kira kids fall 2014

way back when adam was a wee little thing, i was lucky enough to receive a few onesies from the super cute children’s brand kira kids. they were some of the first clothes that adam wore (see evidence here, here, and here), so when he grew out of them after about a month of wear, i couldn’t help but shed a few tears. i’ll always remember those silly little outfits from those early days. oh how i wish they would stay tiny forever!

so of course, i was pretty excited to see that kira kids has just released their new fall 2014 collection filled with silly little logo tees and onesies for kids and babies. the little hot dog wearing a top hat (monsier hot dog!) is kinda killing me.

photos courtesy of kira kids.



first rite spring 2014


first rite launched it’s inaugural collection just a couple of years ago (i was particularly smitten with the fall 2012 look book), but i’m not sure why i hadn’t shared her work until now! i learned about designer nikki garcia’s work through mutual acquaintances some years back, and i’ve been quietly following her ever since. i always get excited about new designers, and really enjoy waiting for each new collection. her latest round of indigo dyed linen for spring 2014 has really got me itching to finally add one of her pieces to my wardrobe!

i love that even though it’s a spring collection, everything can easily transition from spring to fall, which probably has to do with the fact that all of the clothes are designed and sewn in san francisco. the city with no seasons and every season all at once.

photos courtesy of first rite.

FirstRiteWeb-119 copy

FirstRiteWeb-62 copy

FRWeb3-001 copy

FRWeb3-023 copyFirstRiteWeb-152 copy

FirstRiteWeb2-047 copyFirstRiteWeb-183 copy



this summer, i’ve really been wanting a pair of cream (or white) overalls. i was browsing around online for some when i realized that i already had these cutoffs from last spring! i’d still love to find a pair with legs, but these actually turn out to be a much better option in this sweltering summer heat. last year, i wore them with a striped t-shirt, but lately i’ve been having fun with more minimalist, monochrome dressing. so this time around, i paired them with my new favorite top from ayr. it’s made with this super soft japanese seeded cotton, and i want to wear it with everything, all the time.

i also hereby declare this to be the summer of the clog. i mean, i’ve always been a fan of clogs, but lately they seem to be the only type of shoe i wear. i own several different pairs by swedish hasbeens, so i almost felt like i was cheating when i thrifted these by sven a couple of months back. since then, i’ve been stalking the sven site because you can custom order their clogs with your choice of wood, leather type, and color. they have a particular pair with criss cross straps that i can’t seem to get out of my mind.

the everywhere shirt in seeded cotton courtesy of ayr
ganni overalls from last spring
thrifted sven clogs
clare vivier messenger tote in navy
jasper sunglasses courtesy of warby parker 


adam: 24 weeks


and here’s the little man at 24 weeks. this was the only shot i took that week, but if memory serves correctly, this was around the time we moved from los angeles to our new home in redlands. this photo was taken in my grandmother’s kitchen after my brother and sister plopped him into the sink to entertain him on a hot day. he loves being in the water, taking a bath or splashing in the swimming pool, it’s the cutest thing!

and yes, that’s sophie the giraffe poking her little head into the frame. easily his favorite toy.



young frankk fall 2014


even though i’m still clinging to the summer, the fall collections from some of my favorite designers are starting to pour in. i was trying to wait until august, but i just couldn’t resist sharing the new young frankk fall 2014 collection. designer christine young launched the jewelry line in 2012 out of richmond, virginia and i have been watching her ever since. all of the pieces are hand made by the designer herself so that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

photography and styling by christine young, modeled by gabriella cetrulo.

 aw14_7 aw14_9 aw14_11  IMG_0142_lo IMG_0184_lo IMG_0292_lo  IMG_0353_lo IMG_0782_lo



instagram outfits

even though i created this space to share my outfits (and other interests), the truth is that most of my looks never make it onto the blog.  i’m only able to pull out my dslr for blog photoshoots on the weekends, so i can usually only share one or two outfits per week these days. but with the rise of instagram, and the ease of snapping a quick outfit photo with my phone, i’m starting to pick up the habit again. it kinda reminds me of the days before i was blogging, in the early 2000s when all i had was a little digital point and shoot and i’d ask my boyfriend to snap a picture of my look, just so i could remember it.

so if you don’t follow me on instagram, then here is a selection of some of what i’ve been wearing on the daily. that dress up at the top is a vintage find from my mom. we chat on the phone a lot and i tell her what pieces i’m looking for so she can keep an eye out when she’s thrifting. i was absolutely in love with this when she found it, until i accidentally dropped it into the wash with a tiny red bonnet. now it’s covered in huge pink splotches, despite soaking it in bleach for a week. cue tiny violins. i think i’ll probably have to dye it now…

wearing: vintage dress, j.w. hulme medium legacy handbag, peep toe clogs courtesy of swedish hasbeens, double hoop necklace courtesy of giantlion.

wearing: dress courtesy of corey lynn calter, custom handbag courtesy of wink & winn (i’ll be sharing a post about it soon!), and handmade sandals by tuto.

wearing: vintage mexican dress, elizabeth suzann headband worn as a neck tie, clare vivier messenger tote, swedish hasbeens braided clogs, and jasper sunglasses courtesy of warby parker.

wearing: jumpsuit from spring 2013 courtesy of lauren moffatt, american apparel crop top, swedish hasbeens braided clogs, clare vivier messenger tote, jasper sunglasses courtesy of warby parker.

wearing: vintage dress, vintage coach bucket bag, birkenstock arizona sandals.

wearing: a.p.c. crop top, charlie skirt courtesy of bon george, manhattan laquer sandal courtesy of steven alan x dr. scholl’s.

wearing: american apparel crop top, vintage linen pencil skirt, j.w. hulme medium legacy handbag, swedish hasbeens braided clogs, hat by san diego hat company.

wearing: quiltee courtesy of clashist, vintage calvin klein mom jeans, manhattan laquer sandal courtesy of steven alan x dr. scholl’s, clare vivier messenger tote, jasper sunglasses courtesy of warby parker.


lifetime collective spring 2014

lifetime collective is a brand that’s actually been on my radar for a number of years, but as i was browsing through their spring 2014 collection, i realized that i’d never written about them on my blog. i was especially drawn to this season because of a particular jumpsuit that i’ve been lusting after for months, but then quickly became enamored with their cool cotton shirts in pale pastels and geometric patterns. now that the summer heat is on, i want nothing more than to be outfitted in their easy dresses and separates.

images courtesy of lifetime collective.



three ways to wear: cardigan ny

i’m all about the super casual vibes this summer. so much so, that i could not resist this super beachy woven set that i received as a gift from cardigan ny. it’s just so soft and comfy and cool, and it makes me feel like i walked right off the set of the classic 1959 film gidget. as a kid, i watched that movie so many times that i could probably quote the entire thing verbatim. i mean really, who could resist those hunky beach bums in their woven ponchos, straw hats, and little swim trunks? so even though i’m not spending much time at the beach, i’ve still been enjoying all of the ways i can mix and match the different pieces for super casual looks to wear around town.

look one:
cardigan arequipa poncho and shorts with the gisella stripe top
saltwater sandals
jasper sunglasses courtesy of warby parker

look two:
american apparel crop top
cardigan ny arequipa shorts
tuto sandals
j.w. hulme medium legacy bag
rayban round classic sunglasses courtesy of sunglasses shop

look three:
cardigan arequipa poncho
lauren moffatt fishtail romper
swedish hasbeens braided sky high
vintage coach bucket bag
rayban round classic sunglasses courtesy of sunglasses shop


adam: 23 weeks


and here is my chubby little munchkin at 23 weeks. i found these ridiculously adorable vintage shorts at the flea market thinking that he’d grow into them at some point along the line. but when we got home, i discovered that they’re already his size! this baby is about as big as they come. everyone who comes up to us comments on how chunky he is, which is no surprise because he’s at the very tippy top of the weight scale. but what people often overlook is the fact that he’s completely off the charts in length. he’s already 29″ long at 6 months old. easily larger than some babies twice his age! it’s pretty cool because he’s so strong and healthy that i never have to worry about him, but boy does he break mommy’s back!



clare v. x steven alan

earlier this summer, clare v. and steven alan teamed up for a cool photoshoot featuring some of the designer’s offerings available at steven alan stores. i don’t know much about the shoot, but i can tell by looking at the photos that it was shot in and around the clare viver boutique in silverlake. after years of coveting her classic messenger tote, i finally got one a few months back. and ever since, i’ve found myself lusting after so many of her minimalist designs. that and i now want to copy that exact look above. so much good.

photos courtesy of clare v. and steven alan.

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