacted me and asked if i’d be interested in donating some of our gently used kids’ clothes as part of their #passthebag campaign to generate funds for schools. if you’re not familiar with the site, schoola is an online, gently-used clothing retailer selling kid’s clothing, sizes 1 year and up (and will be introducing a women’s clothing category late this year). all the clothes they sell are donated by parents, and $2 out of every $5 spent on the site goes right back to schools!

here’s how it works:

step 1: go to schoola and request a donation bag.
step 2: once the bag arrives, fill it with gently-used children’s or women’s clothes, and send it in for the benefit of your child’s school.
step 3: challenge at least 3 friends or family members to do the same by posting on facebook, twitter, or instagram and using the hashtag #passthebag.

adam helped me pick a few items to send in, which will soon be for sale on the site. so now it’s our turn to #passthebag! i’ll be nominating a few friends on instagram later today!


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the year in review: what i wore

i’m feeling especially reflective this year, thanks in large part to all of the drastic changes that happened in my life in 2014. the biggest, most obvious being that i became a mother in january, and when it came to my wardrobe, i basically had to re-learn how to get dressed in the morning. looking back, i can remember those early days when adam was born, when i would rush to the bathroom and scramble to get the knots out of my hair and splash some water on my face before attempting to squeeze into an old pair of jeans that were too tight for my swollen body. back then, it felt like i would never be able to get ready in the morning again! but i’ve since learned how to streamline my routine with a quick and easy beauty regimen and a very simplified wardrobe.

i had no idea that having a baby would change my style so drastically, but i’m pretty happy that it did. i was getting bored with my old favorites. the super mini ’60s dresses and twee little collars were fun, but i’ve never really stuck to any one style for very long and i was way overdue for a change. now i feel much more comfortable and confident in a simple wardrobe with lots of neutral colors, wash and wear fabrics, and varied silhouettes. i’ve learned a lot about what makes sense for my lifestyle, and i’m pretty excited about all of the looks i have planned moving into 2015. so here’s to another year of ever-evolving style!


the year in review: things i made

hard to believe it, but i’ve been writing this blog since december of 2008, which means i’ve just celebrated 6 years as a blogger. and for most of that time, it’s been pretty exclusively about my personal style and forays into fashion. but 2014 was a year of firsts, and i finally opened up a little and shared some of my interests outside of fashion. true, some of it was fashion-related, like my adventures trying out indigo dye and making baby-friendly jewelry. but i also started food blogging including a family recipe series for the holidays. i even shared an easy bath salt diy.

at first, i was pretty anxious about sharing something new because blogging about anything other than my outfits was kinda out of my comfort zone, but i’m really glad i gave it a try. working on projects like these can be really therapeutic for me, and they help me to break free from the sometimes monotonous routine of staying home to take care of the baby. i definitely plan to continue this trend, and i’m especially excited to finally start sharing some glimpses inside my home as i work on our interior decor! and i would love to start talking a little bit more about my adventures in parenting as well. so here’s to many more fun lifestyle posts in 2015!


party party

if you ask me, new year’s eve is a bit overrated. especially if you’ve got an 11-month old baby expecting to be tucked into bed by 9pm. but i still do have plans to enjoy the last day of the year eating hors d’oeuvre and sipping champagne. i’ve been saving this dress from loup nyc for just the occasion. it’s a simple little white dress, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see that the print is a series of tiny drawings of cigarettes, undies, baguettes, boobies, and champagne glasses. exactly the types of naughty things one would be up to while partying into the early hours of the morning. but since i’m not going to be up to quite so much debauchery, i opted to dress it down a bit with a flouncy little crop top, and only a few subtle hints of shine. though it’s certainly versatile enough to be worn on it’s own with a bright pink lip and strappy little heels. perhaps i’ll have to try that out on my birthday later this month…

party icons liv dress courtesy of loup nyc
vintage crop top by scout la
double hoop necklace courtesy of giantlion
gold mary jane heels


family recipes: tamales

one of our longest-standing holiday traditions is for the whole family to get together to make a big batch of tamales for christmas. in fact, i can’t even imagine a christmas without warm tamales on the table. the process for making them can be pretty labor intensive, so i’m sharing an abbreviated version for the latest post in my family recipe series. you can make the masa from scratch, but i usually just buy it already prepared from the local panaderia. and when it comes to fillings, there really are no rules. i’m sharing this classic vegetarian version because it’s simple and tasty, but the options are limitless. you could try adding potatoes, pumpkin, corn, or carrots. and when it comes to meat, i usually prepare a pork filling with a red chile sauce.

chile and cheese tamales yields about 6 dozen

corn husks soaked in water until soft
15 lbs masa preparada
2 lbs jack cheese cut into strips
roasted anaheim chiles with the skin, stem, and seeds removed
green chile sauce (you can make your own or simply buy a canned variety from the grocery store from brands like herdez or hatch)

the best way to do this is to convince a few friends or family members to join in, then gather all of the prepared ingredients in a little assembly line! with a butter knife or thin spatula, you’re going to spread a thin, even layer of masa across the smooth side of the corn husk about 1/4″ thick, leaving a couple of inches on one end. this is kind of hard to describe with just words, so i have added plenty of photos to illustrate what this looks like. then, add your filling. in this case, we place the stick of cheese inside the chile, then top it off with a spoonful of green chile sauce. then wrap it up like a little burrito, folding up the bottom end to seal it. this is not the only way to wrap tamales, but this is the way we do it in our family. some people cut strips of corn husks and use them to tie off one or both ends. it’s really up to you.  from there, place the tamale upright in a steamer pot. once you’ve filled the pot, put them on a low boil to steam for about 1.5 hours. you’ll know they’re ready when the masa becomes slightly firm to the touch.



wherever i wander

Over the weekend, I decided to take advantage of the unseasonably warm California winter weather by borrowing my dad’s vintage Alfa Romeo for a little spin. I should preface this by saying that I don’t have a ton of leisure time because when I’m not busy with Adam during the week, I’m cramming in as much work as possible into the weekends. My Saturday mornings are most often spent tethered to my computer for hours on end, editing photos, writing blog posts, answering emails, and working on freelance gigs. I count myself as lucky because I’m able to do what I love, but I certainly wouldn’t mind a little more fresh air once in a while. So of course, when HP & Intel asked if I’d like try out the new HP Stream 8 Tablet with Intel Inside®, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and into the world again.

I have to admit that before now, I hadn’t gotten on the tablet bandwagon before. Call me old-fashioned, but I usually get all of my work done on a regular desktop computer. So I might have been a little more excited than the average person to discover all of the features you can get on these things. HP Stream is a new kind of tablet with Intel Inside®, and one of the more intriguing features is that all of the HP Stream products include a free 4G data plan for life. They also include Office 365 (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Access) along with 1TB of free cloud storage for one year. Did I mention that the tablets run on the Windows operating system? They essentially operate like a mini desktop computer with Intel Inside® for lightning fast performance. Clearly I am behind on the times because I did not know that mobile technology had come this far.

Needless to say, I’ve been having a lot of fun zipping around town in my dad’s car, toting around my tablet and setting up my own little workspace wherever I wander. I’ve been going off on vintage shopping excursions, scouting new photo shoot locations, and just getting out of the house and getting inspired. I’m still working, but now I’m free to work from my happy place.

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making memories

over the weekend, we made the first of our annual trips to the christmas tree farm as a family. which was really just a glorified trip to the petting zoo. adam doesn’t care about christmas trees or presents, and he’s absolutely terrified of the man in a santa costume, but he can not get enough of the petting zoo.

i know he’s too young to remember these moments, but i certainly won’t forget them any time soon. and it’s really got me thinking about all of the family traditions we will get to create together over the years. oh man, parenthood has turned me into a big ol’ sappy mess! insert happy crying emoji here.

adam is wearing the most adorable cat shirt that we received as a gift from electric collective, a handmade cycling cap from niko’s naptime, sweater by neige , and osh kosh jeans.



outfit: easy does it

hard to believe that we’re fast approaching winter and that christmas is less than two weeks away. this time of year always seems to speed up and pass me by before i even know what hit me! i don’t feel anywhere near prepared for christmas day, and i’m just barely keeping up with my normal responsibilities. but isn’t that the way it goes? this year has definitely been a lesson in efficiency for me. i’ve had to learn how to get ready in the morning with a fussy little baby who would much rather be held in my arms than watching me attempt to swipe some blush on my cheeks or mascara on my lashes. i’ve had to learn how to do virtually everything with a baby propped on my hip. and i certainly don’t have the luxury of staring wistfully into my closet, trying to think of what to wear every morning. my closet, much like the rest of my life, has been arranged into a foolproof arsenal of essential goods to help me get through the day. shirt dresses? check! easy jacket? check! flats and low heels? they’re all lined up in coordinating colors! and this is one of those outfits. it’s a trusty standby that gets me through the day feeling good. the primary function is to keep me comfortably clothed while taking care of a baby and going about my daily business, but it’s got just enough style that i feel pulled together and ready to embrace the day.

vintage raw silk shirt dress
vintage denim jacket
asos wool fedora
rachel comey mars boots
clare v. messenger
the runwell watch courtesy of shinola