golly magazine

all summer long, i’ve been seeing little sneak peeks of the work going on behind-the-scenes at golly magazine. and after months of curiosity and anticipation, they have just released their inaugural issue. it was created by two of my longtime internet pals alley o’shea and emily theobald alongside roxanne fequiere, and the first issue boasts tons of awesome content.

but of course, pulling together a publication like this is no small feat, and there are plenty of talented writers, photographers, and creatives that need to get paid. so they’ve set up a kickstarter campaign to help fund subsequent issues. i highly recommend you check it out and consider sending some funds their way.

go get a copy of issue one and read more about the project on kickstarter!




i didn’t plan this. no, really, i didn’t! earlier this summer, i just so happened to post a picture of myself wearing this corey lynn calter dress on instagram when my pal katie (and co-founder of mother) spotted it and told me that her baby diego had the matching onesie designed as part of an exclusive corey + buru collaboration. clearly, it was a sign. so thanks to the internet, the wheels were set in motion, and it was only a matter of time before i found myself doing my very best lucille bluth impression in a matching mommy & me outfit with adam. and i’m not gonna lie, i kinda think it’s the cutest thing ever. #noregrets #sorrynotsorry

dress courtesy of corey lynn calter
handmade sandals by tuto
jasper sunglasses courtesy of warby parker

on adam:
baby jumpsuit courtesy of corey lynn calter + buru
handmade moccs courtesy of freshly picked
hand-dyed baseball cap


phantom lover

i’m telling you guys, there are so many great new designers popping up these days! with a background in vintage, illustration, and design, marybeth murcia has just launched her new label, phantom lover. she’s a graduate of fidm, who has not only worked as a freelance illustrator and designer, but you may also remember her vintage shop, ramona west. as a long-time vintage lover, i can definitely say i’ve spent my fair share of time stalking her vintage wares. she’s got a great eye and impeccable taste, so it’s no wonder that i want to wear everything in her inaugural collection. she says it’s all about:

perfected proportions and simplified silhouettes that can be worn over and over, in different ways, throughout the seasons, making them great investment pieces to build on and reinvent in your own unique way. handmade with the finest natural fabrics, these pieces are made to last, made to feel comfortable, made to be worn and washed, mixed and matched, and made your own.

the entire collection was independently designed and produced in austin, tx. they’re exactly the types of clothes that mix and match seamlessly with a sophisticated wardrobe of new and vintage pieces alike. and exactly the types of clothes i have been gravitating towards lately. i can’t even decide which is my favorite!

photos courtesy of phantom lover.




giveaway: enter to win $250 to tradlands!


today i’m very pleased to announce my latest giveaway courtesy of tradlands! i’m a huge fan of this menswear-inspired, women’s shirting company, so it’s a real honor for me to be able to offer this giveaway. the brand was conceived in 2012 after founder sadie roberts made it her mission to design a line of high-quality womenswear shirting to rival those worn by the boys. i’ve always really loved menswear, but finding the right fit for a decidedly feminine shape has always kept me from really being able to wear the tomboy styles that i love so much. but tradlands has really changed that for me. i can attest to their superior quality and impeccable fit. each shirt is handsewn in small batches right in san francisco, and each iteration is improved upon based on customer feedback and a dedication to great design. this latest shirt is a testament to their hard work. i’ve been playing around with styling it in different ways and it’s really allowed me to experiment with more boyish styles than i’ve been comfortable with in the past. i felt especially cool trying out this sporty summer look.

anyway, enough of my rambling on. these shirts are awesome, so i highly suggest you take a few moments to enter to win $250 to try out a few of these shirts for yourself!

Calivintage X Tradlands Giveaway * $250 Gift Card *

tradlands would also like to offer you 15% off your next order using code “calivintage15” now through august 25!



calivintage_com_0108        calivintage_com_0155

lake merced shirt courtesy of tradlands
thrifted vintage shorts
derby oxford in camel nubuck courtesy of rollie
lawrence fox tote
timex rose gold watch
rose gold cuff courtesy of nashelle
thrifted baseball cap



adam: 28 weeks


today i was talking with brendan about how happy i am that i decided to do this photo series of adam. it’s a good reminder for me to pick up the camera at least once a week to document just how quickly this little guy is growing up, even if some of the photos come out blurry because he won’t stop wiggling around, and even if i’ve missed a week or two here and there.

i love this picture because it’s showing off adam’s “muscles.” he has so many arm rolls that we always joke that he looks like popeye and we coo and say, “ooohhh adam, look at those muscles. so strong!” haha.



the emmaljunga

since adam was born, i’ve posted a few pictures of my emmaljunga pram on instagram. a lot of people have expressed some interest in it, so i thought i’d share a bit more about it. it’s vintage, so i always kind of awkwardly ramble on whenever people ask me where i got it. “oh, it’s vintage. it’s by this swedish company called emmaljunga. actually, i don’t know how to pronounce it. um… they’re kind of hard to find in the states. i found it on craigslist…? eh?”

then cue the eye rolls because i know that everything that just came out of my mouth totally sounded like something a very pretentious cartoon character would say. ok, i’m dramatizing. i usually have very nice, friendly conversations about it, even if some people think i look a little silly with it. i just always knew that i wanted one of these slick, european strollers. even before i knew i wanted to have kids, it wasn’t hard to conjure up some romantic fantasy of myself being that mother, the one who always seems to look so effortlessly pulled together while strolling down the sidewalk with her fashionable baby or whatever.

so when it came time to actually start looking for baby stuff, i knew that i would have some challenges resolving the idea i had in my head of all the cool stuff i wanted, and the reality of having a budget and not being able to just buy whatever fancy toys they sell in fantasyland. i would browse the aisles in the big box stores kinda cringing at the baby stuff in all of it’s bright plastic glory. yeah, i know it’s about the kid, but let’s be real: babies would be perfectly happy playing with trash all day if you let them. buying stuff for them is just as much about your own preferences as it is about the practicality of it. and yeah, i admit that i’m picky.

enter the emmaljunga. it’s a swedish brand that’s been family owned and operated since 1925, having the distinction of being the oldest pram manufacturer in europe. i looked into buying a new one, but i was disappointed to see that the modern styles had been updated and were a little too “sport utility” for me. that coupled with their rarity in the u.s. market and an astronomical price tag, and i knew it was going to be a hunt.

but who can resist the thrill of the hunt? i started scouring ebay, craigslist, and etsy several months before i was due. they don’t pop up often, and when they do, they’re usually not in the world’s best condition. the fabric might be faded or ripped in some tiny spot, or else there would be a pram with no seat attachment, blah blah. i even found the perfect one, only to have the seller, suddenly struck with nostalgia, pull out of our craigslist deal at the last second.

but after months of determined searching, i found her. i don’t know the year, but it’s a viking model if you’re interested in sleuthing around. she’s a beautiful navy blue buggy perched atop a shiny chrome chassis (with suspension for a smooth ride). when adam was a teensy little guy, i would gently lay him in the bassinet while he was napping and cautiously stroll him around the neighborhood. then once he was old enough to sit up, i detached the bassinet and replaced it with the equally pretty, upright and adjustable seat. i bought it from a woman who had pushed around two of her now-adult children in it, and kept it in pristine condition because it was a top-of-the-line purchase at the time. and now i, too, get to push him around in it feeling every bit the glamorous mother that i always wanted to be. at least until he starts to cry…


smock by mohawk general store

los angeles-based retailer mohawk general store has just released their first line of womenswear, and i think i’m in love. as described on their website, smock is a small collection of “easy-to-wear, seasonless staple pieces designed and made locally in los angeles.” i think every wardrobe is best built around a really sold foundation, and to me, these cool, breezy basics are ideal. i love that they have a slightly nautical vibe to them: breton stripes, light chambray, crisp white, and navy. but what really elevates these pieces are the interesting shapes and silhouettes. just interesting enough to stand out on their own.

photos courtesy of mohawk general store.

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shop calivintage!

old habits die hard. as is the case with my latest vintage collection. i shop primarily for myself, but after heading out on the hunt for vintage treasures to build my new wardrobe, i somehow ended up with enough new pieces to open up my shop again! i’ve been really focused on easy basics in neutral colors and natural fibers like linen, cotton, silk, and leather. so i asked my new pal and neighbor melissa sonico if she’d be interested in modeling a few looks for the re-launch of my shop. i’m really excited about how the first round turned out, and i can’t wait to add more to the shop. definitely take a look and let me know if there are any particular vintage items you’re on the hunt for. i can keep an eye out for you!

not only that, but i actually have a ton more to list! i’ve got a massive collection of new clothes from my personal wardrobe that i plan to list for very reasonable prices, and i’ll be slowly adding them into a special sale section of the shop in the coming weeks. and after that, i’ll be introducing more fall-appropriate vintage pieces. but don’t fret, because i’ll list all of my updates here and on my social media channels so you don’t miss anything.

so what are you waiting for? head on over and shop calivintage!


wallflower giveaway!

ooh, you guys are super lucky today! it’s been a while since i’ve hosted a giveaway, so i’m especially excited to announce that i’ve partnered up with wallflower, a new san francisco-based boutique specializing in vintage clothing, home decor, and other treasures for the modern girl. seeing the lovely photos of the boutique makes me feel a little nostalgic for my old stomping grounds in the bay area! but fortunately for me (and anyone who doesn’t live in sf), she has an equally lovely online shop. and for this week’s giveaway, owner victoria nicoll has handpicked a beautiful selection of items for you to win. i’m currently decorating my bedroom, so i’m a teensy bit jealous of the gal who scores this awesome little set because i think it would be perfect on my bedside table! the winner will receive:

1 pf candle co. summer breeze candle
1 etta & billie horchata soap
1 air plant crystal (each selection is one-of-a-kind, winner will receive the one pictured above)
1 nature’s coaster

scroll down to enter….

the giveaway ends on tuesday, august 29 at 11:59pm PST. to enter, simply use the widget below!

Wallflower Giveaway!


outfit: tourist

today i decided to pay homage to the tourist. it’s been a month since i moved back to my childhood home of redlands, ca. and while most of that time has been spent getting myself situated in our new place and settling in to a new routine, it’s also been a fun opportunity to look at this place with new eyes. yes, i spent half of my life here, but back then i was just a kid. i could hardly appreciate where i was living because i had no other perspective to measure against. then, when i was a teenage, i spent all of my time hating everything and counting down the days until i could move away. i wasn’t strolling along appreciating all of the old historic landmarks or extolling the virtues of such a family-friendly community. so it’s been kind of fun to play the tourist and to revisit all of my old haunts with a fresh perspective on the place. so since i was trying to conjure up the touristy vibe, i decided to hike up the hemline on my overalls for a bit of a geeky look. and the round bag looks kinda like a canteen, which speaks to a certain practicality while trekking around in new lands.

fall 2013 overalls courtesy of family affairs
everlane box cut tee
kork-ease ava wedges
benah for karen walker bag
jasper sunglasses courtesy of warby parker