adam: 33 weeks


i usually post my photos of adam over the weekend, but i was so busy the past couple of days that i wasn’t able to get to the computer! so here is a belated photo of my little dude at 33 weeks, decked out in autumnal hues in celebration of the season. it’s still too warm for all this layering, but we usually go out on early morning walks, so i take advantage of the opportunity to bundle him up before the chill burns off. that’s just what we do in california, we wear sweaters purely for the novelty of it!

he’s also sporting a silly little face courtesy of all those new teeth he’s been growing. he’s always chewing on his lip or making some other silly contortion as he gets used to his new chompers.

wearing: pact organic cotton trail stripe bodysuit and pants with matching trail stripe socks courtesy of pact, and a gap cardigan and knit beanie.



ace & jig fall 2014

i’ve been a fan of ace & jig for quite a few seasons now, and every time they come out with a new collection, i find myself more and more drawn to their easy, layered aesthetic. as if it were any surprise, i am loving the deep saturated indigo blues, but i’m also equally drawn to some of their more toned down autumnal shades. i especially love the cocoon coats, and i’m a total sucker for the quilted detailing on a crew neck sweater and varsity jacket. they’ve really pulled off an excellent collection with beautiful textiles and cool styling. here’s to hoping i can snag a piece for myself, they seem to be selling out a lot of styles at some of my favorite boutiques!

photos courtesy of ace & jig.



a current affair

since moving back to southern california, i’ve caught wind of so many cool events going on in the area, but with a lil bebe, i haven’t always had a chance to go! one event that i do not want to miss is a current affair, a pop-up vintage marketplace in the cooper design space in downtown la being held this sunday, september 27 from noon – 7pm. the show will feature over 50 vintage vendors including scout, mixed business, mercy vintage (an old oakland favorite), and maeven, among others. and if the photos from previous events are any indication of what it will be like, then the people watching will be an event all of it’s own!

see you there? buy tickets here.

photos by lani trock courtesy of a current affair.


black and blue

i am fully aware that for the better part of a year, my entire wardrobe has been almost entirely blue. i remember several months ago, as i was rebuilding my wardrobe post-baby, i kinda laughed when i looked into my closet and saw that the whole damn thing was filled with white and cream and blue on blue on blue. i knew that i would need to start adding in other colors eventually, but here i am months later, and most of my outfits are still centered around that inky hue. it’s funny, too, because i saw somewhere that indigo is a top contender for the color of spring 2015. i’ll just say i was ahead of the curve… haha!

and while i am slowly picking up fall clothes in other colors, i’m still fully immersed in my “blue period” for at least a couple more weeks. so naturally, when wink & winn offered to let me design my own handbag, i went straight for the navy suede. the site is basically perfect if you’re one of those people like me who tends to be obsessive about every last detail. i’m especially picky about bags because i like simple, classic styles without logos or branding or too many colors. a quick browse around, and i got to work building my bag. you start by choosing your shape, then move on to customizing the leather, color, lining, hardware, and accessories. i went for the classic appeal of the small duffle in navy suede with black smooth leather accents, a black lining, and gold tone hardware. you can actually get pretty wild with the colors and textures, but i always find that i have the hardest time finding simple things for every day. then you simple place your order and patiently wait 3 – 5 weeks for it to be made before it is delivered to your doorstep all wrapped up like a christmas present!

thrifted vintage shirt dress, hand-dyed in natural indigo
customized small duffle courtesy of wink & winn
peep toe high clogs courtesy of swedish hasbeens
asos wool felt fedora
the runwell watch courtesy of shinola
horseshoe ring courtesy of erica weiner
aquamarine pebble ring by giantlion for of a kind
gold scoop ring courtesy of giantlion
rose gold pinch pure cuff courtesy of nashelle
up24 courtesy of jawbone (read more about it here)



the whitepepper fall 2014


i have to finally admit defeat and accept that it is the official first day of fall! luckily for me, there are plenty of fall lookbooks making me feel better about cooler weather on the horizon. the whitepepper has been consistently putting out some of the most adorable and creative lookbooks since their early days in the asos marketplace. the clothes definitely skew to a slightly younger consumer than myself, but i still really appreciate the cool clothes that they put out. and i can definitely see myself wearing at least a few of their fall pieces. this season they took to the kitchen with silly egg prints and embroidered bean patterns. but save for a few cute dresses, most of the silhouettes are inspired by retro punk looks, with cool bomber jackets and braces on skirts, with a decidedly fun twist.

photos courtesy of the whitepepper.

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endless summer

today marks the official last day of summer (until 10pm, when the autumnal equinox begins), though if you’re living in southern california, you wouldn’t know it. i’m pretty sure the high is 95 degrees today, and it probably won’t be cooling down for at least another month. needless to say, we’ve spent our fair share of leisure time at the pool this season. dressing for the occasion, however, has not been quite as easy. i don’t tend to accentuate this feature in my daily outfits, but it’s no secret that i have a rather large bust. so big that it is basically impossible for me to fit into a straight sized swimsuit, especially since i’m currently breastfeeding and am wearing an even larger cup size than usual. i’ve done well in that past with esther williams one-piece suits, but if i really want something that fits properly, my newest solution has been to pick out a swimsuit top made in specialty bra sizes that i can mix and match with different bottoms.

after tirelessly searching for brands that cater to full-busted ladies, i finally found the fantasie versailles underwire swim top, and have been happily wearing it all summer. it comes in a generous range of sizes from 30D through 40GG. and if you’re wondering what size i’m wearing, i got a 32GG. it’s a cup size larger than what i’ve been wearing in regular bras, but i’ve noticed that swimwear tends to run on the smaller size. considering that finding the right size is my biggest challenge, i’m pretty much just happy that it fits, but i also appreciate that it offers full coverage and that it is constructed with a 3-part interior underwire cup, offering a lot more support than most regular swimsuits.

in other news, my boyfriend insisted that i mention the watch that i’m wearing. he’s quite the watch collector and i did happen to borrow it from him. it’s a seiko automatic dive watch fashioned after the rolex submariner that james bond wears in the 1963 movie dr. no, complete with a nato strap (though if we were being totally true to the movie, the strap would be grey with two black stripes). i didn’t know any of this before i borrowed it, but i really like the retro vibe, and now i like it even more knowing the backstory. it’s also kinda fun that you can wear it underwater up to 200 meters deep. not that i’ll be going anywhere besides the shallow end of the pool any time soon!

fantasie versailles underwire swim top courtesy of herroom
minnow bathers high rise swim bottoms
birkenstock arizona sandals
seiko skx007 diver watch
horseshoe ring courtesy of erica weiner
aquamarine pebble ring by giantlion for of a kind
gold scoop ring courtesy of giantlion
rose gold pinch pure cuff courtesy of nashelle


adam: 32 weeks

there’s just something about a baby in a fresh white onesie, all cozy and wrapped up in blankets… here’s my little guy at 32 weeks. you can see that his two bottom teeth were just breaking through. i didn’t even know he was teething until i felt his gums and noticed that a tooth had broken through! to be fair, i didn’t know what to look out for, and i did have an inkling that there was something going on because he kept making these funny faces, sucking on his bottom lip. thankfully he didn’t get sick or feverish or even especially cranky about it. i can’t say the same about his top two teeth that are now growing in, but he’s still all smiles most of the time, even when you can tell he doesn’t feel too great.



family affairs spring 2015 preview

and now to completely switch gears, today i’m excited to be sharing a preview of the upcoming family affairs spring 2015 collection, “ti amo.” i’ve long been a fan of nina’s dreamy designs, and this collection is no exception. she’s created a fun and playful selection of cute printed dresses in easy designs, perfect for frolicking around on summer adventures. not only that, but the lookbook was shot by one of my favorite photographers, amber byrne mahoney.

“ti amo” is inspired by eating peaches in the hammock, falling in love like a teenager, huge agave plants in elba, white heat on the autostrada, being the first person at the bakery, and grandma’s white sheets in the mediterranean sun”

i think my favorite is the cute orange creamsicle shirt dress above, but i’m also loving her geometric crystal design below. ooh, i can’t wait to see the full collection!

photography by amber byrne mahoney, hair by rubi jones, makeup by allison perlstein, styling by nina egli, modeled by tara violet niami.



tradlands fall 2014

as i’m sure you’ve noticed by now, i’m a pretty big fan of the san francisco-based women’s shirting company, tradlands. so of course, when i got a little sneak peek at the fall 2014 collection, i couldn’t wait to share it! the new collection of shirts just launched today, and i kinda wish i could own every single one. as always, the shirts were designed right in san francisco, pulling inspiration from menswear, but tailored specifically for a woman’s body. the fabric and construction is always top notch, the types of clothes that actually get better with wear. i’m particularly keen on the mid-weight cotton, san francisco made robie shirt, but i’m also pretty excited about their heavy cotton buffalo check arapahoe flannel sewn by union workers in fall river, massachusetts.

photos courtesy of tradlands.



one step at a time

just last week, we celebrated adam’s eight month birthday. i seriously can’t believe how quickly these past eight months have flown by. i’ve mostly been focusing my energy on taking care of this little guy and adjusting to our new life here in redlands, but i would be lying if i said that i never thought about myself. i don’t know if i ever talked about it on my blog, but seeing my body right after adam was born really threw me for a loop. this kid was not small. he clocked in at 9lbs. 14oz., and that unplanned c-section was no joke. needless to say, it was difficult coming to terms with the fact that i was never going to go back to my pre-baby body, and that it would probably take a long time for my body to recover after everything it had been through.

i mean, that little guy grew to massive proportions inside of me over the course of nine months, he stretched my body to the limits and smashed all of my internal organs. then one day he was born, and i literally ballooned up into this giant pufferfish while my body adjusted to the drop in hormones while recovering from major surgery. then two weeks later, i hopped onto the scale at my doctor’s office to discover that i had literally dropped 35 pounds, leaving me with all of this strange, loose skin, and a scar that severed my abdominal muscles in half.

fortunately, i had more pressing things to worry about. like, you know, my precious little bundle of joy. so like any person trying to keep their sanity post baby, i did my best to be kind to myself. instead of dieting, i focused on taking my vitamins and eating healthy so that i could breastfeed my baby and provide him and myself with the best nutrients possible. and instead of going to the gym, i focused on holding my baby in my arms and rocking him to sleep, and taking him on long walks around the neighborhood.

and now it’s eight months later. i said goodbye to the baby weight months ago, but it’s not like i was a fitness model before i got pregnant. shoot, i had an office job and i wasn’t getting nearly enough exercise. if anything, i feel myself getting stronger than i was before. and i’m more motivated than ever to be as healthy as i can be so i can run around and chase after my little dude who’s frighteningly close to taking his first steps. so when jawbone asked if i’d be interested in partnering with them to try out their UP system, i was definitely on board. i just got my bracelet in the mail last week and have been wearing it for a couple of days. it’s been recording my sleep at night and my activity during the day, while providing me with realistic goals for both. turns out, taking care of a baby is actually a pretty good workout in itself! i’m still getting to know how it all works, but i’m going to be sharing a few updates here and there, and will be reporting back in a month to tell you how it’s working out for me.

chambray boatneck shirt courtesy of eileen fisher
asos farleigh mom jeans
coach bucket bag courtesy of twice
sven clogs
giantlion for of a kind aquamarine ring
rose gold pinch cuff courtesy of nashelle designs
runwell watch courtesy of shinola

this post is sponsored by jawbone. thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!