baby backpack

calivintage + leader bag co.

remember in the ’90s when baby backpacks were all the rage? well, today i’m talking about a different kind of baby backpack. because i’ve got two babies now, and a teensy tiny backpack will no longer cut it. now i carry a backpack full of diapers, and it’s huge and fully loaded (the backpack, not the diapers– hopefully). since becoming a mother and accepting that i will indeed need to carry a diaper bag, it’s been really hard for me to find something that is both fashionable and functional. thankfully, there are a lot more brands understanding that not all parents want to carry around a puffy bag covered in cartoon characters. i mean, it’s cool if you want to, but i prefer something a bit less conspicuous.

so when i came across leader bag co., it was love at first sight. it’s my holy grail of diaper bags. and not just because it’s good looking, although that certainly helps. it was also designed by two mothers who are well aware of the organizational needs that one might have when lugging around a bag filled with baby stuff. before i got this handsome backpack, i carried around a fjallraven, which was awesome, but sorely lacking in all of the little compartments i needed to contain various diapers, wipes, toys, pacifiers, coloring books, snacks, bottles, etc. this one has tons of useful compartments, plus it’s handmade in new york city with soft leather accents and a durable cotton canvas body with a wipeable nylon interior and brass hardware. swoon. it also has padded shoulder straps and comes with two leather stroller straps. inside, there is a separate pouch that doubles as a cross-body handbag, and contains a nylon changing mat.

it’s so good looking, in fact, that even brendan is willing to carry it around. and i know some people may balk at the price tag, and i totally get that not everyone is willing or able to spend that much on a diaper bag. luckily, i also wrote this quick guide to finding a cute diaper bag, which has several more options that might suit your needs! and a little birdy told me that they will also be coming out with an all canvas style in tons of fun colors (think mustard, blues, purple) in mid to late february! so keep an eye out for those, too!

colorant cashmere sweater
rachel comey slim legion pants
maryam nassir zadeh roberta heels
steven alan bryce sunglasses (in peach crystal, coming soon!)
young frankk orb cuff
leader bag julian julien set in natural

calivintage + leader bag co.
calivintage + leader bag co.
calivintage + leader bag co.
calivintage + leader bag co.
calivintage + leader bag co.



pajama party

calivintage + chasing windmills

even though it’s actually quite sunny today, it feels like it’s been raining nonstop since december. and while it’s still not enough for drought-stricken southern california, it certainly feels like a lot for us! and since we normally don’t get this much rainfall in our area, we don’t necessarily have all of the waterproof gear one might have if you lived in the pacific northwest, so we’ve been spending a lot of time indoors. in our pajamas! i actually shot these photos in november, but they pretty much sum up what our days have been feeling like.

edie and adam are wearing their chasing windmills pajamas made of a superfine merino wool, which is my favorite! adam is in the thermal long johns and edie is wearing the romper. i’m really big on textiles and started my love affair with merino wool back in my days of going on cycling tours. i found that it kept me warm on chilly mornings, but not sweaty or smelly. and even on a hot day, a lightweight merino is way more comfortable than a cotton t-shirt. so of course, i love merino for the kids. i also recently learned that it doesn’t hold a flame or melt at high temperatures like synthetic fabrics, which is ideal for kid’s sleepwear. that means we can avoid flame retardants without feeling like we’re sacrificing safety.

i also recently switched to linen sheets and bedding, which gets softer with each wash and requires less pesticides out in the fields. like wool, it’s one of those fabrics you might not consider outside of a particular season, but it’s really great all year round. i also have a thing for wrinkly sheets, and linen has that perfect rumpled texture. ah, can we just stay in bed all day?

calivintage + chasing windmills
calivintage + chasing windmills


gift guide: adam’s 3rd birthday

calivintage toddler gift guide

it’s party month over here at calivintage! adam’s birthday was on the 10th and mine is on the 20th, so it kinda feels like we’re those last people at the holiday party lingering just a little too long haha. most people have moved on to their new workout routines and green smoothies or whatever, but we’re still eating cake and popping bottles of champagne sparkling cider. but hey, people celebrate birthdays every day of the year, so there’s really no better time than now to share some of the gifts that i’ve been eying for a just-about-to-be-three-year-old boy. in particular, adam’s interests include trucks, monster trucks, cars, and trains. notice the theme? but he’s also got an artsy side and spends a lot of time drawing, painting, coloring, and reading books. most of his drawings are of monster trucks. and his favorite book is about the history of monster trucks…

so yeah, he likes trucks. but i also try to keep things balanced so that he’s still exploring other things and learning new skills. he has a ukelele on a stand that he is welcome to experiment with, and there’s a little baby doll in a toy pram that he mostly ignores these days, but it’s all there for him when the mood strikes him! sometimes he decides to cook us lunch on his toy kitchen, and he does spend a good amount of time playing with blocks and legos and lincoln logs in order to build tunnels and garages for his trucks, haha.

all of this is to say that i try to be observant of his interests, but i also don’t necessarily zone in on only one thing. he might only want trucks for his birthday, but i also sneak in some other stuff that i know he might like. so with that in mind, i decided to pull together a quick gift guide with items from my favorites kids shop, bitte. or if you don’t happen to be looking for gifts for three-year-old boys, i also pulled together a gift guide with my eight-month-old edith in mind, which you can see here.

sarah’s silks play silks

charley harper wildlife wonders floor puzzle

tiny cottons faces fleece sweatshirt

traffic jam puzzle book

areaware cubebot micro

fishing at balaton game

areaware blockitecture garden city blocks

tegu magnetic building blocks

petit collage ocean abc nesting blocks

tiny cottons faces leggings

ella lou wanderlust organic play mat

maileg wooden bus



these days


looking a little disheveled, but this is me, out in my natural habitat on a typical day. wearing clothes and drinking coffee, as i am apt to do. i swear i have other clothes besides kamm pants and these mules, but it’s almost impossible for me to wear anything different! i just love them so much.

carleen pleat shoulder shell – this is currently on sale! you might not be able to tell in the photos, but this is actually made of a super soft cotton flannel, which makes it irresistable to wear.

jesse kamm sailor pants in bill cunningham blue – this was my first pair of kamm pants from a couple of years back. she’s improved on the fit since then, but i think i actually prefer these because they are shorter in length, so i didn’t need to get them hemmed. i always kind of hate to get my wide leg pants hemmed because you cut off some of the width in the process.

mari giudicelli leblon mules – yes, i know. i wear these nonstop. but they go with everything, so i can’t stop wearing them! i think i should just admit that the only shoes i want to wear are brown leather. i always think i should get a “statement” pair of shoes in some bright color or metallic, but even if i buy a pair like that, i always default to brown leather. i need to stop fighting it.

sylvain le hen xs barrette in gold – i got the xl barrette several months ago before i chopped off all my hair again. this one is awesome because it makes me feel like a mom in ’90s with the side pinned up.

young frankk orb cuff – i love this bracelet because it works with practically any outfit. it’s good with something super casual like this outfit, but it also looks really classy dressed-up. i recently wore it to adam’s winter recital paired with a really minimalist silk dress and i felt like a million bucks. young frank is easily one of my favorite handmade jewelers right now.

j.w. hulme legacy bag – we need to talk about this bag. i think i’ve had this handbag for 8 years now? probably one of the strongest workhorses in my closet, this bag was handmade in the usa and it only gets better with age. and it basically goes with everything. i own other handbags, but this one is almost always my go-to.

garrett leight wilson sunglasses – i love garrett leight glasses, but i’m actually on the fence about these. not because of the glasses themselves, but because i’m not sure if i’m pulling them off. i love the style, but every time i put them on i feel like they just aren’t me. but then again, i always have a hard time with glasses. i think it’s because i have bangs and i feel like the glasses and the bangs blend together and it’s like i’m wearing a giant mask or something. maybe i should try to grown my bangs out for the millionth time…




hazel village kidswear

calivintage - hazel village kidswear

it’s a fresh start to a new year and i’m hitting the ground running because adam’s birthday is just a week away! it’s a tough time for a birthday because we’re just winding down after the holiday season and i’m all out of gift ideas! i keep reminding myself that i need to be better about planning his birthday well before the end of the year or else i’ll keep having this problem haha. fortunately for me, there are still plenty of awesome things out there for the little ones, like the launch of the new hazel village kidswear collection!

whether you have a birthday coming up, you’re planning a cute photo session, or you just want to have some dress up fun, this collection is the perfect solution. we have long been fans of hazel village stuffed animals, and i will admit that the first thing i did when we got lucy owl, was attempt to dress adam in a matching outfit. which has now been made infinitely easier with their new collection of organic kidswear to match their favorite woodland creatures.

calivintage - hazel village kidswear
calivintage - hazel village kidswear
calivintage - hazel village kidswear
calivintage - hazel village kidswear
calivintage - hazel village kidswear
calivintage - hazel village kidswear
calivintage - hazel village kidswear
calivintage - hazel village kidswear
calivintage - hazel village kidswear
calivintage - hazel village kidswear
calivintage - hazel village kidswear



the usual


oh, you know. don’t mind me. just popping in with decreasing regularity to share outfit posts over here. i’ve been wearing some iteration of this look pretty much every day lately. the uniform, if you will. i now own three pairs of kamm pants in different colors and i just alternative between them. add a top or t-shirt and then layer depending on the weather.

i’m a bit rumpled and wrinkled and disheveled, but i still look more put together than i feel haha. both of my kids have been sick for the past couple of weeks and i’ve literally become a giant human snot rag. such is life when you have a toddler and a baby. so fast food coffee to the rescue while i try to get through yet another holiday season, ha!

tradlands the ada in indigo
carven coat
jesse kamm sailor pant in tobacco
mari giudicelli leblon mules
j.w. hulme legacy bag
shinola the runwell




shiny shiny


once upon a time, i used to post weekly roundups of inspirational images i’d found around the web. i’m not sure exactly why i ever stopped, because i certainly continue to spend an embarrassing amount of time looking at pretty pictures online haha. one trend that i have been admiring, but have yet to try myself, is metallics. everything from pearlescent to glitter to patent leather, silk, and velvet. they seem to be catching my eye everywhere i look these days and i finally want to give it a try. i think the easiest way to incorporate the look would be with shoes or a handbag, yet i still haven’t mustered up the courage to do it! in particular, i’ve been eying the martiniano glove flats in gold. they’d be perfect for christmas and new year’s parties, don’t you think?

calivintage - shiny shiny





enter to win the calivintage x only child jumpsuit!


before embarking on this collaboration with only child, i really had no idea what to expect. all i knew was that i was super excited to be involved in the design process, and to be working with such an awesome oakland-based designer like haley tucker. i had a certain level of confidence because i got so much helpful feedback from everyone on instagram, but i was too anxious to think too much beyond that. so it wasn’t until the first few orders were being made that i became overwhelmed with excitement. it is such a good feeling to work on a project like this and to know that there will be people walking around wearing a design that i helped to create! i’ve seen a meme floating around that says something to the effect of, “when you make a purchase from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance.” and i can personally tell you that is 100% true in my case.

so today i thought i’d give back a little bit and offer you the chance to win your very own only child x calivintage jumpsuit! i even took it out for another spin to show you a different way to wear it. i am so pleased that it ended up being the versatile type of wardrobe basic that i love to have in my own closet.

enter to win the only child x calivintage jumpsuit!

and keep an eye out on my instagram for an additional way to enter!




the 24/7 classic


true story: i was a bit of a “late bloomer” as they say. starting around junior high, my mom and grandma would take me to mervyn’s (rest in department store peace) every year around the holidays to ceremoniously pick out a new bra. mind you, i had no need for such a contraption at that age, but i was far too old for the training bras you would find in the little girl’s department. so i would wander through the racks of plastic hangers with magic brassieres stuffed like pillows, on the hunt for a lady bra that would somehow fit my stick thin frame. my mom would shoo me in to the dressing room unattended, where i would struggle with the straps and hooks, and break into a sweat trying to wrangle one on. of course, i knew nothing about proper fit, so the band would inevitably be about 3 sizes too big and the cups had no purpose at all. and i would spend the rest of my pre and early-teen days playing tug-of-war with my bra while it migrated up towards my neck beneath my shirt.

fast forward more years than i’d like to count, and things have obviously changed. somewhere in my twenties, i gained about 5 cup sizes and now i have the opposite problem. post-baby #2, it’s no secret that my body has changed quite a bit. in fact, it still hasn’t stopped because i’ve been gradually losing those last few pregnancy pounds and i’m currently breastfeeding, so my bust size is literally changing from hour to hour. and if they were big before, let’s just say that my cups now truly runneth over. needless to say, it’s been an interesting experience stepping into the department store and having to ask for a size 32G, which at this point is closer to a hat size than an actual cup size. if you have a small band size and a large cup size like i do, then you know the selection at most stores is slim to none. you might walk out with some vaguely skin-colored minimizer bra fit for a granny, or else you’ve got to drive over an hour to an expensive boutique just to find your size. so you can imagine my relief when thirdlove asked me if i’d be interested in partnering-up to experience their one-of-a-kind “try before you buy” program that matches you with your perfect bra, giving you 30 days to try it out before you make a purchase. i was skeptical at first, but after trying the fit finder, there it was: the 24-7 classic in a size 32G.

these days, i’m mostly interested in something that looks natural and feels like a second skin. i really don’t want to fuss with itchy lace, and i have to be careful not to wear anything too restrictive. but at the same time, let’s be frank, my boobs are huge. so i still need some level of support beyond a flimsy bralette. the 24-7 classic ticks all the boxes. it’s made of a very soft and stretchy microfiber jersey with just the right amount of memory foam in the cups to make sure you’re comfortable and covered. and it comes in a variety of band sizes from 28 to 38 with full and half cup sizes from a size A to G. they have a 100% fit guarantee meaning returns and exchanges are free, and they’ll even connect you with a fit expert who can help you trouble shoot to find exactly the right fit. it’s a far cry from those early days of bra shopping with mom and grandma in tow. bless their hearts, but i’m glad i’ve found an alternative.


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the only child x calivintage jumpsuit is here!

the only child x calivintage jumpsuit

if you’ve been following along on instagram, then you may have noticed that i’ve been working on a design collaboration with oakland-based designer, haley tucker, of only child. i’ve always been interested in design, so i was beyond excited when she asked if i’d like to make something together. i have no formal training, so the entire experience has been such a cool opportunity for me to get involved and to see everything that goes behind taking a design from concept to reality. we started out with a few different ideas based on some of her current selection, and haley did the hard work of sewing-up some prototypes for me to test out. but i think my level of enthusiasm was a bit too high because i wanted to make everything haha. so i went to instagram to get some help crowd-sourcing my final decision. i probably shouldn’t have been surprised, but we got an overwhelming response to this jumpsuit, so we knew we had to make it! and you know how much i love a good jumpsuit. i think i now officially have one for every day of the week, and i am still not tired of them!

so here it is: the only child x calivintage jumpsuit made of a beautiful mid-wash, 100% cotton denim. the design is a limited-edition, meant to be a seasonless addition to your wardrobe. it’s a bit chilly, so i styled it with a turtleneck and the madelyn wool coat for now, but it’s also going to be a lot of fun worn simply with a pair of sandals and a straw hat when the weather warms up. it has been months in coming with lots of care taken into the process, so i really hope that you love it as much as i do!

and the launch of this product coincides with the only child black friday sale, so enjoy $25 off with code “blackfriday” today only (11/28)!!

the only child x calivintage jumpsuit
the only child x calivintage jumpsuit
the only child x calivintage jumpsuit
the only child x calivintage jumpsuit