artists and fleas los angeles!

Artists & Fleas LA

i remember years back when i first started my blog, i went on a trip to new york during fashion week with weardrobe (extra points if you remember that site!). part of our excursion involved touring around town, and on one such outing, we all stopped in at artists & fleas in williamsburg. i still remember it clear as day because i passed on a really cute bracelet and still regret that i didn’t buy it!

fast forward several years and the iconic handmade market is making it’s way to the west coast every third weekend in downtown la. i love markets like this because it gives me a chance to discover new local vendors and support the community of makers and sellers where i live. i’m particularly excited because my new pal toni of fairseason will be there selling rad vintage jumpsuits and overalls and other cool things. and a little birdie told me that kira kids will be having a sample sale there as well!

see the full list of vendors here. june 21 & 22, 11am – 6pm at 647 mateo street in downtown la.


need supply co. go explore


the other day, i was browsing around the web and decided to check out the new arrivals at need supply co. i tell you, it seems like i want every new batch of stock more than the last. a few favorite new arrivals:


and some fun travel items from their latest go explore collection:



clyde spring 2014

i’ve always kind of considered myself a hat person. this is a bit ironic considering i don’t actually wear hats all that much lately. but i appreciate a good hat, and i always seem to be fawning over some new style. if you find just the right shape, and tilt it just so, it can elevate a look to levels of cool i only dream of being able to achieve. it takes a certain level of confidence and a very strong conviction in your own sense of style to wear one right. and that’s basically what i’m always striving for. so of course, when i came across clyde, i got all giddy flipping through the lookbook and dreaming of a new hat to help define my summer style.

photos courtesy of clyde.



adam: 20 weeks


if you don’t pay attention, some weeks truly fly by. i almost didn’t even get a photo of adam this past week, but thankfully i pulled out my camera and got a couple of shots over the weekend while we were barbecuing at my grandparent’s house. we spend way more time there than we ever expected to. a lot of our weekends are spent at their house, just hanging out all day with family. we’ve always been really close-knit, but now that i have a baby of my own, i’m really beginning to understand how important it is to have a community of people around to raise a child.

that long-haired gentleman is my brother. it’s so fun to watch adam build relationships, he has a special affinity for my brother and he always stares and smiles at him when he enters the room. my brother has this very calm presence, and somehow he has this incredible ability to put adam to sleep when no one else can.

adam is wearing: boden breton stripe onesie, american apparel leggings, paddington bear x gap bucket hat




calivintage + a wild poppy

when it comes to how much vintage i’m wearing, i’d definitely say there is an ebb and flow. sometimes i can’t seem to scratch the itch, i find myself popping into thrift stores almost compulsively, feverishly digging through the racks with the hopes of scoring something amazing. other times, i get frustrated when i go to countless vintage shops and come out empty handed. everything i want seems to be one inch too small, or else i’m bummed that i have to say goodbye to a well-loved vintage piece that’s finally too threadbare to continue wearing. lately, i’ve been on a major vintage kick, so it was perfect timing when taylor of a wild poppy asked me if i’d like to style a few pieces from her latest vintage collection. the moment they arrived in the mail, i got all giddy with excitement. the sheer eyelet dress is what dreams are made of, and i love the intricate embroidered pattern on this simple white skirt.

she sent pieces to several different bloggers to style, which will culminate in one big spring/summer lookbook, which you will be able to shop on her site. so consider this a little sneak peek, because both of these pieces will soon be up for grabs at a wild poppy!


want: rennes tank top


i came across this perfect little crossback top by rennes, and now i can’t stop thinking about it! i’m pretty sure that there’s enough coverage in the back that i can get away with wearing a bra underneath. and it’s cropped, but not so much that i have to worry about underboob. i also think it would add a bit of interest as a layering piece over a really simple dress. it’s just so perfect in every way i want it right now omg! you know the feeling.

i actually kinda love everything they’ve got in the shop right now. everything is designed by julia okun in her boston design studio, and either hand-sewn or produced locally in massachusetts.

alexei tank by rennes.




calivintage + bon george made in la

you may remember a few weeks back, i wrote about the launch of bon george, an la-based clothing company focused on socially and environmentally conscious practices. they’ve just started a blog series spotlighting local people, and asked me a few interview questions which you can read right here. i got to pick out a piece from their inaugural collection, which i may have already worn too many times to mention… it’s made with salvaged vintage rayon in a limited edition run right here in los angeles. i love the faded red color, the button-front, and the perfect longer length. it’s already become a key piece for my summer wardrobe to pair with a simple t-shirts on hot summer days.

head on over to the bon george blog to read my interview!

bon george charlie skirt
american apparel cropped tee
fieldguided endless summer tote 

bass wayfarer loafers


reformation “i’m up here” collection

eco-conscious clothing company reformation hasn’t really been on my radar much. i’d heard of the brand before, but they really didn’t grab my attention until today when they launched their latest aptly (or amply?) titled collection, i’m up here, featuring summer styles made specifically with busty ladies in mind. the collection is designed so that you can conceal a bra, and has more generous proportions along the bust line to accommodate women who wear a c-cup or higher. while i have my doubts about a few of these pieces working for my well above a c-cup body, i do appreciate the concept behind the designs. i don’t know how many times i’ve tried on a dress only to discover that i need to size up just so that the bust will fit, leaving the waist, hips, and everything else just a little bit too big for my frame. i know it’s kind of a niche issue, but hey, unless you’re a fit model, you probably have fit issues of your own.

while not every style is quite up my alley and some of the pieces still require a strapless bra (which isn’t very easy if you’re over a dd), there are some promising looks in the bunch. now that i’m living in such a warm climate, i really do appreciate the odd strategic cut out if i can still conceal my bra. and i’m not always totally opposed to showing a bit of skin if it means i’m not revealing way more than i bargained for. and of course, i always appreciate a company that focuses on eco-friendly and sustainable practices. so bravo to reformation for capturing a new market! i’ll be keeping an eye out from now on.

see the complete collection here.

photos of ashley smith for reformation.



adam: 19 weeks


it’s been harder to get pictures of adam lately. he’s always wiggling around like a little salamander, trying his best to crawl around. as you can see in these photos, he wasn’t particularly interested in my efforts to photograph him in this silly pixie hoodie that i found at the thrift store. every time i tried to sit him down, he kinda rolled forward and onto his belly and started kicking around. this boy wants to be mobile!

wearing: vintage sweater, hansel from basel yachtsy stripe leggings




rachel comey resort 2015

Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook

oh, rachel comey. she lured me in with her shoes, and now i’m becoming more and more obsessed with her clothes each season. her resort 2015 collection is hitting all the right notes for me. she’s got plenty of navy blue, which i can’t seem to get enough of these days, there’s an awesome jumpsuit, and plenty of interesting silhouettes. and i kinda really want those cropped, wide leg jeans. and she’s somehow managed to make me consider trying pleated, high rise jeans? seriously, save for a few looks, i kinda wish i was the girl who walks around wearing these looks.

photos by rachel comey.

Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook Rachel Comey PS 2015 Lookbook