bon george summer 2015


the summer is hot and i can already tell that i’ll be living in really simple, breezy dresses all season long. and if there’s one designer who understands my needs, it’s los angeles-based brand bon george. the summer collection is filled with lots flirty dresses and matching sets in cool colors that are perfect to wear on hot days and warm nights. and of course, they are all the more appealing because everything is constructed using vintage deadstock fabrics right in the heart of downtown l.a. with prices that won’t break the bank. it’s pretty much everything you could ask for in a collection all wrapped up into one. they only make a limited number of each piece, so you better get in your pre-order before they sell out!

photos courtesy of bon george

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the essentials


just getting back to reality after a very busy weekend! brendan’s family came for a visit, so i was running around like a madwoman trying to clean the place up all last week. it was the first time they’d seen our house, so i was a little embarrassed because it’s still very much a work in progress. i still haven’t hung all of the window treatments, and even though i’ve been painting the cabinets on and off for weeks, they’re still not quite finished! needless to say, pulling together some elaborate outfit hasn’t been top-of-mind for a long time. instead, i’ve just been stocking my wardrobe with clothes that require absolutely no fuss. a chambray dress like this one from lucky brand is pretty much the epitome of easy. you can throw it on, add a few practical accessories, and you don’t have to think about it again. even when a toddler covered in hummus decides to rub his little face all over it. which definitely happened right before i snapped these pictures. the nice thing about a sturdy fabric like this is that all you have to do is clean up with a baby wipe and you’re good to go.

henley shirt dress courtesy of lucky brand
vintage coach belt bag
jenni kayne d’orsay flats
brookes boswell wakefield hat in panama straw
shinola runwell watch

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boba guys


no, i haven’t been to san francisco lately, but a little piece of sf did make it’s way to me in the form of a few blends by tea people. if you aren’t familiar with the brand, you may have heard of their sister company, boba guys. the whole company started back in 2011 as a pop-up shop. it was so wildly successful, that the put their heads together and launched their first shop in the summer of 2013 and have since grown into two tea companies with multiple locations. i never got a chance to go there when i was living in the bay area, but i have seen many an instagram photo of a frosty mug filled with delicious bubble milk tea. it’s almost enough to make be book a one-way ticket back to my old home! but since i don’t have any real plans to visit at the moment, i can pretend i’m there by attempting to hack their famous recipe.

i started by brewing the boba guys blend no. 1 as the base, which was designed as a blend strong enough to match straus family creamery milk and still hold it’s flavor. from there, i boiled some tapioca balls until soft and mixed it all together with some half and half and a teensy bit of sugar.  i don’t know if it’s as good as the original, but it certainly satisfied my craving for boba. now all i need to do is find the right straws…


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to market


sometimes you wake up bright and early on a sunday morning in the mood to get dressed up for the farmer’s market. i’ve been on one of my health kicks lately, so i’ve been stocking my fridge with lots of nutrient-rich fruits and veggies. a big part of it stems from the fact that i have this growing toddler who really needs to be eating the good stuff. he’s not especially picky, but i do have to get creative to make sure he’s consuming a variety of different foods. i’ve been making lots of pesto as a way to sneak in those dark leafy greens. it was a revelation when i realized that i could swap out the basil for kale, chard, spinach, or any other greens, and the pine nuts for any type of nut!

vintage raw silk blouse
button front skirt courtesy of lucky brand
vintage clogs from wear it well vintage
vintage plastic tote
brookes boswell wakefield hat

shinola runwell watch
gillian steinhardt right hand charm bracelet



enter to win $100 to egg baby!


today i am pleased to announce my latest giveaway courtesy of egg baby! this new york city brand was launched in 2003 by designer susan lazar with the goal of creating an affordable luxury brand for babies and children. my little guy doesn’t always walk around in fancy designer clothes, but we definitely like to splurge when it’s time for portraits or family events. adam wore a few of their pieces for easter, and i love that they’re soft and comfy enough that we’ve been able to get extra mileage out of them even after all of our photos were snapped.

another thing i really love about the brand is that in addition to making adorable designs, they also focus on using environmentally friendly materials. so of course, i am very happy to be able to offer you a chance to win $100 to shop for yourself (or for gifts)!


enter to win $100 to egg baby!

a few of our favorites: chambray hat, shortsleeve striped crewneck teeneru tab shirt, and twill trouser shorts.


tomboy style


when it comes to life lately, it’s beginning to feel like all work and no play over here. so in between drying coats of paint in my house, i went for a quick bike ride around my neighborhood to get some fresh air, and to remember that my muscles can move in a direction other than that of a paint brush! and it was the perfect opportunity to swap out my paint-covered jeans to test out my new levi’s commuter skinny jeans. they’re part of their latest commuter collection, designed for cyclists, by cyclists. they’re basically a regular pair of high rise skinny jeans made with a super stretchy water-resistance performance fabric so that they are comfortable and practical to wear while cycling. they even have a little reflective strip along the inner side seam, which reveals itself when you roll up the cuffs. i really hate wearing “performance” gear unless i absolutely have to, but it’s nice to have the functionality when you’re riding around, so these are the perfect middle ground.

and as much as i love a good pair of dark denim, it was actually fun to play around with this lighter shade of cornflower blue. i’ve been experimenting a lot with mixing different shades of denim, so i tried them out with a cropped denim top and a simple pair of clogs for a tomboy vibe. it’s super casual, but i still feel like i’m retaining my sense of style, even when i’m spending more time focusing on paint colors than clothes!

indigo jane top courtesy of loup
commuter skinny jeans courtesy of levi’s
vintage clogs
vintage linen baseball cap

willow three speed courtesy of brooklyn bicycle co.



aro lookbook edition 3


ever since i got this bracelet from austin-based jewelry boutique aro, i have hardly taken it off! if you’re not familiar with the shop, they specialize in bringing together independent designers, artisans, and unique finds from around the world. and with each lookbook, they introduce new emerging jewelry designers and collections. their latest look book features a combination of new collections and designers from lab by laura busony, hey murphy, wylden studio, alynne lavignne, stanmore nyc, tarin thomas and shala karimi. it was shot by photographer nicole llakar and modeled by mary bryce with hair and makeup by emily hobbs and nail design by maghan rosales also known as “nails y’all,” the creative direction and styling was by shop owner leslie hernandez, who collaborated with local austin boutiques hai clothing and frock on vintage.

shop the lookbook here!






if you’ve spent any amount of time on pinterest, then you’ve probably found yourself drooling over impossible pictures of dream kitchens. i’ve been spending countless hours doing just that, because one of the larger projects that i knew i wanted to tackle in my new house was the kitchen. the house was built in 1926, but the whole kitchen was gutted and redone in 1970. at some point, i promise to share some really good “before” photos, but you can see some glimpses here: dark stained cabinets, sickly sea green tiles, and an avocado green oven! i can only assume that at one point, there was also a matching avocado refrigerator.

since i’m looking at my house as more of a restoration rather than a renovation, you might think that i’d be looking to go with a historically accurate 1920s-style kitchen. but if you really start to do research on kitchens of that era, you’ll see that they really don’t lend themselves to modern practicality. i think many people still had wood burning stoves and ice boxes! so instead, i’m going to be mixing and matching vintage elements for a space that will be modern and vintage all at once. think white painted wood cabinets with crystal door pulls, a butcher block countertop, subway tiles, a farm sink, perhaps a fancy chef’s range. i know, it might all sound way too cliche, but it’s the space i dream about creating… complete with a smeg refrigerator!

i’m sure you’ve seen it. it’s a total mid century style (but this many years later, i think we can just call it a classic). and despite a few giggles after seeing the name of the brand (did you know that it’s an acronym for smalterie metallurgiche emiliane guastalla?), i have to say, i’ve got my heart set on smeg.

image above: stadshem

elle sweden

my scandinavian home

paul massey





the temperatures are rising, and it’s really starting to feel like summer around here. and as much as i’ve been into wearing very utilitarian clothes lately, sometimes it’s fun to throw on something whimsical and feminine and just plain fun. enter my new swimmers dress by canadian brand noémiah. the print was designed in collaboration with montreal-based artist, paule t.b., and the dress was hand sewn by designer noémie vaillancourt as part of her very first complete collection. all of her designs have a certain dreamy, feminine quality to them with lots of swingy silhouettes and delicate fabrics that lend themselves to twirling around on hot summer days.

swimmers dress courtesy of noémiah
vintage linen top
jenni kayne suede flats
vintage coach bucket bag



secret shop la


i’ve long been a fan of los angeles-based vintage boutique, secret shop. so when shop owner kitty jensen recently revamped her site to include housewares and a rotation of featured art prints, you know i was excited. especially after i saw the beautiful editorial photographed by genevieve dellinger and modeled by beth houfek. so many beautiful and unique vintage pieces all set in her own dreamy world. the shop is filled with tons of goodies like this perfect cotton set and this perfect ’60s tent dress, so you better head over before you miss out!

photos courtesy of secret shop.